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There was a time when all of our nutritional needs could be met by eating only plants. Nowadays these plants are nowhere to be found because we killed them. So people resort to murdering and eating meat in order to obtain the missing nutrients. The harder, more conscientious way is to rely on labratory developed supplements to compensate for the missing nutrients. This is the only morally responsible route.
When we are able to bring back the extinct plants that previously provided us with all we needed, there will be no need to murder innocent animals, yet there will likely be people addicted to eating meat and who get a rush from slaughtering animals and thinking about them being slaughtered by others.
These people will need to be slaughtered themselves. There will be no rationalization left for killing innocent animals after we achieve the resurrection of the essential plants.
The more of your time you dedicate to promoting veganism, the faster we can bring back the plants.
Stop eating meat (it clouds your judgement and turns you into a ravenous beast), and adopt a plant based diet, pay for supplements (consider it a tax for being part of a race that stupidly killed plants they would need to rely on. Oh and also for being a murderer.) and perform research or donate money to resurrect the plants.
Imagine what a great world this will be when we stop murder.

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So what plants? Name them, I'm curious.

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ya i ain't reading that shit, fuck off vegan faggot

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Kill yourself

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Humans are omnivores

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Tasty tasty murder. Even ignoring pig and cow there's a lot of delicious animals out there. You'll never get me to stop eating meat.

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what about lab-grown meat?

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Not the OP but from what I've heard the lab grown meat needs to be woven into fibers. It apparently doesn't taste or feel like real meat, instead like some sort of blob of meat-like gunk.

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I don't understand posts like this. I don't eat meat because I think it's immoral to kill something that can experience emotions when it's not strictly necessary, but saying meat turns you into a ravenous beast or we didn't always eat it is flat out dishonest. Our ancestors largely survived off meat supplemented with veggies since meat can be readily obtained, while grown foods, until very recently, couldn't be transported long distances without spoilage.

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Its the same basic "scare them to how you want them to behave" tactics that you have in religion and with anti-abortion nutjobs.
You (general you not you specific) make up lies to justify it and when someone calls you out on it you scream about how they're wrong and you're right and no one else's opinions matter but your own.

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So, this is the fiction that vegans believe in when they start popping of slogans of a Nationalist Socialist flavor. Interesting. Must be an amnio acid deficiency of some sort to actually believe this...

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There were plants that provided everything you need nutritionally. You would have been able to simply go outside and walk around eating plants and never suffer any deficiencies. They took them away from us to debase us. They turned us into killers. Some of us have refused to be debased, some of us are sacrificing our health or paying extra money for supplements, it's an evil tax on us. We could all be living in harmony and with abundant food. They didn't want us to have these foods, they wanted to pit us against each other, human against human, human against animal, animal against animal. Even the other animals wouldn't resort to eating each other if we hadn't fucked up and killed our panacea plants. We've corrupted the animals too. Once we get these plants back, they will proliferate and will have to be guarded against extinction. Then we can have world peace.

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>There was a time when all of our nutritional needs could be met by eating only plants.

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This has to be a troll.
This just has to be.

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What the fuck are you on? Which plants are you referring to? Are you aware that since there are humans, they hunted for animals, right?

The animals, which are killed nowadays were born to be killed and eaten. Ethical vegetarians always fail to understand this.

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I dunno man, I have gotten into wild herbs recently and the problem isn't the plants themselves since they still grow in our environment but the disappearance of cultural knowledge on how to eat them.

What I mean is how much of each plant you can eat, which parts, how to prepare them and implement all that into a working system. Meat and fish has been a big part of it though since ever

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>another vegan thread

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We used to be other animals and we got punished by God so the plants died from the tree of Life. We were then forced to eat animals to fill up our iniquity so as to make us more punishable. Now we have been rebuked enough and we can regain the plants. There will be another ark to get on and the meat eaters will be left to drown

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Tell us what plants those were and how you know this to be true?
At best there are some plants that could provide somewhat complete nutrition during short seasonal windows, but almost nothing natural is nutritionally complete

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>Tasty tasty murder
Imagine not even denying it but reveling it in like an edgy faggot.

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This is literally "the Golden Age of Uranus" from Roman myth, yet somehow used as some kind of scientific argument.

I can't believe the brainlessness of some people.

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