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>it takes Cookie Monster 1 hour to make a batch of cookies
>Cookie Monster has 15 ovens working 24/7
How long does it take Cookie Monster to make 6 million cookies?

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They weren't all gassed. How hard is that to understand?

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depends on the size of the batch


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How many cookies are in a batch faggot?

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Cookie Monster uses wood burning stoves, not gas. But I guess if he did that with so much baking, you would need smoke stacks to release the smoke from baking the cookies.

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how much is in a batch retard?

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t. failed math

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The Red Cookie association estimated that he could bake between 200,000 and 300,000 cookies in five years, so less than 1 cookie per batch.

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An entity as flammable as Cookie Monster would use electric exclusively.

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That would require extensive power plants and infrastructure, which would appear on the aerial photos of his kitchens. None of this makes sense...

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zero because the ovens weren't even connected!

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if you look at the population of flour, butter, milk, eggs, and chocolate chips from the census of grocery store inventory, it appears that ~6 million worth of cookie ingredients disappeared

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Is it possible one of his neighbors, such as Snuffleupagus, borrowed some of the eggs and milk for his 5 year flan?

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One full 24 hour day assuming each oven holds 16,666.666 cookies.

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Don't forget to smash the testicles of anyone who said you didn't make the cookies too.

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>ruining a fun little thread with random muh /pol/ shit

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sneed was here

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Does the cookie monster grill with propane or charcoal briquettes ? Serious answers only, the public has a right to know.

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He doesn't, he just buys Chip's Ahoy.

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