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What do I do with this?

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all kinds of stuff! most obvious thing is you can make "au poivre vert sauce" for steaks. its a really simple, great tasting cream based sauce for steaks. theres a bunch of recipes. here's one from one of my old restaurants:

Au Poivre Vert Sauce Recipe

4 Shallots cut in half
4 Quarts chicken stock
2 Quarts heavy cream
1 Bottle of Brandy
1 ¼ Cup brined green peppercorns
Salt to taste

Pour brandy into a pot and set on high heat. Make sure you use a pot that has high sides so the brandy doesn’t ignite. If it does ignite just calmly shut off the heat, cover with a lid to put out fire, then remove lid and turn heat back on and resume reducing. Once brandy is almost completely evaporated, add stock, shallots and then reduce stock by ¾. Add cream on top of reduced stock and slowly reduce until sauce has thickened and will coat the back of a spoon. Stir in green peppercorns, then puree with shallots until peppercorns are broken up and shallots are completely pureed. Season with salt to taste.

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substitute it for pork in bbq

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But it doesn't taste like pork.

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Why do people pretend that jackfruit tastes like neat? Who started this lie?

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sodomize yourself with it, homo

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give it to a homeless person but dont provide them with a can opener

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It doesn't taste like much. You just put sauces on it and it somewhat imitates the texture/appearance of meat.

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I've been eating jackfruit all my life, and, no it doesn't imitate the texture, or appearance of meat, and jackfruit does have its own taste. You have to lie to yourself bigly to claim that it tastes like animal meat.

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You eat it or shove it up your ass, your choise

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