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Is it the most racist kitchen tool?

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that's a chinois tho

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Yeah genius. Go put that word in a translator from French to English.

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>the most racist kitchen tool
Look in the mirror

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im not sure if its the most racist, but certainly the most obvious. pretty sure there are worse out there... you've got me interested. if i can think of something worse than that, ill be back...

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so far all i can find is "paula dean"...

i know for a fact there's some fucked up shit out there though because i have vague memories of being like "wtf..." when learning about them when i was a young professional cook.

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Well, they aren't a tool, but these things are called frijoles negros. That directly translates to "nigger beans".

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>go to chinese resteraunt
>all the tables with chinese people at them have chopsticks
>my table has chopsticks and western cutlery
dined and dashed
these stupid fucking yellow niggers deserve the loss

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>negros means nigger
You're a fucking moron. It just means "black". Those are "black beans", because they are ya know....black in color....and are....beans. You fucking idiot.

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How is your ego this fragile?

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bro.. you can't just call them that
call them beans of color

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Personally I thought it was my 3 African house slaves, but I guess it's not like I call them Africa Jones or Cameroon June

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Only other beans of colour are allowed to call them beans of colour. We just have to call them beans and hope people are able to know what sort of beans we're talking about.

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He was just trying to be funny, settle down.

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Lol I had no idea it was also called like that in english, why was it named so though ?

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