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Assuming it were legal, how much would you guys be willing to pay to go to a psychedelic restaurant? Like a place where you go for 4 or 5 hours, and they give you acid or shrooms and serve up a curated dining experience?

Turnover would naturally be low, so it would have to be kind of pricey. But I feel like the potential for transcendent food experiences, if you've got real chefs, might make people willing to pony up.

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Don't know about you but I don't really have much of an appetite while tripping. At most it's nice to chew on something tough like gum or jerky but that's about it.

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>4-5 hours
>Eating while on acid or mushrooms
Delete your thread

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I usually consume a couple fruit while on acid. I highly recommend eating a peach or a mango while peaking

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These. One time I ordered a bunch of taco bell on acid and couldn’t even eat one whole item, much less the 10 burritos I bought.

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>eating weird shit in a weird restaurant made by people you don't entirely trust while in another plane of existence
uhh no

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Stimulants tie your hunger, retard. Something something ooga booga adrenaline hunting.
Best bet is a café with apple sauce and a ballpit.

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psychs are too 'active' for me too sit around in a paid setting for hours and sit through a full menu
there's also the chance you'll feel put off by food because of the high, which is frequent, or will just get restless and bothered about etiquette/staff, regardless of the curating
I'd much rather have a fancy dinner and psych trip separately, or get high with a buffet of homemade cooking at hand, "family cookout" style, without constraints
pretty poor idea imo, plus anyone attempting to create an establishment like this would inevitably run into so much trouble with patrons who can't handle their shit and freak out
people are fucking stupid and most get even worse when they're high
take the worst of retarded complaints and issues you can get in a restaurant, and multiply that by a hundred because of the drugs

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I think that a lot of it has to do with context. Part of the reason acid kills your appetite is that tastes are difficult to unpack on a sensorial level compared to sights and sounds, so it's overwhelming. I think that if the entire point of your trip was to eat things, and if the menu, staff, and space were all catered to a psychedelic experience, it might not effect your appetite at all. Most people's bad experiences with food on acid are a result of them encountering unexpected sensations that good preparation and scene setting would cut against.

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this nigga knows what's good
and this nigga gets it
when dealing with psychs, trust and feelings of safety are of absolutely paramount importance
you can't get that in a paid setting with strangers

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It would be a whole restaurant built around it, kind of like a bar or club. It wouldn't be like, tables and chairs and waiters, there'd be a dance floor and a chill out room and whatever else. The food and drinks would just be the star of the show, but accommodations would be made for the nature of a trip.

Though, the freak-out factor does present a serious obstacle.

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It's a very bad idea, m8. Let it go

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What do you think you're contributing by making this comment? Do you think I'm going to change my mind about anything because you said this? I'm not. I came here to gauge interest, not to let other people dictate my own opinion on things.

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Normie restaurants with broad appeal are a very risky business to start/invest in, most cannot stay afloat. Yours is a niche of a niche, I kept my comment short because other anons already made the relevant points - most restaurantgoers don't take psychedelics, and most people who take psychedelics don't want to sit in a fancy restaurant eating while they trip. Even the tiny subset of people who would enjoy the experience you're providing, your most loyal customer base, would not go more than once a year or so at most. Nobody is going to be a "regular" dining in every friday night. I'm not trying to "dictate your opinions" but objectively speaking you would be an idiot to put money into this idea

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When I take shrooms I dont want to be indoors

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No one in this thread knows anything about any ideas or plans I might have, because I haven't shared them, and because they're predicated on psychs being legal.

I never said the restaurant would be fancy, or that going there would consist entirely of sitting there eating.

Destination and event restaurants don't require a base of repeat customers, they skim off of new customers because they're a novel experience like a theatrical production.

Once again, I never asked for any suggestions as to how feasible my idea is. I didn't even suggest it was an idea I was taking seriously, because it's not. I just wanted to gauge interest, and I find the tendency of people in this thread to assume a bunch of stuff about what I'm thinking to be fucking annoying. I didn't ask for your advice, so stop critiquing an imaginary plan which you don't know the details of.

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You've described the idea right here in the thread but ok

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If I have to be completely honest, while it does sound interesting I would never go there. Once the stuff kicks in I'll want to go back to my house and listen to music

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OP is a gay teenager

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I don’t think you are right. I wanted taco bell so bad but I physically couldn’t eat more than a few bites. It wasn’t a bad sensation, but I had no interest in food. Cigarettes, on the other hand.

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I just imagined myself tripping extremely hard while experiencing some retarded Western capitalist epic and psychedelic bong adventure in some gay converted shitbox building on the gentrified side of town and it made me want to kill myself. Jesus Christ, why would anyone do this. There are hundreds of miles of national forest in my state where I could truly experience lsd. Spending a whole trip sitting in one chair next to some faggot with a manbun, scarf, bowtie, and meme beard listening to him talk about ipas would give me a nightmare trip and honestly I wouldn't doubt if it wouldn't cause me to have violent impulses. You have a childish, cartoon like view of psychedelics OP and I really don't think you've ever truly tripped before.

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PEOPLE TYPICALLY DO NOT ENJOY EATING WHILE TRIPPING. This idea does not work, though I would be highly interested in a psychedelic drug that piques your appetite.

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that unironically sounds dope af while tripping

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I've done acid 6 or 7 times. I didn't particularly enjoy eating while tripping, but I did find it to be a novel experience that I'm glad I went through. I think that the tendency to limit psychedelic experiences to certain contexts deprives them of a lot of their value. Fucking about innawoods isn't the only way to have a good time on psychs, they work very well as social drugs if you're among other trippers and willing to be cool and not stress out.

The best times I ever had on acid were at parties. One of them I threw myself, and we did all kinds of activities and stuff instead of just laying around going "Dude, I'm so high right now". It seems to me that you're just an antisocial person, who attributes things to the drug that are actually just a part of you.

Also, as I've said repeatedly, it obviously wouldn't involve just sitting at one table the whole time, that would be retarded.

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Eat food? While high on mushrooms/acid? Not only would it lessen the impact, I have NEVER wanted to eat once I come up. One time late into a trip I had a popcicle. That's it.

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It's not a matter of harsh tastes, or "unexpected" tastes, it's a labor to eat anything while on it. I've heard people talk about fruits being good while tripping, but I don't want to eat anything until hours later. It's like stimulants for me.
You have those "miracle berry" things that you could form stuff around, but actually tripping and serving food you are most likely not going to have many people buying food, on top of the whole idea being nearly impossible.

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I have no appetite while tripping, water is pretty much the only thing I can stomach.

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You could do it for weed but not other drugs

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OP is a fag
This is a shitty idea
Go cry about it, fag

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>I find the tendency of people in this thread to assume a bunch of stuff about what I'm thinking to be fucking annoying
You're posting on the wrong site then..

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>willing to be cool and not stress out.
You're not really going to find that in genpop though.

However, as a lolita, I really enjoy tea parties and the idea of doing something like a trippy Alice in Wonderland tea party with psychedelics sounds fucking bitchin.

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Bro purchasing things while tripping sounds epic

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i already put LSD and heroin in the dishes, none of the inspectors have noticed

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You're a retard, your thread is shit, and you should feel bad about it.
I wouldn't fucking pay anything because i'd take my psychedelics home and use them like a normal person.

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Hey op come down to the DMV and I'll show yah what it really feel like to trip balls deep

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absolutely fuck working as both a trip sitter and waiter at the same time lmao

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Fuck you

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If I saw him I'd kick him in the fuckin throat
what a garbage idea

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A shit idea from a shit person

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What a retarded idea.
Most users won't be comfortable in that setting first of all.

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Maybe smoothies or other nutritious beverages i wouldnt feel bad about consuming but not a full meal

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I like that idea a lot. Would be cool if you could buy laced bubble tea or something like that.

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I don't know why everyone is hating on OP, it's just a business concept, and more young people need to have entrepreneurial minds so that our country can recapture its former glory

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Alcohol is a good enough libation to open up the senses, and make food taste amazing.
Just go get really good food, you'll see.

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Bad ideas should be ridiculed. A good idea is praised.

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Considering liability alone, this is a failure but I'll bite.

Add food dye to gfs food and mark it the fuck up

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I've never done any drugs before, but I think it sounds like a good idea.
He can make a safe enviroment to stop people hurting themselves while on cranked and they should be easy to get to spend money right?

The only problem is that selling alcohol will be hard and that's how a restaurant makes most of its money.

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>I've never done any drugs before
It is a really, really bad idea my man.

>> No.13671398

The thing is that psychadelics don't go really well with food.

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Good and bad is subjective. You're not in charge of everyone so why should anyone listen to you about this?

>> No.13671417

you should go do some drugs and come back

>> No.13671459

Gee, would it have anything to do with the fact that I, like almost everyone in the thread, have actual common sense and can deduce that a psychedelic drug restaurant cannot and would not and should not exist?

>> No.13671521

It's been done before.
It was on YouTube.
It was in Europe somewhere.
It was a terrible experience for all involved.

>> No.13671626

m8 it's not very kind to encourage a business idea that is 100% doomed to fail. If it gets criticized and shot down in the idea stage, it cost OP nothing, and he can come up with a better idea. If everyone politely holds their tongue and says "w-well maybe you're on to something, maybe I just don't understand" then he bankrupts himself and fails his investors and most likely never gets a second chance to try again with a better idea

>> No.13671726

>Please give me your opinions on my horrible fuckin idea
>Your shitty plan is retarded
>Not those opinions thoses r subjective !!1!

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not trying to trip in public with a bunch of strangers lmfao

>> No.13671746

its bad, shut up

>> No.13671751

Clearly you have never done psychedelics, because the last thing you would want to do is sit in one place for 5 hours inside with a bunch of strangers.

>> No.13671789

add on to that eating and paying money for the whole experience, fucking lol

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Idk about acid but shrooms make you nauseous, puking is common, your appetite is basically gone when you're tripping, and it usually lasts more than 5 hours. The only thing I'd recommend eating on shrooms is maybe a nibble of some fruit, chocolate, or beef jerky while you're either A. In the woods or B. At home listening to your favorite music. Being in a restaurant full of strangers is a definite no

>> No.13671826

I like hard candy like jolly ranchers when I do shrooms.

>> No.13671833

Yeah eating a lollipop will help me stop clenching my jaw so much

>> No.13671838

Exactly. That’s why I avoid mdma. I’m a notorious jaw grinder. Shrooms is bad enough for me.

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Food cooked over a campfire on LSD is amazing

>> No.13671857

Have you ever taken acid in your life?
You do NOT want to eat while on it.

>> No.13671882

Last time I did acid, I was in some shitty vacation resort for families and old people in italy.
With the little miniature houses and everything.
My god was that shit depressing.

>> No.13671890

The last things I want while on acid:
1) eating a luxurious meal, and often a meal in general
2) being in public
3) eating a meal in public

>> No.13671905

you need to do more drugs I can eat and hang out in public on psychedelics
t. filthy wook

>> No.13671993

A friend of mine had shroom smoothies in Vietnam, it didn(t liked it a lot though. They tasted like shit and the effects were mild at best.

>> No.13671996

Ya I tried them in Thailand. The vendors wouldn’t give me more than one so I tried 3 vendors in an afternoon. Still was nothing compared to eating 5 grams of the shit I get here in Canada.

>> No.13671998

You should add weed to the mix then. I always eat like a landwhale after a blunt. And I wouldn't mind paying for random shit while on acid.

>> No.13672000

Ok Mr. microdoser, but we are talking about big boy trips.

>> No.13672001

None, eating while tripping feels gross.

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I know what im talkin about here

>> No.13672031

Ok fine, you got me. I love drugs but not that much...

>> No.13672035

I'm not even the OP you fucking dumb ass.

>> No.13672049

I've done this with friends before and it was a good time. Also, it seems to work out well in other countries. Listen to Ari Shaffir sometime. He's talked about doing things like this.

>then he bankrupts himself
I think you're taking it too seriously.

Wow good one. I'm totally gonna listen to you and stop posting.

Oh wait. No I'm not.

>> No.13672064

Lmao, dude genuinely thinks that this is a good idea.

How old are you anon? Let me guess you're 17 yrs old, just had your third acid trip, and you self identify as a psychonaut.

>> No.13672073

It's painfully obvious that you've never actually tripped before. In fact, I'd be surprised if you've even smoked pot. You probably heard the "pot gives you munchies" stereotype somewhere and your 12yo mind got confused so now you think all drugs make you hungry. Acid/shrooms do the exact opposite, noone is going to want to go to a restaurant and eat a full meal while tripping. Hell, most people wont even want to leave their homes.

tl;dr: You're a fucking moron and you need to pull your head out of your ass and listen to the people in this thread who actually know what the fuck they're talking about.

>> No.13672074

>Wow good one.

>> No.13672166

I agree with you on the food aspect, but I always tripped out in the woods so I disagree on your idea you wouldn't want to leave your home.

>> No.13672196

Fair enough, I've never tripped in the woods before but I suppose it's isolated enough to have a similar experience.

>> No.13672221

going out on your own to the forest is certainly not the same as going out to a place filled with waiters, other people tripping balls on a fucking dinner table and the retard that is OP trying to manage things

>> No.13672227

You cleary have never taken any pyschedelics , this is a dumb idea. Also i can go pick mushies for free why would i pay for them?

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You should go walk the lot at a phish show if you think people dont go in public on psychedelics

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No problem. I'm still posting btw.

>> No.13672278

And this idea is still shit

>> No.13672305

I wouldn't pay shit. Only children and burnouts take psychedelics and children and burnouts don't have money to eat at expensive restaurants. Also, psychedelics don't generally make you hungry and if you've ever tripped in your life before you would realize that trying to follow any forced schedule while tripping will always end in disaster. Most trips last for 8 or more hours, so what about after they're done eating? Send them out to drive home? Fucking retarded idea, you can't be over 18.

>> No.13672317

No one asked you to like it.
I enjoy it.

You should learn that people are different and there isn't shit you can do about it.

>> No.13672344

Just because your idea is different doesn't mean it's not shit. Just know that you came up with a retarded idea today and that's all it will ever be, no matter how proudly you stand by it.

>> No.13672419

I guarantee you haven't graduated high school yet.

>> No.13672434

Op is definitely a faggot who has zero experience with recreational drugs.

>> No.13672444

You have a vagina

>> No.13672445

I'm not OP, stupid.

You're right, I have a GED cause my dad fucked my life and forced me to drop out of high school.

>> No.13672467

>it’s my dads fault my life is shit
>I’m not responsible for my own choices
Ok lady...

>> No.13672550

>Listen to Ari Shaffir sometime
I'd rather stick a nine-inch nail down my peehole

>> No.13672563

>psychedelic restaurant? Like a place where you go for 4 or 5 hours, and they give you acid or shrooms and serve up a curated dining experience?
i can tell instantly that you have never taken psychadelics.
the last thing you want to do on shrooms or acid is hang around in a strange place near strangers and eat a huge meal.
you just want to be comfy either innawoods or in your room either alone or with a best friend or two. as far as food goes, maybe you'll eat a handful of grapes or an orange, that's about it.

>> No.13672570

I like your haiku
it was good but not that great
try again you fag

>> No.13672913

>feeling hungry
>on mushrooms
Like, I could see maybe a piece of good fruit, but that's a stretch.

>> No.13672937

>everyone reacts to acid the same as me
>t. did 150ug, once

and obviously the restaurant gives you complementary benzos at the 3 hour mark

>> No.13672962

I find it hilarious that after I left the thread dozens of people accused me of never doing psychs, when I posted earlier that I've taken acid six or seven times, and also I've eaten shrooms once.

Seriously, why does everybody feel the need to chime in with "psychs kill your appetite". After the first guy to post it, everybody else was redundant. What, do you want fucking upvotes?

Anyway, this thread was a trainwreck, fuck most of you, nobody gave me any good advice and none of you have an ounce of imagination or willingness to stretch outside your comfort zones. Have fun listening to King Crimson over and over during your super legit lying-in-bed trips, since evidently that's the ONLY WAY psychedelics can be enjoyed and anyone who claims otherwise is lying about having taken them.

>> No.13672969

>none of you gave me good advice about my stupid idea
No shit. Fuck off

>> No.13672971

Hey, you're full of shit and probably bought 1p-lsd and 2cb off another white kid. Bet those shrooms were moldy too.

>> No.13672993

Ooh, commonly known technical terms make you a bwig stwong man who does bwig stwong dwugs. I bet trying to own people in these threads is the highlight of your week, huh faggot.

>> No.13672994

That's not what I said. I didn't want to drop out of high school but had to because my dad is a pedo.
I couldn't really do anything about that but leave home. Which I did. My life is fine. I never said it wasn't.

>> No.13673032

there is more than one way to enjoy them but paying money to be constantly given food and checked in on by strangers in a strange place for the duration is the most unappealing way possible. also
>6-7 times

>> No.13673035

I generally give people the benefit of the doubt but since you have such a shitty attitude about people rightfully shutting down your shitty idea you obviously haven't learned shit from doing psyches and are a pedantic faggot, fuck you and fuck jannies

>> No.13673036

Just stumbled by and saw some custy's thread. Real easy to call out bullshit. Describe those 70ug trips please. I could use a laugh.

>> No.13673047

>fuck jannies
While your post is funny, this shut shit down mentality is close minded as fuck and the reason I don't bother posting on cgl anymore.

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File: 33 KB, 500x480, 1570101120863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. It would end with some faggot going in and pretending to take their drugs and start trying to turn everyone's trips into a living hell.

>> No.13673058

I'm going to bed now, so jerk yourself off a little about how big of a man you are for scaring me out of my thread with your big-man science knowledge, I'm sure it'll keep you from plugging yourself in the skull for a couple days at least.

>> No.13673069

Just long enough to keep me from posting dumb threads on basket weaving forums. Try acidchurch on facebook. Lotta dumbshits in there would LOVE the idea.

>> No.13673073
File: 121 KB, 633x641, IMG_20190425_213800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Typical contrarian poster

>> No.13673564

Acid kills your appetite but if you can force yourself to eat man does it make food taste good. After I peaked and felt okay to go outside I went to a Chinese restaurant and forced myself to eat a little and when I took a bite I closed my eyes and felt like I could taste every ingredient individually crystal clear.

>> No.13673608

>However, as a lolita

>> No.13673632
File: 172 KB, 800x600, IMG_20191216_185724.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's your fucking problem?

>> No.13674785

Is this the worst post on 4chan? It's probably the worst one I've seen in a long time

>> No.13674790

Nah the guy in >>13673582 is definitely taking the cake for worst post.

>> No.13674817

>Anyway, this thread was a trainwreck,
no shit look at the op

>> No.13674824

i agree. i also just feel full when im tripping. citrus fruit is goat though, it tastes 10 times better. one time i just sucked the juice out of 10 oranges in one hour

>> No.13674833
File: 438 KB, 720x544, vlcsnap-2019-12-12-12h48m27s590.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You just responded to the OP you fucking retard.

>> No.13674871
File: 35 KB, 358x292, 1497937140771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm aware of that. you clearly didn't get the insult

>> No.13674889
File: 367 KB, 720x544, vlcsnap-2019-12-12-20h25m53s255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no shit look at the op
>in response to the OP
>hurr I was joking you didn't get the insult
sure thing, mongoloid.

>> No.13674890

I would knock OP the fuck out and piss on him

>> No.13674896

you simpleton

>> No.13674897

Some people pay good money to have that done to them.

>> No.13674917
File: 311 KB, 720x544, vlcsnap-2020-01-12-21h33m23s890.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you simpleton
piss poor assumption, as always.

>> No.13674933
File: 91 KB, 800x684, you in the back.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13674937

tree fiddy

>> No.13674940
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I'm extra as fuck though, anon.

>> No.13675033

first time I dropped acid we went to 5Guys and it was a living hell

>> No.13675053

what was it like to be that fucking high and then see those prices?

>> No.13675074

I wouldn't pay anything. If I was to take shrooms I'd rather be at home with a supply of easy to eat comfort food in my fridge.
Also the effects last much longer than the duration of the meal so it's a stupid idea

>> No.13675079

>dont take acid
>”wow this burger sure tastes like children”
>”Nighmares! Nightmares! Nightmares!”

>> No.13675089

>it actually CURED her retardation!

>> No.13675160

>get full-body tackled by the bouncer and hauled ass-first from the premises

>> No.13675170

yes, I'm sure that makes for a fine place to be while tripping fucking balls

>> No.13675192

Cope and seethe harder, degenerate. Your idea is shit. Your thread is shit. The only purpose it serves now is for me to shitpost. Go back to re*dit if you crave an echo chamber with authoritarian mods. Faggot.

>> No.13675222

IDK I was too busy awkwardly making eye contact with all of the employees wondering if they knew I was tripping

>> No.13675225

Oh boy, there's that meme again.

>> No.13675228

have you ever had acid anon?

>> No.13675231

Did you read the thread? They said they did.

>> No.13675232

Do you know where you are, lol! Mellow out and drop a couple tabs, dude.

>> No.13675245

Lmao if you have people to control customers that are taking their clothes off, lying on tables, or going through a bad trip it still sounds sketchy.
The closest thing to this would be catering an experience towards psychedelics without giving them drugs. I'd love to see people freak the fuck out and try ripping their eyes out though.

>> No.13675257

>I'd love to see people freak the fuck out and try ripping their eyes out though
I've never seen anyone have a crazy trip like this.

>> No.13675263

I've done acid hundreds of times but I still don't flaunt or use the fact to aid my argument like retard OP. Congrats OP, did you even test your shit? You could've been getting nBome LMAO fucking ass brain.

>> No.13675266

Not helping.

>> No.13675269

You have to get the combination just right
>first time
>heroic dose
>retardation/traumatic past
closest thing I've experienced was punching through a glass window, I was only 500 ug

>> No.13675284

>traumatic past
I have this to an extreme amount and nothing insane happened the first time I did it. My ex congratulated me on how cool and calm I was while on it.

>> No.13675289

>OP bounces terrible business ideas off ck

>> No.13675291

I think it would work best as a retreat type of deal.

>> No.13675495

Yeah, realistically this would work best as part of a psychedelic resort for rich hippies and druggies. Plant in in the middle of bumfuck nowhere SE Asia and load up on all kinds of "adult Disneyland" shit. I'd be willing to make a career of it.

>> No.13675505

The only problem is 8 hours after checking in you realize you're stuck for 3 days around fucking bozos.

>> No.13675941

Damn. How do we go into business together?

8 hours? Acid lasts for at least 12 hours. Always has for me. I wouldn't want to keep doing acid for days on end, so I think one day of this would be good and then they go home or back to a hotel where they're all in separate rooms.

>> No.13675982

no me cuentes tu vida bro

>> No.13676057

Then don't question what I say about myself, putito.

>> No.13676096

Not the 8 hour trip bozo. 8 hours at the "resort" which turns out to be a bunch of uninsulated tiny homes on an empty plot.

>> No.13676114

what a square

>> No.13676249

>turns out to be a bunch of uninsulated tiny homes on an empty plot.
what? who said it has to be like that? This has potential to be a more upscale experience. Don't you know abou the popularity of Airbnb experiences?

>> No.13676559

>upscale experience

We've got planet earth on and you can sit on a dirty couch.

>> No.13676609

>sit on a dirty couch.
That's if you go to the ones that only cost like $20 a night. You clearly don't know what you're talking about.
I'm talking about the ones where it's like staying in a nice hotel. They usually run $300 plus a night.

>> No.13677158

I've paid 500 a night in vegas and gotten roaches in the kitchen. You don't travel.

>> No.13677555

Based dad.

>> No.13677600


>> No.13677676


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