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OH NONONO NOOOOOO NOOOO we got too cocky plant-based bros!

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Plant based meat is textbook antisemitism anyway.

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>pic from bumfuck mouthbreathing flyoverville
>h-hey, this proves people don't want meat substitutes
There's another term for those other than "people."

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Yeah there's a term for you also, it's call being a faggot.

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Never understood why people who CHOOSE to eat a plant-based diet would want to eat meat-flavored plants anyway. You don't see steak-people trying to convert steak into broccoli, right? The whole point of having a plant based diet is to not eat meat - so why you trying to turn your salad into an animal-tasting product? It's fucking weird, right?

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Why do people get so mortally offended at the existence of weird vegeterian foods? If there is a market for it then it will sell and it would be a good investment opportunity. If not it will fail. Capitalism works. Why are NPC bluechecks always ranting and raving about it? Do they want some commie authority to ban it or something? Fucking weirdos. At the end of the day, it's just more steak for me.

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No you

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Because why not the fuck do vegetarians and vegan claim shit like we don't need meat and then you see things like plant based meat ?
Could it be that their bodies are screaming at them to eat necessary nutrition so they go into their delusions as far as "fake meat" ?
And then they try to talk shit and claim they somehow have moral high ground ?

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>Why do people get so mortally offended at the existence of weird vegeterian foods?
I don't have a problem with vegetarian stuff. I have a problem with them pretending it's meat. No, you fuck, it's not "Vegetarian chili con carne". It's by definition chili sin carne you absolute fuckwit. No, it's not "vegetarian chicken strips", it's breaded soy gunk.
Vegetarian food is fucking delicious. I love me a good poutine, I love a good pasta aglio olio, I love a good cream of mushroom soup. Stop trying to make vegetarian replacements. Eat the actual thing or make something good within your dumb arbitrary restriction. It's like lesbians insisting on buying the most realistic dildos possible.

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>It's like lesbians insisting on buying the most realistic dildos possible.
It's entirely possible to like dicks and not like men's bodies, ask any trapfag

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You ever try getting 50g protein on fuckin' beans and wheat? It's impossible if you're sane. Why would you have such a problem with processing vegetarian protein into forms that are easier to eat?

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Vegans ABSOLUTELY BTFO how will they EVER recover

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>Do they want some commie authority to ban it or something?
Because vegans are typically commies who would ban meat if they could.

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>I have a problem with them pretending it's meat. No, you fuck, it's not "Vegetarian chili con carne". It's by definition chili sin carne you absolute fuckwit. No, it's not "vegetarian chicken strips", it's breaded soy gunk.
I never understood it either. Vegetables and legumes, are delicious enough on their own, so why morph the protein from veggies into strange shapes with all kind of fermenting, coloring, pressing, milking, soy glazing, sweetening, salting, and other processes to acquire flavors or mock-meat. It's the literal definition of gross processed food. It. is. stupid.
Try cooking your veggies differently for texture and flavor differences instead?

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beans and rice are significantly cheaper and non-perishable. not that fake meat isn't garbage, but beans and rice are much better choices for apocalypse hoarding.

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You are one dumb motherfucker

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>Vegetables and legumes, are delicious enough on their own,

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your post is retarded and you should feel bad. everyone should go for beans and rice before fake meat if they're looking for nutrition (with less empty calories) that will last longer than a week.

pretty much this.

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>let me just eat the equivalent of 5 cans of beans a day every day for baseline nutrition
Why is the idea of isolating protein from superfluous fibre such a sacrilege to you numbskulls

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Mate, we're talking vegetarian, not vegan. Just eat some eggs if you need protein. Between eggs and beans, you'll get more than enough protein.

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And what's so profoundly virtuous about eating eggs instead of isolated vegetable protein?

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Eating eggs is just eating abortions so it's not murder :)

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>There's another term for those other than "people."
Yeah, sane, rational, healthy

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Animal proteins are just better for you.

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>You don't see steak-people trying to convert steak into broccoli, right?
I saw carnivores converting chicken to pizza and pasta

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Murder only applies to humans

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>listening to Shlomo

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Ahh yes
Personal longevity
The true moral goalpost

I'm not even vegetarian, I'm just pissed at seeing this dumbass line of reasoning everywhere. Vegetables aren't sacred, if people want to process them to improve their nutrition or enhance their diet's sensory variety, what the fuck is it to you.

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>another vegan thread

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One's processed to fuck and back, the other is natural, not that complicated. Same reason I don't trust all that insect nonsense, because if you have to take fifteen processing steps to make the bug stuff not taste gross, you might as well just eat normal meat.

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Do you have a fit when a bodybuilder downs a protein shake, too?

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Protein shake isn't pretending to be something it's not.

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Nobody's going "WOW THIS IS LITERALLY MEAT MADE OF VEG". It's just a concentrated vegan protein source, exactly like a pea protein shake.

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>Hey guys, I live in an expensive, polluted, drug, crime and vagrent filled city with human shit and used hypodermic needles littering every street corner.
>But at least it's not a 'flyover' state, right guys...right? Fuck Trump.

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I think bodybuilders are enormous self-obsessed homos, so I don't really care what they do to their bodies. But if you want to blow more gases into the air because you want to be vegetarian without eating beans or eggs, be my guest.

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>ask any trapfag
sorry, i dont talk to faggots

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Because some people like meat but also care about animal well being.

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So buy from humane sources that align with your standards and appreciate the animal you eat while you eat it, then acknowledge that it's the circle of life and go back to eating vegetable based life styles?

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bumfuck flyoverville still has enough citizens to run out of meat
how much suffering is that in animals? pretty sure a single one of them eats enough meat to offset your veganism by a factor of two

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The question is only truly settled on whether or not a business case is proved by viable profits. Andy Curliss is a capitalism hating commie ass.

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>stop drinking water
>feel more energetic and alert by day two
>take that water-drinking bigots, the earth wont run out of water because of me

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Wouldn't you suppose plant based meat lasts longer than real meat?

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I know its hard to believe, but in between the massive crop mono cultures used to feed you, get you drunk, and fly you all over the world to "non flyover" places, a lot of this planet is actually quite beautiful, unique and interesting. Just maybe not to an urban consumer faggot who only goes to "interesting"(aka crowded) places like big cities and well known national parks.

Keep up with the attitude you have and you're going to end up one of those dead bodies they find a month later in their micro apartments only because your neighbor was complaining about the smell.

And then your body is gonna be nothing more than a chore for the cleanup crew.

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>smoke cracking
>feel awesome
Take that white nationalists

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Whao you mean to tell me people are buying foods that last longer with out refrigeratation or freezing then food that doesn't? I was a meat eater now but mow im a vegan because we cant let meat get those nuclear codes

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I eat 53.6 grams of protein from beans alone most days, around 100 grams from plant foods and about 20 more from meats
t. superior digestive system

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solid projecting

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Why do you hate people who dislike rural areas so much? I don't hate you for not liking cities. I just don't want to live where you live.

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Pretty rich considering the post he's replying to.

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There's no point replying to bait. I get the feeling >>13785635 is legit though.

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I live in Berlin and its the same here, even though we probably have the highest concentration of unironic Vegans in Europe

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It's pretty obvious that people who are not vegetarians outnumber people who are, and people who are not vegetarian aren't going to hoard vegetarian food.

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beans and rice are vegan things tho

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>bumfuck flyoverville
>runs out of meat
>B-but we was based capitalist subsidized farmers 'n shite and make fun of dem Venezuelan commie empty shelves...oh, wait a sec...my program hiccuped! *reset*

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>stupid fad no longer sells well
who didnt see this coming?

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>You don't see steak-people trying to convert steak into broccoli, right?
Yes, we saw a carnist congress and president declare pizza to be a vegetable, so there's that.

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Reddit spacing

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I live in Washington DC and it was the exact same thing.
No one wants this shit.

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when famine kicks in we are going to sstart eating the vegans
you will be easy picking since you rely on supplements that will be long gone
it all works out in the end
veganism is plan b

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>vegan stew meat-replacement supplement
how do you thicken that stew? and don say cornstarch, the moment you add cornstarch the moment it stops being stew

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>tfw feed plant based vegetarian "meat" to my livestock mixed with grain
Is this the ultimate way to dab on inferior peoples?

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It's for people who want to experiment with eating less meat. Why are you so triggered by this?

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this post hit some nerves. well done.

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>The world is ending
>better buy 35 lbs of hamburger meat that's out of date by the end of the week

explain yourselves

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A lot of vegans actually do agree with you. They are so offput by the taste and texture of meat that even meat substitutes are gross to them.

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Never understood anti-meat people trying to make plants taste and feel like meat. It may be that I am a forager, but there are like 10 species of mushroom that taste and have the texture of meat. These vegans are in the fucking lab dabbling in science when you can just go outside 3/4 of the year and harvest Laetiporus. But then again, all these twiggy armed hippies live in major cities and have no idea that nature is a thing. They can't comprehend actually going into the woods and coming out with food. Meanwhile I have 20 pounds of assorted mushrooms currently in my freezer that I harvested this week. I can make pulled shroom that actually tastes like pulled pork. I can make chicken out of mushrooms. I can throw it in a salad or pasta. I can dry and grind it to make spice and medicine. Coastal leftists will pay $20 a pound for plant based meat when I can get months worth of food for free in the matter of days.

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>Never understood anti-meat people trying to make plants taste and feel like meat
I'ts fear of missing out. FOMO. They still want to be able go to BBQs and birthday parties and whatever and have a (plant) burger up on the grill like everyone else and be able to go to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner while being not too much of a hassle.
Also that yes they're also obviously trying to convert meat eaters.

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>Hey guys let me tell you about places I will never go in my life. I'm an expert because Fox News told me what they're like.

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Honestly you people laugh at toilet paper hoarders, but you really dont have enough toilet paper yourselves. The average person uses 1 roll per day. If you have a family of 4, that's 28 rolls a week. Over 100 a month. TP rolls will be worth their weight in gold in a few months, because everyone needs it.

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>"Sell by date" is the date a food goes bad!

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>one roll a person a day

Are you vegan?

>> No.13786692

I have used one roll of tp in the last 3 weeks. Actually only about 3/4 of a roll. I will never understand normies

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>getting food poisoning to pwn the libtards

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>The average person uses 1 roll per day.


what average is this

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You can freeze hamburger you goof

>> No.13786778

I average about half a roll a day easily. I can definitely see someone using more.

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Are you on the toilet right now?

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In all honestly FUCK Twitter and other social media users for enabling mass hysteria and artificial shortages

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>one roll a person a day
>I average about half a roll a day easily.
See a doctor. How fucking many times a day do you shit?

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I live in one of the biggest cities in the country atm. You can like it if you want, but I'm gone at the end of May. I gave this urban shithole more than a solid chance and all it did was waste my life. I'm sick of reading billboards and oligarchical propaganda every time I go outside to get fresh air.

People who hate on rural areas aren't bad people, but they come off as too domesticated for me. For me, it's like I'd rather hang out with a border collie that's perfectly equipped to be an incredible outdoor companion than a pug who will instantly die without someone to care for all it's ornamental deformities.

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File: 101 KB, 683x683, wholesomeyum-low-carb-keto-chicken-crust-pizza-recipe-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>chicken crust pizza

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They dont want any cute animals dying. Its their philosophy/religion.

>> No.13787406

Rural areas are nice when you have a solidified life, when you're still trying to build it you're not going to find many avenues..

>> No.13787413

Why would they fake this when stores really are being emptied?

>> No.13787415

This was faked a few weeks ago when stores in most places were full.

>> No.13787420

Why wouldn't a media outlet know it's called COVID-19?

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You've gotta restrain your immediate impulse to think less of people who think differently to you. I get it, 'cause I have the same gut reaction, but the fact that mine is the exact opposite of yours should demonstrate how arbitrary this shit is.
Like, anon, I love billboards. I love bright flashy adverts on the metro. I love constant sounds and bustle and crowds, and I love tiny cheap greasy spoons on every street and I love exhibitions and art shows on every week and I love massive libraries within walking distance and I love clubbing in the best clubs for a couple of hundred miles around. I've been to the countryside of different nations for a holiday, and it was nice for a week or two, but I'd go insane if I had to live there.
Dunno what the pug thing's about, I've seen plenty of pugs in the countryside.

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only good post in this thread

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Or just don’t eat animals so you don’t have to do some bullshit circle of life rationalisation that abrogates your ethical responsibility to be a steward of the earth?

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>all these diseases come from eating meat
>criticise people who stop eating meat

Why yes, I can nourish myself without massacring billions of sentient creatures, how could you tell?

>> No.13788500

People don't buy it because it's more expensive. That's all.

>> No.13788521

Gee, who woulda thunk people stock up on cheap staples over expensive luxury alternatives?

>> No.13788529

There has been no concrete evidence besides boomer facebook posting that it came from eating meat.
It was just a matter of time before it spread to humans even if you didn't eat it, by letting the animal population keep growing and coming into contact with them. You don't have to EAT rats to get the bubonic plague, by letting them procreate freely, the fleas on them will spread it.

>> No.13788537

To cause panic buying and drive up profits across the whole country. When there is no need to because the next truck will arrive with more food and supplies. Geez, it's not the end of the world, supply chains will continue to supply food even if the borders are closed. The borders are closed to PEOPLE not food and necessities.
Even IF it comes from a warehouse WITH covid-19, just let it stay quarantined in the warehouses for 72hrs, research has shown covid-19 can stay alive on stainless steel for 72 hours and in the air for 3 hours.

>> No.13788551

It's obvious for anyone who knows about these kind of disease it's from those meat markets. Only brainlets would think it something else. All I see you making excuses. It's from selling and eating animals. Deal with it.

>> No.13788555

madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little push

>> No.13788564

It's not for profit it's to cause fear and stress. "Trauma based mind control."

The entire Freemasonry structures that rule us (government, media, entertainment) work together to make sure the sheeple remain sheeple.

This virus appears to be a silly worldwide fraud.

>> No.13788598

If you are going to make a statement, the onus of proof is upon you.
>iT iS oBvIoUs!
>dEaL wItH iT
Still seeing no evidence... huh must be some vegetarian talking from his/her emotions instead of COLD HARD FACTS.

>> No.13788602

I'd use sweet potatoes

>> No.13788612

Exactly, the mainstream media is blowing it out of proportion on purpose.
Covid-19 is the new hot trending news to distract the population. If it was not this it would be something else to fill the air time. But this is just easy and low effort content for them.
If you keep repeating something enough times from different sources, news channels, social media, newspapers, word of mouth from friends, people will begin to believe it.
Does Covid-19 exist? Yes.
Is it going to kill half the earth? No.

>> No.13788617

Most people would rather starve than than eat Chemical Experiment Cancer Patties.

>> No.13788624

because in a crisis, you just need simple long term food to get through the emergency.
>see? you should just eat simple, boring shelf stable food all the time instead of meat which people have done since the dawn of time, lol this is 100% reasonable for me to say.

>> No.13788645

Vegans think they’re so high and mighty for not eating meat for the welfare of animals, but they don’t realize animals were killed and trees were cut down to create their precious fruit and vegetable farms.

Farmers will kill rabbits, gophers or other vermin that try to eat their crops

Hell, animals are killed from ploughing the fields

Animals are gonna die no matter what

>> No.13788656

The farms your fruits and vegetables grow on have killed millions of animals too. Animals are slaughtered from field plowing. Vermin, like squirrels, mice, etc, are also killed to not get into the crops

>> No.13788661

Anytime I see this in a post I know OP is a meme-loving retarded faggot and just hide their stupid shitposting bullshit.

>> No.13788710

>farmers kill animals to protect their crops
okay sure

>farmers kill animals to protect their crops
>crops are fed to livestock
>livestock is then killed

can your galaxy brain figure out which scenario involves less animal killing

>> No.13788728

>killing 1000 animals for grains is totally fine
>killing 1001 animals for grains+beef is heinous and worse than hitler

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rude reminder that it is because of meatconsumption and most things associated with it, the human brain started to develope.

>> No.13788731

It's a shame your brain didn't develop, retard.

>> No.13788734

You can hunt with a peanut sized brains, growing and storing plants in environments with long winters needs big brains.

>> No.13788745

Only retard coastie vegetarians eat that glyphosate filled shit anyway. Normal vegetarians eat vegetables.

>> No.13788748

The amount of grains, and water, needed to produce one lbs of livestock meat is multiple times that of what one would eat in grains directly alone. Your numbers are fucked.

>It takes 2,500 gallons of water, 12 pounds of grain, 35 pounds of topsoil and the energy equivalent of one gallon of gasoline to produce one pound of feedlot beef.

>> No.13788750
File: 68 KB, 720x529, 1451541296379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>reee, dont make mistakes, non-nativespeaker

>> No.13788752

You are outnumbered. The majority of people have no qualms about killing animals for food. They are CATTLE, LIVESTOCK, grown to be food for humans. Anyone who deems these animal's lives to be above that of a fellow member of the human race is a traitor plain and simple. These aren't your pets, these are food on a farm.

The only reason why humans would stop (we won't, we might make it less available but never completely stop) is the impact on the environment from farming. Due to the rising population, it is not sustainable to feed them all beef,pork and chicken. Thus, prices will go up where only the rich can eat meat. But farming cattle will never stop, just be more of a premium good. Because they taste good.
So your best bet would be sticking to caring about the environment not muh livestock lives.

>> No.13788763

No it’s more like eating periods. Hot!

>> No.13788799

ya bootlicking queer

>> No.13788813

Why would I buy veggies that have been shaped into meat for $20/lb instead of rice, beans, and other produce at reasonable prices?

>> No.13788836

Based and flyoverpilled, city life is shit and rural America is objectively better aside from the lack of good-paying jobs

>> No.13789663

Your method of posting sucks ass across all boards. SUCKS

>> No.13789695

Anti-vegans can't understand, their brain is fried from exaggerating and claiming they're victims of people eating plants, that they can't understand anything else, all their brain processes are devoted to making large texts on how vegans VICTIMIZE THEM WAHH

>> No.13790021

Beyond meat products were sold out last Wednesday at my local store. Plenty of animal meat though

>> No.13790027

I'm not vegan. but thanks for writing a blog at me telling me that I'm outnumbered. No shit vegans are a fringe subculture. But I'm also not retarded so I understand where they're coming from.

I already addressed the environmental concerns in another post
>>It takes 2,500 gallons of water, 12 pounds of grain, 35 pounds of topsoil and the energy equivalent of one gallon of gasoline to produce one pound of feedlot beef.

>> No.13790040

Reminder that coronavirus is a liberal hoax to make Trump look bad. Stop falling for obvious propaganda.

>> No.13790053
File: 143 KB, 539x317, 3Ucaeps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> 2,500 gallons of water,
Notably, 96% of it is rainwater. You never see the pro-ana cultists mention this.

>> No.13790070

>It's another IQ thread

>> No.13790073

xantham gum or file

>> No.13790077

>beans and rice

>> No.13791884

>they're buying beans and rice before that
That's what's actually plant-based, literally. Should both be stockpile foods anyway. Fucking retards.

>> No.13791904

Megacorporations overpriced meat substitutes are bullshit and it doesn't matter what your diet is, if you buy it you're most definitely a moron. Tofu, red beans or grain burgers are something you can make yourself with little to no effort and taste great. I'll whip you a dozen seitan sausages in less than an hour.

>> No.13792574

i've had those beyond sausages. the first bite has some crunch, but tastes mostly like something that has been cooked rather than meat. the entire texture and aftertaste is not meat. i'm not tricked at all. it has a much better settled stomach-feel than meat and it feels like you ate plants, because it is not meat. i can see the merit in the stuff existing but it'll never be a go-to choice for most people.

>> No.13792583

oh look it's that word exclusively used by shit people and liberals (same thing)

>> No.13792589

Buying long puts on BYND after this revelation... people would rather starve than eat chemical lab experiment bean patties. lol

>> No.13792592

>oh look it's that word exclusively used by shit people and liberals (same thing)

The funny thing is that your ignorant 'Merican liberals all fail at geography and don't even realize 90% of merican nigger population all live in the deep south, mid west, & "flyover" country.

>> No.13792871

i'm a vegan stocked up on beans, rice, oats and fixins, pasta, peanut butter, flour, some veggies, and some store brand cookies that don't have milk or eggs. i wanted dayia mac and cheese i found at walmart, but now is not the time to spend 4 dollars on a box that's not going last as long as a plain bag of spaghetti will

>> No.13792909

here that stuff costs double to triple the normal meat
I got it once when it was half-off, and while it can compete in taste, the price puts it into trash-tier

Its like this fairphone, which is a bulky piece of 5-year old tech for 500$

>> No.13793338


>> No.13794671
File: 182 KB, 850x1032, __kanbaru_suruga_monogatari_drawn_by_yamanami_kousuke__sample-b84a0ee915639a01850f79604b2a7211.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All vegans should die. I don't trust a single soul who doesn't eat dairy.

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>> No.13795051

>In DC
>Rice and beans sold out
>grocery stores have a 4 can limit on new arrivals and 1 bag limits on rice
>vegan section is barely touched
Haha, what's it like being a faggot?

>> No.13795056

Then call it that. Isolated bean proteins. Not vegan hamburger patty. Or give it a cute name. Isobeans. Or something.

>> No.13795069

No one watches Fox News anymore you idiot. And I'm more travelled than you are. You moved to a shitty city, I've been around the world for the military, for work and for education.

>> No.13795072

>>pic from bumfuck mouthbreathing flyoverville
These are the only people going to be left alive soon

>> No.13795073

Stores are being emptied, but warehouses and depots are still full. Our restocking system wasn't set up for people to buy out full inventory continuously. It's great for business and we've got plenty of stuff for everyone, it'll just take a few days to get everything back up to normal.

>> No.13795074

do you get this autistic about fish, chicken, or exotic meat burgers?

>> No.13795082

Nigger people do call meat what it is. You're not going to be serving me horse and calling it "lean cattle"

>> No.13795085

>dog food is starting to run out where I'm from
umm... don't tell me...

>> No.13795093

>You're not going to be serving me horse and calling it "lean cattle"

>> No.13795112

Is this really shocking? People are buying three or four times their normal amount of groceries, en masse, and probably don't have the money to waste on expensive commodities like this.

>> No.13795581
File: 91 KB, 820x512, __kanbaru_suruga_monogatari_and_1_more__b46af1bca619cb1c1a15d4c35b7a0c8c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

uma delicia

>> No.13797204

A roux of butter and flour

>> No.13797364
File: 314 KB, 418x451, kot left.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>twice as expensive as meat
>half as calorie dense
>less versatile

A product with literally no upsides isn't selling?
Gee, who would have thought?

>> No.13797428

>paying extra to have the luxury of not getting the nutrients you are paying for

>> No.13797465

Plant based meat is a luxury for vegans/ vegetarians. It's not something they eat everyday it's something they eat when they're craving the taste of meat that they used to eat from their childhood or want a a little change and try something new for a day.

Plant based foods perish much faster than vegetarian foods and therefore it would make more sense for vegans/ vegetarians to stock up on beans/ lentils/ rice amongst other things that can be stored for long periods of time without the risk of food poisoning.

If you take a look at the prices you'll also realize that the plant based foods were also about double the price of normal meats which would explain why meat eaters avoided them too.

>> No.13797483
File: 31 KB, 480x338, 1578239710794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

toasting in epic bread

>> No.13797582

Based retard

>> No.13797624

Not when you cook them correctly, which involves smoked pork.

>> No.13797678

>by god I'll starve before I eat vegetarian food
The carnist mind is odd, no doubt.

>> No.13797701

It’s not hard to kill an animal, as long as you’re not a pussy. Nobody has to starve OR eat estrogen patties.

>> No.13797712

If you want plant-based, then get actual vegetable such as broccoli and carrots or learn to grow your own. No need trying to fake a cut of meat especially when they add all sorts of shit to manipulate the taste or add ridiculous amounts of salt.

Oh and I like the idea of COMPLETE proteins from animal flesh since the amino acids are quite helpful. I also love have honey mustard with my bacon, spinach, and onion sandwiches from WaWa or Subway.

>> No.13797730

>people mass buy shit that can last and they know
>plant meat doesn't last very long and they don't know it

>> No.13797745

If the choice is between poison and nothing at all, then the choice is simple.

>> No.13797857

No you are just pea-brained. Someone can like the taste of meat but for what ever reason refuse to consume it and then seek out alternatives and substitutes.

>> No.13797898

the pug is an analogy for american men becoming cosmopolitans like how wolves became pugs. it's very shitty but the point is still somewhat valid at least in terms of survival skills but dogs are so different that it fails ultimately
pugs cant jew the dog world into billions like humans can the human world

>> No.13797904

>All of this panic over a little flu
Who cares if boomers die? 100 years ago the average lifespan was the low 50s.

>> No.13797906

>honey mustard on bacon spinach onion sandwich
sounds good I’m stealing it

>> No.13798454

Sounds pretty self-satisfied if it's coming from someone who couldn't hack it in the city.

>> No.13798465

ya seethe?

>> No.13798473

Nobody is making that decision though. People panic buying have wiped shit out, but there's still food.

>> No.13798615

This has been answered a thousand times. They like the taste of meat. Everyone does. So they try to make plants taste like meat. Its that simple. And they do have the moral high ground unless you dont consider it immoral to domesticate animals and kill them for food. That's more of a judgement call. It's easy to understand why they have fake meat though.

>> No.13798675

>buying expensive as fuck luxury products during an apocalypse
Thank god for beans and shit.

>> No.13798821
File: 26 KB, 447x445, 1ee21a10b5462753105c7ba0cc93ca9a--middle-fingers-wallpaper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to burger place with friend
>order a cheeseburger, ask friend if he wants the same
>"nah, I don't like cheese on my burgers"

>> No.13798845
File: 792 KB, 553x584, butt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't consider it immoral to domesticate animals and kill them for food.

Especially the people who put a lot of effort into optimizing the health and well being of their livestock, feeding them a natural diet (no nasty gmo kibble), and putting them on rotating paddocks to keep them from living in their own droppings and utilizing the droppings to help fertilize the land while it rests, ultimately raising animals for the greater good (the environment). And especially if someone slaughters the animal themselves on the farm it was raised on so the animal literally experiences no stress whatsoever it's whole life. And then uses every part of the animal to nourish themselves, the earth, and wildlife, then no, it's definitely not immoral.

And I don't think any vegan that doesn't either carefully source or grow their own food should consider themselves morally above that. There is plenty of suffering in conventional crop agriculture.

>> No.13798859

i support those farmers and hunters. it's the chickens cramped in a box i find reprehensible

>> No.13798877
File: 208 KB, 1080x810, lili-house-farm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Agree. All food must be honored and respected imo. Doesn't matter what kingdom it came from, it still sacrifices itself to nourish us.

>> No.13799137
File: 500 KB, 277x263, a la mierda.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The average person uses 1 roll per day.
What? Are you retarded?

>> No.13799546 [DELETED] 

Hazard pay?

>> No.13799605

>The borders are closed to PEOPLE not food and necessities.
Tell that to schengen countries.

>> No.13799611

>ww2 is a historical disaster for killing 3% of world population
>it's pointless panic if a virus doesn't kill half

>> No.13800118

>ethical responsibility to be a steward of the earth
I have no such ethical responsibility. I am an inhabitant of earth and am subject to the nature of life on earth. that beign said, I'm a utilitarian, so i still disagree with factory farming practices

>> No.13800148

Yeah, but most meat at the supermarket is factory farmed.

>> No.13800172

it's really bad copypasta anons

>> No.13800187
File: 1.99 MB, 500x205, 1478884606632.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He is just being Kosher

I want to date this monkey!

>> No.13800200

>90% of merican nigger population all live in mid west, & "flyover"
you're so fucking stupid

>> No.13800463
File: 130 KB, 820x512, __oshino_shinobu_hanekawa_tsubasa_senjougahara_hitagi_sengoku_nadeko_hachikuji_mayoi_and_3_more_monogatari_and_2_more__169d746612c946b78a7f6396ad531e3a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to marry this monkey! And make lots of little monkey babies!

>> No.13801938

>>Hey guys let me tell you about places I will never go in my life.
You are literally doing that

>> No.13802023

Yeah I never got this either, I don't like the taste of meat, why the hell would I want to eat a non flesh substitute of it?

>> No.13802035

>call ahead to stores to see who opens first
>Safeway assures me they’ll be open at their posted 5:00 am
>wake up in the middle of the night
>get to Safeway, ready for my coveted potatoes
>eat shit you dumb fag we decided late last night to open at seven instead
O I am mad

>> No.13802049

Omnivores don't stop craving meat.

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