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I'm gonna make some latkes (I'm not a jew or slav)

This NYT recipe appears to have one of the highest rating ratios in the history of internet recipes, and people in the comments are comparing them to their grandma's holocaust latkes and shit. Sounds great.


Any other tips? I'm gonna put some frozen spinach in them maybe. I'm gonna use the salad spinner method since putting shit inside a towel seems gross.

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*tips yarmulke*

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Subway meatballs are god fucking awful, at least where I live.

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I made them once and ended up putting in way too much flour because I didn't think they looked right. Then they turned out to be like breadpucks with some hash browns scattered in. So I would suggest not doing that.

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wait i fucked up the link


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looks good anon, thanks for posting 8/8

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Wtf is a smoke show stop speaking nigger

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pretty much same recipe as the NYT one.

is it okay to put spinach in them? I need some fuggin iron, fugg

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not making the superior zemaiciu or kolduny

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Anything from the NY Times is going to suck and has since the 1980s, that newspaper went to shit back then.

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Made them hours ago. Don't make them too big and press them flat in your hand. I used lard this time for the oil and it was tasty. They are cheap and delicious, yet messy to make.

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based antikosher latke maker

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so you're essentially making a hash brown with onions in them, right? why call them "LATKE"? do you also call tomato sauce "red gravy"?

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MY mom uses crisco

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did you also use iodized salt?

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I call pasta "macaroni"

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I dislike jews
>moar holocaust!

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Is that newspaper controlled by kikes? We didnt gas enough of them.

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You should know by know, never click on any big newspaper website, they are pretty much all controlled by Israel.
Dude, wasting your time. Pic related.

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Since you're using Firefox, just right-click and Inspect Element and start deleting nodes until you find the line covering your screen and the line preventing you from scrolling.

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Joos btfo again

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>This NYT recipe
Dropped. FUCK the (((NYT))).

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>need an account to view the recipe

what the fuck

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Posting a paywalled, sign up promotional link is a bannable offense.
Just saying, OP is on thin ice.

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Shovem in the fakin oven!
>easy fix

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I used Mediterranean Sea Salt.

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