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Does your country have a rich culinary history?

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It's physically large and has a lot of people, a lot of immigrants, so in that sense, yes. But per capita no, our culinary history is absolutely terrible. The problem is fly*vers murdered food. I do mean that literally btw. There was a seasonal, local oriented food culture, which they destroyed, and replaced it with drive-thru HFCS and marshmallow salad.

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>he's still alive
guys, im going out for some prunes

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I'm Danish. I like our food, especially what you might call traditional cooking, but we're probably not winning any awards for it.
Can't really go wrong with roasted pork and gravy, though, can you?

If you had any sense you'd have stocked up on prunes already, lad.
They'll be worth more than gold after coronavirus causes The Collapse.

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is it really worth making stuff with prunes or apricots

I bought some and I concluded that I would rather have an oreo thin for fewer calories than either of those. they taste like pure sugar anyway

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Central asian and persian cuisine (descended from central asian) does amazing things with dried fruits in general including prunes. Goes amazing with lamb meat

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only americans dont ahve a rich culinary history

wrong, you are american, you dont even have a culture let alone a cuisine

only americans go out for prunes

your not dainish, your american, why bother lying? i know its shameful to be american, but your just being a retarded lying bitch

only an american would ask such an obvious question

only americans thing "central asia" cuisine is amazing

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>only americans go out for prunes

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its true, who the fuck goes out specifically to get prunes? only americans go on prune trips like the fucking retards they are

>"honey, im going to the prune store to purchase some prunes, do you want some prunes while im gone?"

this is them. this is what they find exciting. fucking prune journeys. what the actual fuck is wrong with americans?????

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Hvad fanden i helvede sagde du lige om mig, din usle tæve?

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Grundar findus mikili tumbo!

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type english, not your nigger ebonics shit, american

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I suppose your new "meme" is mildly entertaining. The problem is that you and other lowbrows will run it into the ground.

Carry on. It's your mission in life, anyway.

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define meme in this context american. i dare you too.

calling it now, you wont because you cant, american

dont use words you dont know the meaning for, american

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Did you used to hang out on /a/ and hijack threads about SSSS Gridman, anon? You seem to have that same "I need my meds adjusted" level of autism in your posts.

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fuck no, i dispise weeb shit, its for pedos and americans, american

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Only Americans are mass reply fags

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>Hvad fanden i helvede sagde du lige om mig, What the hell did you just say about me, you little bitch? I can tell you that I am trained as the best in my class in the Navy, and I have been involved in several secret operations against Al-Quaeda, and have over 300 confirmed killings. I am trained in gorilla warfare and am the best shooter in the entire Danish military. You are nothing to me but another slider. I will remove you from the face of the earth with a precision that is completely unseen, notice my words. Do you think you can get away with saying such a shit to me over the internet? Then you can just think about when ass. at this time as we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies all over Denmark and your IP is being tracked right now so you can prepare for the storm, your mite. The storm that completely eradicates the little filthy thing you call a life. You're fucking dead very young. I can be anywhere at any time and kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I trained in unarmed hand-to-hand combat, but I also have access to the entire arsenal of the Danish Marine Corps and will use it to its fullest extent to eradicate you miserable ass from the face of the earth, your little shit. If only you had known what unfortunate revenge your "smart" little comment would cause you, you probably would have shut up. But you didn't, you couldn't, and now you have to pay the price, you big idiot. I'll fucking rage over you and drown you in it. You're fucking dead for the hell your fucking young.

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El Goblino Americanos

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Could the sommelier come over and recommend a wine to go with these prunes?

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