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Discuss pancakes and sausage on a stick.

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Hang on. this exists? how long has it existed for?

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No. Get fresh air.

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Breakfast sausage is disgusting

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Slightly better than starvation, I guess.

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What's so bad about it?

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You mean besides the taste, the ingredients, and the 'nutritional value?'

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They’re okay but they need a dipping sauce.

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So they're just Corn dogs, right?

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Maple syrup obviously.

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top tier breakfast snack

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Nah retard. Corn dogs have hot dogs in the middle not sausage retard.

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But it's breaded in crepe batter

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Boy do I have a sausage for you, OP.

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Just make pancakes and sausage and fold a pancake over a sausage.
I mean, I know people are lazy, but fuck, if you can’t be assed to mix up some pancakes, just buy a box of bisquick. How the fuck worthless do you have to be to need microwaveable breakfast pseudo corn dogs?

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What, they are too busy starting at Reddit to make a simple breakfast? Is that the explanation for the vacuum packed hard boiled eggs I’m seeing at the store recently? People so immersed in their phones they can put some eggs in hot water?

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the fuck you on about?

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Hot dogs are sausages you tit

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Okay, now I'm curious. It's clearly a breakfast version of hotdog on a stick, but how much does the batter really taste and feel like pancake?

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Why would you say something like this?

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but this is breakfast sausage, it's a completely different animal just as canadian bacon is to fatback 'murika bacon

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hmmm, yes... i also watched the brutalmoose video. i thought that one edit where he was like "it tastes like nothing" was quite amusing.

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Because it's pancake batter, dumbass

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Reread the question, "dumbass".

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I love pigs in a blanket but I make my own and usually only when I’m making pancakes. I do not use a stick

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Used to be apart of the breakfasts at school.

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Do Americans really?

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These with some syrup is comfy.

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