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Why was she so pissy?

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because she realized her only claim to fame ever will be as an e-celeb

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their entire staff seems to be on edge for about a year now, looks like job security is on a knive's at BA.

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She's bitter about being over 30 and unmarried.

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is she growing a mustache? pretty cool

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>yeah, we eat these all the time

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Didn't she quit and then come back inside the span of a couple of weeks?
I have never watched a single one of their videos but I still know crap like that because you autists are constantly making these threads.

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Best guess would be that shes trying to talk and keeps getting interrupted.

Really? They only seem to be growing at this point.

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knive's edge* fuck

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She's engaged

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>They only seem to be growing at this point.
Claire certainly is.

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Brad's been neglecting her needs and experimenting with Chris.

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She's living with him.

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They've all slept with each other by now. That always complicates things. There's no doubt a lot of hidden resentment between some of them.

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That still doesn't mean much. People get engaged and live together all the time.

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6:17 Brad's so based he can't even PRONOUNCE soy.

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People get married all the time, too.

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Claire doesn't, though. Makes you think.

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Probably because she's a fat jew

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She wouldn't be able to get engaged if she was already married.

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welcome to fashion in le current year

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>We need a special helper to make Molly's favorite Boston Cream Pie. How about... Anon!

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she big

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I like how they made her get a nose-job because it was shaped too black.

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She quit her full time job at the BA magazine to work from home on a baking cook book (and probably thought she could start a new youtube channel owned by herself, but I reckon if she tried that she'd get sued) and after a fan backlash Conde Nast brings her back to do Gourmet Makes.
She doesn't work there any more. This means she's had to waste half her day coming into the test kitchen at the World Trade Center for a 5 minute cameo where people who have stolen her shown, which is her only claim to fame right now are ignoring her, one of which is Brad, who can be a gigantic annoying ADD cunt. Probably she didn't even get paid for it.

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>thanks Molly, I'll take it from here with Carla, You can go back to planning your next "could be cooked by a 7 year old" recipe.

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She looks like Gauge in that first one. Nice.

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go back to /tv/

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Why do females think long hair is a sign of weakness

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I don't even brush my hair and I still get compliments from other women, don't lie anon.

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And if a woman had your hair she would be seen as unkempt and ratty by all.

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>I still get compliments from OTHER women
Anon I am a woman, but go off I guess.

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I feel like in a year or 2 their will be a "why I left BA" and each person will separate into their own youtube spheres like what happend to buzzfeed

Maybe a try guys but food version?

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You're not.

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Wow! Women don't have universal experiences? God she must be lying and really a dude. Just get off your high horse.

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make me faggot

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Brad easily is the most marketable.
Second is claire
Possibly chriss morroco
Delaney and the jew guy maybe

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Brad and Chris did a good job without even trying, while she whines and struggles for days

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fack off

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All they had to do was put chocolate on top of chocolate, in one flavour. Even in the easiest shit claire has done usually involves multiple flavours like the ice cream episode or the chips episode.

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I'm #TeamPriya now

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did you know priya has parents?

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Did you know Priya is Indian? Just ask her about it

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Interesting. I wonder if they influenced her cooking.

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Did you know Priya has a nice rack?

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Grumpy, pissy, fed up, annoyed Claire is my ultimate fetish.

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>she doesn't work there anymore

Oh so that's the arrangement now? She literally just does gourmet makes?

>5 minute cameo
I know this was probably supposed to be an April Fools video but a part of me also wonders if BA was testing out how the audience would react if they found someone else to host the show.

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Brad can't even bake and doesn't ever make sweets and he smoked Claire.
Why can't women do anything right?

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Not sure, but they definitely influenced that beak on her face.

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shes not from new york, shes from missouri.

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God I wish she was my gf

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>ywn see Clarie in her vollyball outfit

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>it doesn't count for much to be a super-serious person who nobody likes.

Yeah, nobody likes her, that's why there's ten million threads a day on her

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what a keeper. i'd piss on her after fucking her in the ass, no question.

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>Best guess would be that shes trying to talk and keeps getting interrupted.
this was actually driving me crazy, I assume all new yorkers are like that.

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i unironically prefer the chris+brad duo to her, she was really fucking bitchy in this episode. i think she's becoming a bit of a diva since she knows her shit gets the most views

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she's just too much of a bitch about it. if brad talks over chris he take it in stride and just talks louder. if brad or christ talks over chris, instead of rolling with the punches she stops talking and instead looks directly into the camera with a "wtf is going on???" look on her face. brad and chris act like they're actually friends who like each other while claire is just there to build her own brand so she can quit again and do her own thing.

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It was edited out because if they can get the audience to turn on her they will be able to run the series for cheaper by using a staff member as host.

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Ok Claire. Get back to recipe testing.

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I have a mental disorder which makes me capable of reading emotional cues. She's definitely put in a bad mood. She knows it looks bad and tries to put on a more cheerful demeanor, but part of her remains frustrated that she was unable to explain her side of the story and Chris' little jibe must be allowed to stand uncontested.

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Unrelatedly, watching this was the first time that I actually believed Chris is straight.

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fat jew

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Based homoerotic poster

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>Voleyball, softball, Big sis/little sis
>Big sis/little sis
what is this?

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That enigmatic moment where Molly ducks out at the start and is never seen again.

>> No.13864565

Like a big brother program but for females, presumably.

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Holy guacamole

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It must be hard to be so beautiful but have retards just focus on the size of your breasts.

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Just a bonus. And a bit of a detriment when she hits 40, in fact. They're not what makes her so wonderful.

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who's the jew guy???

How do we know claire is Jewish?

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In the bagel bites video, she says that bagels make her proud of her people. Also, "Saffitz"

>> No.13864610

Saffitz ???

>> No.13864618

brad and claire yeah,

not the real food editors, chris has been working in magazines for a long time.

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Was he in Playgirl for a while?

>> No.13864628

he said he worked for vogue in the past

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Christ you people have shit taste. She looks like spoiled milk smells

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everyone else can temper chocolate, but she can't

it makes her SEEEEEETHE

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The first thing you worry about is appearance. This is extreme cringe just to begin with. As for a judgement of your assessment of appearance? You're not ready to be told how bad it is.

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can cook
is abosutly al/ck/oholic

what more do you want

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why do you shit people exist? I just wish you were dead. Or that you weren't ever born.

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omg her feet are perfect and exactly what i expected. thank you.

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>The first thing you worry about is appearance
Welcome to the human race. Actually I made a mistake, I thought Sohla was the pale one that helps Claire from time to time, hence the milk comparison. Now I see she's actually the second Indian, which isnt an improvement

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She looks Sri Lankan to me, but I don't know.

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that slopehead tho

>> No.13864837

Yeah, nice. Nice nose, eyes, cheeks, chin, and smile, too. Maybe nice teeth, but it might have been photoshopped. Her arms are OK, but that's where Sohla definitively kicks the shit out of her.

>> No.13864864

sohla seems really down to earth, priya is very neurotic

>> No.13864912

Heh 've been made, watch as I wriggle and squirm

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What is it with zoomers and the 12mg xanax look, do they think it makes them look cool?

>> No.13864932

Yeah, it's definitely zoomers who invented the default supermodel facial expression. Idiot.

>> No.13864942

I'd be pissy too if corporate decided to let the soyboy and the boston retard do my show and then refuse to let me even speak during my own show.

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kek this. i know their producers probably all tell them to make this shit more personal by bringing up family anecdotes, but her shit is always the same shit about her parents and she brings it up too much. i laughed in the work from home episode when they were literally there on camera. and then even her little 2 minute blurb on chai tea she couldn't help but bring them up. she's definitely got some issues with overbearing parents, but i think that's pretty common with indian people. clearly hiding some very nice tits as well, goddam she blows molly out of the water chest-wise

>> No.13864965

i don't thing brad actually contributed anything this episode beyond commentary, literally just fucked up every minor task chris gave him

>> No.13864966


This disappoints me. Claire's far dumpier than Molly, and I find Molly cute. I like how she says "fingies." It's weird when Babish says it.

>> No.13864985

i seriously doubt she's playing it up for the camera, she should be smart enough to know the audience likes it when you keep things light instead of coming off as pissy just because she came onto their episode and wasn't immediately given the spotlight. brad and chris have surprisingly good chemistry too, i guess i hadn't seen them interact this much before

>> No.13864997

her contact at the CDC had just told her to GTFO of NYC, she was packing up for the desert then weeks before everyone else got fucked

>> No.13865002

*knife's, actually

>> No.13865006

So...Priya and Hawa are both mediocre cooks, making the food of their family (in shittier, less original versions), both are not actual chefs but have cook books. YET I am completely fine with the latter but cannot stand the former.


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>the BA girls will never take turns stomping on your balls with high heels

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I've grown weary of her schtick, she's become too much of a diva in these episodes. the actual recipe for these things is completely inconsequential, people only watch this stuff for the "story arc" where she tries some shit, it gets fucked, her friends support her and help her out, and it finishes successfully. For the past few months though she's gotten an ego for some reason and her interactions with the other people in the kitchen aren't the same. I guess she knows her shit is the most popular part of their youtube channel so she thinks she's hot shit, but again, nobody gives a fuck about the actual "how-to" portion of the video, so her fucking up the group support portion is detrimental.

Meanwhile, Brad and Chris actually had very good chemistry and a nice "odd couple" dynamic with basically a slob and an autistic neat freak which was pretty refreshing. They didn't have the full clique of people helping out and taste testing this time, but even just Sohla getting roped into basically making their shit for them was pretty good. Might not work as well with repeated episodes, but as a stand-alone this was definitely one of the better "Gourmet Makes" videos. Claire didn't even know at the time how good this shit was without her, she'd have been even more pissy if she had probably.

>> No.13865052

>nobody gives a fuck about the actual "how-to" portion of the video

Lol I don't really know why they bother with that bit, does anybody actually try to make gourmet whatever at home?

>> No.13865164

Amiel, he does the 'every way to cook...' episodes.

>> No.13865193

She just watched Rachel Maddow and she is PISSED at ORANGE HITLER

>> No.13865209

I was surprised when chris was talking about the actual recipe. I was like oh yeah I forgot they do this.

>> No.13865239

It's so easy that I don't understand how she had such a hard time figuring it out.

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needs to be BIGGER

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