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Do people really enjoy jalapenos???

How do ppl get pleasure in eating that shit? It's so spicy... And don't give me that stereotype that white people can't handle spicy foods. I eat Xxxtra hot hot Cheetos but jalapenos are still hot as fuck to me. I find the canned pickled jalapenos to be more bearable.

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I am not sure.
Which is hotter between Habanero, Birds Eye and Jalapeno?

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I’m gay, by the way.

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Try to find some good jalapeño poppers from a restaurant/pub. You’ll never be the same after. I have a local spot that makes the best. Even with the cream cheese, which is an incredible flavor combination, they’re still hot as fuck because they leave all the seeds and shit in there. I also like sliced raw jalapeños on sandwiches/burgers

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Idk some of us grew up eating spicy food. The sensation of heightened awareness is pleasing and entertaining to some of us. But yes, it hasn't to do with skin color. My brownie roommate always flexed about his tolerance for it, but he starts sweating when he eats my cooking. The sinus clearing effect is sometimes nice, too. It helps me breathe easier.

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Scrape the seeds out and it's basically a bell pepper. Leave a couple seeds in if you want a little spice.

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Hot Cheetos are so normie and mainstream it shouldn't even considered spicy

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Jalapeno poppers I never tried. They do seem good tho. if you could have give me any fast food restaurant that sells them it would be appreciated.

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I'm going to have to try that... Bell peppers are pretty fucking good.

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Nah, if you’re in Minneapolis tho go to lowbrow. That’s where I always get them from. The rest of their food is alright, but I usually just go for the poppers. I always get insanely hot shits the next day but it’s worth it, and kinda feels good lol

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Even these??

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I read somewhere that the scoville in peppers get you high... I could imagine that's why it feels good to you lmao

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Golly gee willikers, Mr. A

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They are for sure. Slice the Jalapeno down the middle, and use a spoon to scrape out the pith (white part) and seed. Move from the tip of the better to the base.

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I laughed at this lmaooo yeah let's put preservatives and chemicals in it but let's advertise it for using real cheese...

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I feel retarded for not knowing the seeds cause the spice... no wonder the pickled jalapeno aren't as hot the seeds probably sink

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Nah, don't feel retarded. There's no shame in not knowing, only shame in not being open to learning new things. The evolutionary reason for the spice being concentrated in the seeds, and not as much in the pepper itself, is so animals and insects who eat the peppers will avoid the seeds, and they can all to the ground and reproduce.

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That's not true though, how would a deer possibly avoid the seeds for example?
Thing about fruit is, they ALL want to get eaten, actually, that's why they are sweet and enticing.

What good would it be to an apple tree, if it's seed fell right on the floor and a tree tried growing right there?
It would have to compete with it's own offspring for sun and nutrients, that would be retarded.

Instead, the tree drops the fruit, where it is found and eaten by various animals, who then run along and poop out the sturdy seeds at a different location.

Now, the spice comes in, when you consider birds don't feel it. So spicy plants will get avoided by mammals and shit, while birds will still eat them, which in turn allows the plant to spread it's seed much further, since birds can fly.

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It's not the seeds it the flesh that contains the capsaicin oil that the seeds are attached to. I've grown super hot chiles and they need to be handled with gloves and when I sliced one open halfway vertically the pepper flesh on the inside was lined with droplets of oil. Taking out the seeds would make little to no difference in heat level.

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That looks like how my dick feels.

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Also again you're wrong its primarily a repellant for all other animals besides birds, because guess who cant feel spiciness and when taking a shit will spread seeds far and wide? That's right birds. Quit talking out of your ass you fucking moron pseud.

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Now that's a fucking plot twist dude lmao.

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>how would a deer possibly avoid the seeds for example?
Deer don't eat Jalapenos, but birds, insects, and small rodents do. They just avoid the seeds.
>It's not the seeds it the flesh that contains the capsaicin oil that the seeds are attached to.
You are mistaken.
You're right about the birds, but the insects and rodents that eat the flesh of the peppers avoid the seeds.

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birds don't feel heat, that's why they eat them and spread the seeds farther.
Fruit evolved to be eaten, not avoided.

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I like them pickled

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Post pic.

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Guys, its okay that I know more than you, and you seem to be painfully misinformed. That's okay. You don't need to be embarrassed and lash out in impotent anger. I'm here to teach you. You can just accept my knowledge. Ill be patient with your ignorance on this, and many other, topics.

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Not the outer flesh but the white inner flesh. How many fucking varieties and seasons of peppers have you been growing anon? Dont be a jackass for stupid sake but I should have worded it better.

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They're more pleasant for sure

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>Some fruit evolved to be eaten, not avoided.

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Jalapeños are one of the best tasting peppers but they really don’t have enough heat. I find the better a hot pepper tastes, the less heat it will have. Like poblanos. God-tier taste, but barely enough heat to even register. If you think jalapeños are too spicy, eat poblanos. You will love them.

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Nobody is angry.
We are all calmly explaining to you why your statement is wrong. You are the one becoming overly defensive and now lashing out.

Of which, hot peppers fall under the former, because they have evolved to be eaten by birds specifically.

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No offense but are you Mexican or some kind of latino? You talking about not enough heat in them that's crazy lol.

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Asians make spicy food too except japanese. Jalapenos are regarded as mild by most who enjoy spicy food. Albeit some strains of jalapeno are hotter than others. The logical step up is the serrano pepper. That one can start becoming too spicy for some.

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Some jalapeños I've bought have been spicy like serranos, but they're usually not too hot. Typically with chili peppers I slice them very thin, mince them, or remove the membrane all together and use them according to their heat level. I'd prefer to let the dish and chili taste shine with only a light amount of heat. You can always serve some sliced or minced pieces on the side for yourself or guests in case more heat is wanted, but it's ruined if it's too spicy for whoever's eating it.

With that said, you probably are a major pussy faggot if you can't handle a bit of jalapeño. If you remove the membrane and seeds it's a jalapeño flavored bell pepper. With the membrane in tact, it's piquant but not overwhelmingly spicy. Don't eat it like an apple, OP. Cut it into pieces that you can handle.

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It's purple, shriveled and looks like a pan fried an anchovy.

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I don't believe you

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Hehehe, it actually does, but you're angling for a picture. Sorry, my dick is gross.

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you are but a weak child, not yet accustomed to a mans food

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No, I’m white. Just like hot stuff. Couldn’t handle franks, but pushed myself until I could tolerate some pretty high heat. But flavor will always be king. This is my goto. Wish it was habanero hot but what do you do...

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>And don't give me that stereotype that white people can't handle spicy foods. I eat Xxxtra hot hot Cheetos

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s-shut up!!

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What the fuck

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cheetos don't count as spicy food white guy

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I love jalapeños, and they aren’t even spicy you baby

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>eat one jalapeno
>bell-pepper spicy
>eat another jalapeno
>serrano spicy
It's fucking annoying to not know which to expect.

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buddy, you’re trying to be helpful, but you’re wrong; I have grown super-hots for competitions; here’s a quick summary to help you:
If you are looking for the source of heat, which comes from the chemical capsaicin in chile peppers, the statement that you will most often find goes something like this: ”The source of heat in a chile pepper is not the outer flesh of the chile, but rather the inner membranous ribs and the seeds. To remove some of the heat, remove all the seeds and the ribs.”

This is both incorrectly stated and the source of an urban myth about chile peppers. That is, that a lot of the heat, or capsaicin, in a chile pepper is contained in the seeds. The fact is that the seeds themselves have no heat.
However, the ribs do contain a good deal of the capsaicin heat of the chile. The ribs do not contain all of the heat, though, as is often claimed. The flesh of a chile does indeed have plenty of heat, and this is very easy to verify for yourself. How much heat you remove by removing the ribs, a part which is called the placenta by botanists, will vary with the potency of the chile. These membranes are attached to rows of seeds in the cavities. So, the seeds will tend to have a lot of this material stuck to them and that is where the heat comes from that has been attributed to the seeds. The seeds are only hot by association with this material. If they were completely cleaned off, they’d have no heat.

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easily my favorite food

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grow some testicles OP you cockmongling fag

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based and explanation pilled

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Big if true

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You are the biggest gay on this board.

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The spacing / cropping needs work but I dug it

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I don't give a fuck if this is a bait thread, but I love them.
I used to put a solid layer of them on pizza.
They really don't agree with my gut though.
A few weeks ago I ate them three days in a row and it made me quite ill.

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Isn’t that dangerous to burn your jalapeños directly with the gaz ?

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Only in combination with chicken breast.

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Habanero easy

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I appreciate this correct yet completely irrelevant information.

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I like jalapeños on my cheeseburgers.

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The more capsaicin you consume, the greater your tolerance to it grows.

Also, helps to not be a baby faggot bitch.

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