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Can you handle spicy food?

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Sure, but heat for the sake of heat is boring. No one cares how much capsaicin extract you can mix into your sauce.

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The benefit of having a stoma is that the lack of nerve endings means I'm immune to post-spice shit burning

Extreme spice still messes up my insides. Looking at you, 2x Samyang

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>2x Samyang
I thought I could handle it. I couldn't.

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I love spicy food but as Ive gotten older my asshole likes it less and less.

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as time goes on I find myself putting cholula in more and more foods, and when I order from restaurants I tend to order spicy variants of foods if they're available
I'm also a white guy idk where this meme about white people not being able to handle spicy foods comes from

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cant handle a little flavor whitey?

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>racism outside of /b/

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Wow, that was quick. Yet when it's the other way around it takes hours, if at all. Really makes you think.

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I can handle anything under like 250k scoville pretty well. I grew some ghost peppers last year and eating one raw was fucking debilitating.

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2x samyang is unironically my favorite noodles, shame they are so expensive though, otherwise I'd eat them everyday.
they're $2 each here.
$9.50 for 5.

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I wish people just wouldn't be racist period. It's a glaring sign of low intelligence and also a collectivist mindset, but I'm being redundant.

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Ohhh the zinger shits man

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Pattern recognition is a core component of intelligence, anon

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>Pattern recognition is a core component of HIGH intelligence
>Virtue signaling is a core component of average intelligence.

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Right? I've only ever seen crazy white folk eating ghost peppers for fun.

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This is a joke, right? Cholula is about as hot as mayonnaise.

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ok then what's your standard for spiciness?

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Agreed. Still like it but I always regret it the next day.

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Yeah I eat a bag or two of hot cheetos every week.

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$2 is expensive to you?

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costs 4 times more than any other pack of instant noodles so in that regards they are pretty expensive.
could make a normal meal for that money you know, instead of something with no nutrition.

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The painful spicy shits are almost worth it

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Really spicy food is a meme. Something with bite is fine but I've never understood when people make food so spicy that all you can taste is burn. I've seen guys order the spiciest shit on the menu and look like they were being tortured while they are it and would act like it was good. You fags think it makes you look tough or something? You look like a goddam idiot when you have to take a break from eating to go splash off your face in the sink

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to me the heat is almost an addiction, it feels good when it burns, and I've probably ruined my taste buds a bit with the food that I've eaten since a lot of food is basically tasteless if it isn't spicy to me.

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I like spicy food. But I don’t like something so incredibly spicy that I can’t taste my food anymore. Hot sauces/spices/peppers should compliment the food, not overpower it.

That being said, this is probably the hottest sauce I can handle. This is from a NYC/NJ local chain called Mamoun’s Falafel.

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I hate the soyboy memes but this is soy as fuck. ~3000 scoville is the prime spiciness where its good but not completely overpowering.
What are you trying to prove when you eat XxX BBC Superhotfire ghostenero reaper hot sauce in your food and sit there taking tiny bites with tears and snot streaming down your face? no one is impressed

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I have to dump hot sauce and crushed red pepper on everything I eat just to taste it at this point.

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its like doing a drug at that point, not eating or trying to look like a hardass I'm most people's cases

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You can train your asshole to capsaicin.

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The drug aspect is the only reason to eat spicy food.
It's not a flavor.

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I met a middle Eastern lady that said this same thing.

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being racist is actually of sign of high intelligence

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Is the spicy sandwich actually spicy? I got the regular one and there was ZERO spice even though normal popeyes food is usually somewhat spicy.
Also it was fucking packed with mayo, why the fuck would you put so much mayo on a chicken sandwich?

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You are correct
So Cholula, at 500~1000 scoviles, is not a hotsauce. Frankly original tabasco is the starting point here.

I go for https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/304387376 on my eggs, which isn't obnoxiously hot but is certainly several times hotter than cholula.

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I like a eating habaneros on sandwiches. I'll be bawing by the end but it gives me a satisfying warm tingle in my stomach for about a half hour after the mouth burn is gone. I do not enjoy eating a lot when it's that hot.

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Oh, actually I do like eating a lot of it like that when I'm half lit cause it rushes me into a feeling of sobriety before coasting back into the intoxication. Not sure why but it's fun, kinda like smoking a cigarette but more intense

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any normalfag national food with just the adjective spicy on it isn't going to be very spicy. if it is it will have some over the top bullshit name(el diablo burger, atomic wings, hella-peno burger). if it's just "spicy _______", it's not going to be spicy

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How severely does your life have to collapse in on itself for someone to argue that hot sauce isn’t hot sauce.

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Popeyes is Louisiana(styled) cooking though, the normal chicken and popcorn shrimp gave me flashbacks to eating homemade cooking when I was a kid, it was just spicy enough.
All the people killing each other over the sandwich on the news were black too, you'd think they would riot about it being not spicy at all.

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If you add a grain of chili powder to ketchup, does it become a hot sauce?

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No, I understand. Could you start describing your life now, like I asked?

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>think I like spicy food
>order everything spicy if possible
>try samyang hot chicken flavour, not even x2 or anything just the regular one
>first half was good but eventually the spice became so much that all I could taste was pain
>couldn't even finish it because as soon as the red noodles touched my lips it felt like I consumed pepper spray
>have the rest of the packs just sitting in my pantry

fuck man

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>You are correct
>So Cholula, at 500~1000 scoviles, is not a hotsauce. Frankly original tabasco is the starting point here.

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Guy was literally using a 500 scovile sauce as a counterargument to "white people don't like heat"

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>Guy was literally using a 500 scovile sauce as a counterargument to "white people don't like heat"

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I spent a weekend in London last year and went to eat at Nando's because of all the /int/ shitposts I've seen. I saw this scale on the menu and didn't really know what to make of it. I ordered both hot and medium wings to be on the safe side and the food was a massive let down. The heat on the medium wings was literally imperceptible. And the "hot" wings were only ever so slightly spicy. We raided the condiments/sauces table and tried every single hot sauce they had to offer and we found a single sauce that was actually spicy.
What the hell is wrong with British people? Are there actually people that would order the plain chicken there? Might as well eat boiled chicken breast.

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Use less of the seasoning

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Piri piri sauce isn't meant to be blindingly hot, it's more alium forward. Going out to a chain restaurant and expecting serious heat is a bit weird though tbqh

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>Going out to a chain restaurant and expecting serious heat is a bit weird though tbqh

What? I've eaten unbearably spicy food at chain restaurants plenty of times

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Easy enough but it still just bummed me after seeing so many people eat them with all of the sauce like its nothing.

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Yeah I had the 2x without really knowing what I was getting into and wasn't able to come close to finishing it. I've also watched a friend down an entire 2x fully seasoned in 5 minutes

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Some chains are satisfactorily hot. Zaxby's insane sauce is great, I hate to use a gay word like zesty but it is pretty good. I small chain in Florida I've had a few times was Wing Zone, their nuclear habanero sauce was pretty spicy and had a bit of sweetness to it without overpowering and becoming disgusting. But BoB's, Hooter's, etc are all extremely disappointing with their hottest sauces being pathetically mild or nothing but dry heat void of flavor. I like a local place near me, they've got a 1-9 scale that btfos the chains in my area even if they are more expensive.

I really only like these retardedly high levels of spicyness on chicken wings. Some other foods like chili works well too, but I can't stand people who dump hot sauce on half of the shit they eat.

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No, i cannot

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extreme spicy wth 10k scoville? u aint gonna shit urself from some tabasco

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He’s right. Cholula isn’t hot. Get your life in order.

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>boneless?? BONELESS??? BRO omg you must not be REAL man bro. A real man takes 5 minutes to eat 0.25oz of meat off of a BONE and getting SAUCE all over my HANDS bro! Just like the CAVEMEN bro!! That’s why I have this EPIC beard, haha I just gotta be careful that I don’t get any of this GHOST PEPPER SOYCE in my beard cuz it’ll mess with my MANLY beard OILS that I rub in. Boneless wings are practically CHIKY NUGGIES!! Haha get it??! Like those epic style baby yoda memes I’ve been seeing everywhere on reddit!!

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But boneless wings are gay. They're unreliable for the quality and origin of meat. Instead of proper fatty skin they rely on often excessive breading. And eating meat off the bones of a wing is easy - the drums are obvious and there are several tricks to pull the bones right out of flats.

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if she is 2nd best girl then who is best?

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scoville ratings on packaging are all horseshit
I can eat a raw habanero just fine (allegedly ~100k scoville)
2x spicy hot chicken ramen still destroys my innards

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send them to me

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very based

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wake up at 3am just to shit red liquid, boneless buffalo wings, every time.

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A few hours after eating the wings and a few hours before bed, try to eat something else. Anything as long as it is substantial. It will get your digestive system moving to help you have that bad shit before going to bed, and hopefully make it not quite as bad. Less chance of stomach cramps the next day too.

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Southeast Asian.

I handle thai food like east asians eat tofu.

I am a jungle asian, the King of the Jungle to be precise.

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I ordered a popeyes chicken sandwich at the drive thru
I guess they handed me the wrong bag because there was 3 of them in there. I didn't go back to correct it so I ate them all in the car

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I never understood this meme. I've never had painful/hot/acidic shit just from eating spicy food, no matter how spicy it was. Just how bad does your regular diet have to be for this to even happen?

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Had to eat it for 3 months, hate it ever since.

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VERY based

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>popeyes chicken sandwich
the absolute state of wh*te palates

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uh-oh, spicefags got their feefees hurt again.

>> No.13587845

People ITT: complaining about acidic stomach and burned buttholes...


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Anything over bird's eye and I'm out, I can't enjoy the food after that.

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Painful shit comes from eating junk food all the time but people don't want to stop eating junk food so they blame it on spice.

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I thought I could but I took a big bite of a Carolina Reaper with the seeds and all and it fucked me up. I usually eat jalepenos, habaneros, and little red chilis from my garden all the time but damn I wasn't prepared for that shit.

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ITT:chan in summary.
LARPing as moral people when getting assblasted to death

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I've never seen butthurt at quite this level before.

>> No.13588108

fuck off Ragusa

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Tooth paste is too much for me

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I've heard they do it for free, what's their endgame?

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Based. Keep it up, don't let the jannies win.

>> No.13588194

Can you make it any more obvious that you're the same guy?

>> No.13588204

Can you make it any more obvious that you're a fucking moron?

>> No.13588215

Butthurt much?

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it gives you an endorphin rush

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>idk where this meme about white people not being able to handle spicy foods comes from

Insecure twitter black people who think that white cuisine is bad for not being overly processed and covering low-quality food with herbs and spices

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Every medium-sized burger chain in America has a passable spice option to my knowledge.

>> No.13588748

I've never had any stomach issues from hot food (up to ghost-pepper sauce levels of heat) but I cannot stomach Sichuan pepper at all for some reason.
I dunno if I'm allergic to it (or if that's even possible) but I get doubled-over stabbing pains in my stomach whenever I try to eat Sichuan pepper. Really sucks because Sichuan food is fucking delicious.

>> No.13588749

probably? I don't know.
I can't remember the last time I made dinner and there wasn't chili pepper involved somehow.

>> No.13588763

I shidded

>> No.13588781

Oh look, more racism.

>> No.13588821

Yeah. Which is great because habanero is very flavorful when it doesn't blow your tonsils out. Being acclimated to the higher scoville junk has made it way easier to appreciate the relatively lower scoville stuff. There are some really delicious ghost pepper sauces out there, and Exhorresco has a flavor profile I haven't been able to find elsewhere.

>> No.13588823

My mouth has no trouble but heartburn kills me when I lie down to sleep.

>> No.13588872

Smart and dumb people are equally capable of being racists, racism is more a sign of being sheltered from other peoples than an indicator of iq.

>> No.13588929

>boneless wings
Chicken nuggets, those are chicken nuggets.

>> No.13588937

What's the standard for Thanksgiving in your stereotypical black family? Actually curious.

>> No.13588944

Actual good food

>> No.13588948

That sucks. Hope that doesn't happen to me when I get older.

>> No.13588953

The mad botanist who made those peppers did so to wave his dick in the face of less skilled botanists not to create an edible product. Cut yourself some slack.

>> No.13588954

Food that is good and isn't devoid of any meaningful seasoning.

>> No.13588955

I use to be able to handle hot foods, after some health issues I can't eat hot anymore
Love my non hot spices though

>> No.13588963

Cajun food doesn't fuck around anon.

>> No.13588989

Like elaborate my dude

>> No.13588996

I want to hear about it in detail.

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hahaha. remember a few years back when "ghost peppers" were a thing and even chains like Denny's, Red Robin, and either Burger King or Jack In The Box had their own "ghost" versions. None of those items that I tried tasted like they had a REAL ghost pepper in them.

>> No.13589093

I tried some seasoning that apparently had ghost pepper in it and it nearly killed me. Never having that again.

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lol these noodles? i eat spicy food all the time including meme sauces like blairs but these noodles had me red faced, mostly because I was fully unprepared for an instant noodle to be actually hot.

>> No.13589259

This, I only spice the fuck out of food that has no real other seasoning or just tastes bad.

>> No.13589262

Calling boneless wings soy IS soy desu, and I dont like boneless wings.

>> No.13589270

Same here. People always talk how there assholes burn etc usually laughing at the fact. Same friends who tell me that have to get a colonoscopy at 26, so guess I shouldn't be surprised.

>> No.13589328

Yeah, I love spicy food. Thing is, even the most mild spice I start sweating profusely even though I feel fine. I generally avoid it unless I'm at home so I don't sweat like a pig

>> No.13589342

It's just a really good feeling afterwards. But I usually don't bother unless I'm trying to bulk and I need to eat a bunch of my school's dry chicken

>> No.13589352

I make a hot sauce out of slow-roasted habaneros. The sauce is thicc and I have to bring milk for coworkers.

>> No.13589366

One time a few of my friends decided to eat a few, goddamn that shit stays in your mouth a long time. Kek though one of my friends had no reaction at all for like 2 minutes, he just sat there confused without breaking a sweat, said it wasn't spicy at all. Suddenly he gets this look in his eyes, says "oh no...", And bolts to the bathroom to puke it all up

>> No.13589368

More like being around more of those people.

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das rite. we be standin' in line for that.

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Is pickled ginger supposed to taste like fucking horseradish concentrate? I never had it before I made it and now I'm wondering if I didn't fuck up.

>> No.13589940

>post non-spicy image

>> No.13590113

Never been a fan of spicy food. It just numbs your tongue. In classical European cuisine you aren't even using spicy ingredients besides mustard, pepper and horseraddish that much.

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I can't really tell anymore what is spicy and not. The people around me all have widely different tastes. Is this Sriracha hot?
I thought I could handle heat well, but a friend of mine had some meme blair's hot sauce at home. I tried some of it and it was just straight up painful.

>> No.13590300

I love that exact brand of sriracha. It's hot but it's not painfully hot unless you are a complete weakling. Great dipping sauce.

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>it's not painfully hot unless you are a complete weakling
>I have dulled taste buds, I are stronk

but can you lift your own gut?

>> No.13591023

>t. bitchboy who can't handle sriracha

I bet you also pronounce it "siraka."

>> No.13591074

How are those ? Europoor here. We only have the local fried chicken (which has no spicy items on the menu) and KFC, which is shit here.

>> No.13591078

They're not that spicy but since you're European it would likely set your mouth on fire.

>> No.13591682

So a cajun season rub with breadcrumbs roasted on peppers? Yeah that's good but don't think you're special or whatever for it. White people do similar. For my last Thanksgiving we had two turkeys where one was deep fried in peanut oil and the other was oven-roasted with a cumin/paprika wet rub with all of the usual side dishes. Quit living in your black twitter meme bubble.

>> No.13591695

It seems like you were just waiting for any response so you could have a chance to spout some racist bullshit.

>> No.13591717

Not even the guy(s) you were replying to. And it's been 15 hours since you posted that image, hardly what I call fishing for the response. Nothing I said was racist, but if that's what you want then I can start posting 13/50 FBI crime stats.

>> No.13591723

The debunked numbers that people only bring up when they want to be racist? How convenient that you would happen to know them while denying to be racist.

>> No.13591795


I pronounce the actual name of the city and I don't stroke myself over using weak capsaicin slurry as a dip.

>> No.13592105

no I prefer to taste my food instead of burning my mouth and killing my taste buds for no reason

>> No.13592314

>disregards the socio-economic factors because it hurts conservative feefees
Oops, you done fucked up.

>> No.13592345

But the guy who first brought up the race bullshit was the butthurt black twitter meme poster >>13587846. And after that the only one to get mad and cry racism when nothing racist was ever said was again him.

>> No.13592441

Don't even waste your time on him, he knows. Everyone who uses this dumb fucking site knows. They just love to pretend they're convincing someone, instead of talking to themselves, over and over.

>> No.13592495

Imagine being this one-dimensional of a human being.

>> No.13592538

I like that he gave up right after this. Not so based after all.

>> No.13592541

Hilarious coming from the guy who now says "imagine" all the time just because he noticed his friends on 4chan started saying it a lot.

>> No.13592554

You spend too much time here to be making connections that don't exist like that.

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>> No.13592593

God, no.

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