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Condiment thread. I eat all my sandwiches with Miracle Whip brand salad dressing/sandwich spread

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I used to do this but now I have GERD so I can't

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How does the whip affect GERD? Thought that had to do with acidic foods.

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I just got into Heinz mayonnaise, fuck me it's good. It's richer than Hellmans without the weird Hellmans after taste (I do like Hellmans though)

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The vinigger

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Miracle Whip is trashy as fuck but I really like it on an egg sandwich. Reminds me of my childhood.

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Made up essentially of just egg and fat, mayonnaise should be rank - but it's not, and we absolutely bloody love to douse pretty much everything in it.

Mayo and chips? Classic. Tuna mayonnaise pasta? A solid meal. Mayonnaise on toast? Better than butter. And just think of all those pizza crusts that would be nothing without a dollop of the good stuff.

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It's always a good time for mayo my bro, it is in my opinion the supreme condiment. You say it is just eggs and fat, I say it is the combination of two things that are already delicious.

I plan on using it for fries tonight, can't wait.

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had a tuna and egg made w miraclewhip for lunch.. delicious!

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Based and Fuckmayonnaisepilled

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I used to think Miracle Whip was just mayonnaise and ate both of them but someone told me Miracle Whip is completely different and now I think it's disgusting.

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Its mayo with sugar added

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Its actually combination mayo and salad dressing

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kewpie? Ive always wanted to make mayo myself since everyone says its way better.

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bow, ya shits. bow to your king.

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Blue plate is only mayonnaise for me. Failing that, Kraft or frenches mayo will work.

Mustard, it's frenches for yellow. Spicy/honey mustard is what ever is on sale.

Ketsup, heins or hunts.

Ranch is usually Kraft, hidden valley is good to, but no mater, always peppercorn.

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Man if your not using dukes mayo your missing out. Can only find it around the south tho as far as I know

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