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>It's okay to eat pigs, cows and chicken but it's not okay to eat dogs and bats

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>another vegan thread

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>more frogshits

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>It's okay to eat olive oil, sesame oil and peanut oil but it's not okay to eat gutter oil

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Because those meats are dirty and will make you sick.

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>more moral relativism from vegans
Wow, never had this thread before, guess I have to eat man's best friend and pestilent rabies carriers with wings now. Kill yourself for the good of the wildlife.

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you have no idea what you're talking about
diseases from cows chickens and pigs have killed exponentially more people

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Dogs are carnivores and have tough, gamey meat. We eat herbivorous animals for a reason.
Bats would need to be properly cleaned and processed to ensure no disease is passed onto the people eating them, but they're so small the amount of meat produced would not be worth such great effort. The problem people have with Chinese bat soup is that they literally just throw a bat into broth and don't properly clean that shit, hence why it's speculated that a dangerous viral infection may have started there.

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Such a white thing to say

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Back in the good old days, chinks were happy to have a bowl of rice and some pork/fish but the west had to keep giving them money. Now they have a middle class without the social norms and culture of the west. They think eating random shit is exotic and wealthy

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>frog thread
>vegan thread
>chink hate thread
>virus thread
Yeah im thinking its based

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Yeah, you said a normal thing but you said it in green.

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the green is to highlight that the statement is hypocritical

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Based on what?

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>t. leddit tourist

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Who are you quoting?

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can you fucking faggots shut the fuck up about bats, you retarded pieces of shit

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What makes this a vegan thread and not just a shitpost thread? Life must be hard being a /pol/dditor and having everything existing as a scary liberal monster in your head

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>eat a bat
Gee I wonder why 1st worlder’s don’t like eating bats, I can’t figure it out for the life of me

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>be Chinese
>consume disease carrying vermin
>don't even clean it, just pop the thing into a broth, hair and all
>assuming that you even do that and don't just grab it fresh off the street and bite it's head off while it's still squirming and screeching in your hands
>get sick
>wonder why
It's not even the animals they're eating that's the problem. Just fucking clean and skin it properly ffs

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Ben Garrison is BASED

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Chinese enjoy a variety of fried foods including lizards, bats, and grasshoppers

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what (if any) is the problem with this exactly?

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Bats are revolting and dogs are members of the pack. Eating dog is only acceptable during times of extreme famine. Eating cats is also barbaric, but more acceptable than dog.

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Per capita they are way lower, you disingenous faggot.

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bat soup recipes?

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Fuck off you retarded frogfucking tourist.

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Ching chong ping pong

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So how many plants have killed people?


Oh, none? Whelp, looks like we're done here, carnophiles.

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-10/10 bait

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Even worse, it's an /int/ meme thread

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memes aside there are some great recipes

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Its okay to eat dogs and cats. Fuck dogs and cats.

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Eating grazing animals is a rational way of gaining calories from something you couldn't eat yourself. Eating dogs is inefficient, and whatever you're feeding the dog you could eat yourself. An animal that was meticulously bred for centuries as pet, and you decide fuck that, I'll try eating it. Using dogs as food is a sign of a broken society.

Bats are impractical for domestication for obvious reasons, and it's even less practical than eating rats and field mice.

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