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>Some like it hot—for a reason: Men who love spicy tastes tend to have higher levels of testosterone, finds new French research.
You guys wish you loved spicy food

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I know that somehow things relate.
I always ask girls if they can eat spicy food, if they don't, they also don't like sex. It's just a theory, but it's a good indicator for spicy or bland love.

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I love spicy foods and I'm more feminine than a lot of girls I know

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wouldn't their weanuses be getting coated in hot sauce?

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This is a fucking stupid study. I like spicy foods, but I'm not about to put a bunch of tabasco sauce on fucking mashed potatoes.
On a somewhat related note, I needed some dried chilis earlier today, and instead of chopping them I just crushed them with my fingers which apparently got a bunch of capsaicinall over my fingers which I ended up getting in my eyes later.

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Shut the fuck up retarded bitch i suck your mothers cock

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They would if the peppers in the water were actually spicy. Notice how the bird's eye chilies are all on plates instead of floating?

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>being goaded by niggers and spics into literally drinking hot sauce
White "IQ" at work

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Corelation is not causation.

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>like spicy food
>unironically very low test
somebody stop me

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Explains why white people sought after it

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I do love spicy food, I just have ulceric colitis and cannot really eat peppers of any kind outside of a little bit of jalapeño hot sauce or I am blowing liquid shit out of my ass along with violent shotgun blast farts. Like something you would see in an early 2000’s parody movie. Generally I only eat it when I drink because doubling up on explosive shit foods doesn’t seem to double up the effects.

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Then why do soyboy libcucks love hot sauce so much?

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Do they even use hot sauce frequently? They look like they only take a few drops every month or so.

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This. They like hot sauce for collecting, not for actually using. When they do use it, it's a few drops in a larger recipe, not actually using it as a sauce.

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Every person I've known who obsessed over spice was a mega-soyboy with a feminine face and high pitched voice.

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As a woman with extra hairy arms and an attraction to other woman - this makes sense

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why does science need to know retarded shit like this?
It only makes people feel bad about themselves

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based retard

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>*pisses into the water*

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And there's no doubt you've ever known a single person that matches your description. Stay cucked, magatardation is hilarious.

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you guys dont know how hormones work

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I know your moms a whore that moans but does no work

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Lol I really like spicey food ladies of ck~

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this might explain why whites have the lowest levels of testosterone

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It's also linked to masochism. You probably like taking it up the ass.

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East Asians do, though.

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haaaaagen daszzszzh

is your hormone

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hi :)

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A white man bred and farms the hottest pepper in the world

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is this even true?

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Every time I scroll by this thread, I think the people are in a large pile of crawfish. Makes me hungry.

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that's like saying Arabs have the tallest tower in the world so they have the best engineering

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imagine the hot pepper water going up your pee hole

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Asians pee hole goes sideways so its not a big deal

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spiciness is only needed to cover bad flavours

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Imagine eating spicy food because you think it will make you manly, these people are pathetic

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How has no one posted the soy face yet

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There are so many potential confounding variables in this that it's pretty much useless research without a lot more studies.

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Based bootposter

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How do the peppers feel on the private areas?

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He's right though

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It only took reading 2 panels to realize this is mental gymnastics

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Could indicate willingness to push the limits and go beyond their usual comfort zone.

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Nuh uh

He misses the fact that some use spicy for meditation. Its not about being tough but it is about feeling the burn as much as possible.

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lol why is this negro wearing a blue helmet

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Because retards see it as a challenge to eat hot food, and challenge-seeking is obviously related to testosterone levels. Of course anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature won't really care much regardless of his T, but the low IQ high T population will skew the average.

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Somehow I doubt this research is reliable

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