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What the actual fuck is wrong with Koreans? I love spicy food but this shit is just fucking unbearably spicy.

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The black ones are the perfect amount of spicy. I can’t handle the reds. Definitely one of the best tasting ramens

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Do people really enjoy this shit???

How do ppl get pleasure in eating that shit? It's so spicy... And don't give me that stereotype that white people can't handle spicy foods. I eat Xxxtra hot hot Cheetos but this stuff is still hot as fuck to me. I find the milder Japanese version to be more bearable.

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I ordered a verity pack and even the fucking cheese one is spicy.

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I love the tingling sensation on the rim of my asshole when it comes out

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Black ones are best, but the cheese ones are goooood.

For the complainers... if you eat it slower you'll enjoy it more.
Chew your gatdang food.

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Shit is a meme. I couldnt finish it when I had it.

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I can handle spicy food but my large intestine can't. Every times I eat spicy ramen my body immediately initiates full bowel evacuation.

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it's just a drug to get high off at that point

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epic fail bro

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delete this post out of respect please thank you

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ru the soy face poster?

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I did anyway

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It’s really not. The kids at my uni were doing this ‘challenge’ in my first year so I ordered some and just found my arse burned for a day or so after. Nothing especially remarkable at all.

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you just need to stir some peanut butter up in there, make it a ghetto noodle satay

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Those aren’t even the spicy ones.

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that's the only part I hate about it

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>white people

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>That one is spicy

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The mala pack is objectively less hot than the original though

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Then this one will do

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I ate this hoping it would love up to the hype and didn't find it that spicy. I drank all the broth after eating the noodles, too. If you have a suggestion for something hotter, I legitimately want to know.

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maybe you can start by not diluting the sauce in water you dummy

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looks like bald, tooth-gap man didn't read the instructions again.

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The 2x spicy ones felt like drano going through my guts but the black one is delicious so i put up with the lip burn

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I mean.. the 2x one.
The original one is just moderately hot.

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based retard

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is there still a difference in these between the domestic korean ones and the export ones?

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I ate the 2x one a few times.
It wasn't unbearable to eat, I just couldn't taste anything but heat and all the pain comes from the chili sauce smearing on your lips, it said chicken flavor but I couldn't taste it.
Second time i just ate it as fast as possible without getting it on my lips.

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For me, it's shin ramyun

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I'm not even a spicy loving fag but I'm addicted to the burn of these noodles surprisingly. this shit forces my body to stop eating cause it hurts, and I have to force myself to finish it, I sweat profusely but it feels good afterwards.

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I can eat the 2x one no problems and I'm Irish, the oly problem is I sweat profusely

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Same. I love the warm glow spicy food gives both my mouth and butthole after it goes in and comes out.

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this is my favorite brand so far. I think I've tried that black packet stuff and it wasn't so bad to me. this brand isn't terribly spicy but it tastes really good.

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how do I build my spice tolerance bros I can't even eat these with half the sauce without crying

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If you find it too hot, you could try using less of the sauce packet.

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this isnt 4x you poser. It's flavored with anise and non-coincidentally the grossest for tasting like fucking licorice

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you start by eating these until they dont seem spicy to you anymore.

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And use that packet with what? Long pasta?

I really don't see the point in making things so spicy that you can't even taste the dish anymore as well as for the next couple of weeks

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blessed combo

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Put it in the garbage

I know that sounds wasteful, but it is less wasteful than the noodles upsetting your tummy and you shitting it all out 20 mins after

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>you start by eating these until they dont seem spicy to you anymore.
Is Shin Ramyun more or less spicy than OP? I've had Shin Ramyun many times before.

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unbearable? you strike me as someone who calls toothpaste spicy

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What are some good and sweet hot sauces

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This thread reeks of OP samefagging.

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Speaking of, I saw a chick on Fetlife had pictures of her funneling the noodles in OPs image into her ass and then shitting it out. I wonder how much her ass tingled.

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Peach habanero is amazing and you cant convince me otherwise

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>Peach habanero is amazing and you cant convince me otherwise

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This is a ramen thread you fucking dunce. Go to reddit and be gay there.

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fuck the 2x spicy version it's bearable but not good

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These korean spicy noodles are good when you make a thick stew out of it with a whole bunch of korean stuff in it, like the shit they eat in mukbangs

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My problem is the vile noodles. The sauce is pretty good but ill throw it out if there isnt any other noodles i can use

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The curry flavored ones are my favorite, unfortunately the market I go to stopped stocking them

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not going to believe you unless you post proof

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Order a bottle of the sauce and get a bunch of cheap Top Ramen or Maruchan and make them like you would the samyang noodles with increasing amounts of sauce until you can handle the amount that comes in the sauce packets.

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I'm the opposite, the dark red processed goo that comes with these meme noodles is fucking vile. At least the noods can be simmered in broth with veg and some chili oil.

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>corona sharts
no thanks.

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It's better resembles Ebola actually

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I dont understand that. The noodles have a uniquely bad taste that also taints the water they are in. The sauce, its not that great and its got msg in it but otherwise real pepper, garlic, vinegar and the like

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These aren't that bad. For my Corona prep I got a bunch of these to keep me safe from looters.

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The reds are easy though, me and the boys all ate some and livestreamed it to eachother because some babymouth in our circles said they were insanely hot. They really are not, they're hot, but nothing you can't handle. The noodle quality is shit tho.

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I am very impressed, anon.

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I bet you also think pepperoncinis are really hot as well lol

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give it up, op.

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I'm calling him a bitch tho

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i like eating it but it fucks up my stomach and shits. i have one like once a month, regret it, avoid it, and repeat

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Someone here once said to mix in a tablespoon of peanut butter with it. Still has a reasonable amount of spice, but much more enjoyable.

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I'm gonna have to remember to run to the Asian grocery store and pick up a bunch of those before they sell out due to corona fear mongering.

>> No.13741689

lol nobody is going to be stocking up for the corona pandemic at an asian mart

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Dude, just use half the flavor sauce. Get more than enough flavor, and reduce the massive salt intake.

Also, something's fucked cause to me they all seem about the same for spice. I can manage eating em, but I can't really tell red from black. Just wish it didn't sit so uncomfortably in the stomach cause I do love eating those things

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My vegetarian gf loves these
The chicken flavor is 100% artificial

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Nigga, I don't even like spicy gookshit but that's actually nice and ain't that bad spice-wise.

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> don't give me that stereotype that white people can't handle spicy foods. I eat Xxxtra hot hot Cheetos


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I feel for you brother. For me this only happens in most extreme spiciness cases, actually past my threshold of "enjoyable" but I have a similar symptoms for some other products I otherwise love. Would hate to be deprived of spicy food like that.

>> No.13742246

I love these spicy noodles but I feel like I have acid in my intestines the morning after. How do I prevent this? Drink milk after eating this stuff?

>> No.13742249

have you tried not eating them?

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The veggie version is much better than this, it's less spicy and has better dried vegetables

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I agree, you can just order the sauce and it's spicier but still not that spicy. You want to get some Tabasco Scorpion sauce, or just habanero sauce. It's still not enough though is it? I know man...me too. You are going to have to go to Vietnam or find a good Vietnamese restaurant where they will hook you up. Korean food is not really that spicy.

>> No.13742943

This boy done it all wrong. Hell, I don't even leave in any tablespoons of water. I just a colander and drain all the water I can before adding the sauce packet and the seaweed flakes and sesame seeds.

>> No.13742951

it's one of the higher quality instant noodles you can find... Name me any other store brands that have better noodles. I find it has a good chewy texture and doesn't fall apart easily like others. Just don't overcook it.

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Went into a thai restaurant in Kiruna, Thai Köket a few years ago and told them i want the hottest thing they got and if it is not hot enough a want my money back.

Lemme say one thing don't do that, first 3-4 bites was ok then i noticed a slight discomfort.

After that i had to drink a glass of water between each bite, i got through half of and had to give up, it was too hot.

Because of drinking so much water i had to goto the toilet a lot and a few minutes after each piss mr big felt like it was on fire and i had to flush it under water.

Did not feel well until the the next day, now i order medium spicy :D

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>Went into a thai restaurant in Kiruna, Thai Köket a few years ago and told them i want the hottest thing they got and if it is not hot enough a want my money back.

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Damn, I thought this was the spiciest and ordered a few along with the originals and 2x. I don't like Licorice, I hope this isn't true...

>> No.13743050

You fucked up my dude, when you tell them you want your money back if you're not happy with the spice they will lace the dish with pure capsaicin. You tell them it wasn't spicy enough and you want your money back after you ate it.

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I still find these and other flavors unlikable spicy. I like hot stuff like scorpion and scotch bonnett, but I think this stuff I'd mostly extract its unbearably acidic and overpowering.
I wish this tasted as good as it smells.

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Beaner here. Some of this shit doesn't even taste good. It's spicy for the sake of being spicy which is garbage.

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>woah bro I am white and a thing that isn’t very spicy is spicy to me!!! The joke is that I am sensitive to spicy things, and therefore a pussy! Do you want to fuck my wife? A cool black guy should fuck my wife! Black guys are so cool, fucking a white guy must be like fucking a booger HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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I know, I'm one too. My dad's "special sauce" is just that and I don't know how to tell him.

>> No.13743310

The ichimi is his special sauce?

>> No.13743318

No, he makes it, but is only spicy as fuck, it tastes to almost nothing else.

>> No.13743581

how did you know I also like smoking cocks anon? I'm genuinely interested.

>> No.13743674

sorry bruh, return it or sell it off to other unsuspecting weebs

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Holy shit I'm going to try this

>> No.13745179

Half of ghost pepper / hot pepper cheese are like this too. They're just spicy to be spicy.

>> No.13745288

I've been dumping the seasoning into the noodles with water. Is that wrong? I dont read Korean so I just made them like normal top ramen.

>> No.13745300

>mala pack tastes like licorice
Fuck, that's the flavor I wanted to try the most

>> No.13745318

you're supposed to boil the noodles then pour most of it out, leaving a bit left to make like a sauce then stir fry it in the pot for a bit.

>> No.13745341

Well fuck me I ordered 10 of these and ate 5 of them wrong.

>> No.13745568

it tastes like rotten corn

>> No.13745758

the instructions are in english

>> No.13745779

I lucked out and found my local dollar store of all places stocks single packs of the curry flavor. Really good deal considering before this it would've been $9 for a 5 pack at my local Asian grocery store.

>> No.13745907

They currently have a light edition out, hope it sticks around. I can handle the regular but my stomach hates me after.
The heat isn’t produced with flavorful spices, taste like they just add extract to get the spice level up.

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You have to be joking. I tried one earlier because of this thread and it's nowhere near the spiciest noodles I've ever tried.

>> No.13747044

I didn't get any ring burn from any of them, even the 2x spicy was mild on it's way out although they did give me the really weird sensation where I felt like I was going to have diarrhea but then never did. The 2x is the only one I'd say was too spicy and along with the gut issues I wouldn't eat them again. My personal favourite is the stew type, I get them pretty regularly.
IIRC the cup noodle isn't as spicy.

>> No.13747165

>Buys spicy food
>Oh boy this is spicy
What the heck did u espec

>> No.13747228

what's the carbo flavor like
it's the only one on amazon that's sort of a reasonable price

>> No.13747249

I too enjoy a vulcano in my asshole.

>> No.13747380

Same for me. I can't even eat jalapeños without getting the burning shits.

>> No.13747396

The original isn't insanely spicy, no
Post your best example tho

>> No.13748149

there's one with a chicken holding a bomb that's fucking awful, couldn't eat that shit; usually use some sub 1m Scoville hot sauce to spice up my food but that was too much

>> No.13748459

I love togarashi, not spicy but very tasty. good on udon noodles

>> No.13748486

It is?
I've had it and it's nowhere near challenge level spicy imo

>> No.13749061

The ironic thing is that it was white people who introduced spices to most of those spicy cuisines. Indian, Sichuan, Thai, and most of those famously spicy cuisines didn't have much hotter than black pepper before the chili pepper and its cultivars were taken from Mexico.

>> No.13750915


These are all so good.

I love cracking an egg or two on top of them. Maybe chopping some green onion onto them as well.

>> No.13750973

no one eats this its just meme shit

>> No.13750991

Do you mean after their done, or while their cooking? I always fry up an egg or two to complete it with a different texture. Will definitely have to try chopping up a green onion next time I make it as well.

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Those are my favorite instant noodles, I just ran out. They're not too hot but sometimes they make my insides sad especially the stew type. Good as a side with like a sandwich or grilled chicken, and a beverage.

>> No.13751224

I do, shut up.

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I tried these thinking they wouldn't be that hot. Had stomach cramps for a couple of hours after and it hurt to move. Was awful.

Found out from a weeb at work that you're only supposed to use about a third of the sauce.

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The 2X actually is a meme. That's also why I never get hotter than 2 peppers at Thai restaurants.

>> No.13751308

I put in the whole thing and dont leave in a drop of water.

>> No.13751332

>you're only supposed to use about a third of the sauce.
never heard of this

>> No.13752154

Based post. Insecure fags who take pride in guzzling spicy food to prove a point is pathetic. Looking at you soyfaced faggots

>> No.13752162

>people mix the sauce in water
What faggotry is this I've seen this on YouTube
>Mix the sauce in the water
>"Yeah bro it's not that spicy"
Fucking faggot literally wasted the sauce on the water

>> No.13752165

Look at this loser, making fun of faggots who enjoy spicy food. How insecure does that make you? What's it to you?

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How's the hot sauce collection going along, Reginald? Stacy replied to you yet? Don't worry with enough hot sauce I'm sure she'll be impressed

>> No.13753518

This is the absolute best ramen on earth.

>> No.13753570

You can build a tolerance to spicy foods if you eat spicy stuff on a regular basis. Those are Spicy to me but not unbearable.

>> No.13753581

They do make a stew type now if you are interested.

>> No.13753592

Eat spicy stuff you can handle until it isn’t very spicy to you anymore. Then move on to spicier things.

>> No.13753928

good taste senpai.

I got the red one because it was on sale and i regret it. black one is the best

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>calls it ramen
>doesnt make broth

>> No.13754731

These are barely spicy. The red ones (2x spicy) are the best. I usually add extra spices, spicy peppers, and gochujang. Sometimes I will even add another sauce packet.

The carbonaras are the best though. I add butter, sausages, garlic, onions, and parmesan.

>> No.13755362

Tfw eat the black one for shits and giggles
>shit my intestines out
fast forward 4 months
> try the cheese one while on vacation with sister, she bought some and I tried
>shit my bowels out but this time with cheese
I crave but I will not eat ever again.

>> No.13755370

is that what carbo flavor is

>> No.13755393


>> No.13755740

Never had a sauce collection, but I got a feeline that you have one.

>> No.13755752

carbo is cheese and cream flavored. It's kind of like spicy mac and cheese. Or I guess Carbonara since that's what the Carbo means

>> No.13755757
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>If you have a suggestion for something hotter, I legitimately want to know.

>> No.13755783

Some butter and cheese can reduce the spiciness by like 70%

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File: 588 KB, 217x199, 1516770876974.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 22 KB, 476x477, 1544333616810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13756032

You are supposed to use the whole sauce. Grow some balls

>> No.13756128

I have a couple packs of 2x spicy at home but I cant be assed to eat them. Once out of curiosity was enough. I have an aunt who eats these like shin ramyun this crazy bitch.

The normal black ones like in OP are just about what my ass can handle

>> No.13756133

ramen is a name for a type of noodle. It's not necessary at all that there's broth.

>> No.13756954

I like the flavor of 2x, but too spicy. I should try the black or pink ones

>> No.13756959

The pink ones are not great unless you love anisey flavours. The cheese ones are good.

>> No.13757595
File: 2.56 MB, 2902x2752, 5A86C247-DC77-44C3-8C8A-962131C63BF1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My spice limit

>> No.13759012

>making an FMJ joke into a food
Asia is a joke lmoa.

>> No.13759244

It's called killing your nerves

>> No.13759893

The tastiest one. I would eat one everyday, but only shit does it and friends have lots of sodium.

>> No.13759906

I love the reds and can handle them no problem when eating but when shitting them out they give absolutely unbearable gut pains making me regret every time. The pink cheesy ones are really tasty

>> No.13759964

the package says stir fried noodle though not "ramen"

>> No.13760088

they literally grow back

>> No.13760172

You should see the state of Korean toilets, it would make indians proud

>> No.13760284

Pungency is pain itself. Koreans are creatures seeking pain.

>> No.13760296

>"I love spicy"
>can't handle spice
Go back to Popeyes, white boy.

>> No.13760351

So they're sparkling clean because they never get used?

>> No.13760568

the first few bites are unbearable
It's not something you can eat quickly, though, i take a bite every few minutes while watching something

>> No.13760599

Your spiciness tolerance level adapts as you consume more and more. It's not a huge deal for most Koreans that regularly eat spicy food. Wish I can say I love these, but the flavor profile sucks. All spice. Maybe needs more MSG and sugar or something like chicken powder.

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