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Just another reason to hate monarchy.

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she's old. people that age always cook everything to a crisp.

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stupid whore seems just as dumb as trump lol

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>is it as big as a breadbasket?

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Grainy mashed potatoes... that's what you get from not using the SUPERIOR potato ricer.

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Based queen.

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she's English what did you expect, it's a miracle she doesn't have them boiled

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perhaps she cant chew rare

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She apparently refuses any dish with onion and garlic in it. Fucking smooth brained cunt.

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lol my bad.

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bongs btfo yet again. on a related note: how do bongs eat steak if steak knoifes are strictly regulated as dangerous assault weapons of war

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Onions are French and therefore forbidden.

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Posting in this thread to shit up the board even more. Do europoos really??

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Is she as BASED as Trump?

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there's literally onion in the vid mong

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literally no one in britain except for the NORF FC gang cares about the royals

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Only if she puts ketchup on it.

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Literally impossible. President Trump exudes BASEDness

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this, JFs are much more interested in liz than almost everyone under 60 here

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fucking lowly peasants. stop talking shit about the queen. just because you peons have to make a living out of mouth breathing doesnt mean others arent rolling around in their own filth like you amoebas.

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ok sam make sure to cheer for ngundu this weekend

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>war ration upbringing eats war ration food

-S H O C K E R-

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Pick one.

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Didn't I read an article about this a while back? On this very same board?
Everything has to be well done to avoid risk of illnesses that require the royals to cancel events.
No onions or garlic because of the smelly breath.
I'm sure there was more. A whole list of food rules for them.

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>Everything has to be well done to avoid risk of illnesses that require the royals to cancel events.

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>how do bongs eat steak if steak knoifes are strictly regulated as dangerous assault weapons of war
Because they're not? Stop believing memes, you ponce.

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>old woman picky with food

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oh hells nah. #notmyqueen.

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Just one more reason to hate the mouldy unelected old cunt.

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world leaders have to have things well done they can't risk getting sick. trump does the same

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Le DoTard destroyed

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it be like that because it has turnips in it

there were onions in the steak

chef dude refers to the cooking style as being french

is fresh veggies and hunted deer from personal estate

is like you people don't watch the videos you comment on

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the queen is an old dumb hag.

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it's not just them being rich or world leaders, they're just old. Being 70 or 92 years old you're probably going to eat well done steaks too

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>obvious shitpost to get butthurt /pol/ddit replies
>mission accomplished

Why are /pol/dditors so easy to bait? What is it about normalfag politics that turns everybody who cares about them into absolute drooling retards? Is it because normalfags actually care about their dumb opinions and are offended when it’s challenged or is it because people who care about political rat races are so disconnected from reality that having any rational response exceeds their mental capabilities?

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i hate old people

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Who honestly gives a fuck? Even britfags don't give a fuck about the monarchy.

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Pro-war people always like steak well done because otherwise you were asking for parasites.

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