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How would you like your steak, zir?

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Are you assuming my meals preference?!

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ground up, formed into a patty and flame broiled, put on a toasted bun with some roquefort, crisp bacon, carmalized onions and a nice garlic aioli

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Of course I am.

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Well done. I go to a restaurant to eat prepared, cooked food. If I want to eat raw meat I would suck some dicks like everyone who says "I want a rare one" does.

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I'm medium-rare gang, but I've never understood why people sperg out about well done steak. It's one of those things that even absolute idiots will use as an opportunity to try and attack you to feel smart and cultured.

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>garlic aioli
>implying you can make alioli without garlic.

It literaly means garlic with oil.

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well done and then i sneak out the bathroom without eating any of it

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no anon. aioli is mayonaise lightly flavored with garlic. garlic aioli is aioli on steroids, you use like 4x the amount of garlic

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As a child i was a well done idiot. As an adult i like rare and medium rare.

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>afraid of pink meat
>calls others faggots

Does your girlfriends bull kill spiders for you too?

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This isn't even right, though. A rare steak is not 'raw', it's heated through. Blue-rare steaks have to be brought to room temperature (or heated slowly) before being cooked to accommodate this. The fact that the restaurant can't get this right means that if I was forced to order there I'd get medium-rare even though rare's my preference.

And chefs don't hate well-done steaks. Where I work, the pieces with lots of gristle in them go in the Well Done pile because such a long cooking-period is able to render it in a way that the other levels of doneness can't. There's no taste difference between a quality well-done steak and a dirt cheap well-done steak, and a smart chef takes advantage of that rather than bitches about boomers having preferences.

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I don't understand that or the well done faggots crying about how its "raw meat" because they see a little pinkness.

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What is so bad about well done? Cooking stuff is the reason humans aren't mindless beasts.

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I think some of the former might be resentment against older people for forcing well-done shit on them because they think anything less is unsafe. One time my dad did a fillet roast for Christmas dinner, medium-rare, left it to rest, and when he came back from setting the table he discovered my grandma had microwaved it for six minutes because she didn't think it was done. It ruined the meal and the day.

The well-done people who are aggressive to rare steak and its fans (Rather than just not liking the taste, which is a legitimate opinion) fell for the claims that it wasn't safe, and have no ability to take a joke.

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I would like it however your cooks feel they're best at cooking it, please. I'm at a restaurant, not cooking it at home by myself like a soyboy.

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>go on reddit
>see this post
>go on 4chan
>same exact post with same exact comments

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I only eat blue rare. Same with chicken.

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The patrician way of doing it is to just eat what you like, and to not care about what others eat.

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Medium, that way I get the Medium Well I want
>Juices are drying out
Oh fuck off you overbearing passive-aggressive cunt and let it rest a moment

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Depends on the cut, but if I could pick semi-medium rare I would. I like rare, but the times they serve you undercooked rare makes me just go medium rare since 1/5 times it'll be rare where it would otherwise be undercooked. I've literally taken steaks home just to throw it on a hot as fuck pan and finish what I paid the cook to do. I can't be the only person to enjoys are rare steak but be disgusted when they serve it undercooked?

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> blue rare
Or as we say in the culinary terms, blue.

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>One time my dad did a fillet roast for Christmas dinner, medium-rare, left it to rest, and when he came back from setting the table he discovered my grandma had microwaved it for six minutes because she didn't think it was done
Boomer holocaust when?

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Not all boomers are morons.

My grandparents were happy to eat the tenderloin roast I did for Christmas.

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Rarefags are just the vegans of the meat eating world

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Anything below medium-well is soyboy territory and should be avoided.

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I'm sorry. I still don't understand. Can you please explain further?

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phwoar that looks lovely

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Damn straight.

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On a plate, medium well, with A1

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Some people are just food snobs who looks down on people with bad taste in food, some people have just had bad experiences with weird eaters who order well done and get rude with other people not eating well done.

Medium-rare is objectively the best doneness btw

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my mom would always burn the shit out of every steak she ever made. i don't think i ever had a steak that wasn't cooked very well done until i was like 13 or 14. i still don't really like steak to this day, but if i have to eat one for whatever reason i'll get a medium or medium rare.

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Most rare steaks are lukewarm inside anon, whih is why they are shit. blue steaks are literally completey raw with a 1s flash sear on them

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They do that because when they were kids, the meat they got back then was bumblefuck farm meat with no safety standards, so eating it undercooked legitimately could make you sick and give you parasites. Early-mid 1900's meat was trandition between farm meat and industrual meat so the methods stuck

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>Some people are just food snobs who looks down on people with bad taste in food

I wouldn't give a person shit over it, but I would silently judge them if they had a high quality piece of meat cooked well done. It's a shame to waste a good cut by cooking it to death like that, is all.

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Undercooked, needs nore brown on the edges so the inside can build a firmer, superior texture

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jesus christmas

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pic related is undercooked, the picture you're replying to is perfectly cooked, just was never seared and thus has no well defined delineation you'd see from a seared roast.

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This actually made me laugh despite the reddit spacing. Good post anon.

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I eat steak like that all the time and it's fucking great.

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I actually spazzed at a scammer that called me on the phone yesterday for assuming my sexual orientation. Highlight of my day.

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Ehhhh, it was A5 wagyu, it really should've been cooked a few more minutes to render the fat more.

Pic related is my 2nd attempt with the A5 wagyu, it came out MUCH nicer texture/mouthfeel and overall flavor was better.

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It’s pretty good I agree. But when I get a harder seat it’s typically better

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Looks good af

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Blue >>>>>>>> rare

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this is the only reason there is anyone in this thread claiming they want well done, because that's how their mom/dad always made it and they grew up with it. Literally no other reason.

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Wagyu is supposed to be cooked medium well to well done to properly render the fat. You're literally doing it wrong

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>there’s no taste difference between a quality well-done steak and a dirt cheap well-done steak
This is exactly why only retarded cucks order well-done at a restaurant, partially because it’s a waste of money, and partially because only a fucking retard can’t cook a well-done steak at home

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I’m fucking angry now

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I agree with you anon, I like rare steaks, but 90% of the time the wagie in the kitchen serves you something undercooked when you ask for rare.
I usually order medium-rare for this express purpose, it’s especially bad when you cut it open to find its undercooked and then send it back, it will 100% guaranteed come back to you dry

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That's not what rare is tho. That's blue. Either way the image is bait. No restaurant serves like this

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also old people can't digest rare meat near as well as well done. younger people it doesn't really matter. every old person should absolutely be eating their steaks well done

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lmao no

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Take mine just beyond well done, and then deliver this picture of me flipping off the camera to the chef.

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Don't worry, your steak would be seasoned with pubes and spit anyway.

The last laugh always comes from the kitchen.

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That doesn't matter, it's not like I planned on eating it.

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medium rare plus to medium minus

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Damn you sure showed this fictional situation resteraunt who is the boss!

>> No.13561659

I am now the king of whatever restaurant that image was taken in, and I will not allow you to slander your king in such a manner.

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Why waste beef making it well done when pork exist to always be cooked well done as the differences between them shrink considerably?

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>rare is raw
People actually believe this?

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Medium well. I just don't care. Too much pink weirds me out more than a dish with straight up raw beef.

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But anon that's not what it says

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Well done and if they use shitty meat I send it back and tell them to stop trying to cheat me.

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I’d like a restaurant that differentiates between char and the doneness of the interior. I’d like a well charred steak medium rare. Sometimes you order a med rare steak or a rare steak and places just put it on the colder part of the grill. So yeah you get the right temp inside, but the outside might as well be steamed

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Enjoy your hunk of unrendered fatty gristle

>> No.13561915

nope, literally melts in your mouth

stop embarrassing yourself when you obviously don't know what you're talking about.

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Run the steer by the table and I'll grab off a hunk.

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I think it matters more if it is cooked on a pan or a grill.

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Got a circulator to try "cooking" sous vide for the first time.

Going to the local butcher shop to pick up a nice cut. Money isn't really a concern, but since I'm an amateur I don't want to go all out and potentially waste a Wagyu. Any cuts you guys can recommend that'll taste great and can't go wrong with?

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Brotip: it's actually not very hard to make a well done steak that is juicy.

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well lubed

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Shut up, retard.

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Give it up, kid. You might as well eat shoe leather drowned in ketchup.

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>swiss cheese
>get it in a number of places
>t h a t s h o t s t u f f

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My ex girlfriend's whole family ate well done steaks, with one member eating no sides, insisting he "doesn't eat rabbit food." He's in his late 20s.

The first time I had a steak with her she was shocked at how raw my medium rare steak was. She later told her family about how when I cut into it all this blood poured out. You'd think I'd eaten a water balloon full of blood from her description. It was a normal sirloin steak, it had some juices like normal.

In case any one is wondering, juices from steak are not blood, it's mostly water and myoglobin.

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this is false.

aeoli is made from 3 ingredients. garlic, olive oil, and salt.

flavored mayonnaise is flavored mayonnaise. the title of aeoli has been appropriated to sell soyboys mayonnaise because when they hear "mayonnaise" they think "ewwww unhealthy!!!"

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anything between rare and medium is fine with me.

anything over medium is pretty much ruined (hand me the ketchup).

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>And chefs don't hate well-done steaks
When my grandfather was on holiday in france the waiter said he couldn't have a well done steak as "ze chef will not like zat".

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> Medium rare is LIFE

fuck off normie

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stek is overrated. i'd rather have a nice pork chop.

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t. big autism

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>Rare means RARE

>> No.13563735

>lean steak
Medium Rare to enjoy the tender juicy protein.
>fatty steak
Medium to Medium Well to let all that extra fat render into soft flavorful ribbons.

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I don't like steak you have the wrong table, ma'am

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Nothing like starting a nice meal on a night out with a confrontational, passive aggressive note for an argument that hasn't even happened. Take my money please.

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Grow up, manchild.

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I dunno, liek, which one is vigguhn?
Coz I'm vigguhn.

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Inevitably, people will take an opposing side to a common argument. You just have to remember that you likely won't even meet the fool who took that side, and laminated a piece of paper to try and be cute. Cordially, just order what you want, even if it's off the kid's menu. Your money, your food. Don't reciprocate obnoxious assholes who make fun of other groups with overused memes and stereotypes. Just look on and ignore them.

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>I'm saying you are dumb or stupid
>but here is some reading for you just in case you are

I'm not concerned for the dumb cunt that had an argument over rare meat. I'm concerned someone thinks I'm a dumb cunt when all I did was choose to eat at the place.

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High IQ restaurants would allow you to specify the temperature at the core of the steak, not arbitrarily letting the chef decide when X doneness is enough for him.

>> No.13563806

The point is that people are going to think ur dum anyway so might as well just ignore them

>> No.13563811

Also if you pay for something there's no difference whether or not you eat it or toss it in the trash from the restaurant's perspective

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I only ate well done as a kid and didn’t really like steak for that reason because it was dry and chewy. When I got older and did medium and medium rare I loved steak

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The first time I had steak at a restaurant I choose medium because I'm indecisive. It's what I still pick

>> No.13564360

My mom is like that, but she's not "pushy" about it and just tells me she hopes I enjoy it. She's even eaten medium cooked meat I've made if it's a lean cut.

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I have a feeling others' idea of "well-done" is different from mine growing up. Basically medium well without the pink at all. It's possible and not even hard to do. Just don't make it a blackened hockey puck. I'll take medium well or medium on occasion, but the latter and below taste like a lukewarm sponge that's been sitting in the sink.

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>steak and pesto
lol what the fuck. i guess i wouldn't be surprised from someone who literally prefers well done steak.

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where did you get these nudes of my sister?!?!

>> No.13564839

That's called "day of the pillow".

>> No.13564861

Don't worry, if you don't live in Japan, you're not getting wagyu. You're just getting an American or Australian ripoff.

>> No.13564866

Your grandmother sounds like she should be microwaved for six minutes.

>> No.13565307

Why don't you stay on reddit then?

>> No.13565337


I dont think that's pesto, i think it's this latin american stuff they make from lime juice and cilantro or something.

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Rare, please

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Yeah, I'd like my steak well done. Bring a bottle of A1 sauce.

>> No.13567028

Rare steak is perfectly safe. Only the outside needs to be cooked since bacteria can't penetrate beef muscle. Unless you enjoy dry meat there's no actual reason to eat anything about medium. It's shit made from ground beef like burgers that you shouldn't be ordering medium.

>> No.13567137

At your mom's house

>> No.13567288

>It's shit made from ground beef like burgers that you shouldn't be ordering medium

Depends. If you're grinding your own beef at home, as long as you have sterile grinder and counters, you shouldn't have any issues with cooking a burger medium rare or even rare.

The problem with ground beef comes from shitty sterilization practices and letting that ground beef sit around for awhile.

Fresh ground beef with proper cleanliness is perfectly fine to eat like standard beef.

>> No.13567544

Very good b8. You must be a master b8er.
Fresh venison backstrap sashimi, anyone?

>> No.13567560

London broil, in all honesty. Cheap cut that would benefit from the low temp long cook.

>> No.13567569

>call it blue
>the inside is red
what gives?

>> No.13567574

Rare. And I mean RARE. If I don't hear it mooing I'm sending it back, you understand?

>> No.13567583

London broil needs to be marinated to tenderize it.

Its chewy as fuck otherwise

>> No.13567748

you absolute uncultured flyover fucktard, aioli is literally only garlic and olive oil, if you are putting mayo there you are not making aioli but just another fatass abomination

>> No.13568029

Currently at chili's for the six ounce sirloin on the 3 for ten menu and based grandmas at the next table getting their steaks medium rare and declining the offer of steak sauces. Guess not all of them are microwavers.

>> No.13568076

I like my cheeseburgers rare. I would rather get botulism than eat a dry burger.

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Their steaks will come out medium and I guarantee they won’t be able to tell the difference
>ordering medium rare steaks from anywhere but a steakhouse
>ordering medium rare steaks from a chili’s
>ordering steaks from chili’s

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just don't eat at shitty burger places and you're fine.

Any decent restaurant will grind beef daily.

>> No.13568155

With a name like this, I should be conquering space, not sitting in some meat-sling joint.

>> No.13568199

I didn't hear them order, I just saw what the steaks looked like when the waitress asked them to cut into it. Looked medium rare. I only get the steak there when on this particular special. They're not bad actually.

>> No.13568400

Ok boomer

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