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Are there any good hot sauces that don't rely on vinegar?

I feel like I taste the vinegar more than anything.

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There are tons, how about using google you limp dick faggot

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dude calm the fuck down. you act like this in a thread with a halfway decent premise and you wonder why the place is chock full of joey webms.

I'm a fan of tiger sauce my dude. shit's great

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I'm not sure what they use but ass kickin hot sauce was one of my favorites, the garlic one has a good flavor with a little heat.

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Try franks wing sauce. You'll love it, you fat ass.

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Sriracha comes to mind. I'm sure there's many others.
That's just a vinegar and cayenne sauce mixed with butter.

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here is the best one that isn't vinegar-based
nice and hot but not crazy, dirt cheap, and easy to find. absolutely great hot sauce

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Any authentic Mexican sauce.

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Yeah most real mexican hot sauces have the chilis as the first ingredient

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what about Sriracha?

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what if you ate a lot of vinegar so you lose sensibility to it?

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Not meme-ing but thats why I enjoy things on the sriracha/sambal olek/hot-pepper oil/ mexican chili sauces/ peruvian aji verde spectrum of things versus vinegar + capsicum + flavoring that american sauces tend to be.
I like the vegetal/fruity flavor of the pepper to come through

So OP, I recommend aji verd. Amazing on anything but especially on rotisserie chicken

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>mixed with butter.
you mean soybean oil. thats why ill never buy a wing sauce from the store

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I doubt that's possible. Vinegar tastes sour, it's one of the basic tastes alongsid sweet, bitter, etc.

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Lol-tun salsa de habanero. It's the best shit I've ever tasted.

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Crystal Hot Sauce doesn't have that vinegariness.

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I fail to see the problem here

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I like Valentina extra hot. It's the Black label. I usually only eat vinegar based sauces on vegetables and beans.

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You beat me to it, I just opened a new bottle so I could put some on a chicken parm.

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crystal is fairly vinegary, though idk about the OP sauce to know the comparison about what he's talkign about. but also, in my personal opinion, louisiana brand hot sauce is better than crystal, and sweet baby rays hot sauce is better than both, while being in the same type of hot sauce

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in Summer a potted chilli tree is very easy to grow
bring it inside in winter
you'll get hundreds of them

Ferment them in a brine and then blend it up
that's your hot sauce
0 vinegar.

grow a relatively mild kind and home grown chillis tend to be quite mild anyway and you can have an edible sauce which is solely chillis

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chili oil baby doll

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I get that from a local Chinese restaurant, since I'm not a jerk they'll sell me a couple cups at a time very inexpensively. They have these huge industrial sized tubs of it so wont miss a couple cups.

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>I'm a fan of tiger sauce my dude.

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I've had some fermented hot sauces that were only slightly acidic.

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That fucker needs a horse cock in his mouth.

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his sauce was so hot it made him go bald

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Crystal is my favorite hot sauce. Crystal is a vinegar and cayenne sauce with just a little salt. Crystal hot sauce is predominantly vinegar.

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Listen, hot sauce is my main hobby I don't have time for these lightweight n00bs who can't even do the basic research for themselves.

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>dark meat

go be poor somewhere else please

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>Listen, hot sauce is my main hobby I don't have time for these lightweight n00bs who can't even do the basic research for themselves.

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What about Cholula?

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Choulua for general purpose
Tabasco Chipotle for smokiness
Texas Pete for fried chicken and eggs

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But does Cholula taste vinegar?

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that food looks disgusting.

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use something spicier

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you need to go back rn

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Cholula and tapatio are both water based and delicious

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>Valentina's ingredients are water, chili peppers, vinegar, salt, spices and sodium benzoate (as a preservative).

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Is it bbq day on base that day?

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>I feel like
Stop saying I feel like when you mean "I think," or "I believe," or "It's my opinion." You sound like a sniveling, limp-wristed faggot. Grow a pair and state your opinion without couching it in numale dipshittery.

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Not OP but you sound like a massively insecure retard. This 4chan brand of reactionary masculinist bullshit is really embarrassing, like nigga you're on this webzone dedicated to everything social rejects flock to, who the fuck are you fooling trying to act all Clint Eastwood-like? Faggot.

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This has no vinegar. I can only describe it as a thin textured, very hot barbecue sauce, with no sweetness. Should be in most major grocers, I got my first bottle at a gas station even

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holy autistic projection, batman

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Why? Don't you like your vinegary shits?

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imagine a girl with vinegary shits

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okay what the FUCK is that stuff on the bottom.

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Black people food.

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If you want a Louisiana style hot sauce go with Crystal.
It does have vinegar in it, but its not nearly as vinegary as Tabasco or the other major brands.
You mostly just taste the flavor of the pepper.

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i am a girl with vinegary shits. its mixed with my period blood this morning. very metallic

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what the fuck is that? are you eating boiled meat with shitty mac'n'cheese?

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but i thought blacks liked spicy food.

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buffalo sauce is mostly butter. I think if you don't use vinegar it would be a type of salsa instead of hot sauce

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Sri racha

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you fat faggot, dark meat poultry is tastier and has better nutrition and texture

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does the green one have good heat like the extra hot? or is it a more mild one?

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Here op
Best sauce itt

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ayyy good taste

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it looks like ox tail

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you put the hot sauce on your benis?

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are *you* *me*?

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>hot sauce is my main hobby

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timestamp it

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What the FUCK is that

Is it even cooked?

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It’s not oxtail.

Looks more like isopod.

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Out of all the uncertainty phrases, "I feel" is probably the best.
But the real, manly, alternative is to pretend there's no uncertainty in our world and acting like you know things.

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My chilli plant went apeshit over the summer, can someone post a recipe for them? Everything online is just spicy vinegar

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It's not quite as hot as the brown, but still fairly hot.

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