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Behold the magnum opus of hot sauces.

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I bought a bottle of this the other day but now I have wuflu so I have to ration it. Feels sad.

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it is the best

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>magnum opus of hot sauces

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I like it even despite the heat. Tasty.

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Despite the unfortunate fact that the infestation has spread, all jews in America can trace their roots back the the mother-hive in NYC.

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she got fat and ugly, no one will listen to her now

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a thread died today to tell us about the magnum opus of hot sauces

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Yeah bro, I put this stuff on many things

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Step aside for the phalanx!

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Buffalo wings would not exist without Franks. Absolute hero.

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You dont get out much? OP nice job on the rosens. My folks just shipped me a bunch of hot giardinera because apparently it doesnt exist out west.

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She's playing it up for the camera just like Brad and Chris. Why do 4channers think everyone else in the world is humorless and serious all the time?

>hurrr claire can't get chocolate right, she's such a dumb bitch
>brad and chris fucked it up multiple times
>no 50 post discussion on why they're bad cooks
Hypocrites too. Why am I surprised.

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Mayan is the best hot sauce I've ever had. I've never seen the Caribbean before but I really want to try it. Black was pretty rubbish to be quite honest with you family.

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I think the Caribbean one is something only possible from mail order.

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This guy made the best Caribean one, he retired and didn't eventhough I spoke with him he doesn't want to restart the production line. He explained to me how expensive it is, and oh yeah costs a lot of money to do and also get distribution sorted out.
Captn Sleepy.

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Seen it in a ton of stores

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> t.Will Graham

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What stores, I've never seen it on the east coast of the USA, especially not NE.

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The smokier El Yucateco sauces are pretty great but for just straight habanero sauce Marie Sharp's reigns supreme by a very large margin.

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I'm literally addicted to this shit.
That old lady in the commercial was right all along, I put that shit on everything

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I dunno, I like this one a lot. Any of you guys tried it?

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That guy looks pretty angry, like he put that hot sauce up his buttholio.

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Not spicy enough at all but damn is it tasty. Too easy to dump a whole bottle on my breakfast.

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It's salt you fucking idiots. it's salt. You people are human garbage.

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I've been bringing this up for months and everyone acts like I'm crazy, but I really like it, especially at what they charge.

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What an absolute gringo.
>tfw your pallet is so simple you mistake sweet red vinegar for hot sauce

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Frank's is also my favourite.
I am obviously not op

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valentina sauces actually taste like total shit
i used to be an absolute cultist and then i saw the light, i.e. lacto-fermenting my own hot sauce

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If everyone is telling you that you're crazy and you can't admit it then maybe you are crazy?

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Stop sucking yourself off you self absorbed little hipster.
Making something yourself doesn't automatically make it any good

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I got some harissa sauce from the supermarket boy I sure do love touhou

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t. Mexican

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I love the flavor but I do add something else if I want the food to taste spicy. I often eat avocados with some salt and Frank's Red Hot. It's quick and good.

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Because he's not, it's really good.

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First time I had franks was a restuarant that literally soaks their chicken tendies in it and sends it to you.

Was nice but it's more a dip than a coating.

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Everywhere when I lived in the Mexican part of LA. Random ethnic places in Michigan like an African place. No idea about proper east coast.

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rather have belindas senpai

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That shit is disgusting. By far the worst sauce I've tried. Tastes like rancid tomato soup.

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That's odd every mexican I've known has recommended this stuff immediatly.

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>Tastes like rancid tomato soup
>recommended by Mexicans
I'm not seeing the contradiction.

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That shit isn't even hot.
400 scoville units, making it the MILDEST "hot sauce" out there.
Crystal and Sriracha more in the 3000 range. Frank's just does nothing for me. It's for pussies.

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Behold, the manchild

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It's good but it's not even top tier of Louisiana style hot sauce. It is the best for Buffalo sauce though

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>not even the extra hot

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>extra salt

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would you like some peppers with your vinegar?

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Bro it’s about flavor. You’re a fucking faggot trying to show how manly you are by getting the spiciest shit

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