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ITT People say something sweet about the town they live in.
There's a nice corn place in Aurora and I'm looking forward to the arcade downtown.

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Train Daddy is turning things around and maybe some day I'll be able to get to work in 35 minutes like in the good old days.

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I'm glad to hear that anon long commutes aren't fun but 35 minutes still feels long. What do you do?

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Disgusting pit of fucking ugly shitass degenerate trash with 2 VERY special ugly shits who decided it would be a fun idea to birth me. Awful food, awful culture, awful schools, y'know usual American stuff, but with it's own Missouri shitstain flair to it.

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It's pronounced
Mis ER ey

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Do you know Wayne's World?

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what kind of corn you got?

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Detroit is dangerous but the outlying communities are the friendliest, most welcoming places in Michigan.

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Fabulous diversity

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Excellent food of just about every variety you can think of, just be prepared to drive there.

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We aren't New Orleans (I've been there once it was pretty trashy)
We have at least 2 italian restraunts that aren't chains, they're good
The red lobster and waffle house are both not awful and are located right next to each other
Only half the buildings are surrounded by cigarette butts, and the frequent rain hides their smell
The mall is still just barely living and has AC, in the off chance I go there for trashy mall foodcourt food when it's the only place we can agree on
No nightlife means it's nice and quiet at night, I can even piss outside and get away with it

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Montpelier VT is a shithole

But it has no McDonald's

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On-set paramedic for the porn industry.

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its disgusting to imagine all the tiny little specs between those buildings that are homeless junkies shitting and wandering around bothering decent people.

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Do you ever eat that St. Louis style pizza?

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Party on Wayne

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I like the cheese. Tastes similar to smoked gouda.

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Huh, I thought it would have tasted more like brick cheese.

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Live in a small ghetto right outside of Copenhagen called Albertslund. Plenty of muslims and dindus here, but at least the kebab is great and they have middle eastern grocery shops with a bunch of ingredients thats impossible to find anywhere else

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It's actually just a mixture of cheeses. Something like 50% cheddar, 25% provolone, 25% swiss, and liquid smoke.

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Like, Imo's? Yeah, when I was a kid, but I don't remember the taste. I never really liked pizza or italian.

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Fucking Saudi Aurora more like.

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Just chuck yourself into the river

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disgusting weather, unlivable city

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I live 40 min away in some back water but I really enjoy Chinatown.

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not a lot of brown people
no state income tax no state sales tax on most things
and there's actually 3 - 4 good restaurants
close to boston too, may be good or bad depending on how you feel about boston

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I loved going to fisher cat games.

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Lol yea

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Aurora is beautiful.
t.former St. Charlesite

Duluth is gorgeous, winter or summer.
t.Duluthian these days

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Well, that and the murders.

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Lou Malnatis
Vienna Beef
Al’s Beef
The list goes on and on and on
Just watch out for- BANG BANG BANG

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Scorch still around there?

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BKK has good food and no blacks. Lotsa Indians, Chinese and tourists though. No place is perfect.

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where is this?

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Berlin is nice and Schöneberg is really gay

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Chicago dumbas can't you see the Sears tower right there?

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>the sea
lol americans in charge of geography
Srsly, tho, it's not surprising Anon didn't know that's Chicago. Chicago hardly gets as many foreign tourists as New York, LA or even Philadelphia. Most non-Americans don't really know wtf Chicago is nor do they know its landmarks. I guarantee someone thinks that's actually the sea right there and not lake fucking Michigan.

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It's very pretty and the food is fantastic. Too bad it's flooded with tourists 365 days a year

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Is the water in America really this polluted?

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calm down dumbass, all your cities look the same and I don't think anyone outside of America has heard of the Sears tower

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>Sears Tower
>1973, it surpassed the World Trade Center in New York to become the tallest building in the world, a title it held for nearly 25 years; it was the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere for 41 years, until the new One World Trade Center surpassed it in 2014
yea probably not you ignorant fuck

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hahah nobody gives a shit and it's laughable being an American and calling others ignorant

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Seethe mutt

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>50 miles away
>close to boston
lol. how much snow did you guys get last night?

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you seem to, you posted twice

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>50 miles away
i should have said close enough
am hour drive is far enough to keep some distance, but close enough to drive there to do shit
looks like there's maybe 4 inches on my car

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Enjoying a hot crab bap in front of a castle after a walk with your gf is peak comfy

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>>13534914 wasn't me

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lotta azn people come here for college and such and open restaurants everywhere.

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>tallest building in the world
Do you think people go to Dubai just to see their building? Nobody nowadays gives a crap about that. When there was no internet, people might have cared. Not now.

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It's called the willis tower, boomer
My brother thought it was the ocean the first time we saw it and we're from the coast
It's called the USA Freedom #1 USA USA PATRIOT Tower, silly boomer
It's called the Burj-al-Qaeda, silly kuffar. Death to America

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is your autism acting up or something?

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lol asshurt

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butthurt boomer kuffar

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>no foreign tourism to chi-town
True. The percentage of foreign tourists of total tourists is about 4%. Contrast that with some twelfth rate city like Filthydelphia where about a fifth of all tourists are foreign. Furthermore, Chicago was happy AF that they got 58mil tourists last year. Philadelphia, which is a fraction of Chicago's size had nearly as many. I think the reason foreigners don't go to Chicago is because there's nothing there but Chicago. If you go to NYC or DC, Philadelphia could be a day trip. If you base your foreign trip in Philadelphia, then both new York and Washington are but a stone's throw away. not knocking Chicago, mind you. It's a great city, much better than Philly. It's just not nearly as centrally located.

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