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My colombian neighbor just gave me a bag of coca leafs as a birthday present.
Just add then in the sauce like bayleafs?

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you can make candy from it

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As I recall in Arcanum they are an ingredient for healing powders.

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Just snort'em.

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>healing powders
>massively infected
Get you some anon

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I don't know what real coca leaves look like, but probably best to just have them as a tea. Isn't it a little redundant to call your neighbor Columbian when you live there? You do live there... Right?

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Make the old fashioned leaked Coca cola recipe and report back.

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Ahem, yeah sure.

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It's free today, but it won't be next time...

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chew them

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if your colombian neighbor has access to coca leaves to the point he gives them away for free, have you not considered partnering up and beginning a drug empire?

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what is wrong with that sandwich?

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Make cocaine

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Nigga probably has a Puerto Rican neighbor who just says he's Colombian to scare the gringo neighbor. One time he even gave him a bad of his tree trimmings and said its coke leaves and worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and he believed me lol.

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You need ridiculous amounts of the stuff for that, just a plastic bag full wouldn't be enough to make a useable amount

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Feels bad man

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Based trickster

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Just jam them in your mouth and munch on them without swallowing.

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this just chew them

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Stick them up a gophers arsehole then give the gopher to a small child as a gift, cut open the child, stuff more leaves in the child and the gopher with leaves up its arsehole then cover the outside of the child with the last of the leaves, bake for 120 Celsius for 8 hours then jerk off to your own baby photos. Big cummers.

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eat em straight
pretty much coffee

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peanut butter

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Make coca leaf tea

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yeild is something like 22grams of leaves for 1 gram cocaine

but what you can do with the little amount u have is make tea or chew them. Ive never done either but I hear its nice and stimulating with no down effects

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chew em in your cheek like a cud all day
better than coffee

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>mfw my neighbour gave me like 10 jars of pickled beets for Christmas
I appreciated the gesture but jesus christ..

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i think i'm speaking on the behalf of us all when i say i felt the duty to report your post to the authorities. i just want us to be safe.

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Make Columbian Pyxy Styx.

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make coca tea

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if somebody served this to me I would flip the dinner table and never speak to them again

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Soak them in some hot water and add some sugar. Coca tea is the perfect medium between coffee and tea as far as energy boost, shame its not legal most places

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No jabe ‘rmano que con eso uste puede ganar...platica, solo que le de una berraca cantidad y se hace rico como la chimba, así como Don Pablo. Ujte jolo llame si necesita ayuda gringo.

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gringo time

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yeah but I could do without the texture

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you are supposed to chew them with a little baking soda

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That's how men are with women. Notice how even the editor cut out the part where she finally gets to explain what she had really said to Chris.

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What a retarded thing to write, stop maybe?

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Do pic related.

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Whoever came up with this process was either a genius or insane. Sure it's just chemistry but still.

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You trying to get OP beheaded?

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>take a handful or less
>remove the hard sticks if you want
>put them inside your mouth, leaf by leaf is better
>chew them a little
>put the ball between your teeth and cheek
>add a little baking soda
it's a mild stimulant but tastes like shit
also if the leaves are too dry you can put them in a plastic bag with two or three apple slices for a night, that makes them tender
t. bolivian

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>Ramsey then kills his guide and camera crew, and runs off into the jungle naked with bags of cocaine
Cocaine synthesis (I think it's just an alkalization process) used to be a pretty standard organic chemistry lab back in the day. Obviously not anymore. Everybody would snort their lab results.

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So that shit ton of leaves in the beggining only gives you the bag at the end?

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That's pretty common for plant extracts, e.g. essential oils. That's why there's a huge incentive to increase the volume with impurities.

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>asking OP not to swallow

This is where your logic is wrong

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Ramsey is such a cokehead. He’s savoring the process and smelling it like a stoner buries his nose in a bag of weed

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qt.314 birdo I had a cute one like that when I was a kid but it was a lutino, that's yellow with red eyes.

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...no comment

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>just an alkalization process
yeh basically it's just a janky liquid-liquid extraction
>extract with gasoline
>add water and hcl to force the cocaine out of freebase into cocaine hydrochloride, soluble in water
>add nahco3 to precipitate it out, wash once in boiling water to get rid of impurities
so easy an illiterate farmer could do it.

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Ramsey basically drooling over that shit. You just know he sampled some of the final product. Was probably on it in that video.

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Chew them with plant ash or make tea.

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What's the cement powder for? Are they just using it to add an alkali?

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Then what about the cement?

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Pretty sure cement has lye in it.

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>sulfuric acid
>battery acid
Damn, imagine how good coke could be if they could make it in laboratories instead of the Colombian jungle.

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put benis in bird for big c00mers??

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>bats cock is longer in body proportion than mine
fuckin kung flu flying witch demons. unsanitary winged shits. MODS

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