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Why is Dominos so damn good?

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Shut up Dominos

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I just ordered an extra cheesy medium from them

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You have to really screw up to make bread, tomato sauce, & meat taste bad.

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My local place could beat the shit out of Dominoose.

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Somehow Pizza Hut managed.

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Easily the worst fucking pizza chain. Subs are edible but everything else is shit. Even those shitty dollar pizzas you can get at Walamrt are more enjoyable than a shitnos pizza. OP must not have any taste buds or is paid to be this much of a tastelet.

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Someone who shops at walmart shouldn't call anyone else a tastelet, retard

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It's pretty good where I live (UK)

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The cheapest pizza from Little C's is better than the most expensive pizza from Dominos.

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Dominoes is 100% better than any Frozen crap you but at Walmart.

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I go to this little italian pizza joint down the road, Doh meenOs

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>t. Pizza Hut shill

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>Why is Dominos so damn good?
Because they spent a lot of money on customer satisfaction studies and advertising their rebranding about ten years ago.


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Wow, that explains it. It's impressive to see a company own up like that. I love Dominos even more now and I wouldn't have believed that possible!

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>buying from corporate chain pizza places

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>thinking that because you overpay for pizza from a local pizza shop you're better than everyone else

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>being so lazy that you order dominos instead of making it yourself

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Dominoes does have the best thin crust though. Tasty fucking italian crackers.

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>pay $12-15 for a combo pizza from a chain during a sale, maybe $10 if you're lucky
>pay $18 for a combo pizza by a local place that blows it out of the fucking water
You have more problems than pizza if you're pinching pennies that hard, friendo. Try getting a job.

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is this a meme or is my local dominos just hot garbage? cause i have literally never had a good pizza from them yet i often read of people saying they're the best for chain pizza

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>15 dollars
>Every chain is overpriced like pizza hut
>mfw Domino's always has 3 topping large pizzas on sale
Eat shit, friendo. Oh wait, you already do LMFAO!

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it isnt

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Because you have a genetic propensity for obesity.

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>i’m going to eat at this shitty chain instead of supporting a local restaurant or making my own pizza because i need more money to buy more shitty pizzas
what the fuck is up with all the corporate shilling/dicksucking on ck nowadays. i feel like a fifth of threads these days are “what is your opinion on x chain” or “have you tried the new piece of crap from this chain”.

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Local business is anti-capitalist. Successful businesses in capitalism are beautiful conglomerate empires. Stop being a treacherous communist.

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I'm not defending Domino's, I actually fucking hate it but
Dominos large: $7-8 large
Local place: anywhere from $18-28.
That's a real fucking big difference m8.

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>purchasing pizza from a private business owner and choosing it over other choices on the free market somehow makes you a communist
t. retard

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that’s why you make it from scratch.
it’s the same quality or better of the local chains at the price or lower than dominos.

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It varies from place to place, but even then each pizza is a hit or miss. It's better than pizza hut and papa john's when they get it right, though.

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their hand tossed pizza is okay, but the pan pizza is really good

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>Local business is anti-capitalist.
But local business is very capitalist.

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>Local business is anti-capitalist
/ck/ is officially the most retarded board.

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What if you're a retard that could never make anything better even if you spent the rest of your life trying?

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I meant anti-globalist.
Just googled it, sorry.

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Its not and because you think it does means you have very low standards.

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Here's a good movie for you people, "Head Office." Its more true than 99.99% of you will ever know.

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That's pretty lame if you have to go to google to look up something so simple. Why didn't you get a proper education?

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"head office"

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Also, why are you sorry?
Are you some dumb california cunt?

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INC is the company that cares about people! Know it, live it, love it!

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Idiots such as you are retarded. What's the big deal if its some packaged product? Are you so much of a moron that you WANT to pay more from a big grocery store, are you that much of a stupid idiot?

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I disagree, pizza huts stuffed crust pepperoni beats anything on domino's menu. However both are shit.

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How can you be so stupid?

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I agree with anon, local pizza at least where I am is better than any chain, and also not that expensive, I can get a large 2 topping for about 16-20 or combo with drink and wings for 30. I would gladly spend more for better quality. Eating something you dont like just because it's cheaper doesn't make any sense.

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>these days
Fuck off back to redit newfag. You’re nothing. Maga 2020 bitch. Remember that Trump IS your president.

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It's a lot less pricy in fact when you consider that a local joint can simply be walked to instead of these delivery shitholes where there's all kinds of fees. Those chain scumbuckets have more fees than one can shake a stick at.

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Its meh tier

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The chain shitholes are giving you nothing but dough, it's lame.

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Home come everyone has a great Domino's buy mine only puts out cardboard with ketchup on it?

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What's that?

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The pizza place to eat when all the others are closed

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What fees dumbass?

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>free market competition that allows new business to compete is anti capitalist


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Anon, are you aware that you can walk inside a Domino's store and pick up the pizza and if you do this they don't charge any delivery fees because it wasn't delivered? Not only that, most local pizza joints will also deliver to you for a fee

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This is your mind on magatardation.

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man the marketing department at domino's is getting creative trying to shill their pizza on /ck/.

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Never understood this, dominos makes really good pizza and so does Pizza Hut nowadays. Papa john is trash though. Seems like all the mom and pop pizza joints are awful where I live and are cheap as fuck with ingredients. If you don’t live in a big city with a lot of brick oven or Italian places dominos and Pizza Hut is pretty good, never had a problem with it.

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It is if you're poor.

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no it couldn't you fucking tastlet

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>what did he mean by this bros

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describe rich people taste buds

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not that guy but mine definitely does
it's run by russians and i swear it's a front but sweet mother of fuck they make good pizza

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Yo fuck all you little ceaser niggers.
They don't even fucking use tomato sauce, it's just fucking greasy ass cheese on bread I will fucking bust your head you fuckin tell me to eat that shit.

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>being so retarded that you hate people based on what shit pizza place they like to spend their money on
>brand loyalty

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>you aren’t using greentext correctly

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its fucking not. i make my own pizzas that absoultely btfo any franchise or restaurant pizza

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My favorite is Pizza Hut due to having the tastiest crust. They are often pretty good with their cheese, but too fucking expensive to order from.

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>pizza hut bad meme
just stop with this already

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It's not brand loyalism, it's hatred for a specific brand because I hate their product, fucking cumbrain.

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A large pizza in the UK is the equiv to 27 dollars, and I'm not that desperate

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>not buying a $3 frozen supermarket thin-crust cheese pizza and loading it with your own custom toppings and cooking it in your own oven

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Pizza Hut > Dominos

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Everytime I've gone to pizza hut I've been dissapointed in their pizza. I also don't like Dominos as it has this weird sweet taste to it.

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I just go there to get the lava cakes.

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>Local good
>Chain bad

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Their restaurants are shit. And their pizza is too greasy. But they have the best crust I've tasted. Though I haven't had it in like 6 years so maybe that's no longer accurate.

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beep beep, the superior pizza chain coming through

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another one, which is tied or possibly superior to Hungry Howies, depending on who you ask

Pizza Hut has the best breadsticks (the round bakery ones, not the awful square ones)

Dominos has lava cakes

Papa John's has that damn garlic sauce I want to put on my cock

But for all of those 3 I don't get really excited about their pizza, which is sad since they're pizza places.

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pizza hut managed to fuck it up because people fucking loved their dine-in $12 all-you-could-eat and they removed it for literally no reason.

the reason Dominoes dominates the pizza industry is because they're the only place that does $5 large pizzas, when their competitors are usually vegan/gluten-free hipster places charging $17~25 for a same sized pizza that somehow tastes worse.

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That's probably because you're paying for indian and paki merkel bullshit.

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That logo is so gay. It reminds me of those lawn ornaments with the old woman bending over

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God I hate foot faggotry so fucking much.

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well if we look at that image, the bread is very thick and soft which is how a proper pizza should be. cheese seems kinda clumpy and i can't really comment on the sauce and other fillings.

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Can someone tell me what to order from Dominos that doesnt taste like shit?

I've tried:
>Handtossed pepperoni, extra cheese
>Pan, alfredo sauce, chicken, bacon

I need new ideas

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the sandwiches, that or the four cheeses pizza with a creme fraîche base instead of tomato sauce

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Marcos is good. Papa Johns but better.
Of course local pizza joints will always win, but if I had to choose a favorite chain it would be them.

>> No.13762093

little Caesars does that too and you don't have to wait.

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The make acceptable pizza for the price, but it is not truly amazing pizza. It's like saying McDonalds has a good burger. It's nothing compared to a true burger, it just gets the job done decent-enough if you're cheap and poor.

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Quite literally anything BUT the pizza. Their wings and sandwhiches are top tier. Their pasta bowls are passable, but still better than the pizza.

>> No.13763840

LC is US only though. they're irrelevant until they expand overseas.

>> No.13763844

get the bbq pork & mayo off their $5 selection.
they'll usually add a swirl of peri peri sauce for free if you're bros with em.

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ok but have been to every location in existence?
the one near me is fine and they do use tomato sauce.

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Holy fucking shit those things were so common where I was growing up

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Id hit that ass

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Mostly delivery fees then tips plus waiting for the delivery, if I just walk to the local mom&pop joint that's about 50 yards from me then I don't have to pay for any of that.

>> No.13764777 [DELETED] 

I'm quite aware of that, the quality is shit from chains like that and they just cant compete with local mom&pop joints.

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SBS also

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Fucking Americans I swear

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Another thing from mom & pop joints is that they have cool desserts like tiramisu and cannoli, that's never on dominos or pizza slut or any chain place menus. The chain stuff is focus group designed to be as cheap as possible.

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Piss off eurotrash and go suckup to merkel with your halal soy shit.

>> No.13764809 [DELETED] 

As sucky as chains are, even the worst are better than eurogarbage.

>> No.13764822 [DELETED] 

Also dont say indian or paki because that shit as pizza wouldn't even rate on a scale so way worse than eurogarbage.

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I fucking love dominos pizza.

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ITT: Retards born without taste buds

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The worst little C pizza is better than the best dominos.

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Sure, retard...

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get their veggie supreme but make it hand tossed or pan.

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