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Rate my miso poached salmon ramen.
The noods are homemade.

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Not very appealing to look at but im sure it tastes good

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Thanks. The Salmon was very slightly under poached so I had to throw all the chunks back in to finish them which totally ruined the presentation.

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Has anyone tried the cooking pasta with baking soda/lye water trick to make noodles?

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No. Their is baking soda in my ramen noodles though. Do you think adding more to the water would be interesting??

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No too much will taste like soap. I just dont like homemade pasta/noodles. They always disappoint in texture, never that chewy springy feel, but apparently if you cook storebought pasta with baking soda it will have the texture of ramen. I'll try it later today I guess.
Btw you should bake the baking soda to make sodium carbonate or use lye water. That's what they normally use.

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>tfw you cook tonkotsu ramen for new gf and she asks what spice package I was used
>tfw no cooking illiterate gf

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oke works great actually. Texture is better than those store bought noodles. Nice thick and kind of chewy.
1.5L water with about 4-5 tsp kansui.

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a new ramen shop opened in my city and people are raving about it. this is what $12 gets you. yes they have lacquered OSB tables and corrugated steel on the walls. it's in a really kitschy shopping center.

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>broccoli in ramen

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Brocolli is good for you anon. And it goes well with Salmon.

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Too many toppings.

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Is that what white people think ramen is?

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Today I made miso and mushroom spaghetti topped with braised chicken thighs.

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Honestly I wouldn't spend 12 bucks on that. But I have a really good ramen place near bye so I am spoiled.

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it looks like hot garbage. I don't know why people are raving about it online. it is the only place in my city with ramen in the name so that might be why. there are several places that serve ramen but it's the first specialty place

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Looks like standard miso ramen. Even in japan that is a standard looking bowl. Difference is likely the portion is smaller and the price is higher at the place in your pic from any place in japan. Standard miso ramen toppings are corn, bean sprouts. and ground meat. It as one of the simpler styles that you can find everywhere even in bumfuck nowhere towns. Normally cost around $7 or less.

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I'd pay 7 for it. That seems fair. But 12 bucks is ridiculous.

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has anyone here been to ramen tatsuya in austin? looks p good

also that looks pretty tasty, op
hope you enjoyed it

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