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is this the most universal hot sauce?

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This or probably sriracha

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Frank's sucks. worst of the big brands by far

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I can only find this and Sriracha since moving to Ireland. Well, I can find Nandos stuff too but I didn't really see that in the US. I'd really like some Tabasco, but Frank's is fine too.

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it is probably the least universal hot sauce, unless you like everything to taste like chicken wings

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>implying not tabasco


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The only tabasco that's worth using is their chipotle flavor.

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Sorry fellas, this is the real universal sauce

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Tabasco and Sriracha are everywhere. Tapa Tio and Cholula too.

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I've never seen anybody use Frank's for anything other than buffalo sauce.

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This is the best sauce but it's not as widely available as say, Tabasco

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absolutely crystal

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It's not bad, but doesn't cause enough pain when I pour it into my underwear.

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Heh, nothin personnel

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Crystal is just red vinegar with some salt. There is absolutely no heat or pepper flavor. Fuck that bullshit.

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>not just sprinkling on cayanne pepper

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I prefer crystal.

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Too salty but good

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That's not habanero. Chipotle is somehow even weaker than normal tabasco, lmfao.

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