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Is this stuff any good?

>> No.13528566

it's great

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The fuck is wrong with your feet?

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what the fuck did you do to your feet OP

>> No.13529447

it’s how I stand

>> No.13529458

why tho

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I am friends with this guy, who can rotate his feet back like that. Probably even more. In lieu of a personality he made it his gimmick. Like a party trick. Trying to garner attention and favour by being like "look at me, I can walk like a penguin" and then sprinting all over the place with his feet pointing to the side. What a silly notion. He should probably pack a tin of mints instead, so every time someone needs a mint he can take it out and offer it. Everyone likes a helpful and prepared guy.

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Is this a pelvis-widening exercise?

>> No.13529859

Please see a podiatrist. Your calves are probably fucked. Mine wing out like that (to a much less extreme extent) because of overly tight calves.

>> No.13530505

Is this a new pasta to go with horizontal feet guy?

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