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Mods, unban dinotendies pls

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E celeb fat man.

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no :^)

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Mods pls

Fuk u both

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y is dino b8?

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he fucked a possum and livestreamed it

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he cook food good
mods b& cause no sense of funny
He did nothing wrong

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he stole and cooked endangered sea turtle eggs (which is a felony btw).

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That wasn't real tho

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I'm thinking about getting into dinotendies. What is the best dinotendies video to start with and what is the best one overall?

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It's what got him banned.

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>You will not upload, post, DISCUSS, request, or link to anything that violates local or United States law.

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reality is in the eye of the beholder

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That clearly didn't matter, since it got him banned.

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Dinotendies is part of /ck/ board culture, mods are faggot trannies who hate fun

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First of all, through God all things are possible so go ahead and jot that down

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Oh fuck, I was wondering why I was seeing his threads on /k/ but not /ck. Fuck, our mods are fucking pussies with zero sense of humour.

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Unban him PLZ.

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fourtune embezzlement from that asian dude who bought fourtune and turned it into a porn advertisement site

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Hi, this is Jacob Farber with the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.
You may think it is all in good fun to mock the felony desecration of sea turtle nests, but let me tell you what's not funny: each year over 90% of all surviving nests are destroyed by poachers seeking out sea turtle eggs as a morbid delicacy. Just last year, Mexican authorities recovered over 22,000 eggs from smugglers, who intended to cook and eat them. And that was just one single operation.
The sea turtle already has to contend with pollution and changing habitats that have left it in a critically endangered state.
Now introduce poachers into the mix, and that spells disaster for one of nature's most humble and beautiful creatures. The IUCN has fought tirelessly to protect what is left of this noble animal.
But each year, the problem grows worse. In the field, we encounter jokesters like this all the time. People who think it is all just harmless fun. "Oh, wouldn't it be funny if I cooked up a few turtle eggs and posted about it online."
Well you look into these eyes and tell this poor, frail creature you think that's funny.

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>Well you look into these eyes and tell this poor, frail creature you think that's funny.

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He's right... it's a gay unfunny joke, like all of Dino's performances.

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But I discuss giving puppies head pats all the time.

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Look out, I think someone here has some unregulated plastic straws!

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Perfectly legal under US law, depending on the jurisdiction.

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>Horsefucking is a felony in WA.
Thanks Mr. Hands.

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Why isn't it illegal everywhere?

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