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Post ‘em

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extensive analysis of the picture reveals you own a dog and that I don't give a fuck about your fridge

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Do you always put leftover chocolate in the fridge?

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I have never seen a fridge that had cheap wire racks like that, no cheese or meat drawer. Wow. Is this a rental?
Why do many shakes and supplement tubs? Do you not like real food?

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>vital farms
>trumer pils
based safeway, probably lives in Bay Area anon

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I have the same shitty fridge.

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I’m not gonna post my wife on 4chan(nel)

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>eco friendly patina preserving the structure
Kills me every time.

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You made me read it!

Was that whatshisname from years ago? Cookalongs but obvious hoarder guy? Forgot his name...

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Rate it

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poor person alert

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Adjust your shelves to fit your milk upright.

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>refrigerating your cooking spray
>smartbalance but no butter
>empty deli drawer
>loose vegetables not in crisper drawer
You seem to be going through a rough time.

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>Cookalongs but obvious hoarder guy?
That's literally all of them described right there. Though guys like code and dinotendies seem to have not reached fire hazard level. I think anime mugs died shortly after breaking his only bowl.

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>Cookalongs but obvious hoarder guy
masaokis? nah dude has his own lore and his apartments are all very recognisable.

>guys like code and dinotendies seem to have not reached fire hazard level
dt sets his toilet on fire every other day and p sure code had set fire to his apartment before bbqing indoors or something. they don't hoard as badly but they also have no fear of fire, gastrointestinal problems, or death.

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That's who I was thinking about. Thanks. I was wracking my memory! Do we know if he's doing alright? I had a soft spot for him. I also loved brown colonial china guy that set up his several course platter for a night of probable gaming with DVD variance each time he took a picture of his wooden desk. He always had the glass pitcher with goblet going too, even if it was milk.

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>not liking your chocolate cold
>not freezing your Reece cups

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OP eats dog meat
Bottom right of fridge

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The big tupperware on top is my mother in laws dry-ass stuffing from Thanksgiving. I'm not gonna eat it, I just want to see what happens to it at this point

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Why are all these fridges so bare?

I can barely close my fridge most days without rearranging things

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nobody here cooks

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Gonna make Shakshuka tomorrow.

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Your fridge makes me happy for some reason I don't understand.

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Is that camera film?

Why do you refrigerate it?

And why so much?

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Does that condiment plate spin?

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>puts his camera film in the fridge


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80s as fuck

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It keeps better if it's not subjected to changing temperatures.

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I've legit never read this in my life, and im cring bros. THE FUCKING SOUR CREAM

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This whole board is going through a tough time

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It better fucking spin if it wants to get me into the bone zone.

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is that deli stuff to the right of the stuffing?

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Post dog

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potato camera
but basically various veggies, salami, up top is some left-over pasta, and then some sauces and sandwich-making things
should do groceries soon™

how come everyone has half a fridge and on the bottom side/on the floor tho
or does having it in the upper part a euro thing?

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disgusting, clean your fridge

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what color is the mold on the stuffing? Is it a rainbow yet?

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It's pork chops and bacon
There's weirdly no growth on it. Must be too dry to sustain life

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Bully me

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>tomatoes in the fridge

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If that package on top of the meat is basil take it out. Being in the fridge makes basil go bad faster. Otherwise looking good except for the fact that you drink diet Ocean Spray

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thats the freezer

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I only have the diet ocean spray because some one left it on the table in the break room at work and I didn't want it to go to waste. Been putting it in vodka tonics and it tastes like shit.

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Muh fridgerayter. Currently with extra leftovers.

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+1 internet if you can guess what's in the red thing to the right of the eggs.

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Hint: I'm in northern Minnesota

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I have that same fridge

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Mine is 16 years old, the wife wants a replacement. Not in a huge hurry to drop three grand, but its gonna die one of these days.

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Hint two: not for human consumption

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Shit like this makes me feel slightly better about my life choices.

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Newer fridges here have the fridge on the upper portion and freezer on the bottom. The host family I stayed with in France around 2006 and all their family and friends had normal freezer on top and fridge on bottom styles.

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...is that a lemon pig but made of onion?

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The fuck do you think those two things at the bottom of his fridge are?

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yea I know anon I will ;__; but it's only that bottom part that's dirty
real bitch is going to be removing all the ice that's formed in the freezer, I can barely fit anything in there anymore
freezer part at the top is fine but it's usually a lot smaller than the fridge part, at least that's what I'm used to (from eu)
bit too full but I like the layout

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Dangerously fucking based.

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just fucking answer it already

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my suggestion is use up the stuff that goes bad quickly and turn off your fridge to fully melt the built up ice in the freezer and to have an easier time cleaning the whole thing

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no it's an egg

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