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Nah I dont see garlic there

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>add three cloves of garlic to my coq au vin
>completely overpowers the other flavors
its not fair

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god i hate louisiana so much

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>he adds the garlic with the mirepoix
you add it afterwards so it doesn't burn

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this. can't stand seeing people drop onions (or god forbid, root veg) and garlic at the same time

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>onion is a root veg
im retarded just ignore me.

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I feel the same way when people put pepper on steak before they brown it. The pepper burns. Why do we insist on doing this?

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that one's tricky for me, but I agree. i grind my pepper super coarse though, like 3 bits per corn so the bunt pepper taste doesn't happen to me often

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the word you are looking for is tubers friend

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mirepoix has carrots onions and celery and is much older than the holy trinity.

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trinity is cajun mirepoix because bell peppers are more accessible than carrots, the statement is the same, garlic is added afterwards so it doesn't burn

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That's referred to as the pope, my good sir, and is an extremely common addition to the holy trinity.

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I know it's wrong but I use red bell peppers in my trinity when making gumbo or etouffe because I don't see why it really matters. somebody explain to me why it has to be green bell peppers or I'm gonna keep being crazy and using them reds

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im a 5th gen Idahoan i feel so embarrassed

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red peppers have a little better flavor than green peppers IMO people just use green because they are usually cheaper and when you cook it down the color doesn't matter.

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YEAH! That's what I'm saying. Every now and then you get someone who is from Louisiana and they're all "it's not REAL gumbo if it ain't green bell peppers". Yeah fuck off with that tribal nonsense. I'd put my gumbo up against theirs any day.

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Its ok based retarded fren. We all make small mistakes.. chin up!

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garlic is not part of any trinity since it burns so easily

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they have completely different tastes

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