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Tim Horrortons thread. Post stories, memes, or anything else related to how much this restaurant blows.

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>Has a drive through


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Maccas has better coffee but buying coffee at all is a wasteful endeavor. You can make the same cup of coffee for pennies instead you pay $2 for watery coffee

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Most McDonalds in New Zealand have a proper cafe in them.

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>Tim Hortons
Never heard of it, or seen it outside of /ck/.
Does it actually exist?

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Bums will wait in the middle of the lobby and ask for toonies in exchange for not shitting themselves.
Usually they get enough so they never have to shit themselves. But God help you if they don't get enough toonies.

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>Go to Tim Horton's
>Ask for donuts
>After the ESL brainlet finally understands me he says they don't have any
>Do a 360 and drive away to the Tim Horton's less than a mile away which has proper workers and more importantly donuts

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Even of terms of canadian chains, Coffee Time and Country Style both have better donuts than Tims

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That just isn't true

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What changed? I remember the internet used to love Tim Hortons 10 or so years ago.

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Bought out by a big corporation so now it's bad I guess

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brasil happened

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Sold to a bigger company that started ramming all the shitty food in and making the menu stupid large. All the donuts are frozen and shipped to the stores rather then made fresh at every store, ruining the taste. Combine all that with the fact that they absolutely refuse to limit the drivethru menu to drinks and ready to go pastries and its a shit show when Karen orders 5 sandwiches that are all assembled on the fly.

Plus they lost the purchasing rights of the coffee beans they used to use and now the coffee sucks. Funny enough McDicks got the purchasing rights of the beans, which is why everyone likes it now.

Overall its lost it Canadian spark and is trying to compete with the big chains when it should have always stayed coffee and pastries. It honestly would surprise me if Tim's makes it to 2030 at this rate

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Starbucks of Canada

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Lmfaoo is this real bro

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it was owned by wendy's for awhile, then it separated and was later bought by burger king
it's worse under burger king, but was already pretty bad when it was independent
no, but there was a case where some druggy was denied using the bathroom, so she shit on the floor and threw it at the cashier

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Ordering for a vegetarian who wants a Bagel B.E.L.T. (bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato) without bacon. All workers are chubby pajeets.
> Can I get a bagel belt, no bacon?
> u wan bacon belt, no bacon?
> pajeet confused looks to coworker
> bacon belt? No bacon?
> other pajeet repeats even more dumbfounded
> bacon belt? No? Bacon?
> it's not called a bacon belt, it is a bagel belt, it happens to include bacon, however I would like you to make it with all the other ingredients, just without bacon.
> with confidence this time
> bacon belt no bacon!
> I pay
> receive order, it's a bagel with only bacon on it, no egg, lettuce or tomato.

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Went in once and bought donuts, I had s coupon
The donuts kinda sucked and I could have gotten better ones at the local grocery at the same price without a coupon

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Finally some sanity to this shit bread

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You guys are rude! Tim's sales keep getting worse and worse because of the weather. It's not even their fault.

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Country style has proper sandwiched and soup too.

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>be me, 6 year old
>saturday morning coffee and donut with parents at local timmies
>always exciting
>friendly old ladies and bakers running around in a symphony of sugar and caffeine
>be me, 14, remember old days
>welcome anon, were short staffed all the time but if you work well train
>be team lead and baker in a year, run saturday shifts like clockwork
>get all the maplecutties gushing over my managerial skills.
>time to get a real job
>single tear of chili rolls down my cheek
>be me, adult man, working real job
>remember old times of crushing dubs with qts and the excitement of first sugartwist
>take kids to the ol igloodealer
>order a reg coffee, box of timbits, and a bagel
>wait, wtf??
>stand with miserable gits listening for commie breadline number.
>number gets called
>coffee is cold and half cream, bagel is dry and bland, timbits are sugar covered nightmares of birthday cake, "caramel", and "blueberry"
>say something to server
>throw shit in trash
Never again. Every single thing about is such low grade that it isnt even worth the paper its served on.

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The epitome of a dying franchise. This is $6

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Why are canadians such faggots, this is what I cannot comprehend. You faggots make Europeans look straight.

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Yeah and a coffee is like $6...

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Yankee go home!

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On my way to work every morning, I have to change lanes in anticipation for the back up on the road to get to Tim Horton's.
- Detroit

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well actually, my name is Steve and I go there daily.

go fuck yourself, you fucking bitch.

signed, Steve.

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>Fried Corn
Do Americans really?

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Is that supposed to be an insult? You faggots are a cheap imitation of the USA. I cannot think of 1 worthwhile thing about faggot Canada. Fuck Canada to the very depths of hell.

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>only seen posts of toronto and vancity fags. Never meet chad bertans or saskies, never meet their trad wives, never see the life they dream of come to reality. Go back to nignog city and cope.

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At least they managed to get the egg inside the wrap that time

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Are you seriously proud of being a flyover canadian? If anything the city faggots are a saving grace for your otherwise pathetic nation.

Really now, tell me 1 thing Canada is known for besides being a cheap USA imitation and blatantly faggotry. Oh yeah, you guys also fuck dogs.

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Did the kid in the back puke in it from the smell of the frozen rotting “sausage”

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>Never meet chad bertans or saskies
Independence soon brother!

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If you fell for the inner city meme of imitation americans then our job is done and we effectively kept out the retards. Only our government and cities are gay anon, the rest of the country is too busy carrying the financial ruin and their families estate to bother about trying to replicate garbage fast food and shitty media lies.

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Now this is cope that I usually hear from flyover Americans, I wasn't aware you flyover Canadian fucks were equally as pathetic. I bet I can outright buy your bitch ass with my salary here in the USA kek. Fuck you canadian bitchboy, fuck you to hell. I hope your country burns.

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I missed the memo. Why h8 Timmy's?

t. Northern Minnesotan

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Yeah, you fell for the meme you fucking idiot. The irrefutable fact is that canadians are top fucking notch folk, the grand majority of the population, not the import immigrants, not the LA city wannabes, not the faggot government, work harder, faster, and stronger than anything your poser state could muster. To top it off we do it humbly and quietly, weve saved your ass on numerous occasions in war with a mere fraction of your fire power. Weve conquered the roughest terrain in some of the harshest conditions with a few hundred men and some import asains. Weve civilized nearly every country weve entered. Weve invented world changing advances to the western world AND WE DID IT HUMBLY AND QUIETLY. You fucks stand their loud and proud while the very tree your liberties were founded on wilts under neglect. Come up here and talk shit you puss, youll find yourself with your tail between your legs, your belly full, and a brutal realization that puffing out your chest means nothing up here.

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That's a pretty good reason. Private equity killed em, eh?

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Shut your whore canadian mouth. Lower than / niggers your people are, did you know that?

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Lol seethe harder faggot, if your best response is reddit grade you wouldnt make it a week here.

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You expect me to read that blabble written by a dog-fucking flyover Canadian rodent? Like I said, you are nothing more than a cheap imitation of the USA, and you cock guzzling homosexuals even fuck that up too.

I honest to God wish my government would banish you dog-fuckers from stepping foot in my country. When a canadian rodent breathes air in the USA, the air is tainted.

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Thats because your school system is in such dissaray you never learned to read effectively, let alone taught to formulate original thoughts. Like I said, wouldnt last a week. Keep it coming, your inflamed ego is a nice change from the mutt fast food threads.

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You know nothing about the USA's education system, yet you flap your whore canadian mouth as if you do. Typical homosexual canadian behavior. I will conquer your neck of the woods in days, bitchboy.

Never thought I'd see a dog-fucker give me lip, goes to show these maple syrup cocksuckers are getting some balls.

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Right. Canada is so well known for their education and not well known for being pussies that are led by an even bigger pussy.

>> No.13529287

I went there once and it was only okay.

>> No.13529293

Nah dude its more like the dunkin donuts of canada.
Honestly you deserved this by associating with a vegan

>> No.13529294


Just link the video anon.

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>> No.13529366

Thats cause you spend your shitty excuse for a life on the internet taking yourself too seriously. Consider me a intermediary between you and the true north, youd try opening your gob and getting on a pedestal only to be buried by a the first guy to get fed up by your retarded ramblings, even our most modest of men would shame you without breaking a sweat. Thats the thing idiots like you dont seem to wrap your head around, you literally know nothing of my people aside from the propaganda and what you see on the internet, we know everything about you. I hope you do come try to conquer us, itll wake up some of my brothers and put you back in your place.

Oh look, another brain dead zogg who never bothered to look past the post. See? Its like catching flies, all I gotta do is oppose you kindergarteners and you come out of the woodwork. I aint saying its the promise land up here, or that were problem free. What I am saying however, is that you faux americhads think all Canadians are the tranny flabs you see on this mongolian dart board, youre literally gnawing down on the propaganda like your nation has always done.

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Said the order was for a vegetarian. It contains eggs.
>HuRr DuRr VeGaN LOOOOl!

>> No.13529375

Has a couple dozen locations around the Northeastern US, too.

>> No.13529376

Tim Horton's is quite popular in Downriver Detroit.

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Heading from west to east, you'll notice fewer Starbuck and more Tim's in Canada. From Vancouver's fucking 3 Starbucks in one block, to that goofy intersection in Hamilton with a Tim's on every fucking corner.
>dunkin donuts of canada
In terms of middle-of-the-road coffee and donuts, basically. Plus bland overpriced soup+sandwich options that have been since rendered irrelevant by their all-day breakfast sandwiches. Only reason to get a Tim's breakfast sandwich is because Mcdonalds Canada doesn't do breakfast biscuits. Otherwise Mcdonalds Canada uses Tim Horton's old coffee supplier from before the cheaped out.

>> No.13529414

I got Tims coupons in the mail the other day which I have never seen them do prior to that. They must be getting desperate.

>> No.13529427

Why do they always put the dude or chick with the thickest indian accent on drive-thru? Literally impossible to order my shitty soggy sandwich.

>> No.13529439

Where I am, they usually put the Filipino chick who barely understands English and doesn't know how to use her headset properly.

>> No.13529895

I don't think white people even work at Tims anymore.

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None left in Canada to be fair

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Canadians are retarded, and should feel shame for their creations.

>> No.13530053

We have our own little secret ethnovillages on the prairies where everyone is descended from European farmers and drunk most days of the week. No, I won't tell you where I am, Wong. Come and find me.

>> No.13530059

The only half decent food on their menu is the farmers wrap. Donuts are mostly ok but not great except the honey crueler which is based. The coffee is acceptable but not "good." The worst part about it imo is their constantly changing menu and just the overall blandness of the whole menu. I find it embarrassing that they successfully branded themselves a part of Canadian culture and I'm amazed that they still seem to have such a loyal consumer base

>> No.13530062

I'm sure your country is lovely and your people are both creative and intelligent.

>> No.13530142

I thought those were teeth

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>> No.13530182

You're probably a very nice person and make very pleasant company.

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There's only 20 million Canadians, so it has to be the same August that spans this shit thread all the time.
I've never even seen a fucking Tim Hortons.

>> No.13530194


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>There's only 20 million Canadians, so it has to be the same August that spans this shit thread all the time.
American education is really something. S is for Subway

>> No.13530209

It was never good. Canadians are delusional and like cheap coffee more than they like a good product and decent service.

>> No.13530212

So Canadians, Detroit, and N.E. Coasties are the only ones who would give a shit.

>> No.13530222

Why do you feel the need to compulsively shitpost? Go back to your containment board if you want to do that.

>> No.13530269

ayyy what‘s that supposed to be?

>> No.13530930

I was born and raised in Ottawa.

>> No.13531474

Sounds like a Canada problem. If you go to a T-Ho's in Detroit, you might have niggers serving your food, but they at least get your order correct.

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>go to tim hortons
>It's fine, I guess
>just a bullshit place to grab some coffee and donuts
>don't know why anyone would ever eat food from there unless it was 2AM and McDonalds was too far away.
>mostly a bunch of little old ladies hanging around, maybe a couple of university kids
I don't know what all these horror stories are about homeless people shitting in your coffee and pajeet not being able to understand English. it sounds like my fellow canadian friends live in some ghetto ass towns like toronto or something and that's the problem, like if you went to McDonalds instead you'd still accidentally step on some used needles

>> No.13531609

My Aunt used to work at the headquarters, her job became redundant a while ago, but while she was there the donuts were shipped in frozen then, that was about 12 some odd years ago, well before Burger king came into play.

But she told me they were making "big changes" to keep up with starbucks. Well, they fucked that up.

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Anybody ever try their tendies?

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went to one in bumfuck quebec. Retard canuck couldnt understand me saying "number 3", and fucked my order up i ended up getting a "grilled" bagel breakfast sandwich which was hard as a rock and the pre cooked egg patty had like water all over it. everyone thinks canada is great but their food is shit. We have to be exporting all out b grade foods there or something.

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who /coffeetime/ here?

>> No.13533051

All of their "homestyle" fast food items suck ass. They need to go back to just being a coffee and donut shop. The only sandwiches they sold were

>> No.13533076


>tfw the town I relocated to from New York picked Tim Hortons over Dunkin Donuts
>tfw people here think Chipotle and Starbucks is fancy
>tfw the only grocery store is Walmart

Kill me now senpai. This work contract is 18 more months

>> No.13533112

there are two different schizophrenic hobos that go to my local tim hortons. there's always one of them, but they're never there together at the same time. it's like they have a hobo treaty on who crashes there.

>> No.13533117

I work there. It was shit when I got there and it somehow gets worse and worse every month. Only there at this point because my coworkers are based and I don't want to bother looking for another job rn.

>> No.13533132

>I work there
What does balut taste like?

>> No.13533148

It's frozen and microwaved.

>> No.13533153

Ja vooo drey a uhhhhh Trois

It's that simple, mutt.

>> No.13533208

20 years ago it was pretty good, but it all went to shit post burger king buyout.

Just the fact that they resorted to selling a fucking burger should you how far down it went. If I want coffee, ill go to starbucks. If i want a sandwich, ill go to subway. Horton's literally only exists for reddit and boomers.

>> No.13533209

Clearly you haven't been to a Tim's on a main street in a city. They're not free from the trash that wash up on the street. Their policies re: loitering are lax enough that homeless people are there all the time with their $1 coffee or whatever.

Anywhere else it's fine. Most horror stories you'll read about are from some downtown location in a shitty part of town full of immigrants and homeless. Outskirts locations and Tim's in smaller towns are decent.

Though as other anons have mentioned, the coffee went downhill after their beans changed. So half the reason Tim's was any good is now not good.

>> No.13533237

>get some tim hortons donuts
>they are all dry

holy fuck how disappointing

>> No.13533365
File: 658 KB, 2007x2676, TimHortons3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Give them a break, they were baked, frozen, shipped from half way across the country, microwaved, then spent 8 hours on a rack before you bought them

>> No.13533407

>Clearly you haven't been to a Tim's on a main street in a city. They're not free from the trash that wash up on the street. Their policies re: loitering are lax enough that homeless people are there all the time with their $1 coffee or whatever.
>Anywhere else it's fine. Most horror stories you'll read about are from some downtown location in a shitty part of town full of immigrants and homeless. Outskirts locations and Tim's in smaller towns are decent.
That's exactly my point though, like more than half this thread is people complaining about homeless people and junkies which hey fair enough but it's got nothing to do with tim hortons. I've seen more homeless people and shitty teenagers in mcdonalds.

As far as the coffee goes I'm not gonna defend I guess cause I was never a "coffee guy" even though I started drinking it in my teens, to me it was always the same it's bitter hot dark water and you throw a bunch of sugar and whatever else in it to make it taste good and I didn't get into Tim Hortons as a whole until not too long ago before that I'd prefer Dunkin Donuts back when they were around and Krispy Kreme same as them, and in college I would be a cool college guy who got his coffee from the cafeteria and cool hipster cafés off-campus etc.

The food IS shit and the donuts are sub-par, but I don't know why anyone would expect anything different from a national fast food chain.

>> No.13533452

Serves you right for ordering such a gay item

>> No.13533464

Canadians are so mellow it's rather disturbing.

>> No.13533470 [DELETED] 

Now this is one mad dog-fucker; I didn't even read it anyone, because it was written by some Canadian cock-sucker. Now read carefully, you cocksucking canadian. Stay the fuck in your gay fucking country, and quit being such useless sacks of shit who only consume American media and use American goods. Get fucked leaf, get fucked to the very depths of hell. I sincerely hope Canada is nuked.

>> No.13533482

Literally who?

>> No.13533495

weed is legal now, and before that I guess it's part of the national character to be mellow when you're gonna live through like 7 months of winter bullshit where there's snow storms on Halloween and it fuckin keeps snowing up until the middle of April. When stuff's out of your control you just shrug at it. There's no need to be so wound up at everything like our next door neighbours

>> No.13533504

Flips and Poos
That's a huge reason the service is shit. They don't speak fluent English.
All these points are spot on. It should've just been decent coffee and donuts

>> No.13533509

Flip? That sounds flip

>> No.13533949

Starbucks would imply having a large selection of drinks and somewhat decent coffee.
It's Dunkin Donut tier at best.

>> No.13533995

The local timmies are always understaffed. I live too far up north to have minorities so they have to make do with employing retards.
>leave home at 1:50 PM
>enter Timmies #1 at 2:00 PM
>there's a line of about 15 people
>only 3 employees
>some young girl is running the drivethrough, basically just throwing coffees out the window at middle aged women
>old lady is taking orders inside and handling beverages
>she take sminutes to prepare anything that isn't a black coffee
>hambeast in charge of sandwiches
>half the line is old people
>other half is 2 families with loud kids
>decide to stop by the timmies near the highway instead, surely it'll be better
>enter at 2:10
>parking is full of truckers
>inside is almost empty
>only 3 employees here too
>2 are handling drivethrough since it's mostly truckers
>cashier is some chubby teen girl with a vacant stare
>order a medium coffee with 1 milk and a maple boston
>sorry we're out
>oh regular maple then
>sorry we're out
>well any boston or regular donut will do, whatever you have
>sorry we're out
>got any timbits
>sorry we're actually out of almost everything
>it's fine I can wait for the next batch
>well actually we don't have a cook and no one's free to make more
>...ok just give me the coffee then
>watch as she prepares an iced cappucino
>huh I asked for a medium coffee with 1 milk
>she goes back
>comes back with a black coffee

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