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To this day, I still haven't found a hot sauce that I like more than plain old Tabasco

>I put it on my hand and eat it without food

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tabasco is good, but chipotle tabasco is good

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I used to eat tabasco on white bread with butter

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Step aside lad and try out El Yucateco.

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>>I put it on my hand and eat it without food
I dont understand how people do this with any condiment.

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For me, it's Loiusiana.

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For you it's sucking on a bannana. Freakin' homo.

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Y-you too...

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I love chipotle tabasco, not spicy but very tasty. I can just drink it straight from the bottle like a retard

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Nothing retarded about that anon

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Sometimes it's just kinky with a girlfriend.
It is what it is.

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dude this one sucks ass, I tried it once, was puking. Screw this shitty ass sauce. IDK why idiots shill it so much.

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Tabasco is like Jack Daniels.
Most people started with it, it kind of goes with alot of stuff, people hate it because it's popular and having too much of it gets you sick of it.

For me
Franks hot sauce for coating wings and chicken strips
Cholula for a dip
Sriracha as an ingredient, it's too garlicy to have neet for me, works well in bolognese or with other condiments.

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My favourite brand is Wiltshire Chilli Farms. Its not that common, but I guess since being on Hot Ones its more widely known. If not, then I think Melindas Chipotle is my go to sauce.

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Some folk around this site freak out on Melinda's, I like it myself but some people say it's a copycat.

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Tabasco Family Reserve is good.
You can taste the white wine vinegar a lot, so it's mostly for foods you put a light drizzle on.
If it's something like chili where you dump a lot of sauce in, the white wine vinegar is overpowering.

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Ive never heard that. A copycat of what? I can only really find it in one store in the UK but Ive always thought the chipotle sauce has a good heat but not to the point where it burns my mouth, and has lots of flavour.

It beats anything I can find in a standard supermarket.

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I either forgot how it tastes, or got a fucked up bottle. Just bought some for the first time in years, and I find it kinda gross. Tried the green stuff tho finally and fuck me that shits good. Taste>heat all-day erryday

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I don't know it exactly but people here were complaining that Melinda's was some knockoff, they might be full of shit or from reddit.

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mango scotch bonnet sauces are based as fuck.

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Here's a really good one Captn_Sleepy's-Quintessential_Habanero_Hot_Sauce. I even called the owner of the company up and unfortunately he shut the company down, he wasn't making any money from it anymore. It was some some awesome sauce, he explained it to me very properly, he wasn't in buisness to loose money. He's a real cool guy and it's cool to speak with him. I couldn't even convince him to do a production restart, doing that is very expensive.

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Marie Sharps Habenero. Not only the right amount of spice but tasty too

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>Habanero version of Tabasco
>It makes whatever you add it to almost tasteless due the heat
>Dries out stupidly fast, requires excessive shaking to keep as a liquid

>Mild version of Tabasco
>So mild you end up using half the bottle just to season
>Doesn't have more taste than standard tabasco

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>MRE Tabasco.
>Somehow tastes even better than the standard bottle.
>Somehow hotter too.
>Before you know it, the fun is gone but you have a tiny bottle to entertain yourself.

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So I tried the 3 I have marked out
What is your opinion on the rest? I assume Garlic variant is not worth it.

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is the green one any good?

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I only use pic related, chipotle Tabasco, and cock sauce of course.

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The problem is that the normal tabasco is exactly at the point where its heat do not remove any flavors, making it a very flavor filled condiment.
Meanwhile green is far too mild, meaning its lacking those extra flavors. Its still delicious, but you will use a lot more to compensate, so its not as great.

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I like Crystal

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good to know. I usually get a green habanero one, and I like it, so I was wondering about green tobasco. I know tobasco isn't as spicy as some others, but i appreciate the warning on its lack of flavor. I usually look for maximum flavor + spice always.

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I go through phases with Tabasco, sometimes I crave the fuck out of it, and eat with everything, and then other times I can't stand it.

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Imagine how slow and tired that little guy was after that...

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Ah, I See You're a Man of Culture tambiƩn.

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hob soss

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ok rogan

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>desperation bump from page 10

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Tastes like fucking vinegar, straight up.
Don't know how anyone stands it.

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imagine the foul stench of your vinegary sharts the next morning.

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the patricians choice

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this shit is so essential for so many dishes

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