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/OURGUY/ edition

his channel

his twitter

He's by far the best food related youtuber. Has his videos inspired you? I know they have for me.

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I know he does that whole "season the board and not the steak" thing. But I actually butter my pan and not the bread when making a grilled cheese.

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i tried doing his seasoned cuting board thinglast time i made a steak but i gave up when all the juices almost spilled off the board. hes pretty based tho

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i used to do that but i end up using way too much butter. now i either used soft butter and put it on the bread before, or use mayo if my butter is cold

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stop shilling yourself here, you giant faggot

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>can't make macarons
>looks like giant turds, literally
>it's perfect to me and that's all that matter

the state of cope

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Fuck off with this shit. Go spend your youtube bucks on some braces for your wife.

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I'm about to try his roastie recipe with sweet potato, wish me luck.


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No. Go away

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Chadam Ragusea

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Thanks friend ,' )

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>home cook makes videos about how home cooking doesn't have to be overly tedious measuring and precise premium ingredients
>pretentious home "chefs" mad with their "i actually respect muh craft"

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Well I had nothing better to do and watched his macaron video
>can't pronounce macaron properly
>is too half-assed to do basic steps like sift the almond flour and cocoa because "I'm too lazy waaaahhhhhhh I'm a home cook don't bother me"
>thinks dumping a spoonful of batter like a brown turd is actually nice
>actually thinks you need piping bags for large quantities
How this retard got popular, I will never know.

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Why I Eat My Wife's Feces From The Plate And Not From Her Anus

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I agree, Ja/ck/ is a culinary master.

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Jesus Christ Adam, you need to stop posting here. We all know things aren't going well for you but they'll pick up eventually. Please everyone is concerned about you, but posting on 4chan to boost your views is the wrong way to go about it.

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based goose

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>opens video with soyface
>shits on 500 years of french patisserie
>says 'sammiches' like it's 2007
>doesn't use a piping bag even though it literally saves time, makes the cookies bake consistently and makes them look better

His worst video yet, approaching jack tier

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The macaron video was the most annoying video he's ever made. I don't have any problems with the recipe but him shouting 'no' every couple of lines got old fast and made the video almost unwatchable.

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stop advertising your eceleb crush, faggot.

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he's seriously so based it's insane

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these absolutely convulsing elitist contrarians only fuel it

seethe harder, cry moar and have sex, faggots

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I use butter and oilve oil. I get a better crust I find

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pre slicing your steak is the most retarded shit. increasing the surface area cools your steak faster fucking plebs

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Why i prepare the BULL and not the WIFE

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did you come up with that all by yourself you unoriginal faggot?

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Obviously not i just thought it was pretty funny! (you) kicking a fuss about it though, that was the best part, Adam.

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this works but it takes a fuckton more butter
it's an okay workaround if you can't easily butter your bread for whatever reason (your butter is really cold and won't spread, you accidentally bought shitty soft bread that rips if you touch it)

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Why does he need to shout all the time? Like, I get it, you don't like the conventional method.

Never bought into the whole Adam Ragusoy thing til he started shouting about dumb bs, like, it's not like the extra steps he's cutting are even that hard...

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>the only difference between a good meal and a bad meal is the price of the ingredients and how well you measure things
ok retard lmaoing @ ur life

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it was actually kind of amusing in the first video he did it in which was the soup video but now it's just exaggerated cringe. I hope he never does it again

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Go to bed Adam

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eat shit pal

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>heat up your broiler
>brits would call this the grill
>measure out a pound of powdered sugar
>brits would call this icing sugar

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Adam can you make a video on toffee

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He's the embodiment of slave morality. You can tell that behind his cringey little "you do you!" shit and starting his plebbit comments with "friend, ...", there's real contempt hiding. He speaks this way because he's terrified of confrontation and has no idea how to handle disagreement. It's quite evident that he genuinely thinks he's the shit, but he's just too much of a coward and a mental weakling to face any critique head-on and honourably. That's why he hedges with these weasely little phrases, why he pre-empts all possible criticism with a pre-written and pinned FAQ, and why he saw the need to make that bizarre and incoherent video on why he refuses to use metric conversions.

So it doesn't surprise me that he's prone to the occasional outburst of impotent anger in his comments section from time to time -- he clearly has an ego and a measure of masculine rage, but has never learnt what to do with them, and has spent his life being afraid of any kind of self-affirmation. Why, for example, did he overreact with such vitriol to this relatively benign comment about ceramic stoves? Why does he get so upset over a very gentle quip about the narration? Because that's the kind of language in which Adam would himself codify his criticism. He interprets the slightest of gibes as full-frontal attacks because that's the way he'd make a criticism. Simple, honest and straightforward language is not for him; he lacks the courage to be direct.

As other anons have said, all of this has probably been reinforced/cemented by his having been a professor, where he's been able to go mostly unchallenged in his little fiefdom for years. Now he's suddenly exposed to the internet, where everyone is way harsher, and more importantly, don't need to please him to pass a class. I guess he's struggling to adapt a bit.

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I identify as an attack helicopter

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idk why his videos get shilled here, they are all boring and the narration is stupid and I fall asleep. Nothing interesting about his recipes. I clicked on his only interesting looking for in the first 30 or so, (the cream and cookie cake) and i couldnt be bothered to finish watching it. what an absolute bore. Nobody could possibly be using his videos to recreate those cakes, too long, too slow, too boring, the result is still some generic cake and his only comment about taste is "uhh the box cake is just as good i guess, eh this has some bite to it" oh wow thanks for wasting my time then, loser

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I literally fell asleep to this faggots videos the other night and woke up to him explaining what the fuck margarine is.

>> No.13594753

The best part about that video is his “Yes she REALLY does weigh EVERYTHING!!”

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i sincerely hope you pass out while cooking and your kitchen burns down

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That's not nice, you should treat everyone with kindness.

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dont get attached to materialistic things
surviving a kitchen fire will make you grow as a person

>> No.13595852

How do you grow as a person when the fire turns you into a ghoul?

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if home cooks put effort into what the did maybe they wouldn't be home cooks

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After the turkey video, where he says people who try to cook their turkey correctly can't fuck their wife, I set youtube to no longer recommend his videos for me.

He's a fucking cuck.

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what adult acts like this?

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Right. I don’t mind Ragusea or his methods but this got a little too much.

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e-celeb spam threads are cancer and against >>>/global/rules/10 >>>/global/rules/11 and >>>/ck/rules/1
OP is a faggot.
Do your part to help purge this board of subhumans like him by reporting this thread.
Here's a link so you don't have to scroll up to the top of the page.

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i'm not saying your wrong but your wrong

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the only based foodtuber

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>go against the grain for attention
>literally marketing 101
>the asshurt itt is evidence of success

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jesus christ, link?

>> No.13596493

who's "going against the grain" because adam certainly isn't?

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>>it's perfect to me and that's all that matter

This is literally the most asinine argument one can have. Yes, it's great that you like your own cooking, but is it what it's SUPPOSED to be? Presentation is a huge deal when it comes to macarons, for example. It's weird because he's otherwise the anal retentive type. Could he just not make macarons right so he gave up on the idea?

>> No.13596570

>oh you want some too?
holy based

>> No.13596625

I've already put too much effort to get past Adam's personality, I have nothing left for this guy's arrogance, or that hideous joshua guy.

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Ok who did this

>> No.13596693

makes short form content in the age of stretching your vids past the 10 min mark for more ad revenue, beyond based

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Imagine being Adam, and trying to get attention online. After reading 4chan comments, he feels bad about himself, so he opens up a tab and pulls up his favorite porn. He feels guilty, and is able to suppress the thoughts that his wife just isn't attractive to him. Every time he masturbates his brain goes through these little patterns of denial, and that's how he keeps going.

Like every brainwashed public school person, he CANNOT admit that he needs to change. He HAS to double down on his retardation. He is an NPC in the deepest sense of how it's used online.

Adam, it's never too late to take back your life.

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Seriously. I spent a long time learning to make perfect macarons. It's not that hard, but it's still a skill that takes some time. You want a girl to like you? Make her some macarons. You want a girl to think you're a beta manlet? Make her some Raguesa-rons.

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Hi Shaq. I know you're behind these threads.

>> No.13597953

highly, highly based

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This guy looks and talks like a fucking faggot, his videos take forever and he's not even interesting, a worse joshua something

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>> No.13598019

Not even being funny but how could you ever marry someone quite so gap toothed?

>> No.13598033


What's his name? Have a link?

>> No.13598089

Internet Shaquille, you might enjoy his videos but i cant get past his fucking faggot ass voice sounds like he does it on purpose or something makes me wanna punch him

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What video is this under? What a fucking manchild lmao

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>Adam "White wine'n and creampie dine'n'" Ragusea
>Adam "pizza bread and cuck shed" Ragusea
>Adam "hot plate and hotwife" Ragusea
>Adam "cum queef aperitif"" Ragusea
> Adam "gravy train" Ragusea
>Adam "Like brine? Your gf can't be fine " Ragusea
>Adam "why I prep the bull, NOT my wife" Ragusea
>Adam "this insult brought to you by SquareSpace" Ragusea
>Adam "soychad" Ragusea
>Adam "cooking for fun with my wife's son" Ragusea
Adam "oh you want some?" Ragusea
>Adam "mad street credit on Reddit" Ragusea
>Adam "grateful gringo" Ragusea
>Adam "please clap my wife's toothgap" Ragusea
>Adam "age doughs and marry hoes" Ragusea
>Adam "fuckable" Ragusea
>Adam "lurking this thread" Ragusea

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you're supposed to put mayo on the grilled cheese and butter the pan. adding olive oil stops the butter from burning

>> No.13598404

I tried watching it and had to turn it off when he used the word 'ridiculously'

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>eceleb bullshit on a food board

>> No.13599657

Raguesa-rons are the perfect side dish for prepping the bull and feeding to your wife's children

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I have a fucked up back so home cook is as good as it gets, also eat shit you lazy human trash, making food is something that should be done with care.

>> No.13600520

Please read the global rules before posting while on your vacation.

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>> No.13600536

>my wife's boyfriend's hood falafel recipe

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Who would win in a fight: Adam Ragusea or Steve1989MREInfo?

>> No.13600616

Hahahaha what a legend. This makes me like him more.

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literally /ourguy/

>> No.13600726

Steve has the hardened physique of a day laborer and the energy reserves of hundreds of macro-balanced MREs.
On the other hand Steve is a compassionate man and wouldn't likely want to fight some random guy.

>> No.13600799


>> No.13601013

Steve would lose then for being too nice

>> No.13601030

I don't know how to twitter enough, why can't I find this conversation ? Went all the way back to june 2019.

>> No.13601075

Bitch it’s fucking time stamped why would you look that far

>> No.13601278

It’s in the replies about his latest tweet of the oven
Could have been screenshotted anytime though

>> No.13601279

His tweets r pretty great tho one of the only actually funny twitter accounts

>> No.13601281

Any more caps of him sperging out like this?

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File: 1.25 MB, 1125x2436, CD3692BE-4E6A-4B37-9724-476726C221E4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So many

>> No.13601378

I use olive oil for grilled cheese and pancakes, it makes it super crispy

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He also keeps a FAQ in the comments of every single video attempting to answer any single petty criticism someone could possibly make a joke about it

>> No.13601393

Soychad shit. Cucks like you dont understand

>> No.13601397

Why does he feel the need to lash out at obvious jokes and valid criticism? I want him to sperg more because this dude has more autism potential than Jack Scalfani.

>> No.13601409

>the point is dull because I dropped in the street the other day

>> No.13601410


>> No.13601444

Holy kek

>> No.13601447

I mean just imagine stumbling upon this narrow eye gap guy in the street and he just drop a knife.

>> No.13601462

The thing I hate most about this guy is that he pretends to live in some rural flyover shithole but it’s actually just a suburb of Atlanta.

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File: 103 KB, 708x312, 6F406CFA-3726-4979-9BBE-E59A4F7CDDDF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.13601578

Adam doesn’t know what he’s talking about but at least fucked up macarons make decent tasting cookies.

>> No.13601587

>The secret to perfect macarons is to STOP TRYING TO MAKE THEM PERFECT
Fuck. Every one of his videos is "don't try, you'll be fine." I myself am lazy and low-effort, but going around promoting it as the best approach is just encouraging people to be pathetic.

>> No.13601598

Macon is like an hour and a half from Atlanta. I truly believe he lives in a fly over shithole. His one choice of mozzarella is cheese sticks and the only rice he has is some shit southern brand. And he doesnt have a gas line.

>> No.13601625

i have a couple questions about that one

>> No.13601638

He’s probably just too fucking stupid to find what he wants to find. Trust me, I’m an hour away from what’s considered Atlanta’s outer metropolitan area, and that’s still an hour away from Atlanta. Macon’s an hour south of that and it’s still considered part of the outer metropolitan area. If he can’t find decent rice and mozzarella, he truly isn’t looking hard enough. The suburbs of Atlanta are jam packed with ethnic and area specific shops. He shops at Publix and Whole Foods for fucks sake, he definitely could’ve found what he wanted if he was looking.

>> No.13601647

Do you think he's afraid of going into these shops ? They offer quite a different atmosphere than "regular" shops.

>> No.13601664

He said he shops at that Indian/Pakistani grocer from time to time, so it’s safe to assume he isn’t afraid of different people. I just think he’s too lazy to look.

>> No.13601672

Highest IQ post on /ck/.

>> No.13601702


>> No.13601725

I checked the post and there are actually many other jabs like that, netshaq's troll attempts kinda fall flat when repetitiveness makes you look obsessed.

>> No.13601731

All signs point to the idea that he is socially inept generally but also specifically online without knowing the person or seeing their body language/expression

The other thing is I think he is the type who would levy actual criticism himself in an underhanded jokey way so for him an obvious joke can easily be misinterpreted as a snide comment

>> No.13601809

How old is he anyways? Prolly thinks having used Yahoo as your search engine counts as internet culture

>> No.13601873

I guess so but you also don't want to be like kenji and put people off with exactly how many steps and ingredients it's going to take to make spaghetti sauce

>> No.13601880

Yeah that's the thing an Indian store is going to have decent rice

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File: 464 KB, 2048x833, 4B5CA57E-043C-48BE-ACC6-E10133DE0088.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.13602525

Fuck someone posted my OC before I did.

I literally only tweeted it to shaq, thanks king

>> No.13602526


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>the point is dull because I dropped in the street the other day

>> No.13602553

>this is my oc
Why do people do this? I don’t give a fuck we’re anonymous here. Go back

>> No.13602571

I said that as an explanation for it being posted twice you stupid faggot. Why the fuck would I care about OC credit on an anonymous imageboard?

>> No.13602585

Easy there bud no need to get defensive.

>> No.13602586

i want to design the comment that will get the biggest manbaby reaction out of him when i post it. any ideas?

>> No.13602623

and effort you illiterate trash

>> No.13602635

>shows the correct way then switches to the shitty method
>here's the right way to cook this just to demonstrate my cooking prowess, DON'T forget I'm actually a talented chef I'm just choosing a dumbed down version because I choose to and also this will get more views but I'm still an expert chef, don't forget that
Fuck Adam

>> No.13602641

I was going to say make fun of his wife/kids but he'd probably just delete it
Whatever it is, you have to attack his credentials/how he obtained his knowledge along with it. Like
>lmao what legitimate chef has a ceramic oven in their house? Adam has got to be getting kickbacks from big pottery. Dumbass

>> No.13602653

save them for the next "ask adam"

>> No.13602692
File: 80 KB, 898x202, 1578477447095.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13602766

I want to have sex with his wife
I bet she likes it rough + slaps

>> No.13602785

Well he already has 3 kids so its fine

>> No.13602840

it implies he still fucks his wife

>> No.13602911
File: 1.81 MB, 212x173, 1426307483450.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>greasy as fuck
>face takes up 1/3rd of the screen
No thanks

>> No.13602945

There's no competition, Steve would pick Adam by the ears and throw him into the concrete wall in a second. Not that he'd need to though, Adam would take one look at Steve and run away.

>> No.13602964

anybody have a screencap of
fuck niggers

>> No.13603065

i thought it was just 2 kids

>> No.13603074

I thought that's how you supposed to do it?

>> No.13603711

he's not as offputting as joshua weissman in that regard, i'll give him that. he's literally revolting and gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. shame he has a few decent recipes

>> No.13603760

Adam's becoming toxic form lurking too much! He now sees shitty unfunny meme comments as criticism, he do be kinda of huge fuking faggot still tho.

>> No.13603766

I think shaquille is a huge faggot but that's more the attitude he shows in his videos, but him shitting on ragusea is unbelivably based.

>> No.13603773

Adam should just get a fucking trip itd be fineee

>> No.13603806

Why are her teeth like this? I don't like shitting on peoples teeth because I understand dentistry and braces are expensive and some people can't help it, not everybody has the money, but she works and he's a college professor making tons of money on youtube as well. Why doesn't he get her invisalign or something?

>> No.13603894

i haven't watched the macaron video but is it really true he says you don't need to sift the flour? even as a very amateur baker i've noticed in a variety of cakes and pastries that when i don't sift almond flour and/or cocoa powder there are clear and obvious lumps that persist and harm the quality of the finished product.

>> No.13603931

>Why doesn't he get her invisalign or something?
Those look beyond what invisalign can handle. Those would need some actual work and real braces.

>> No.13603959

Internet Shaquille is the actual based youtube man

>> No.13603976

absolutely untrue, I've tried both ways. Now that adam is putting out content on a schedule, he's getting sloppy about quality and it's hurting his videos.

braces are like $5000, and they've mentioned that they're pretty sensitive about money. I mean, he was some random assistant professor at a random liberal arts college, and all of his degrees are in music. his wife is unironically an author of trashy women's romance novels. And they live in fucking macon georgia. money was really tight over there, for sure.

>> No.13604021

I SWEAR to god hes so fuckinga nnoying

>> No.13604060

>absolutely untrue
you mean that it's true that he says this, but that the claim is itself untrue, yes?

>> No.13604073

Cooking youtube tier list:
S: Shaq
A: Tasty videos (don't have to deal with some shithead trying to be funny even tho the recipes suck)
B: Chef John
C: ragusea
D: Babish

>> No.13604082

Someone pls make a huge 20 minute fact filled video just RAILING on ragusea. Imagine how mad he would get. Imaigne how fucking mad he would be I fucking HATE him

>> No.13604103

adam is wrong, sifting absolutely makes a difference, especially in meringues.

this is just cruel. I did some thinking in the shower, while adam is clearly making mistakes/overworked, he's forthcoming with his flaws and honest.

>> No.13604108

This is really overthinking it. He's just kind of a faggot who sometimes has reasonably good cooking advice but is hypersensitive to anything like criticism. It's not like he's Scalfani.

>> No.13604113

you have to remember he was dirt poor until a few months ago, and he was working two jobs for half a year, so he's pretty high strung. It's a little obvious that he doesn't like his life situation (the constant praise of macon, georgia feels like sour grapes), and his wife is less attractive than him.

>> No.13604196

Replace Tasty with Test Kitchen

>> No.13604296

he said he LIKES the clumps of flour, comparing it to a truffle
and even though he has a video over how sugar clumps, made this video in a dry time of the year with higher quality sugar, and forgot his almond flour wasn't handmade and probably uses an anti-caking agent, he just assumes sifting was a step added to complicate the process rather than it being an often important step in times when these ingredients were made by hand without anti-cakeing agents in higher humidity.

Adam IS getting sloppy, you should sift if there are clumps, and assuming everyone has the same quality of ingredients and can afford laziness in cooking is a bad thing.

where is my boy Souza, the only jew I directly financially support by buying a magazine these days. I prefer his ship than bon apitit's test kitchen.

you mean America's test kitchen I hope

>> No.13604333
File: 375 KB, 988x558, 1555140610598.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

scratch those last two comments this guy is the top jew of the ATK that owns cooks illustrated and adam, twitter has a funny way of telling me more than I need to know about him.

the BA network with the new york test kitchen and babish is D teir tho, even with that one chick everyone likes fom the test kitchen. the chief there used to work for the style magazine and is not a full-time chef. but both ATK and BA are better than Tasty, which try to sell shitty branded products and is genuinely just a bad magazine.

>> No.13604591

I feel by saying care within that context effort was implied.

>> No.13604641

> asshole still burning from the only chilli pepper hes ever eaten
Never laughed so hard and loud at a 4shit post in my life

>> No.13604650

Problem is it's the virgin that is usually obsessed with the chad, not the other way around.

>> No.13604701

America's test kitchen has been absolute trash fuckery since Kimball left
Bunch of greedy slimy jews

>> No.13604886

have you never loved, anon?

>> No.13604896

1) I'm not a full-time memester; 2) Fuck you; 3) You want to pay to run a high speed optic fiber cable to my house? 3) Fuck you

>> No.13604977

Jesus John it's just a grilled cheese!

>> No.13605002
File: 74 KB, 1024x916, 1570552742364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shut your fucking face, dude

>> No.13605024

This is his idea of a funny story. A long road to nowhere just to say “ain’t I smart lol”

>> No.13605078

kimball has been getting a lot of shit, he got into a 2nd devorce, had to lose majority control ath the same time, gets sued by both his 2nd ex and ATK all because he was trying to jump ship after the shareholders wanted him out of the head and make a new show.

Souza isnt a stockholder, but he's a pretty good white young youtubeing tip guy as well as e&c for a dying company. and the test kitchen is still better than bon apitit's.

>> No.13605129

S: Shaq
A: Chef John
B: Joshua Weissmann & Babish
C: Ragusea

>> No.13605334

S: Chef John
A: Internet Shaquille, Dianxi Xiaoge
B: Joshua Weissman
C: Adam Ragusea
D: Binging with Babish

>> No.13605353

what a colossal ego

>> No.13605386

cooking with the blues chef daddy jack chaplin is the goat and there is simply no argument for this

>> No.13605701
File: 144 KB, 1242x699, woodstove.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All cuck shit. The correct choice is traditional wood stoves like my grandma and all my ancestors have always done.

>> No.13606189

A third was born after his vasectomy.

>> No.13606199

>if home cooks put effort into what the did maybe they wouldn't be home cooks
This is the dumbest statement I've read all year. Cooking is my hobby. If I did it as a job I'd just grow to hate it.

>> No.13606205

>his videos take forever
They're like 3 minutes long.

>> No.13606242
File: 24 KB, 250x230, DB0D73B3-6492-40AF-9F4F-FE132877FBA0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Used to like him more but the over-monetizing got a little bit tedious. Still watch his recipes though he has some killer tips and techniques.

Also I like the science bits and journalistic bits. He is an academic so he can research. Still a goddamn lefty though

>> No.13606276

>why I snip myself, NOT my wife

>> No.13606571

babish must be relieved that the you guys have pointed your hate boners at adam

>> No.13606596

Babish's just as bad tho

>> No.13606803

babish doesnt show his face, BA is a fag network and babish doesnt lurk in /ck/

>> No.13606803,1 [INTERNAL] 

ur ugly

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