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Does hot sauce go bad? My mom has a bottle that went out of date over a year and a half ago, and she insists "hot sauce doesn't expire"

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It's fine. Hot sauce really doesn't expire because the main ingredients are vinegar, salt, and hot peppers (capscacsin) which are all anti-bacterial by nature.

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sauce in general gets better with age

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Why yes I do have a large collection of hot sauce, what gave that away?

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Frank's is fermented cayenne peppers blended in vinegar
I think you'll be fine

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I threw out a bottle of Franks recently, but it was probably 5 years old and had turned brown and crusty.

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thats impossible. because of the antibiotics.

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Depends on where it's stored. If it's stored in the fridge then it'll last a pretty long time, if in some warm place then it'll expire and loose any flavor, especially vinegar based sauces.

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Not bad as in bad for you (low pH = nothing bad can grow), but it might taste bad.

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It won't go bad
It will go stale or even rancid

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YES. I've visited several homes where upon inquiring about their hot sauce situation I was subsequently greeted by an ancient bottle of Tabasco that had gone completely brown.

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All hot sauce needs to be refrigerated cooklet

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depends the hot sauce and how long we're talking
I've seen disgusting 5+ years old bottles found stuck to the back of fridges, i wouldn't touch that
but if we're talking one year? you're fine
keep in mind this applies to vinegar based hot sauces, other ones are more at risk of expiring

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salt vinegar and chilis are all preservatives. so dont worry. just like prepared mustard is all preservatives: mustard seed salt vinegar. mustard is used to pack wounds to stop infection. guess you could do that with chili paste...

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>mustard is used to pack wounds to stop infection. guess you could do that with chili paste...
that sounds painful

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It will be fine. However if you hear a hiss or pop when opening it that means it somehow started fermenting again. If that happens stick the bottles in some boiling water for a little bit and it will stop it.

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Yes it does. 5 years ago I was at. A family members house and asked for hot sauce. They gave me some and then after I doused my food with it I looked at the bottle and some form of bacteria or mold had created a quarter sized greenish yellowish culture that was clinging to the bottle

Yes it goes bad, it’s vinegar it’s spoiled alcohol.

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Chili’s aren’t fucking preservatives you mom science mong

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It is, but then so is antiseptic.

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