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this is a vegan drumstick made with jackfruit and flour, with the "bone" being a cinnamon stick

so realistic and delicious-- with no guilt

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putting the jackfruit meat... skin is rice paper

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Or you know you could just eat the jack fruit without making it look like a chicken drumstick? Just seems kind of retarded that vegans are so opposed to hurting animals and pretend to be disgusted at people who eat meat but drool and jump up at the chance to eat something that looks like actual meat.

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Once my chickens cornered a mouse and literally tore it apart in a game of tug of war as it screamed. I did my best to get it off them so I could kill it quickly but chickens are fast and they were all in the same spot so what was left of it got swallowed pretty quickly after being ripped open, it may have still been alive when this happened. Anyway biting into a cinnamon stick would be gross

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>with the "bone" being a cinnamon stick


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>another vegan thread

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this is vegan fish, made with pounded soybeans and soy flour with nori seaweed for that ocean flavour.

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its the future

more and more kids are vegan now

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Literally looks like my shit

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>more and more kids are vegan now
They keep on dying.

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Are there any meat products that look, and taste like fruits, or vegetables?
Like a jackfruit made out if beef?

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Why the fuck would you want to simulate the bone of a chicken?
Why the fuck are vegans so dumb? They pretty much demonstrate how dumb veganism is every fucking second they try to cook.

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Does it taste like real chicken?

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Why does a meat product need to be recreated just to be appealing? Isn’t that an argument against veganism that you guys know an only vegetable diet contrasts our primal desires?
Those same desires that helped us evolve throughout thousands of years?

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You have some interesting shits frendo.

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>another vegan thread

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Heston Blumenthal has a meat orange recipe that looks pretty convincing

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andy sixx

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>chicken liver+foie gras parfait
Sound/looks tasty.

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i feel no guilt when eating chicken, but i'm glad you found yourself a diet that suits you needs. i just wonder why vegans always try to recreate animal products. from the outside it looks like you guys try to trick yourself

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1/10 but admissible chicken

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That does NOT look like meat, dude. Vegans are delusional.

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I don't even dislike vegetarian meals. I don't know why /ck/ is so vehemently against them or so concerned with 'muh bugs' that the rich are apparently trying to get us to eat. Just eat vegetarian, no bugs required.

I generally only have meat on special occasions and don't pay for weird substitute shit.

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yeah everything else about this sounded fine except for that

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veganism is just a meat fetish without the meat

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You should feel guilt because that drumstick could have been made from the meat of a happy, healthy animal that had had a life worth living, but no, you would rather rid that animal from existance and eat plants. The ethic aspect of veganism is based on emotions, irrational thinking and therefore fundamentally flawed.

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Refute this OP

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Nobody gives a shit about how you live your life.

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OP left after posting a photo teaser, so that anons would hopefully search sean's vegan blog.

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this is "" vegan suckling pig"" aka soybean protein pressed into a pig mold and coloured to look the part

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Why would you even bother to add the bone? One of the benefits of vegan meat is not having to deal with bones or fat.

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How's it taste?

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>Why would you even bother to add the bone?
Vegans always need something phallic to suck on.

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I'm not even a vegan but your argument is tired and stupid. No one really goes vegan or vegetarian because they dislike eating meat. They do it because they want to be more animal friendly. Whether they actually achieve that it not is subjective

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Pretty ok. Would never mistake it for pork, but it's not bad.

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How is that an argument against it? Unless your going for the "unnatural" angle with actually means nothing

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As long as it tastes OK it should be fine.
But what does it taste like, and could it be a meal, or more if a side dish?

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I buy halal meat because I enjoy the taste of needless suffering, but fuck muslims. Almost as bad as /ck/ mods and trannies...

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You're a fucking subhuman if you think this was an argument. I'm no vegan but you guys are literal 14yos.
>animals are either bred to be slaughtered or eradicated entirely from Earth
Do you think such a retarded false dichotomy is 'rational thinking'?
Though I don't see why bother adding the bone to a chicken drumstick.

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Why not add the bone. Just turns it into a finger food

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Why did you link my post?
>OP left after posting a photo teaser, so that anons would hopefully search sean's vegan blog
Did I hit the nail on the head?

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>I enjoy the taste of needless suffering
fuck off you edgy kid

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They just aren't arguing from good faith and you know it. Just keep nursing the quiet hatred of idiots. It works for me. Anyway falafel and marinated mushrooms are great meat substitutes. I haven't tried jackfruit.

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>why bother adding the bone to a chicken drumstick.


its the suppress their brain's subconscious screaming for meat, they have to make the experience as close to meat as possible. Like how a cat's hunting instincts is assuaged by a plastic toy mouse, the human's instinct is relieved by vague lumps of frankenstein "meat"

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I have no idea about vegan blogs, I just linked your post as part of the 'wow OP got schooled by this guy's mighty arguments' shit.

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Creamy Steamy

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I would put it as the main dish of a meal, but I would want something to go with it. I'd probably ask for rice with it.

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If the chicken lives a comfortable, healthy life then what is so bad about slaughtering it for food? Death has to happen one way or another

>> No.13511531

Ah. Image search goes to some vegan blog for some "person" named Sean. I'm guessing that "they" posted on here for traffic.

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If you've lived a good first thirty years of your life is it ok if I murder you then? I mean, you were happy while you were alive I guess. Death has to happen one way or another right? You should have no problem with this and if you do then your logic is fundamentally flawed

>> No.13511562

You couldn't hurt anybody you weak malnourished vegan bitch.

>> No.13511575

Is this supposed to be an actual counterpoint? I sincerely hope not

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You have no power here. Back to your containment thread.

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waste of cinnamon. Just use icecream sticks like these ones made of soy and tofu.

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I'm really just playing devil's advocate, but none of you could refute it so that's concerning. I'm just using his own words. It's not bad if I kill someone as long as they had a decent life before that point, right?

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only a fucking giantic gaped-ass faggot would feel guilty about eating.
if youre so motherfucking planet-conscious then fucking kill yourself so you have zero carbon footprint. but you wont because youre full of fucking shit, the entire political agenda is about controlling every aspect of your life through subversion, but go ahead and choke down some vomit on a stick you fucking commie asshole.

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>refute my retarded opinion
It was refuted when anon claimed that you couldn't physically murder anyone, because you are malnourished, gay, and lack the strength to.

>> No.13511607

Your argument presupposes two things
- killing someone for no reason is equivalent to killing for food
- a human life is the same as an animal life
I disagree with both and it should be obvious why.

>> No.13511609

>can't refute argument
>get's all emotional proving his point about vegan ethics being based on emotions
>uses strawman rhetoric proving his point about irrational thinking
he never said these animals will be eradicated entirely from earth
>continures to insult based on his strawman rhetoric further proving his points

You're an idiot that lacks reading comprehension.

>> No.13511614

>your argument is tired
Vegans making their food looking like actual meat is way more tired

>> No.13511622

>soybeans and soy flour

>> No.13511623

Whenever you wanna chill with the ad hominem we can have an actual discussion. Until then: Sure, kid.

A human life is the same as an animal life since we are objectively animals. Please elaborate on how one thing being sentient is different than another. And if I kill said anon and then eat him, is my murder justified then because it was for food? Killing is killing no matter what you do with the body after. You sure seem to make a lot of arbitrary distinctions where they don't actually exist

>> No.13511632

They're also gay as fuck now. I swear zoomers are the gayest generation and it probably has a lot to do with soy. Who knows what kind of fucked up shit the generation after will be into.

>> No.13511636

What an educated opinion

>> No.13511644

Tell me, how much tranny porn do you watch each day?

>> No.13511648

trannies are not gay

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>Whenever you wanna chill with the ad hominem we can have an actual discussion. Until then: Sure, kid.
I honestly don't have to "chill" with the ad hominem. If I offend your faggot sensibilities then just leave, and go back to r/lgbt, tranny.
>mfw the disgusting tranny tried to derail from the fact that it couldn't refute me. Sad.

>> No.13511656

>killing is killing no matter what you do with the body after.
Not true at all. Having respect for the dead is important and so is having respect for the animal that gave its life to feed you

>please elaborate on how one sentient being is different from another
Humans have consciousness

>> No.13511672

Humans are the same species as me, literally the only difference I care about. Also humans can actually participate in moral systems but that’s less important.

>> No.13511687

Honoring a death that you intentionally caused means nothing. Respecting the dead means nothing because they're DEAD.

>oh you're gonna say a little prayer over my body and thank the Lord after you stab me death?
>oh well that's fine then go right ahead

You can't really disprove consciousness is other sentient beings since we can't really communicate with them. Regardless I fail to see how that would even exclude humans from being animals

>> No.13511693

>muh tribalism

>> No.13511698

Yes, and?

>> No.13511710

Nothing, Grug. Nothing

>> No.13511711

>honoring a death you intentionally caused means nothing
Yes it does. You are living in some naive fantasy world where death never happens and nothing ever gets consumed for food

>> No.13511714

>animals are not moral actors, can not participate in moral systems or engage in moral contract
Therefore they do not get any rights and are no different than objects. Their pain is essentially meaningless from a moral perspective. I have no desire for them to feel pain as I find watching them in pain unpleasant, but their pain has no moral weight.

Their death increase the comfort of humans, who are moral actors, therefore it is worth it. Before someone tries to argue that animals are moral actors find me a dog who can come to form a contract with me about our shared disputed private property.

>> No.13511717

Stop killing the planet by eating all the plants that were meant for the natural herbivores you fiend.

>> No.13511731

Why do you feel guilty about eating animals? I'm sure animals wouldn't feel guilty about eating you.

>> No.13511740

What does it change then? Because if I murder someone and then pray over them it does change the fact that they unwillingly lost their life. And where did I say death never happens or that nothing gets consumed for food? Point it out please. The only point I have made about death is that it objectively affects every living being the same way and that no amount of honor after murder would change anything. I'm still waiting for you to refute a single thing I've said

>> No.13511749

Anyone who chooses a restrictive diet but refuses to embrace it and instead just makes pale imitations of other food is pathetic. Vegans and meat substitutes, ketards and bread/rice substitutes, etc. Just lean into your chosen diet and embrace it instead of clinging to the superficial aspects of your old diet like a fucking security blanket, you insecure thumbsucking infant addicts.

>> No.13511758

Do you care about the pain that a child experiences? Infants can not be moral actors but I think you would agree that skinning a child alive means something from a moral perspective.

>> No.13511771

Based af

>> No.13511773

Killing something for food vs killing for other reasons is not the same. I already explained that you’re assuming this, you need to refute that instead of continuing to spin your wheels about other things

>> No.13511775

Children are essentially property, but the difference is they become moral actors. The fact they make a transition to moral actor affords them the rights of a moral actor for protection even if they can not engage in moral contract. If an animal became a moral actor after a time period I would say they should be afforded protection to that point.

>> No.13511780

All social animals apply their societal rules unevenly to members of their own species over all others. Harming a member of one's own species is always seen as a worse and more punishable action than harming any other species. And I know you're just going for shock value to make a point, but no one skins an animal alive for food and that is a level of cruelty that anyone would agree is immoral.

>> No.13511793

I am the original guy who made the moral actor argument. I would not say harming non-moral actors is immoral. I find it personally unpleasant and those that delight in non-actor pain are likely to delight in actor pain and so find those who do it unpleasant, but otherwise I do not find any moral fault in the act itself.

>> No.13511809

Do the developmentally stunted and disabled get afforded these protections? What even is a moral actor to you?

>> No.13511816

Ad populum is a weak argument if one at all.

>> No.13511820

Able to engage in moral agreement & contract. A severely developmental individual to the point they have no ability to honor moral agreement then they are not a moral actor and should not be afforded rights. An example would be the man in the UK who was ruled not mentally fit to have intercourse or make legal decision for himself along with a smattering of other things.

>> No.13511825

I'm basically saying life isn't completely fair and you should grow up.

>> No.13511835

Then you should grow up and realize people dont accept that as reasoning

>> No.13511852

He is not the original person making the argument. I answered your question about the severely mentally impaired here >>13511820

>> No.13511854

So if humans are unable to agree in your arbitrary definitions of agreement and contract then you are free to be killed? Regardless of actions? You can just admit you're a eugenicist. Moral agreement and contract occurs between animals. It is just not to your extremely bizarre standards

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This is the irrefutable argument that makes every vegan autistically screech, play mental gymnastics inluding straw man and ad hominem useage, larping as a non-vegan, use defamation to undermine the credibility of an argument and other techniques they have learned at their community college's debate team, as we have all witnessed in this thread.

>> No.13511860

Do you miss meat?
Because if you don't, there are excellent vegan recipes without the need to pretend to be eating meat...

>> No.13511862

I believe in veganism and full gay civil rights (now).

>> No.13511865

Irrelevant. Additionally, killing a "non actor" that is otherwise benign or refuses your standards is apparently more kosher than an actor who is malicious

>> No.13511867

there is literally nothing wrong with cannibalism except for some laws in some countries
just dont eat the brain and youre good to go
not even baitposten, i would even take you if youre offering, although i would probably get the ol rabbit starvation symptoms.

>> No.13511876

Literally ad homming and strawmanning yourself. You should expand your philosophical vocab

>> No.13511885

t. German

>> No.13511887

>moral agreement occurs between animals
Hah, ok find me the flamingos who have worked out private property ownership.

>> No.13511908

yes, do it. kill me, but you may only do so if you fully intend to eat me, absorb my nutrients so that you can live and take my spirit beyond this plane for all to see. live for me that witch i could not. do not shed tears for me, i shall live on in your and all you every create from the moment you consume my being. i beg you end me not for my future, but yours and all you love. <3

>> No.13511917

We can observe in wolf packs that there are hierarchies and rules for behavior and if a wolf violated the rules of the pack they are temporarily cast out and shunned as a punishment, then let back in after the time has been served.

>> No.13511918

So now your definition of a moral agreement is business? Yeah your standards continue to be unveiled as arbitrary nonsense.
Nonetheless prostitution exists amongst animals
You can find plenty of videos with bargaining between chimps and humans and other animals exchanging foods and pieces for shelter

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>> No.13511933

Good ad hominem again.

>> No.13511955

It's not because you never had any legitimate arguments in the first place.

>> No.13511981

Ad hominem again. Keep going this is fun.

>> No.13511998

That last one is not an ad hominem under any circumstances.

>> No.13512025

Karma is not real lol. Pedophile billionaires lord over us all while some poor old lady is dying of cancer, her family in the throes of bankruptcy trying to stay on top of her medical bills.

>> No.13512035

Not him but my agreement is that I kill some animals for food and some not. What you gonna do about it? Grow the fuck up, that's just how nature is. Animals kill other animals and even humans, and humans kill other humans and animals.

>> No.13512037

That old lady was probably a huge roastie who treated her kids like shit and let her alcky husband beat and molest them

>> No.13512051

>meatcucks actually believe this is what through livestock's mind before slaughter

>> No.13512058

Ah another /pol/dditor tourist

>> No.13512064

Yes and? How does that matter in any way? They somehow have their own morals/laws whatever. Doesn't stop me from killing them if I'm hungry. I mean, that wolf would also kill you for his nutritional needs.

>> No.13512099

You mean like 90% of 1950's US suburbia? /pol/tards btfo!

>> No.13512101


this is the based department, you are under arrest

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fucking based

>> No.13512134

My post has nothing to do with your /pol/ boogeyman, relax kids

>> No.13512171

Why the fuck would they put a "bone" in? Surely that's one of the advantages of vegan chicken, not having to deal with bones?
If you hate meat why do you go so far to mimic it, including the inconvenient parts?
Vegans are fucking retarded. Probably half the meals I eat are vegan, but I eat actual vegetables and shit, so I probably eat better vegan foods than actual vegans even though I'm a meat eater. You fuckers are seriously the most retarded creatures to roam the fucking planet.

>> No.13512178

i would definitely eat that, but i'm not supporting those stupid vegans. i want those an appetizer and a main dish of something real

>> No.13512221

It is. You are attacking the person, not the argument. To refute the argument. The one you strawmanned yourself.

>> No.13512226

Oh okay. This anon im replying to consents to being raped and killed.

>> No.13512240

Can you please provide scientific evidence of your claims, OP?

>> No.13512243

had to take more than a few seconds to realize where you got that from. sleep deprivation is no joke i guess.

>> No.13512256

Are fucking stupid? That's not the point. The point of this whole chain of reply was whether animals can be moral actors or not, which they obviously can. Anon was saying that since certain animals couldn't be moral actors then he was fine with killing and eating them on that premise alone

>> No.13512257

>Animals and people are the same
This is the core of your argument essentially and it's idiotic.

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>The ethic aspect of veganism is based on emotions, irrational thinking and therefore fundamentally flawed.
The ethics, or ethical aspect of, veganism is not entirely based on emotion, nor irrational thinking. Therefore it is NOT fundamentally flawed. See how easy that is to make it seem as though you have no credibility, where I now have that advantage?
Vegans are either vegan for animal rights, some negative past experience, the earth's heath, or reasons for their own health. The only feasible excuse is for their own health or the past experience. Every other reason is fundamentally flawed; it's changing one of the largest and most important parts of a lifestyle for the benefit of others and a few animals. It's a peaceful and futile protest of your own accord with no immediate action taken towards the largest players in the game that are directly responsible for any plausible argument that eating meat is harmful to the earth and its animals - which it isn't, it's just over-consumption.
Don't try to place your argument above theirs' just because, according to you, their hearts are in the wrong place. Because the more you shit on those idiots without checking your own logic, it starts to seem as though YOU are one of these fucking worthless vegan apologists spamming these threads just so you can test the rhetoric around here.

>> No.13512275

They are the same and no one in this thread has made any conclusive points about how they different. The only attempt was that "hurrr animals can't be moral actors" but that's not true since hundreds of different species have their own societies and way they operate which requires a sort agreement. Am I missing any of your other autistic points?

>> No.13512277

but they are not moral actors in our moral system. now shut the fuck up

>> No.13512294

Hey way to move those goalposts! Originally it was just that animals couldn't be moral actors, but not it has to operate within our society? Thank you for admitting that you're wrong

>> No.13512297

Vegans are fucking retarded

>> No.13512302

I'm not that anon. all I'm saying is that animals cannot be moral actors in our system, therefore I kill them and eat them.
Go suck some dick now, wannabe philosophy student.

>> No.13512331

You only have to look at an animal to see how it is different to a human.

>> No.13512341

No more different than a giraffe is from a shark and they are both animals too.

>> No.13512343

That's literally what you just said
"Animals kill animals, humans kill animals and humans"

Are you now backtracking?

>> No.13512348

Not moral actors in your moral system because you think they dont have ownership. You also approve killing benign or neutral non actors over malicious actors

>> No.13512352

If you're not that anon then why are bothering piggybacking? What is a moral actor and system? What precludes animals from it and do you approve killing benign non actors over malicious actors?

>> No.13512355 [DELETED] 
File: 8 KB, 233x217, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13512374

Yes, and giraffes are very different from sharks, which are both very different to humans. I'm glad you're finally understanding.

>> No.13512391

No because that wasn't me.

>> No.13512392

It's mental illness

>> No.13512414

So you're again piggybacking arguments you didn't make? Making non sequitur insults that lack context? Sounds like you're just backtracking

>> No.13512421

>no guilt
if you're guilty about eating a chicken, you need mental help.

>> No.13512445

because I agree with him on some parts and personally think the whole subject is stupid.

>> No.13512641
File: 156 KB, 549x578, 1479598931149.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based and dubs dont lie
how is this not a valid argument? this guy literally crushed your vegan mentally you stupid tranny

>> No.13512671

It's not a valid argument because it doesn't happen. People go vegan to be friendly to animals or help the environment or what the fuck ever. Everyone likes eating meat. It tastes good and is satisfying. So obviously people try to recreate it in a way. No matter how many names you call me it won't change these facts

>> No.13512690

Man, remember when vegan threads weren't about goofy concepts like morality and were actually about Food & Cooking?
...Me neither.

>> No.13512710

but what about the male chickens?

>> No.13512780

Sorry it's not another fast food thread, fatty

>> No.13512784

>male chickens

those are called roosters, cockerels aka cocks.

>> No.13512792

most of them are tossed in the grinder after sexing

>> No.13512804

I'd honestly just like another thread that wasn't 100+ posts over people being mad at each other...

>> No.13512821

Does the lion feel remorse for eating the gazelle?

No it fucking doesn't, pretending that you are eating meat is pathetic, just eat some real chicken.

>> No.13512824

Heh, cant wait till they hit thirty realize they royally fucked over their immune system. Show me a long time vegan over 30, go on. Hard mode - no ecelebs

>> No.13512835

I guess you should go back to plebbit then because every thread on this site is people being mad at each other for liking different things

>> No.13512845

The lion doesn't know any better. Humans do. Animals also rape and steal in nature yet we've deemed that's not okay as a society. Your logic is shit

>> No.13512847

karma isn't what you think it is bub

>> No.13512870

>Its okay when they do it
Lets see you get mauled by a tiger, can't complain it was just in its nature.

>> No.13512877

Wow, you sure told him with your self-censorship. That was #boardculture AF.

>> No.13512895

Yes, you can say that. And yes people always DO say that when someone is killed by a wild animal. When grizzly man got mauled to death the world unanimously said "are you fucking retarded those were wild animals". What planet do you live on?

>> No.13512899

Vegan food tastes great!

Except... Fake meat tastes crap.

>> No.13512901

I've seen a lot of angry people online but I just can't quite figure out what you're so mad over

>> No.13513694

all life in this universe feasts on other life
there is nothing amoral whatsoever about following suit
veganism is a death cult that would rather exterminate billions of livestock for no reason at all than allow them to live but experience some suffering

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