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>give asians a hard time for eating dogs
>we eat pigs
>pigs have been proven to be smarter than dogs

Let’s face it, this is blatant hypocrisy at best

>inb4 I’m asian

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>African swine flu absolutely obliterates Chinese pig stocks
>Chinese posters now have a sour grapes mentality towards pork
Come on, man.

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I’m not fucking chinese. I just swore off high intelligence animals as my new years resolution. That means no pork and no octopus. I’m still researching other species to avoid.

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alri Chao

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>eating dogs
Goddamn savages. 2 nukes weren't enough.

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Okay, now why is 0 nukes enough for those of us who eat pig?

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I thought Korea phased out of eating dog cause I watch a lot of their tv subbed and not one show has mentioned eating dog and they got a lot of food shows. Turns out it's still a thing even though the younger generation doesn't like it but there's still Korean boomers eating dogs that are raised in shitty conditions because dog meat farms aren't legislated like pig and cow farms are so they're still being boiled alive and beaten to death with branches on the side of the road to "bring out the flavor". It's fucking degenerate.

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How is it more degenerate than the way we treat pigs on our side of the pond?

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The reason eating dogs is bad isn't due to their intelligence levels, but because we've bred and artificially evolved dogs to display dynamic human-like emotions (like through their kind of brows, which wolves don't have). We exhibit many of the same empathetic responses towards dogs as humans, due to this display (and cats are similar).
But Chinese not only eat dogs, many of them who do commit tortuous pain on the dogs face to face. When you directly kill these creatures that were bred as pets, and not as herd animals, especially painfully, you're dulling your natural empathy towards humans in the process.
Notice that many serial killers and psychopaths begin with torturing animals. Remember 3 guys, 1 hammer? Those guys first entrance into cinema was filming themselves torturing and killing cats. I don't think we have a moral obligation towards dogs like we do humans, but when you treat them like the chinks do, you rot your morality towards humans as well.

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Because only savages eat dogs. Only refined Patricians of the West know you don't eat dogs and cats. Fucking Asian savage.

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We shoot bolts through the pigs head, it's all clean and quick. Not the same as boiling something alive and whacking it when it tries to get out of the boiling water.

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can a pig
>fetch things
>behave at command
>learn some form of discipline (toilet habits, noise control, dont bite this guy but that guy)

is a dog
>healthy in some comparison
>easy to cook

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>I just swore off high intelligence animals as my new years resolution
So you could eat yourself.

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I’m not an animal, fedora faggot

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Bovines are pretty smart. Maybe you should just be vegan.

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Shut the fuck up y*llow dog

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Could you breed a lean fast pig

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>you rot your morality towards humans as well

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Then I’ll just be another one of those guys. I’m trying to set a precedent here.

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You can teach them to sit like a dog at least, I'm not sure about being housebroken or fetching but they are intelligent and social enough it's a possibility

I still eat pork though

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>wiggers are so irreversibly cucked that they can't even eat dogs

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>Bovines are pretty smart
they're objectively not though.

>swine flu kills Chinese pigs
can't wait till American farmers start anheroing even faster desu

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>they're objectively not though.
Oh, but they are. You just think this, because you're only aware of modern cattle which are slaughtered within 2 years of age. Even those cattle show signs of Internet, and emotions like dogs though.

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>can't wait till American farmers start anheroing even faster desu
What would they be anheroing over?

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because dogs are carnivores. notice how we don't eat many cats, or bears.
that's because they simply don't accumulate much fat, their meat has a lot of muscle so it's very tough and stringy. and they can't just feed off grass or grain—keeping them for meat and eating them is kinda pointless. a cow "converts" grass which we can't eat to lots of good quality meat, so it's a big win for us; but a dog eats meat and gives very little bad quality meat in return—we gain next to nothing from this. add to this the fact that carnivores usually carry tons of diseases and parasites.
when you have chickens, cows, pigs, fish, etc., all of whom don't need meat and are by far more efficient, there's next to no reason why you'd want eat dogs, unless you live in poor overpopulated shitholes where people also eat bugs. and their utility as companion animal or pet makes this even more pointless.

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I'm aware of mature cows that just stand there dopily in the streets of India while traffic zooms around them.

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More proof that you're low enough int for yourself to eat.

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Doesn't disprove their intelligence. I know Indians, and seen black people spoilt stare at zooming cars from their front porch.

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Pig tastes delicious, dog is quite flavorless and grisly.

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Ok sure, but has anyone here actually eaten dog? How does it taste?

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>Ok sure, but has anyone here actually eaten dog?
>How does it taste?
Was told that it was goat. It tasted like heavily seasoned meat with a distinct aftertaste.

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no Chinese pigs = noone to sell crops to

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>noone to sell crops to
This is a lie. The US will always find a way to sell crops.

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at far cheaper prices yeah

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>at far cheaper prices
Americans will just find a different way to profit off of crops.

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I think its the way they skin the dogs alive or set them on fire or bash them over the head repeatedly that triggers western sensibilities, but hey I could be wrong

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Can confirm. Young Koreans consider dog-eating to be disgusting and embarrassing to them as a nation and get genuinely upset when you bring it up, they absolutely hate the stereotype of being seen as dog-eaters.

Pigs aren't treated anywhere near as badly as dogs. Although things can be shitty for them (Like sow stalls) they aren't intentionally beaten and boiled alive.

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The Chinese believe that the adrenaline, fear, and stress makes the dogs taste better.

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Dog eating is illegal in Korea, but still practiced.
Japan has dog meat restaurants, but they claim that it's for foreigners.

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"Traditional" medicine is often endorsed on the basis that it is the end product of generations of trial and error, yet this trial error never revealed the very basic and easily demonstrable fact that fear and stress actually makes meat taste worse. Please pass this on to everybody you encounter who tries to tout the validity of some shitty Chinese alternative medicine.

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An uncle of mine had a pet pig and she was scarily intelligent and well-trained.

Yes, she could fetch things.
She'd sit on command and come when she was called.
She was legitimately cleaner and smarter as a piglet than any puppy I've met. He house-trained her in three days. She never made much noise beyond happy oinking and grunting. He never trained her to attack people, though which was a good thing because a full-grown pig being encouraged to exert force on humans would be nightmarish.

Everything I've heard suggests dog is mediocre at best as a meat, it typically gets made into strongly spiced soup which covers up most of its taste. The only issue a food critic had with it is that he said the soup smelled like wet dog.
Like a lot of retarded Asian things it's allegedly an aphrodisiac.
No moreso than any other meat and probably less than most.

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Dog: fluffy wolf boy that helped early man hunt
Pig: eats trash

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Pigs give a greater return and taste better. Chinks get shit because they abuse the dogs, can't stop themselves from torturing them to death instead of going for a clean kill, and don't even bother to fatten them up.
You can call it hypocrisy when one of the prevalent ways to kill a pig is tossing them into a giant bowl half filled with boiling water and holding them down with a stick. If they at least fuckin' treated them like farm stock then the current state of aversion would probably only be limited to housewives instead.

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>can a dog
Yes, yes, and yes. I'm a bit iffy on the knowledge of their bladder control, but they tend to be cleaner than dogs in general in an indoor domesticated environment.
>is a dog
no, healthy is a buzzword that never meant anything in regards to food, sort of.

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What kind of speeds do the cattle show? Have they started approaching gigabit yet?

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Explain how speaking about a hypothetical situation is cope?

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Brits believed the same thing in the 19th century--so much so that it was illegal to NOT kill an animal by tearing it apart muscle by muscle while still alive.

BTW Swiss people still eat dogs today

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Swiss restaurant in 2018

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Brits used to believe everything Asian people told them.

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>another vegan bait thread

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The most popular meat in China is pork. There's definitely something up with those guys.

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Except no, that's an excerpt about much older traditional practices and the butcher there is not killing every bull after baiting but for one holiday.

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>Europeans a hypocrites
Yes we know.

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>Bruh dogs are carnivores farming dogs is not EFFICIENT
By far the most efficient source of protein are bugs. Guess we should all be eating bugs then
>It doesn't TASTE GOOD
Says you. Dog eaters disagree

>> No.13494015

>Dog eaters disagree
Not really, because they don't eat dog for the taste. It's usually for some homeopathic medical claim, or practicing tradition.

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Got a proof for this claim?

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Dog eaters have no need for proof, and nor should you.

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Thought so

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dogs are dumb as rocks but they have heart thats why we love them

>> No.13494053

They actually share gene chains with autistic humans. That's why we love them. Useful idiots who can be conditioned to perform tasks we don't want to do ourselves.

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>Chinese town of Yulin, where dog meat is considered a delicacy. Residents say dog meat is part of their tradition.
>Dog meat remains a popular dish in other Asian countries such as Vietnam where it is considered to be an aphrodisiac.
It's not hard to find sauce, and I'm not a dog eater.

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>it is believed by many that eating dog meat (a.k.a. "fragrant meat") will increase body temperature and blood circulation

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you retards have to understand nearly everything eaten in asia is thought to carry "health benefits" the line between food and medicine gets very blurry at least in the traditional thinking. you know what's also considered aphrodisiac? eels. do asians only eat eels because they think it gets their pp hard? no.

>> No.13494245

What's your point?

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just because people that do eat dogs think its aphrodisiac doesn't mean they only eat it for that reason alone because they also believe nearly everything they eat carries similar benefits. food in asia is also medicine on top of being food.

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I'd eat dogs, i hear the meat isn't that great though

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Dogs eat pigs.

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That claims that they eat it for medicinal reasons, and/or tradition.
Nothing claims that they actually eat dog meat for the world class taste.

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>eating dog is taboo because they are smart

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my claim is asians believe everything they eat comes with medicinal benefits. dog meat being no exception

>3.2. Food is medicine: food culture as disease prevention and treatment

>Korean traditional culture was close to nature, and its characteristics were based on the acceptance of nature. Korean traditional food was the same as that of other traditional cultures in that the vitality of nature is permeated with the simple beauty of food. Food that contains nature is a health supplement. We do not need a special health supplement. Approximately 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates had already recognized that food was important as medicine for humans by saying “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Similarly, in Asia, since the ancient times, people are taught the importance of food with the expression “medicine and food come from the same source” (藥食同原). This means that food cultures or philosophies between Western and Eastern countries are almost the same—food is medicine.

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>my claim is asians believe everything they eat comes with medicinal benefits. dog meat being no exception
>just because people that do eat dogs think its aphrodisiac ust because people that do eat dogs think its aphrodisiac doesn't mean they only eat it for that reason alone because they also believe nearly everything they eat carries similar benefits. because they also believe nearly everything they eat carries similar benefits.
>doesn't mean they only eat it for that reason alone
Implies that they eat dog meat outside of medicinal purposes (aphrodisiac is a medicinal purpose), but you have not provided any evidence to prove this (also the traditional consumption is also based on medicinal purposes).
You haven't posted anything that proves that they eat it for taste at all, and you keep posting that they eat it for medicinal purposes alone.

>> No.13494464

how do I make this more clearer? the claim that asians only eat dog meat to get their dick up is ludicrous because in traditional asian view, food and medicine is one and the same. asians believe in medicinal benefits of all sorts of food. dog meat, eels, chicken, pig feet, peppers, cabbages and various herbs and spices or even cold or warm water. does this somehow mean asians only eat all those things for medicinal reasons alone? no, that's wrong. people can enjoy dog meat as food while also believing in its supposed benefit of curing erectile dysfunction

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It’s about companionship, not intelligence. You’re literally retarded and no one is trying to eat you. It’s about companionship, and even tho no one wants to be around you, most people aren’t into eating other people.

>> No.13494475

>the claim that asians only eat dog meat to get their dick up is ludicrous because in traditional asian view,
>food and medicine is one and the same
Seems like your defense is that they eat dog to get their dick up only, are you clinically retarded by any chance?
Also there are many Asian foods that Asians eat for pleasure, because of taste/texture without any link to homeopathic medicine.

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>we eat pigs
speak for yourself
pigs are disgusting

>> No.13494495

and are you so fucking dense to not grasp this simple idea somehow?
asians treat food as medicine. this doesn't prevent them from enjoying food as food while also being medicine at the same time.
>Also there are many Asian foods that Asians eat for pleasure, because of taste/texture without any link to homeopathic medicine.
for any food item you can name there's going to be an excerpt from ancient chinese voodoo philosophy manuscript that details supposed benefit of said thing. go ahead and try it

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Anon humans are animals.

>> No.13494520

You must understand we're Americans. Our country is too big to lay fiber optic cable between our cows. I fear we'll never have as high speed cattle as out eurobros.

>> No.13494523

>asians treat food as medicine
This only proves YOU wrong moron, and there's plenty of Asian food that is consumed by Asians without any medicinal reasons attached (dog isn't one of those).
Just admit that you're a fucking retard already, and off yourself.

>> No.13494528

fuck wasting my time on a moron that can't even read past first sentence. go fuck yourself

>> No.13494537

Who made this extremely racist Pepe? Reminds me of that KKK Pepe shown on CNN no one ever been sawed before

>> No.13494549

Next time bring a valid argument, and post evidence that backs your own claims instead of ones that validate the other guy, you moron.

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Different anon. It was probably made by an anon off of /pol/, /int/, or /csg/ (chinkshit general in /g/).
Honestly don't remember the first time I saw them.

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watch any documentary on the topic and you will see that american pig farms are anything but "clean"

>> No.13494677

I don't eat pigs but I'm a Jew so ya know....also fuck you for eating dogs. They are god's gift to man if you treat them right. Utter fucking legends to the last one.

>> No.13494699

When the topic of eating certain animals is raised, I always side with Darwin. Anything else is limp-wristed fear masked as moral indignation.

>> No.13494719

Well, a lot of the religious reasons for avoiding certain foods trace themselves back to foodborne illness. Or else some other culture they really hated the fuck out of did it. So, they would not do that.

Also, Darwin's take on evolution has been successfully refuted. Not evolution itself obviously, but the way in which he believed it occurred.

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>Americans will suffer!
>no they won't
>no they wont

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I don't give Asians a hard time for eating dogs
I give Asians a hard time for skinning dogs while they are still alive
I give Asians a hard time for keeping pigs in cages in complete darkness for their entire life
I give Asians a hard time for putting live aquatic animals in plastic keychains with no air
I give Asians a hard time for deriving pleasure from harming other creatures

Eat whatever animal you like but there's something fucked in your head if you get joy from hurting another living creature

>> No.13495172

>he thinks pigs live in luxury 5 star hotels in america
>he doesnt know that piglets get castrated without anaesthesia in the usa
>he doesnt know many pigs there live in utter flith and many of them have pus tumors in their flesh

>> No.13495178

>>he doesnt know that piglets get castrated without anaesthesia in the usa
That's Europe. You're describing Europe.

>> No.13495184

>everyone buys conventional meat
I don't buy factory meat.

>> No.13495189

You're describing China.

>> No.13495193

Pachinkoids have that strange worldview that comes with malnourishment and nutritional deficiencies.

>> No.13495199

>the cope

many asians dont buy conventional meat either. the rural setting is still very big

>> No.13495202

>chinkypoo thinks the only way to argue is through deflection and whataboutism
Absolute cringe.

>> No.13495204

>he doesnt know that piglets get castrated without anaesthesia in the usa
>he doesnt know many pigs there live in utter flith and many of them have pus tumors in their flesh
boohoo, are you crying yet?

>> No.13495210

>pointing out hypocrisy and double standards is a fallacy
Sounds about white

>> No.13495211

>Darwin's take on evolution has been successfully refuted.
If anything, DNA has confirmed it, retard. Show source for refutation other than some ranting christian loonies. I'll be waiting until hell freezes over and last I checked it's hotter than the sun down there.

>> No.13495222

But it's true.

>> No.13495227

Yes but that doesn't change the fact those places exist and those kind of people exist and China's on a fast track to destroy their own environment (and others - hello Great Barrier Reef) for profit. Things need to change and everyone needs to stop buying meat imported from China until shit changes.
That is, if you care about that sort of thing. Some Asians think adrenaline from stress and torture makes an animal taste better.

>> No.13495228

>many asians dont buy conventional meat either.
let. All the chinks buy factory meat when available, and they buy it all.

>> No.13495242

I visited a US farm one time and helped in castrating bulls and I assure you there was no anesthetic administered. They are locked in a tight pen and you reach through the back gate, grab their nut sack, slice the bottom off, squeeze from the top so the balls are exposed, slit them then throw some antibiotic powder on it.

>> No.13495243

Why do you have to be a dick about this.
Read The Flamingo's Smile. It's a concrete, evidential book that refutes Darwin's theory. In the sense that, it goes far deeper than he could have understood.

>> No.13495251

buying and wasting massive amounts of food is viewed as a sign of wealth to some of them
someone post that webm of Chinese raiding a buffet

>> No.13495253

A kid with 120+ IQ wallowing in his own filth in his parent's basement doing absolutely nothing with his intellect but shitposting on the internet isn't more intelligent than the totally average kid being a productive member of society, doing literally anything to improve himself.
A pig wallows in shit and has no greater goal in life than to fuck and eat. They haven't spent the thousands of years bonding with humans to the point that the two species are arguably a symbiotic pair. They can't read the emotions of people like dogs can, they can't protect people like dogs can, and they can be trained to do very few jobs. They are principally good at things that involving eating and reproducing, and that's it, which is why they have always been nothing more than livestock. That doesn't even begin to address the difference in character of the animals.
You're an idiot if you think some vapid "raw intelligence test" is the only thing that decides value or worth, and you're an even bigger idiot for thinking raw intelligence is worth a damn.

Let's face it, you're a demonstrably ignorant person with no ability to actually analyze or critically think about anything, which is why you had to come up with some sophomoric, high water-to-gray-matter ratio bullshit about supposed intelligence of animals to justify a trend in your diet.

>> No.13495260

I showed this webm to my mom, and she was disappointed.

>> No.13495262

Boy if you had a blog or something you could probably make a lot of money of the irritating shit you say. I mean, it's actually financially marketable to be as irritating and antagonistic as you are. So uh...maybe do that?

>> No.13495270
File: 96 KB, 1068x763, UNEP-pressrelease.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>China's on a fast track to destroy their own environment for profit. Things need to change

china is already the world leader in renewable energy and investment for the past few years (even more than the usa) and they are already putting in laws against pollution. They have also stopped accepting garbage disposal from other countries.

>> No.13495282

He JUST explained that you illiterate chink

>> No.13495284

>all 1.4 billion chinese has to consume meat the way i read about it in fox news articles and those 4chan webms

imagine a foreigner seeing a fat man shitting his pants sitting in a mobility scooter in a walmart and thinking -all- americans must be like that

>> No.13495285

Good for them.
Now tell me why the giant paddlefish was just declared extinct.

>> No.13495301

>and they are already putting in laws against pollution
Better 30 years late then never.
This will make enough room for other countries to get into the cheap chinkshit manufacturing bidnis.

>> No.13495305
File: 239 KB, 426x717, 1486119560759s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>ok, but, [whataboutism]

>> No.13495317

Ugh god let me guess like, Wyoming or something? Probably texas but those people are brutal retards that keep tigers as pets so uh..right. Bad ranching is bad, and too few people maintain the dignity of it.

>> No.13495320

Damn they would have been a first world nation over a decade ago if they weren't, so Chinese.

>> No.13495329

>White people try to make arguments
>Chinks just shitpost until nobody cares anymore
So, uh, because of the Nanking rapes, China is allowed to rape their remaining peasant population because they were raped. Perfect logic. Also 30000 civilians eaten was a liberal estimate.

>> No.13495334

>muh renewable
And even with all that renewable energy and despite the fact that the majority of the country is still pre-industrialization levels of advancement, they still produce more than 30% of all pollutant materials in the world.
They should be the principle producible of renewable energy, considering it's only fair you try to fix what you're fucking up.

>> No.13495335

In my state all the ranchers, and farms try to grab as many good guy certifications that are available, so they can brag about having the best, and most ethical products.

>> No.13495341


America has less renewable energy than them, the second most pollution in the world. Most per capita among industrialized nations. They also dont even bother with any climate regulations

>> No.13495343

I have an uncle that I'm pretty sure was the worst rancher ever. Huge plot of land, sub-beef, lazy fucker. Those cows suffered when they shouldn't have.

>> No.13495347

So because America is fucking retarded, China gets a free pass? Because China is trying to put out the fire they started themselves, they're morally commendable?
Why can't you cucked-out brainlets imagine living in a world where a global hegemony isn't traded back and forth between some supposed super power?

>> No.13495351

>waaah why didnt they do this like, years ago

how long did it take for europe and america to clean up their own industrialisation? even now there are polluted AF places in the USA from mining and contaminated groundwater

30+++ years for massive industralisation and only looking to clean up after is about usual

>> No.13495359

>second most polluting country
There's a huge gap in pollution between the US, and China
It's like there's a huge gap in military expenditure between the US at number one, and the number 2 country.

>> No.13495363

China probably buys carbon credits to make themselves look better, which is the same as doing nothing. Plenty of countries do it instead of actually making changes.

>> No.13495369

The primary difference being that everyone knew the environmental dangers of industrialization by the time the China got involved, but they get a free pass on their idiotic behavior because "WUT ABOUD DUH WEST?!" whataboutism? Your argument is, what, exactly? That China is only as bad as you claim the West it? Oh, fucking fantastic, isn't that great for the rest of the world.

>> No.13495372

Nobody said that. Can you actually read? China is actually making strides towards renewable energy and has far more renewable energy. And less per capita emissions

Does Chinas fuckups give you a free pass or do you just enjoy environmentally destruction? Do you love protecting the billionaire oligarchy in America?

>> No.13495378

Yes, the US still has a higher per capita expenditure and far less renewable energy. China doesn't excuse America's inaction

>> No.13495379

The US, and Eurioe has had implemented regulations, and China never did.
The difference is that the US, and Eurooe were unaware of how pollution would affect anything when they started while China knew damn well that they were polluting when they started. All the trial, and error was already done, and available to China, but they still decided to pollute for decades in order to undercut competition.

>> No.13495382

What about China's inaction, given they are by far the biggest contributor in global pollution? Stop blaming the west for problems that were your fucking idea to begin with.

>> No.13495385

>china is making strides
China should be making strides, they're the absolute worst polluters by a huge margin.
>per capita
Yea, I imagine it's pretty hard to pollute per capita when more than 80% of your country is still pre-industrialized and you've built an economy off of manufacturing a handful of literal ghost cities.
>does Chinas fuckups give you a
Shut the fuck up, idiot, I'm literally calling the United States fucking retarded for its behavior in environmentalism, and somehow your bug-brain turned that into a defense? Go learn better English and try again, PRC IDF.

>> No.13495386

people who live in glass houses dont get to throw stones


>only WE get to pollute the world!
>now that we are at the top, china has to remain this 3rd world idyllic kungfu village and not develop itself
>oh nonono! china is now becoming the next superpower by force oh no im crying

>> No.13495387

America has less pollution than China by a long shot.
China found the wrong way to beat America at something.

>> No.13495391
File: 23 KB, 301x360, IMG_20200110_144506.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you actually reading what im typing or are you here for your pro bono whiteknighting? Because no one is excusing Chinas actions while you continue to defend American destruction because "m-muh vagina did it!!"

>> No.13495393

unless you are an american your voice doesnt matter. Nobody can probably find your europoor country on a map and the -ONLY- reason you are not a russian slave now is because of USA (nato)

>> No.13495397

They buy carbon credits.

>> No.13495399

We're Americans.
At our core, at least in the beginning? Descended from pirates and mercenaries. This explains the whole culture. We're utterly cooler than you.

>> No.13495401

>argues that china is somehow more morally commendable than the west
>the basis for that argument is that china is doing literally the same thing he's condemning the west for having done
Shut up, dipshit. You don't have a point beyond hating the West. You don't want the world to improve, you don't want things to get better, you just want to fling shit and argue. You sound like a PRC internet shill.

I am quite literally an American, idiot.
>if you aint america you aint shit
For the love of god, just go live in the garbage island that India and China are making and stop giving this country a bad name with your purposeful stupidity. Why the fuck are Americans so proud about being dumb on purpose?

>> No.13495403

>only WE get to pollute the world!
We don't let ourselves pollute as much as china
>Now that we are at the top, china has to remain this 3rd world idyllic kungfu village and not develop itself
The US gave china enough chance to develop itself into a first world nation.
China failed, Japan, and S. Korea did not.
>oh nonono! china is now becoming the next superpower by force oh no im crying
India is the next superpower 2020

>> No.13495408

Pork tastes great, you sand nigger.

>> No.13495410

People are quite literally defending and excusing China's actions by claiming they are somehow better than the West simply because of their activity in renewable energy. Stop this bad faith argument horseshit.

>> No.13495413

And they are, as America continues to go backwards and offshore more industry to these industrializing nations. Germany has half the per capita emissions as the US

>Shut the fuck up, idiot, I'm literally calling the United States fucking retarded for its behavior in environmentalism
No you aren't, you're literally just deflect everything to China. Enjoy billionaire dogshit stuck in your teeth

>> No.13495420

People are quite literally not. That is an actual bad faith assumption.

>> No.13495425
File: 135 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it has to be them just cheating it cant be oh no

the list is from an international agency, (IRENA)
also it has nothing to do with carbon footprint but just energy from green sources

>> No.13495427

The more money your country makes is the more money the US makes, so it's win-win.
Now I guess it's time to move on, and see what India, Vietnam, and a few other countries can do.

>> No.13495431
File: 61 KB, 1280x720, e13d14e3e653fe78ace8fde55903959f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>India is the next superpower 2020

>> No.13495433

Only in the brain of a complete idiot or a bad faith actor and likely PRC defense shill could
>America is fucking retarded
be considered a deflection.

>america is going backwards
Ironically, China is doing the same shit in Africa, but only America is bad. Keep sucking the hegemon-dick, cuck boy. I want a world without super powers, you want China to pound your boy-pussy.

>people are literally not doing these things which actually exist right here in this thread
Okay, bud.

>> No.13495435

Carbon credits are used to "buy energy" from places like windmill farms thousands of miles away, bro. They're called "carbon" because you're supposed to buy as many credits to offset non-reusable energy use. It counts to IRENA.

>> No.13495437

That's very impressive considering the population of the US, Germany, and the other smaller countries.

>> No.13495443

I won't defend any hostile action verbally. That's nonsensical. There has to be a reason, beyond propaganda and the idiom of the country proper. If you're not considering beyond, you're not considering at all.

>> No.13495444

it seems arbitrary to set a bar for what you consider high intelligence and acceptable to eat. the only thing that might make sense is if you strictly stay with oysters/clams/mussels, they're supposed to be so basic that some people consider them vegan foods. but i don't know for sure.

you could even just limit the amount of meat you consume altogether, which would result in less death. only eat it when you feel like your body really needs it.

>> No.13495447

ah yes, japan, the 1st world nation with literally one million tonnes of contaminated radioactive waste water from the fukushima incident, what a great example

>> No.13495455

>pretending industrial accidents are the same as people purposefully shitting up the rivers and oceans
This might be a difficult concept for the Chinese to understand, but not all pollution is on purpose because you simply don’t give a fuck.

>> No.13495460

Everything you said after
>that's nonsensical
is, ironically, nonsensical. Practice your English more.

>> No.13495462

Less pollution than China, and that's with a nuclear incident.

>> No.13495464


>> No.13495466

It was irritating and disagreeable but the overbearing hypothesis is actually sound.

>> No.13495467

>no please its an accident dont hold people accountable
fukushima was largely human negligence

>> No.13495471

So you admit US offshoring is complicit in pollution? Thanks

>> No.13495472

And it still led to less pollution than China.

>> No.13495473

I don’t give Japan a pass, but I still recognize there’s a huge difference. I have been to China. I will never go back. It’s vile. Lots of things I loved, but I’m from a little Canadian coastal town of 200 people and I have never seen filth like I did over there, and I never want to see it again. I thought Thailand was bad...

>> No.13495482

Man. I'm really trying to not hate the Chinese, but it's obvious that your all horrible people.

>> No.13495483

>country with a small % of the population of china and with a severe aging problem has less pollution

wow, real 200 IQ moment. You gonna say japan consumes less food than china next?

>> No.13495485

Placing guilt on another is such a fucking weird copout. Like, I took a shit but, you ruined the plumbing? Who's a fault?

>> No.13495498

Also, please don't stop sending us oil and food...

>> No.13495500

What puzzles me is how little of a militaristic threat they are.

What the fuck do we have that intimidates them so much?

>> No.13495516

you mean BUYING and TRADING?

literally makes up bullshit reasons to invade countries for oil (iraq and libya)

be so rich they are literally throwing money at people to get whatever they want

>> No.13495519

For the love of the People's Party, don't blockade the Strait of Malacca, though...

>> No.13495525

Oh my god they really are. The shit I saw over there, it’s not civilization. There’s no true community. I saw an old woman push a little girl into the street just so she could shuffle up one spot in the crowd. She kept trying to push the next person into the street but it was a man and he just ignored her efforts. They would come up and pose beside me for pictures without even asking, or just take pics of me. They’re fucking bizarre and have no true manners outside of their homes.

>> No.13495527

>Just look at how much subsidized goods we buy with the blood of our people.
Belly implessibe.

>> No.13495529

>how little of a militaristic threat they are.
you clearly dont know anything because China + Rus has more nukes than USA + UK combined. This is the reason there will never ever be a war between usa and china, it'll literally kill everyone.

>> No.13495532

Right anyway. I almost got arrested in some city that started with an S there and no I aint going back. Fucking who knows what hell you'd be in, in a Chinese jail system. Horribly racist fucking sociopaths all over the place. It's hurtful because some of them are genuinely good people.

>> No.13495541

>What the fuck do we have that intimidates them so much?
the ability to more easily nuke any country hundreds of times, ship soldiers anywhere in the world, and who knows what has been developed in secret on top of that. missile defense systems means it would be harder for them to retaliate as well.

>> No.13495548

>the ability to more easily nuke any country hundreds of times, ship soldiers anywhere in the world, and who knows what has been developed in secret on top of that.

>lost to malnourished rice farmers digging holes in the ground

>> No.13495554

The Japanese are a powerful, determined people. It was the only solution. They'd have taken all of us with them in a ground war.

>> No.13495557

Says the billionaire bootlicker just screaming shill

You literally are deflecting EVERYTHING to China because you love oily Exxon cock. I can admit both countries are TERRIBLE on climate while you absolve billionaires of wrongdoing

None of those posts you linked say anything about China being absolve you bad faith billionaire balllicker

>> No.13495562
File: 167 KB, 847x696, chinese.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we don't intentionally torture the pigs by skinning then alive then boiling them alive

>> No.13495566

>retarded general who just wanted it to be a war of attrition
>military decided to not use nukes because they just did it to japan not that long ago and didn't feel right doing it again
it was a huge fuckup but you'd have to be retarded to think they would've won if the us military used everything it had

>> No.13495568


>whY aRe thEy upsEt?

God what a retard you are. Im so glad Bernie is going to be step 1 to sending work shy incels like you to reeducation and work camps

>> No.13495569 [DELETED] 

>You have been awarded 10 (ten) points to your Social Credit score.
>Glory to the People's Party.

>> No.13495573

Yet your most effective military tactic to date is having your immense peasant population standing on a river bank throwing rocks into enemy ships...

>> No.13495575

What are you even talking about? Can any of you virgins read or is it only as far as billionaire ballsacks will let you?

>> No.13495576

It enhances the flavour as they piss themselves. The African swine flu only makes the meat more tender.

>> No.13495581

>Chink Argument Hidden Technique: Deflect Everything Until People Don't Care Enough To Argue With You

>> No.13495583

Another good faith argument from the billionaire balllicker

Zero dollars deposited into your account, ever. Another million into Exxon's

>> No.13495587

Stop being so angry your women like us better. African women will fuck you, and there’s only like a 25% chance the one you marry will have aids...

>> No.13495590

How much are you getting paid to lick billionaire fossil executive ballsacks?

>> No.13495592
File: 32 KB, 500x283, 1577405962605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's okay, they'll let your family go some day. How many years of serving in the People's Liberation Internet Defence Force do you have left?

>> No.13495593

I've made enough mistakes not to be a virgin but those billionaire testicle containers sound pretty interesting.

>> No.13495596

Women dont like fat angry incels or fat retards that think saying the US is an imperialist destructive hellhole is a deflection

>> No.13495598

Excruciatingly liberal estimate, but it's a shame the chinks can't do math.

>> No.13495605

Its okay. The billionaires will let you lick up their cum if you cut their taxes again

>> No.13495607 [DELETED] 

>Congratulations, Citizen! You have maximized your Social Credit score!
>Welcome to tier two of the People's society!
>Glory to the People's Party.

>> No.13495613

Oh is Daddy Drumpf going to let you lick his dingleberries now or does that require cutting his taxes too?

>> No.13495614
File: 33 KB, 420x353, FT_19.09.30_China_Negative-views-China-up-sharply-Canada-US.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>chinkshills acting like anybody loves them
We nuked the wrong people.

>> No.13495618

Glory to the People's Party.

>> No.13495619

No one who doesn’t work for the Chinese government would say America is a hellhole compared to China. There’s a reason why the Chinese go to USA to illegally have babies and not the other way around.

>> No.13495624

Glory to the People's Party, comrade!

>> No.13495635

It's because we will subsidize the income of a citizen that attends university. They're shify fuckers I tell you. At least Bruce Lee knew, it was better to be an American. He was a good man.

>> No.13495636

Did I say compared to China? Oh right I didn't. Youre a fat retard who loves billionaire balls in his mouth and will stop at nothing to protect their taxes and cum from not trickling down into your fat anus

>> No.13495637

ROC is the real China. PRC is a bunch of inbred warlords who can't control their population without brainwashing and threats of death.
Eat more sparrows, fuckwads.

>> No.13495642 [DELETED] 

>wow, I literally can't stop thinking about sucking the glorious precum of the people's party leaders
The absolute chinkbrain. Try eating more than just rice and tea.

>> No.13495644

Boy you sure get defensive when someone attacks your daddy billionaires. They must be paying you a hefty load of their cum eh?

>> No.13495650

Can you Americunts come up with any real arguments? So what we killed millions of our own people? We're literally the only superpower left in the world and you're all slurping down on our cocks.

>> No.13495656 [DELETED] 

Holy fuck, chinks need to eat properly. This is your brain on malnutrition.

>> No.13495667

Not everyone has the privilege of guzzling billionaire cum after defending their honor of polluting the world and getting tax cuts

>> No.13495672

>defending the self-genocide of your own people

>> No.13495679
File: 198 KB, 644x800, 9be741fd51fb872bd486d5b783e77e23-imagepng.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13495683

Why is this wojack shit just a lot of bad illustrations and yelling? I mean fuck, where's the creativity?

>> No.13495695

Yeah i can't imagine why Americans are defending billionaires destroying the planet and shoving their dicks down the working class throat, must be why they follow Israel into every war idk

>> No.13495699

Huawei billionaires owns your government, chinkypoo, and all your tech comes from Israel and Russia, but you can't even afford to build it to spec. Enjoy your (((people))) party, halfbrain. Good think you've proven you can't think for yourself.

>> No.13495704


>> No.13495705

>the Americans defense mechanism is to YET AGAIN cape for billionaires


Now THIS is deflection.

>> No.13495708

You sound like an argentinan mad about the falklands war or something. Holy fuck did you lose so hard. What you're made if isn't harder than us, the end.

>> No.13495710

Reported for racism. Everyone knows the real word is Taiwanese.

>> No.13495713

Red pill me on Chinese gutter oil, Chinese peepee eggs, and Chinese shit tea guys.
Are Chinese actually considered human like us?

>> No.13495718

While I've sat here criticizing China and the United States of Zion. You've sat here endlessly whiteknighting a billionaires right to trickle their jew cum down your throat

>> No.13495720

Do Chinese people really...
Spoiler: YES

>> No.13495725

You sound like another obese american upset the billionaire cock he's been suckling isnt actually helping his own interests

>> No.13495729

All I heard is "you're a fat upset billionaire" and no to well, all those things.

>> No.13495732 [DELETED] 

Why do you pseudopeople do it! Why can't you just not eat turds, and urine?

>> No.13495738

Your hearing is probably as bad as your weight control then

>> No.13495741

213 pounds pure 6'1 muscle dude. I'm a skiier.

>> No.13495747

Ah a dyslexic I see. 312 I understand

>> No.13495752

You ski to the refrigerator.

>> No.13495755

Well, I could listen to thing that have fucked your brain when I go cross country soon. It wouldn't do me any benefit. I live for the run, and most of what I think is probably nonsensical to other people. Skiing is love, skiing is life.

>> No.13495760

You eat actual shit, and pp. Why do China do this?

>> No.13495762
File: 745 KB, 1080x1488, Lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why don't you tell me?

>> No.13495764

>I could listen to thing that have fucked your brain
I could see what has done yours in.

>> No.13495766

cant teach a pig to fetch a bird you just shot or keep a herd of sheep in line

>> No.13495770

It would be better to name it but, I doubt it.

>> No.13495778

Would if I Could. Wait where are my really slippery socks?

>> No.13495779

It should be nothing short of unsurprising the second you talk about American imperialism, a flood of CIA funded* ballsuckers come in to defend the red white and blue blowjobs of the billionaire class and their havoc on global society.

*funded would imply payment, this is not the case here, these are willful indentured servants

>> No.13495780

>vegans: meat is poopy lol
>romaine lettuce: me too lol

>> No.13495781

You really can. My uncle has a hunting pig he takes out with him all the time.

>> No.13495782

>oversenationalized scary British article
>Chinks eating pp, and the poo poo on purpose.
Yea. You tell me shiteater.

>> No.13495787

So you love your poopy meat to be braised with the billionaire cum you slurped up? With a garnish of the birdshit they stepped in?

>> No.13495794

Oh another poo pork connoisseur I see. Do you wash it down with the pairing of pearl white jizz whine? Aged in billionaire balls for 70 years?

>> No.13495799

>tfw bought some tins of Chinese green tea from an Asian market and they taste funky
I'm not drinking poop tea am I?

>> No.13495815 [DELETED] 

>Poo connoisseur
Yes, yes me Chinese. The pee pee, and the poo poo very good chinese medicine.
Here I fry for you pee pee, and poo poo in more pee pee, and poo poo from sewer.

>> No.13495822

There's not enough cannabis on the planet to correct how much I misunderstand you.

>> No.13495828

not sure what level of schizo you're on but there are a lot of issues with plant food cleanliness and safety as well was my point. aflatoxin is a mold in a lot of plant foods and causes cancer.

>> No.13495829

You no understand China peepee eggs, and China fecal tea, or China branded sewage oil for cooking China delicacies?

>> No.13495833

its nothing to do with intelligence, pigs were bred to be food, dogs were bred to be companions
its like anal sex, its not the actual purpose of it and its just wrong

>> No.13495839

You know, nothing about me.
Did I say that I did, or acted in any of those ways? You are a lack of calm influence and frankly, I don't particularly like you as a person right now.

>> No.13495846


Oh yes you love your rare poo beef with a billionaire ballsweat reduction

>> No.13495859

So u understand china poo poo and china pee pee as food?
You love a the poo as food? Muh china brother from another china mother.
I shit in tub for you to make meal out of OK?
Don't worry it will be like your regional favorite dish.

>> No.13495863

No, all you think about is mean shit. All your speech is utterly bitter. I don't enjoy the taste, of your words. I'd prefer if they didn't continue.

>> No.13495868

The secret ingredient is
>human excrement
It's also the main ingredient.

>> No.13495874

i'd eat a person before I ate a dog

>> No.13495875

You lie uncle. You lie on internet. You Chinese so you liek to eat poo poo in tea. It's healthy (according to china uncles).

>> No.13495882

I'm glad you managed to devolve into something, that cannot resign to reason.

I, win.

>> No.13495889

>delusional cope
Okay u win babby. You win contaminated food, but it's okay, because you enjoy eating feces soup, and sewage that you eat on purpose.

>> No.13495894

I don't have to cope with anything. Life is lived or not.

>> No.13495896

Chinamen here. Eating poo tea, and pee eggs is in fact a choice constantly made by us the Chinese.

>> No.13495899

Why you, and the rest of spend all that time eating human waste as a choice though?

>> No.13495902

No but, he's 100% right and they will ignore all scientific data to the contrary. Old chinese people are their own disease.

>> No.13495908

What principle, in any argument caused you to think that we do? That is not logical. Clearly, we do not do that. We are humans on the same planet as you. What fucking propagandic mindfuck makes you think we're doing that?

>> No.13495919

>What principle, in any argument caused you to think that we do?
Mostly just the fact that you chinese people actually do eat urine soaked eggs, fecal tea, and sewage for cooking, and on purpose.

>> No.13495922

>What fucking propagandic mindfuck makes you think we're doing that?
Kek nice try Xi the Pooh.

>> No.13495923

Sorry Americans I was busy seasoning your meat with last nights dinner

>> No.13495925

I'm not Chinese.
Thing is, the Chinese are mongolians. Little secret they didn't tell you. What the call han doesn't exist. Or else it's gone. You are a mongolian gangfuck of a human, deal with it.

>> No.13495931

Americans sure love defending eating shit and drinking billionaire cum, free of charge

>> No.13495932

>I'm not Chinese
Sure thing my shit eating pal.

>> No.13495939


>> No.13495940

I would be fucking mystified if I was Chinese. I'm mostly Danish far as I know.

>> No.13495941

Eating dogs isn't bad because they're cute or smart. Eating dogs is bad because carnivores have shitty meat.

>> No.13495965
File: 7 KB, 272x185, fuerdai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's only chinese defending other poop eating chinese in here.
Why Chinaman don't spread wealth?
How fuerdai have money while other patriotic uncles make sacrifice live in cages, and eat turds?

>> No.13496042

>your "value" is determined by how well a specific species of great ape judges you on their IQ test
I don't interact with any of you stupid motherfuckers

>> No.13496285

Pigs didnt team up with us to climb tooth and nail to the top of the food chain. Dogs did

>> No.13496468

On the other end of the spectrum, how does human taste like?
I've always been curious.

>> No.13497022

Well, you can taste ur own blood

>> No.13497041

pigs are fucking disgusting. I have no empathy for them but for the sake of yourselves do not eat that shit.

>> No.13497045

They taste good though. Stop proselytizing Islam /ck/ pls.

>> No.13497261

>Swine and octopuses are too intelligent, you savages! I shall not consume them! *tips trilby*

>> No.13497685

no he didn't. he just said that we raised dogs to like us therefore killing them means you don't like humans, which makes no sense since dogs and humans are different animals.

>> No.13497743

they seem like friendly people

>> No.13497753

have you never seen a documentary on how your meat is made

>> No.13497788
File: 232 KB, 1600x1600, ppdrink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

enjoy your water

>> No.13497792

I'd drink her piss

>> No.13497793

you probably ate out a lot of people then

>> No.13497801

and i already did. worth every dollar

>> No.13498006

Your value with respect to that great ape, certainly. There is no inherent value in anything.

>> No.13499275


>> No.13499285

holy shit, I'd drink ALL womens piss

so HOT

>> No.13499291

it's not a matter of intelligence, it's about loyalty

Dogs are loyal, pigs aren't. Hence, they are on the menu.

>> No.13499326
File: 45 KB, 615x375, Pork-Trotters-in-Spicy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do westerners eat all of the pig though?

>> No.13499337

kek. Should've said you're not retard, retard

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