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I've never used an oven in my life, tell me what to do with these chicken wings /ck/

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Can't cook chicken without a deep fry.

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Put a tablespoon of flour in a palstic bag, season with some salt, pepper and five spice then add the chicken and shake. Then preheat oven, then pre heat a roasting pan with some oil, place chicken in hot pan and bake for 30 minutes or so.

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Check out chef john's honey sriracha wing recipe. Add baking powder to replicate fried wings

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Put them in the oven? What're you going for here?

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cut and separate

toss into a bowl, coat them in your choice of oil and with a liberal amount of salt and pepper.

coat what you can see in paprika, ground rosemary, and garlic powder. add in a small pinch of rubbed sage and a tablespoon of flour.

stir that shit up and coat it all real good, stick them on parchment paper and into the oven at 350 degrees. all drums on one side and thighs on the other.

flip them once about 20 minutes, then crisp the other side up and take them out and let them sit for a few minutes before you coat them in your sauce of choice so you can eat them right away before they get soggy.

parchment paper is important because you don't want to be constantly flipping them and if you try to use tin foil the skin will stick to the foil.

i make this all the time and love it, usually like to stick some franks red hot and salted butter into a tiny pot and heat it until it cooks off the vinegar and it gets to a sort of ketchup consistency.

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Close, but id reccommend some slight changes.

Pre heat oven to 400, put a tbsp of aluminum free baking powder, a bit of salt and pepper, and the wings in a bag. shake the hell out of it until the wings get covered.

put the wings on a lightly greased wire rack over a baking tray.

after 30 minutes, flip and let cook for 30 more minutes.

when theyre nice and golden, pull them out and put them in a bowl with your favorite sauce, then toss.

put them back in the oven on high broil, and cook for about 45 seconds on each side.

you could add a little flour to the mix along with the baking powder, but i dont think it really needs it.

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You know how many people are going to be crowding this board now for cooking help???

> pic unrelated: quick breakfast sammich

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>Seperate and give the wings to some schmuck and keep the flats for yourself.

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I think someone took a dump on your plate

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You mean the drumsticks?? Wtf they are all WINGS

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Yeah drummies, my bad.

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>I've never used an oven in my life
are you 6?

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OP here, thanks bros. i'm slav so i never bothered with using more than 4 ingredients in a recipe, i'll go buy some spices.
i think baked food tastes like crap but the chinaman i usually get chicken breast from didn't have any today

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https://youtu.be/Gg7mNNKYvGA j kenji has a good recipe for wings

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ovens are very dangerous, it's what they use in countries where they haven't invented microwaves yet (europe). me and my wife we only use ours during daylight just to be safe.

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leave them in the fridge uncovered for a few hours - this dehydrates the skin
place on a foiled sheet or on a baking rack
bake at 425 for 30 minutes, skin should be browned and crispy
toss in sauce

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>all drums on one side and thighs on the other.
Does this matter?

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OP here
ended up making it on the stove anyway
what do you guys think

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well parboiling wings before baking them is a technique...

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>He's never experienced wing sashimi

Just slice them up and eat them raw

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I hope you weren't planning on eating them like that.

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What the fuck is this

For anyone who doesn't want to be an absolute dipshit with wings:
>mix a few pounds with a tablespoon or two of baking powder, salt, pepper, paprika (or other spices) (NOT FUCKING BAKING SODA, BAKING POWDER IS PRIMARILY CORN STARCH, USE CORN STARCH IF YOU HAVE NO BAKING POWDER)
>put in oven at 250F for about 45 minutes
>the F stands for Freedom
>flip once, crank oven to 450F, bake for 20-25 minutes flipping again halfway through
>enjoy glass-shatter crispy wings out of the oven, briefly toss with sauce made from any hot sauce and butter, or just eat as-is

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what have you done? that looks disgusting. i wouldn't even feed that to my dog if i had one.

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it's pretty good guys

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Chinaman is not the proper nomenclature, dude.

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Shit dude. You could have even just put them straight into a roasting pan cold with oil and cranked the oven to high and left it for 30 - 40 minutes. It still would have turned out better than that.

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stupid fucking thing to say

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Are you from a poor eastern European country by chance?

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looks great man, why follow the advice in the thread when you could just whip this up in a jiff

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obviously, he put fucking potatoes and sour cream in boiled chicken wings. if you read that sentence out loud babushka appears behind you and calls you Sinok

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Read the thread you lazy faggot, it's like 30 posts.

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>I've never used an oven in my life, tell me what to do with these chicken wings /ck/
Do this.

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Ah, just like my grandma from Pripyat used to make.

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Ah yiss, galuboaya kuritsa c onionm

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>be me
>running errands with family
>end up at whole foods
>not proud
>overhear lady at butcher
>asks how you cook a sausage
>butcher tells her nicely a couple ways
>"holy shit"
>near checkout
>lady happens to be checking out
>loud cunt for some reason
>explains to the cashier how she teaches kindergarden in public school
>mfw a teacher who is required to have a BA and most are enticed to get a graduate degree cannot cook a sausage
these people exist, /ck/

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>human adult can’t cook a sausage
>these people exist, /ck/
those people are /ck/

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i'm convinced that you only think it's good because you have never had anything better.

coincidentally i'm going to be having hot wings for breakfast, i'll do what i posted earlier >>13817856
but with the slight alteration that others have brought up which is to add some baking powder instead of flour.

ovens aren't perfect, for mine the food towards the back tend to experience more heat than the food towards the door. putting all the thicker drums on the side that experiences more heat tends to have them finish at the same time as the much thinner flats.

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just wing it

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Im sorry this is the best post Ive seen on seekay in like 2 years lol

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Exactly this.

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My grandma has the same plates

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> tfw you bite into the cold, flavourless, gelatinous mess that OP made

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Your has some trips as well.

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>Can't cook chicken without a deep fry.

I can. I use my Ronco Super Rotisserie Pro. Best chicken (and turkey) I've ever eaten.

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KEK this is pathetic.

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fucking fags, if your meat is of a quality worth eating all you need is salt and pepper, if that.

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stop same fagging. go lick a dirty door knob and die

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people kneejerk sperg out about meat being unseasoned because black people twitter memes told them you need to eat spicy food to be hip and woke
'wh- why isn't that chicken wing bright orange? what the FUCK?'

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