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Vegan General: Healthy and Handsome Edition

Welcome to /veg/, a thread dedicated to the health, environmental and ethical benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

b-b-but muh Vitamin B12

Veganuary: Go animal free for January

McDonald's introduce new vegan options for 2020

Pizza Hut to introduce vegan friendly Pepperphoni

British man launches legal action to make veganism a protected category

Recipes and ideas

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Mmm, I fucking love meat.

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>b-b-but muh Vitamin B12

Wtf does some vegan cuck getting fired have anything to do with b12?

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>No worthy vegan martial artists, or strongmen
No thanks OP.

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Interesting OP.
Am lurking.

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Every vegetarian ever.

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>vegan thread
>posts vegetarian
Not too bright are you, anon?

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Yes goy! Eat the corpses... I mean the burgers and cutlets. You need meat to be strong and healthy.
What, you have some chest pain? You need more protein goy!

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not an argument

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He double posted a link.
If you need to get b12 in your diet from non animal sources you should eat marmite/vegemite/yeast extract.

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>Vegans could get the same legal protections as religious people, as a landmark case is heard in Britain


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It'll never catch on in the norf

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>British man launches legal action to make veganism a protected category
Isn't he, and other vegans already protected under LGBT laws?

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Ignore them.
The fact they're paying attention to the thread is a start.
Every journey and all that.

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Do you know why vegans are pussies?
Because vegan and vagina have the same root word

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We’ve been over this. Mechanical planting and harvesting kills between twenty and thirty thousand small mammals per acre, every year. These animals are not instantly killed with a captive bolt gun, but they are crushed to death in their shallow burrows or ripped to shreds by whirling blades. Their atomized gore ends up permeating every single pulse, grain, bit of rice you eat. Unless you believe that somehow a cow’s life is worth more than a vole’s or a rat’s, which is totally stupid thinking as I’m sure you agree, you’re causing more suffering and animal death than if you exclusively ate beef, where you could easily kill only one cow per person per year.

It’s not the meat industry that kills the most animals per year. It’s big grain and soy.

No, only a sick freak of a vegan would eat grains and pulses and beans. It’s absolutely cruel! This is why, as an actually ethical vegan and not just a slave to big grain, you shouldn’t eat mechanically harvested crops of any kind. Imagine this little animals getting crushed, mangled, their guts spurting out in wormlike coils as they are crushed, entire families of them! Tiny little baby bunnies and voles, their eyes just opened for the first time, and the only thing they EVER saw was their poor mommy’s skull getting smashed and her brains coming out, right before that soy harvester kills them too.

Vegan people are sick freaks and they’re in a Satanic death cult - lying and saying they’re saving the planet when their soybean hunger is deforesting the Amazon and they deal much more death than a strict carnivore. All the while lying to themselves and everybody else.

Veganism is positively Satanic unless you do it like the Jain.

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>if you exclusively ate beef
Good luck with that sensible dietary choice.

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>vegan and vagina have the same root word
based, ESL retard.

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A single animal contains all the nourishment that the body needs (if you eat the liver raw), so an all meat diet isn't actually as shocking as it seems.

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Hey OP, some fucking faggot retard antivegan who posts here used her real name on reddit.
She posts the sv3rige memes here and used the same file names on her Twitter and reddit account.
Toothless in the flesh.
Use this information how you will.

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The fuck?
Did the left change what

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Vegans are mentally ill and don't even have any religious relationship with animals like vegetarians do.

Too many of you faggots are sickly and your vegan kids keep dying so no one will ever take you seriously on health grounds. Ya'll niggers looking like ghouls.

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The violent left strikes again.

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Fuck off Jessica

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gott damn that's the most handsome man I've ever seen. I'm going vegan now where do I meet manly vegan men?

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>claim Reddit meaty anti vegan posts here
>Accuses every non vegan as being that person, or not n this case an "Jessica".
This is pretty weak.

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Herbivore foods are hard to digest, including nuts and especially greens and grains. Honestly the only non animal food I would recommend in large quantities would be root vegetables. The easiest foods on the body would be eggs, fruit, fish and poultry. I honestly trust the frugivore vegans the most, any niggers eating large quantities of broccoli, bread and peanut butter is in for a bad time.

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File: 608 KB, 1439x1355, fatass retard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>antivegan SJW can barely form an opinion without directly quoting someone

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Samefagging in a jessica thread... Meat heads btfo

>> No.13450202

Any vegan who eats soybeans, beansprouts and tofu is begging to be low energy and sickly.

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>weak jaw from soft mushy animal food
>blemishes and horrible skin from milk
>eyes just about to pop out of her skull

So this is the power of animal products?

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Jesus Christ the turkey neck on this bitch wtf I'm vegan now

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Jon Venus eats eggs. Use his brother for future generals

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I started eating vegan 5 days a week in 2019. I lost about 15lbs, down from 190 to 175 ideal weight. I put on a good bit of muscle,mostly in my arms and chest and I know this is going to sound suspicious, but at 38 years old,not my girlfriend and I think my cock got bigger...

I'm sold. I love that it helps the planet and my girlfriend's pussy tastes like starburst when she's eating vegan. I intend to keep up the 5 days a week vegan diet.

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>can't read an sentence
Is this the full power of lgbtveganism?
I'm aware of the term, but not when used in this manner. Are you from Reddit?

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she's cute, i'd marry her and make lots of babies with her.

>> No.13450226

Post time-stamped evidonce anon.

>> No.13450230

Fuck off Jessica you fat dike antivegan ugly turkeyneck pimplegolem

>> No.13450231

It’s a “let’s you and him fight” episode, OP is probably a Jew.

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>fuck off Jessica
Vegans are mentally ill.

>> No.13450252

Why not go full vegan, you're practically already there.

>> No.13450256

Shut up, Jessica.

>> No.13450259

Jessica you should lay off the dairy estrogen, your chin looks like it was surgically removed

>> No.13450262

Calm down, Jessy poo

>> No.13450263

That's flexitarian

>> No.13450269

Wtf I'm vegan now

>> No.13450277

>Vitamin B12
Incorrect link, have the following:

>Independent third-party laboratory testing has confirmed that Parabel's water lentil crop and the ingredient LENTEIN® plant protein contain the natural bioactive forms of Vitamin B12 adenosylcobalamin, methycobalamin, and hydroxocobalamin. The water lentil, or duckweed as it is commonly called, was shown to contain approximately 750 % of the US recommended daily value of the bioactive forms of Vitamin B12 (per 100 grams of dry plant).

>Significant amounts of vitamin B12 in plants were detected in Hippophae rhamnoides (37lg/100g dry weight), in Elymus (26lg/100g dry weight) and in Inula helenium (11lg/100 g dry weight).
>...with 6.5g dried Hippophae rhamnoides berries an individual can reach the recommended daily amount of vitamin B12
>the concentration of Hippophae rhamnoides in vitamin B12 approaches nearly 74% of vitamin B12 content of one of the richest natural sources of vitamin B12 such as pig liver
(i.e. sea-buckthorn, wheatgrass and elfdock/horse-heal; study specifically checks for bioavaliable B12 and NOT analogues)

>The concentration of cyanocobalamin in the chlorella samples is similar to that of nutritive supplement 2, implying the suitability of chlorella as an alternative nutritive supplement to vitamin B12 of natural origin.
>The major cobalt species in nutritive supplements and chlorella samples was cyanocobalamin.
(form of B12 used to treat deficiency)

>The results presented here indicate that Chlorella tablets contain substantial amounts of B12 so that they may be suitable for use as a B12 source, especially in vegetarians [...]
(bioavailability not checked for in this study, but they did check for analogues)

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>We’ve been over this
Yes, we have, and this retarded meme has been disproven countless times.

>tootless is literally a paid animal ag shill and a woman
Can't make this shit up

>> No.13450303

You could probably get her kicked out of school for inciting violence against a group of people.

>> No.13450310

I know that you're signed into Reddit right now.

>> No.13450316

She has teeth though. Explain this toothless "meme".

>> No.13450317

Jessica go study for your bovine anal examination quiz

>> No.13450323

>Jess Murawski
Sounds like an east-european Jew, lets look it up in tome of reference, "Jewish Family Names and Their Origins"!

Yup, Murawski is in there! Ya'll got KIKED by a woman lmao.

>> No.13450325

Go post more of your fat pictures in this thread psycho.

>> No.13450328

You browse Reddit now?

>> No.13450336

The person usually posts pictures of vegans with bad teeth, so it's not a reference to them lacking teeth but to their tendency to post pics of toothless people.

kekkerino, lets do it veganbros

>> No.13450337

>""""""""""""""""""""""""vegan""""""""""" bodybuilder
>posts pic of someone who is obviously eating meat and roiding
Why do vegans need this healthy cope? Vegan isn't healthy its a political statement against killing animals, Its not healthy, never has been healthy and never will be healthy.

>> No.13450338

Jewed by a 20 year old woman. Enjoy your bitchtits estrogenboy.

>> No.13450339

>Jew anti vegan
>Jew LGBT vegans
Who is kiking who?

>> No.13450347

Just eat marmite.
All the B12 you could want.

>> No.13450348

post more pics of jessica

>> No.13450349

>The person usually posts pictures of vegans with bad teeth
>Vegans with bad teeth
Is this that common? How would one even find these pictures to post?

>> No.13450351

>We’ve been over this.
And every time you resort to hyperbole to cover your ignorance.
It's tiresome.

>> No.13450356

Are vegans coopting testosterone, and masculinity now, but without being masculine?

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File: 125 KB, 893x458, der_meatcück.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Proof: just trust me dude lol

I'm an ecofascist vegan and I've been telling you all toothless is a kike from the start, and did any of you heed my warnings? No. I even made the meatcucks=kikes meme for fucks sake! Pic related.

>> No.13450364

About 15% of americans don't take care of their teeth. You could use the same "proof by example" fallacy to point out that all omnivores have bad teeth with a simple google search. She thinks she has an argument yet she's using a basic logical fallacy, thus coined Toothless. Plus she spams 10 antivegan threads per day on /fit/, yet shes a low IQ pimpled buttergolem.

>> No.13450367

It sounds like you literally just lost 15lbs, all that other stuff is probably from the weight loss, if you lose weight your muscles are going to appear more visible, If you lose weight then the area around your disgusting fupa is going to decrease in size. You are going to lose weight till you become like a skeleton.

>> No.13450371

Doing God's work, OP.
Keep it up.

>> No.13450373

It isn't common, it's like the same two or three pics of two different guys, one of whom did a shit-ton of drugs before doing vegan as an old man.

>y-you don't buy meat in the supermarket so you're not masculine!
Imagine defining your masculinity based on consumption and criticising others for lacking masculinity.

>> No.13450378

>I even made the meatcucks=kikes meme for fucks sake!
You're the only one who thinks that this is a meme.

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Mom says I can't go vegan until plant based chocolate milk and tendies go down in price

>> No.13450381

Vegan Men Have 13% Higher Testosterone Levels!

>> No.13450383

Ok, now THIS is based

>> No.13450394

>Imagine defining your masculinity based on consumption and criticising others for lacking masculinity.
This is exactly what the vegan poster that I responded to was doing. Seems like you're just working a double standard, and attacking anyone that points it out.

>> No.13450395

>those muscles
fake as fuck, probably eats a bunch of cheeseburgers in secret

>> No.13450396

Meh I've seen it reposted once or twice, I personally just posted it one single time. Not every meme takes off and I can't be arsed to spam my crap the way Jessica does.

>> No.13450401

Shows you how spiteful and malicious vegans are. That's why so many YouTube vegans suddenly stop making videos. Can't let them know you are eating meat again. Not worth the threats

>> No.13450405

No, that person was calling you an estrogenboy for consuming estrogen.

Yes, anon. Because the secret to being muscular and lean is cheesburgers. Wanna know how I know you're an american?

>> No.13450406


>> No.13450411

2 teaspoons sesame oil, or oil of choice
4 cups thinly sliced vegetables, I used carrots, peas, purple cabbage and red pepper
1 (15 oz) can chickpeas
1 jar Quotn brand stir fry sauce


Heat a large skillet over medium heat and add sesame oil and vegetables. Cook vegetables until softened, about 10 minutes.
Add the chickpeas, stir and then pour jar of stir fry sauce in. Cook until sauce has thickened and coats the back of the spatula, 3-5 minutes.
Serve stir fry over rice, noodles or polenta and top with fresh herbs if desired.

>> No.13450412

>yeast extract
this is only high in b12 because it is added. And you can taste it. yeast extract is disgusting and tastes like ground up vitamin pills, because that's what it is. If you're gonna take a b12 vitamin just take it as a pill, it costs less and you don't have to ruin your food by pouring ground up vitamins all over it.

This still doesn't answer why he has that link next to the statement about b12, they're completely unrelated.

If you're gonna go through the trouble to make a post like this, at least check your fucking references. jesus fucking christ.

>> No.13450414

Silk Chocolate Milk and Morning Star Buffalo Nuggets are very good! Have you tried those before anon?

>> No.13450419

Post more of her i'm in love.

>> No.13450421

>reporting someone to the proper authorities for inciting violence and being malicious is itself violent and malicious
Too much bacon clogging your brain, there?

>> No.13450423

Also making a few pounds of seitan wings takes less work than driving to the grocer, and costs 1/10th of the price of store-bought chiken Wangz.

>> No.13450426

>yes goyim, support the pharmaceutical industry
You're actually worse than a vegan, kike.

>> No.13450433

When I repost this thread each evening I will check my sources.
Thanks for the heads up, anon.

>> No.13450436

>eats meat and drinks dairy
>gets heart disease
>denounced big pharmacy
The mental gymnastics. Daily reminder that vegans live 7.3 years longer on average.

>> No.13450442

Stop samefagging jessica, you're a 2/10 at best and a 3/10 in the eyes of a virgin with a boner.

>> No.13450446

>assuming I eat meat and consume dairy
Learn some critical reasoning, retard.
You're not ready for adult debate.

>> No.13450447

Vegans are always lying, and misrepresenting data.
The testosterone is not bioavailable to vegans, because of sex hormone binding globulin.

>> No.13450452

>No, that person was calling you an estrogenboy for consuming estrogen.
That vegan poster was attempting to coopt testosterone, and masculinity.

>> No.13450453

>i don't know how hormone homeostasis works
Thanks for blatantly pointing it out anon. Great job.

>> No.13450459
File: 227 KB, 618x400, 916f3297b2d429eef311585477fd7944.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cheeseburgers must be unhealthy, because
>you HAVE TO eat rabbit food all the time to be healthy
>omg how DARE you have a slice of cheese and some meat patty

you know that world class athletes like micheal phelps eats those all the time right? it doesnt matter as long as you exercise and burn it off

>> No.13450463

She's an aryan goddess and looks very soft and suitable for cuddling and baby making. Gib pics of full body.

>> No.13450464

Where did they incite violence?

>> No.13450467

>i don't know how hormone homeostasis works
Exactly. Now go use misrepresented data elsewhere you dumb, weak, bitchtittied mook.

>> No.13450471

I remember my first study. Do you know why it's called homeostasis?

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File: 189 KB, 462x450, laughter_stops.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw this is what the future will look like for meat eaters

>> No.13450477

why the fuck are his breakfasts so big

>> No.13450482

I wonder what his arteries will look like in 2030.

>> No.13450485

>I remember my first study.
Your first plaguerism?
Link it.

>> No.13450486

>S O Y

>> No.13450488

He used to burn a monster load of calories.
He used to train for ten hours a day.

>> No.13450490

Probably starts his training sessions early.

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File: 98 KB, 960x720, slide_21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pathetic cope

probably does like tons of power swimming in the cold morning pools and shit

>> No.13450495

As they should, as we have higher test and don't ingest estrogen and display alpha male qualities like empathy, altruism, responsibility and going against the grain of society. You on the other hand tried to coopt testosterone and masculinty based on your shopping habbits, like a fag.

If you're an elite athlete eating 12k calories per day you can afford to eat some unhealthy stuff. If you're a part-time bodybuilder with a coaching business and a family eating 3k calories per day, you're not gonna be wolfing down fast-food every day unless you want to look like shit.

You're a kike, Jess.

Over and over in many threads wishing for vegans to die or be killed.

>> No.13450501

Imagine the smell of the heart attack arteries at 40

>> No.13450504

>As they should, as we have higher test and don't ingest estrogen
They have higher testosterone, but that testosterone isn't available for their body to use.
It would be different if they ingested animal fats though, but then that would disqualify them from being vegan.

>> No.13450507

*imagines extra hard for the myth*

>> No.13450508

Good thread

>> No.13450510

>lots of exercise
>heart attacks

genetics plays a huge role in heart disease anyway

>> No.13450512

Soychads unite!

>> No.13450514

I'm giving veganuary a go for the past two days.
Been eating a lot of stir frys and homemade pasta.
So far so good although for some reason I've been pushing out massive, super solid shits.
Honestly, it's like passing a brick.

>> No.13450515

>takes conclusion at face value because he doesn't understand hormone homeostasis
Post body

>> No.13450519

Vegan are the cyclists of the food world

>> No.13450521

Or eat lots of cruciferous vegetables to lower SHBG and raise free test, but what kind of vegan would eat broccoli???

>> No.13450524

>post body
Post yours, and link your study.

>> No.13450527
File: 29 KB, 657x527, 48451568974.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vegans and omnivores have similar levels of test. Stop spouting nonsense from some clickbait YouTuber

>> No.13450528

>pudgy "youtuber" child smears a gigantic chad vegan
Hahahaha it's like seeing a child call a full grown adult a poopoo-head

>> No.13450529

Contrary to popular belief, it -is- possible to get vitamin B12 from a vegan diet.

All you have to do is find a girlfriend (this is generally not difficult for vegans as they are very popular with women), impregnate her, wait 9 months (ok this is admittedly a little dumb, you can just find a woman that already has a baby), then drink her breast milk. voila

>> No.13450530

Don't forget that Hench did some modelling too.

>> No.13450534

Watercress is a plant and contains B12. Nice try Jessica, you fat pimple-faced cunt.

>> No.13450535
File: 40 KB, 640x991, hohobaby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting that retard Haleman
Hench is not a Chad either. He is a lying money hungry sack of shit

>> No.13450536

>breast milk is not an animal product
You're a fucking idiot, son.

>> No.13450538

Most vegans just felch cum from their rentbois butthole for the b12.

>> No.13450543

What's your excuse?

>> No.13450545

Hench fucks. Hench big. Hench strong. Hench handsome. Hench healthy. Hench beautiful. Hench bloodwork perfect. Hench tall. Hench perfect.
Anti-vegans cope.

>> No.13450546

I wouldn't call Michael Phelps healthy just because he's an Olympic athlete. The guy 100% uses doping just like 99% of all Olympic athletes. This isn't even a secret. It happens all the time that Olympic athletes get banned for doping, only to return several years later after the banning period is over. There is literally no pretense that anyone at the Olympics is natty.

>> No.13450547

Fuck you, man. *One* time I did that and it was a tranny in Thailand and suddenly it's a "vegan thing".

>> No.13450549

For not felching cum?
I'm not vegan.

>> No.13450553

>vegan argument: common sense, education and science
>Pro meat argument: muh youtubers

>> No.13450556

I know you're trolling, but I'll humor you. Women are humans, not animals, and they can give consent, unlike animals. You're so stoopid. You think humans are animals that can't give consent.

>> No.13450557

Maybe this should have been your first clue that it was, or would eventually be a vegan thing.

>> No.13450560
File: 435 KB, 1536x2048, EDlY2WlUUAAO4cy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13450566

That ain't a pearl tongue stud you've got there, faggot.

>> No.13450567

>maize breakfast cereal
Whatever bitch wrote this shit up thinks she’s too fancy to say corn flakes.

>> No.13450571

Eh.. I'm not anti-vegan. Hench is a idiot. Guy was making clickbait ex-vegan videos laughing at them having SIBO when he had it himself. He lies about his steroid use. Said he use to get off beating up drunks when he was a doorman. Shills every product he can.

Haleman is a retard where his sister had to ask vegans and omnivores not to mog him as he is mentally ill and last time they had to get the Aussie cops to put a search out for him

>> No.13450577
File: 109 KB, 690x354, 01close.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1 out of 6
You caught me.

>> No.13450578

human products are not covered under veganism.

both breast milk and semen are "vegan". The key is consent.

>The Vegan Society, the Supreme Court of meat non-eating—whose founder, Donald Watson, coined the word "vegan" in 1944—is "strictly neutral on the actions of consenting adults," according to rep Samantha Calvert. "Veganism relates explicitly to non-human animals."

>So, assuming that the semen is coming from a consenting human then, yes - you can swallow and be vegan.

>human breast milk is also vegan, as the mother willingly decides to give something of her own body to her child.

>> No.13450579


>> No.13450587

Explain the joke, so other anons could possibly laugh at it as well.

>> No.13450588


>> No.13450594

>true moo
pls be my breeding sow

>> No.13450599

checked you sick fuck

>> No.13450606

Vegans are dumb psychotic gaywads.

>> No.13450610

it's a Keith Vass reference about being in the closet (admittedly an obscure one)
Do you even /pol/?

>> No.13450612

any more that shows off the chest without a shirt that's too big? She looks like she has nice fat tits.

>> No.13450615


>> No.13450616

Why do people hate vegans so much? It's like some weird coping mechanism by meat eaters where they try to justify murder by saying that it makes you marginally more healthy than if you don't commit murder.
You're on the wrong side of history friends.

>> No.13450620

>Do you even /pol/?
Not since old /pol/ migrated to infinity.
I still remember that banner video.

>> No.13450622

>Vass Posting
you idiots are like vermin, infesting everywhere and dropping shit all over.
kill yourself, nazi.

>> No.13450624
File: 35 KB, 550x422, 1559083582807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Murder - The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another

>> No.13450626

chekked yours

>> No.13450630

>literalism autism
Tremendous life you have

>> No.13450635

Fuck off, retard.
Keep that shit in your containment board.

>> No.13450642

>not even the filter can remove the pimples and boils

>> No.13450643

I bet you call artificial insemination rape and eggs are chicken periods

>> No.13450645

It's 2020 shitlord. Animal killing is murder

>> No.13450652


>> No.13450659

>rekking fags this hard
You were waiting a long time for this moment, weren't you?
Masterful display of patience.

>> No.13450683

That's either an mtf tranny or the ugliest 'woman'. I've ever seen

>> No.13450693

Help me vegbros.
I started a vegan diet 6 months ago, and for the past 4 months I've been having to go to the toilet just to wipe the poo from my buttcheecks, not to shit, but poo collects on the inside of my cheeks past my anus. It also itches, and scratching my hole, and inner cheek feels good.
I'm too embarrassed to go to a doctor, so please help me out.
What is it, how to stop it, is it a vitamin deficiency?

>> No.13450705

Eat more fiber, falseflagger

>> No.13450719


>> No.13450724

I've been consuming plum organics protein, and fiber.
Newp. I'm serious.

>> No.13450730

I dont even have to bet you still dont have an argument

>> No.13450731

My fibrous poopies slide out without wiping necessity. Not sure where you fucked up.

>> No.13450740

Maybe it's something else. Celiac disease? Could it be the glutens?

>> No.13450745

You should probably jot down what you eat and drink to see if some food in particular causes it. I found out I was sensitive to cashews. If you can't isolate something I'd see a doctor.

>> No.13450782

I am vegetarian i.e. no eggs,meat but I like homemade dairy products. I get milk from a farmer(no mistreatment with any cows). Should i change to vegan diet? Is there any problem with my current diet?

>> No.13450786

no and no.

>> No.13450788

Yes and yes

>> No.13450791

>dairy products
Did you get consent from the animal?
No, then stop.

>> No.13450798


>> No.13450818
File: 142 KB, 568x372, 2353464587658768364265867896797686475363456423.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One and done here.
I was Vegan for 2 years, anyone who is actually interested in a plant based diet keep in mind some very important things.
1. Don't eat "vegan" supplements, like vegan (meat products).
2. Try and eat a shit load of foods with fats, like Cashews, Avocados, and Dark Greens.
3. If you are just starting and slipping, eat some Dairy (local if you can) once every three months until your body doesn't need it anymore.
4. If you have to eat out, just go to a normal fucking restaurant and order your own dish, they will make it for you. The last thing an omnivore cook and waiter wants to hear is "do you have any vegan options".
5. Drink shit loads of water.
6. Don't consume alot of sugar.
7. Don't be a fucking asshole vegan hipster.
8. Have a fucking awesome day.

Keep it clean, keep it mean.
Flesh eater out.

>> No.13450823

What are health problems associated with my diet?

>> No.13450825

lmao why are vegans always so fucking cringe

>> No.13450830

>eat fats
>dark greens
nigga u dumb

>> No.13450837

No seriously what's wrong with taking milk from a cow?

>> No.13450842

Lack of consent.

>> No.13450846

> Don't be a fucking asshole vegan hipster.8. Have a fucking awesome day.Keep it clean, keep it mean.
Flesh eater out.
you have very gay prose

>> No.13450847

dairy cows experience a lot of discomfort if their full udders are not milked.

>> No.13450852

nothing, lacto-vegetarians are healthier than vegans and pescatarians are a lot healthier, veganism is a retarded pseudo-abrahamic cult

>> No.13450853

Wtf. Do you take consent from plants?

>> No.13450857

The utter hurts if it's not milked, cows like it, just like sheep like to be sheared.

You would have a better argument against taking honey from bees.

>> No.13450859

Dark greens have loads of plant fats dumb ass.
>he is a one and done
>I'll just insult anon
Fuck it.
Get a fucking job you fucking loser.

>> No.13450860

Either do you it seems

>> No.13450862

>roiding for this

>> No.13450867

I never understood why ovo-vegetarianism isn't typical 9 (when vegetarianism is used in a religious ethical sense of relationship with the animal and impurity of eating flesh) like you aren't eating the fertilized embryo. Like pescatarianism seems less taboo than eating eggs.

>> No.13450869

Dairy cows need to be forced to give birth in order to provide milk, and her baby is ripped away from her. Probably killed off, so you could drink it's milk instead.
No. Plants aren't animals.

>> No.13450871

I think he meant eat fats AND dark greens.

Mammals only lactate when pregnant so they forcefully impregnate the cow and then they seperate the mother and child so they can take all the milk. Also they kill the cows when they stop producing milk.

True, but they're only full of milk because we put them into that situation. Kinda disingenious: you keep it captive and forcefully inseminate it and then separete it from the calf that usually drinks the milk and then go "oops somehow it accedentally got too much milk haha I guess I *have to* milk it haha!"

>> No.13450874

Cope harder wagie, you write like a sissyfag from reddit or tumblr
>tourist can't even tell who samefags are
Disable the native extension

>> No.13450882

The utters wouldn't hurt if it was left to provide milk to only it's own babbies, and then stopped instead of prolonged, and force to keep producing milk.

>> No.13450885
File: 16 KB, 480x360, 019270197402375087345103750137501375013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shut the fuck up kike nigger faggot.
You will never be white.
2016 called, it wants you back.

>> No.13450889

>ut they're only full of milk because we put them into that situation
anons cows have to get pregnant to exist and have a biological need to breed. Sure they were bred genetically to produce more milk which causes discomfort when not milked, but that's just who they are now. Stop being fucking racist. Cows love their calfs and can't help their lactation genetics.

>> No.13450890

As i said i take milk from local farm(Hindus- they worship cows) so child lives with them and they still take care of cows after they stop producing milk.

>> No.13450894

>Poo in milk

>> No.13450899

>The utters wouldn't hurt if it was left to provide milk to only it's own babbies
Cows utters hurt before they have any babies and are just pregnant with them. And they produce so much milk now that no the baby nursing would not be enough to ease discomfort. Cows like being milked even before then, it's well documented with the relationship in india, they often treat the milker as one of their calfs.

>> No.13450901

general threads shouldn't be allowed on the site and vegan shitposting shouldn't be allowed on /ck/
if you want to post a dish that happens to be vegan then ok but if you're making a thread just to circlejerk and shame people then fuck off to /pol/

>> No.13450907
File: 19 KB, 521x511, 23andme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trying this hard to fit in
and yes, I am white, with blonde hair, blue eyes and creamy white skin.

>> No.13450909

>he wishes he could do it for free
"off topic" funposting threads are never going away and bans will never work. On topic threads are filled with the biggest and most boring faggots on the site no matter the board.

>> No.13450911

>Cows utters hurt before they have any babies and are just pregnant with them.
They don't use the milk to feed the baby cows.
The babby cows become veal parms, and people drink the milk instead.

>> No.13450924

They milk it open I have seen them milking. It's pure and clean.

>> No.13450930
File: 136 KB, 673x614, 8008135.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13450942

>They have to get pregnant so it's OK for us to use machines to rape them and then steal their kids haha! Yuuum! Puss-filled estrogen water! My beloved corporations said it was good for me!
>Oy vey stop being racist too!
Post nose.

That might actually work ethically, I'd have to know the details. Would depend on how the kids are treated, what happens to males, how the cows are inseminated, etc. It's still filled with estrogen lmao.

>> No.13450960

>fetal bovine serum
Eh. I just remembered that I read over a decade, or two ago that researchers were using this, and along with yeast to create lab grown meat substitutes.
Are the new meat alternatives like beyond meat, impossible, and etc started from
>fetal bovine serum
and how does this affect consumption on an ethical level if they are?

>> No.13450966

Oi vey goyim! Tell those filthy carnivores about the vegan truth. Eat bugs white goyims!

>> No.13450968

I can tell what study you've off hand citing from. Its not even correct. Vegan men were the healthiest of any population.

You live in a retarded cult that glorifies your and the planets death

>> No.13450970

It's more of a worship thing for them. Kids live in same shed as cows. Didn't ask about insemination though.

>> No.13450971

>82% British and Irish

Also enjoy Chinese Jews owning your DNA, shitbrain

>> No.13450981

Which study is Anon referencing to, and which studies are you referencing to for your claims?

>> No.13450982

Not her but how’s it hyperbole? Sounds more like you vegan cuckolds just don’t want to admit your grain and bean requirements cause the death of more animals than a conscientious meat eater causes.

>> No.13450991

You should probably post sources to your claims instead of pretending to neutral and objective while posturing one viewpoint for evidence

>> No.13450996

She is QT.

>> No.13450997

Because animals are fed plants, dipshit. Even grassfed requires harvesting to make hay, but 99% of cows are fed the very soybeans you mention, that's what most soy and grain is used for, that an shitty additives to human food like vegetable oil.

>> No.13451007

How jains do it?

>> No.13451009

Many cows graze on rangeland and don’t eat hay. But you’re missing the point - vegans are the ones who have a problem with killing animals. Is your only defense of your murderous vegan diet “b-but meat eaters do it too uhh?”

That low protein diet is causing your brain to go mushy. Meat eaters aren’t the ones claiming that they are being kind to animals. Vegans are, and they’re lying.

>> No.13451013

They never kill a plant when harvesting it.

>> No.13451014

I haven't made any claims. I only asked you to provide sources for yours, and for the Anon which you claim to know the source of.

>> No.13451035

Vegans don't mind eating sentient microbes. What a bunch of hypocrites.

>> No.13451053

lol you guys fags

>> No.13451064

>I am vegetarian i.e. no eggs

Guess what. You're a moron.

>> No.13451069

Most cows are in feedlots. Even the "grass fed" ones eat all sorts of plants including alfalfa which is the overwhelmingly most water intensive crop in California
>vegans are the ones who have a problem with killing animals. Is your only defense of your murderous vegan diet “b-but meat eaters do it too uhh?”
No. Its, veganism is significantly less harmful
>That low protein diet is causing your brain to go mushy.
No, that'd be conversing with you.

>> No.13451075

You can stop pretending now.

>> No.13451080

>but 99% of cows are fed the very soybeans you mention
What country do they do this in?
>inb4 US
Because it's not a US thing.

>> No.13451088

You could just share the sources that you claim to have instead of trying to find ways to attack me.

>> No.13451092

>Most cows are in feedlots. Even the "grass fed" ones eat all sorts of plants including alfalfa which is the overwhelmingly most water intensive crop in California
Fuck California and fuck the pupfish.

>veganism is significantly less harmful
That’s actually not true, vegans eat almost ten times the avocados per capita compared to normal, sane eaters, and they use even more water than alfalfa.

Just admit it, your meme diet is murder.

>> No.13451098

Cows are not fed soybeans. They eat corn, liquid feed, and silage. Also cows barely are allowed any alfalfa because it gives them bloat. Chickens eat more alfalfa.

>> No.13451100

Imagine being so pathetic that your whole life revolves around being a carnivore

>> No.13451101

Don't forget the crippling bloating and gas. If I didn't get that I would probably be plant based

>> No.13451102
File: 49 KB, 666x449, Screenshot-2018-11-09-at-18.14.31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is well studied and you both are very wrong.

>> No.13451104

>toothless carnist comes a screeching eventhough he's been proven wrong in every thread
Is it the arteriosclerosis or incipient heart disease that causes carnists to fail to incorporate new facts and information into their world view?

>> No.13451106

>IBM Debater chat bot cant function without links and sources

>> No.13451113
File: 160 KB, 696x952, foto-sc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>claims to have sources
>doesn't post them when asked about them

>> No.13451114

That happens when you flush your gut biome by drastically changing your diet or eating things you don't normally eat. It went away for me within two weeks. My farts could blow out candles across the room for awhile though, it was awesome.

>> No.13451115

>anonymous photo of some graph is proof
>a “study” is the same thing as studying something
I’m assuming the source is total shit like some retard vegan site because you intentionally chose not to give it.

Vegans are the ones losing their teeth dumbshit. And eating meat isn’t a cause, carnism only exists in your malnourished mind.

>> No.13451117

>The vain side of me didn’t really want to share these before photos. But I realised it might help someone sick and confused like I was. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables(which are almost all man-made and unnatural) doesn’t equate to good health. I eat 0 fruit and vegetables now and I’m healthier than I’ve been in years: go figure!



>> No.13451121
File: 41 KB, 462x479, gr-burgers-462.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13451124

When she was a vegan she had that narrow head meth head look that vegans get, also the dark eye circles which instantly out a vegan.

>> No.13451127

>antivegan healthclub

>> No.13451129

It is the US
Enjoy the cope

>> No.13451132

It's just how I was raised fag. Didn't care to change my diet

>> No.13451138

How does this prove that soybeans are used as feed?
Just quickly web searching, and all the results suggest that soybeans are used as a supplement at most, and is experimental. Suggesting that it isn't common practice, and/or was found to be toxic to cows.

>> No.13451149

Prove it.

>> No.13451151
File: 24 KB, 409x566, Soy-Stats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Huh? You're being responded to by more than one person. One Google search away anon.

>> No.13451154

Vegans will say anything. For example a while back vegans were saying (while pretending to be meat eaters) that they only eat tank raised salmon even though such a product doesn’t even exist.

>> No.13451159

Based schizophrenic

>> No.13451160

That’s barely any soy. And it’s fermented as silage first, so it hardly counts.

Regardless vegans eat more, very irresponsible.

>> No.13451167

>when vegans on /kc/ get called out for their lies anybody else who isn’t vegan is schizo
You’re an actual AECOM shill aren’t you? Schizo is your company’s calling card.

>> No.13451192

I guess those numbers could suggest that it's used as a supplement for cows.
Also most cows in the US are just left to graze untill being finished, so they're technically all grass fed

>> No.13451200

no thanks im not into hair loss

>> No.13451204

nta that you were talking to, but I would say you are in the very rare situation where the consumption of milk isn't the worst thing. I think the cows being bred for the purpose of providing milk to humans is still very wrong, but you are not someone I would see as bad.

>> No.13451218

Around 80% of cows in the US are in CAFOs/factory farms and never see the light of day, generally only living through three lactation cycles and then slaughtered for product, living a small fraction of their natural life span.

>> No.13451219

All vegans refuse to eat meat and animals products. All ethical vegans do so, because they are against animal cruelty.
That is all.

Anything else you say about "b-but i saw a vegan once who spread his propaganda by false flagging as a carnivore!!!" is irrelevant. It's like saying all Americans are a pack of liars, just because Verizon paid shills to pose as anons on 4chan and post about how bad net neutrality is.

>> No.13451221

Isn't tank raised salmon, and other fish actually a thing?

>> No.13451226

It’s nice that you’re magnanimous enough as a pampered first world consumer to allow the one billion Hindus to be labeled as evil, but not quite as evil as meat eaters. Very first world of you.

>> No.13451235

Not salmon. Tilapia and catfish are tank raised sometimes.

>> No.13451238

Seems like bullshit. It would be more expensive to do that instead of just getting 2 year old cattle from a few suppliers, and fattening them before slaughter.
I'd believe you if it was economical, and if you actually had evidence.

>> No.13451242

>coming soon etc
You didn’t even read your link did you? Typical vegan.

>> No.13451244

Speaking of which. Why do tank raised fish still have heavy metals inside them?

>> No.13451245

>only tilapia, and salmon
Maybe 30 years ago when people were just finding out, and experimenting.

>> No.13451254
File: 175 KB, 1095x626, 1560384064783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could stop pretending to be a neutral bystander and actually source your original claim

Complete lie, cool story though

>> No.13451261

Heavy metals are an overblown concern and heavy metal toxicity is not encountered in practice.

You can not buy tank raised salmon, tuna, none of the things vegan trannies claim exist. Just trash and garbage fish.

>> No.13451264

Cool, you phonepost. Now source your original claim

They are fed soy, and they eat loads of alfalfa amongst other plants added to the pasture tobl replenish the soil and grass they degrade

>> No.13451267

>coming soon
It's available sporadically from small local producers, but large commercial producers are "coming soon", and claim to be market available by 2021.

>> No.13451269

>no citation
>doesn’t account for animals killed during planting and sowing
>eggs are animals lol
It’s you, are you literally here all fucking day? Nobody has gone vegan because of you, and your lies just make all vegans seem like Satanic homosexual communists.

>> No.13451274

Cows don’t eat much alfalfa at all, only a few percent is allowed in their feed blend or else they bloat. Chickens do eat it.

It’s not available at all. Link places where you can buy it, you can’t do it because it’s not on the market.

>> No.13451281

Did you look at the same picture as me, because nothing you just said makes sense.
i'm not going to teach you how to interpret graphs. If they didn't teach you that at school, that's your problem

>> No.13451282

>You could stop pretending to be a neutral bystander and actually source your original claim
I didn't make any claims, and your image doesn't prove that you have any sources to back yours, or anons claim of
>I can tell what study you've off hand citing from. Its not even correct. Vegan men were the healthiest of any population.

>> No.13451284

The article sources from USDA statistics
>doesn't account for planting and sow
Thats the harvest you retard
>eggs are animals
Not what it says, its amazing how there's always one braindead fuck like you that doesn't read the chart and says such stupid shit you retarded fuck

>> No.13451303

I'm not really into doing your work for you, but you can go through the list and see if they'll sell to you.

>> No.13451307

>sources from USDA statistics
That’s a bizarre way of phrasing it, are you a lawyer as well as being a communist vegan tranny? Or possibly Jewish?

>> No.13451309

>none seem to actually offer their salmon for sale
So link me to where I can buy some, not paid PR articles from years and years ago. You can’t because it’s not on the market. Also leaf chugs hate whitey, there’s no way I am financially supporting them.

>> No.13451313

What's wrong with being communist? It's the Chinese century anon, in 2050 nobody will care about America anymore.

>> No.13451317

I look forward to seeing you Commies get thrown into camps when WWIII breaks out.

>> No.13451321

>your meme diet is murder!
It doesn't matter how hard you broadcast the fact that you're a hysterical woman or try to flip the script like a kike or use hyperbole or faux outrage; the sheer mechanics of trophic levels prove you wrong, and every single objection you've pulled out of your ass has been addressed and debunked. Just stop.

Is your brain too clogged with bacon-grease for you to google? Do we need to spoon-feed baby every single thing so that baby can, in a baby-like fashion, go "nuh-huh!" and spit it out whilst pouting? Fuck off.

>> No.13451336

>gets BTFO'D and has his inability to read a simple graph revealed
>feels shame
>"Y-you're a communist tranny Jew!"
Stop deflecting, retard, I want to literally blow Israel up with nukes and even I'm not buying your bullshit. You got called out because you're dumb and ignorant, maybe stop being retarded online for five minutes and do some research.

>> No.13451352

You can stop pretending, and the image wasn't for you.

>> No.13451353

If WWIII breaks out, I'll just swim across the border to Switzerland.
Switzerland is neutral so it'll be fine.

>> No.13451357

That's literally where its from, Jess. You should probably lose weight and gain IQ if you want to understand it easier

>> No.13451363

Are we SURE it's Jess? I mean how does someone have time to post 12 hours per day on 4chan AND post on r/antivegan too? And what kind of autist is so devoid of personality their entire online life revolves around hating vegans?

>> No.13451386 [DELETED] 

>tranny jew commies are literally the mods here
All of a sudden this board makes much more sense.

>> No.13451423

Jessica, pls give it up. I mean we know you're getting paid, but you've failed here. Just focus on reddit and facebook, ok?

>> No.13451481

>link to where I can buy
>links posted
>hurr I ain't buying that
Nobody here is going to filter a supplier for you retard.

>> No.13451529

jsescia pls

>> No.13451550

Jessica please post feet

>> No.13451645
File: 205 KB, 501x445, nope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Soy and vegan diets chemically castrate you into a liberal faggot.

>> No.13451649

Is that your excuse?

>> No.13451753

If meat is a corpse, veggies are compost.

>> No.13451770

How long can I be vegan before I start to drink my own piss?

>> No.13451858

I'll eat your corpse

>> No.13452566

based retard poster

>> No.13452581

The vegan memester strikes again.

>> No.13453825

Vegans remember what you are


>> No.13453908

>where you could easily kill only one cow per person per year.
anon, cow feed is mechanically harvested crops, your argument is invalid.

>> No.13454183


>> No.13454314

a lot of vegans are actually anorexics in denial. they are attracted to veganism because they basically only eat low calories vegetables

>> No.13454331

he only has this physique thanks to steroids.

>> No.13454341

>they basically only eat low calories vegetables

>> No.13454349
File: 191 KB, 1300x866, 84489805-cows-on-a-green-pasture-with-beautiful-mountains-behind.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exactly. Cows are never outside eating this stuff.

>> No.13454378

Look no matter how much you enjoy meat, you better start getting use to vegan meals. Flexitarian and vegan diets are going to be the future.

>> No.13454495

>unironocally swallowing meat-industry propaganda pictures
Nigger if you actually try to get footage from most farms you will go to fucking jail, do you think that's because the cows are just so gosh darn happy? KYS, you're either retarded or a low-paid industry shill who can't even get good propaganda pictures, Jesus relying on watermarket stock footage, fucking embarrassing.

>> No.13454774
File: 40 KB, 576x768, 1577038827854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

let me explain something to all you retards in here
cows do not need to be feed ANYTHING as long as theyre on pasture eating grass, the ONLY reason cows are factory farmed with crops is because it makes them fat (and unhealthy) which means they can sell them faster and cheaper for more profit
saying "it doesnt matter cause cows eat crops anyway" to the argument about crops leading ot more death is completely retarded
you cannot pretend like your diet is about "minimising animal suffering" like you love to claim when its a fact that eating only grassfeed beef would cause less animal suffering

>> No.13454999
File: 763 KB, 1280x800, 1575647629726.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing is as embarrassing as being a brainwashed vegan cultist

>> No.13455120

LOL the irony of a vegan saying this shit. You guys really have zero self awareness do you?

At least carnivore has helped a lot of people with chronic auto immune issues. Which you certainly can’t say about veganism.

>> No.13455179

No I'm stronger now. I can feel it. Lifting heavy objects around the house comes easier for me than it ever was. I brought a 12 ft Xmas tree into the house on my shoulder with ease this year by myself.last year I struggled with a 9 ft tree. The dick didn't just get longer it picked up girth. I think it's related to better blood flow and cardiovascular health.

>> No.13455336

Firstly, if an industry does something 99% of the time, I am allowed to criticise it. That a hypothetical scenario where it doesn't happen might exist does not mean that it isn't happening. Right now, the way things are, most cows are grain-fed for at least part of their life so not eating them DOES minimize suffering.

Secondly, even among the 1% of cows who are grass-fed, you are LYING about none of them needing anything but pasture grazing. Only some can graze year-round with no supplemental grass given - most will require hay for winter or additional grass. That leads to more death. Basically you are using the most ideal possible scenario that occcurs in less than 1% of cases and saying "this is how it always is!". It is not.

Thirdly, even in the ideal case where cows just graze and get nothing else - and again we are dealing with less than 1% of the world beef market here - you are completely ignoring non-harvesting deaths, from e.g. clearing forests to make artificial pastures or killing wildlife to protect the cattle or simply from the environmental damage the cattle do, e.g. eutrophication and methane emissions (remember: grass-fed only cattle grow slower -> more methane over a lifetime; organic fertilizer is less efficient so you need more -> more potential eutrophication).

So what about just natural and organic year-round pastures, with AMP grazing, no wildlife killing, proper soil care to ensure methanotrophs thrive, overall regenerative pasturing methods, and sustainable use of fertilizers to ensure no eutrophication, and ignoring that you still need to kill pests just that you use organic pesticides instead? Well, congrats, in this ideal scenario we can now produce enough beef to feed 1/100 of the world's population tops (and I'm being EXTREMLY generous!) and that's IF they reduce meat-intake significantly, AND costs have now increased significantly too! And you've STILL only reduced the problems and not eliminated them.

>> No.13455339

In conclusion: fuck off, shill. You know nothing about this apart from the industry propaganda you've decided to trust completely. All you can do is repeat the same propaganda over and over, get btfo'd each time, and then post it again. I mean do you even know what any of the terms I used mean? No? Is that why you and every carniecuck ignores them when they are mentioned?

>> No.13455428

>If I lie enough, loud enough, I can wash the blood off my hands....


>> No.13455433
File: 504 KB, 1280x800, 1575650549416.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We ignore what you say, because any sane person ignores enemy propaganda.

>> No.13455443

I sometimes think carnists have atrophied their brains to the point where they genuinely cannot process information no matter how many times they have it pounded into their thick skulls.

>> No.13455444

This guy thinks virtue signaling is a thing instead of the other side of the argument just being better and smarter people. Shits sad.

>> No.13455481

>Firstly, if an industry does something 99% of the time, I am allowed to criticise it. That a hypothetical scenario where it doesn't happen might exist does not mean that it isn't happening. Right now, the way things are, most cows are grain-fed for at least part of their life so not eating them DOES minimize suffering.
are you literally retarded? my point is that you are not "minimising suffering as much as reasonably possible" since eating only grassfed beef would cause less suffering and you try to just write some long blogpost to distract people from the fact that your very first sentence is a straight up intentional LIE, no one is telling you that you "cant critisise factory farming", you COMPLETELY MADE THAT UP as some pathetic attempt at saving face when your argument was destroyed, kys
>hurrdurr its not possible to feed everyone on grassfed beef only
no one is arguing that, this is about YOUR choices and you are objectively not living up to your own definition of your ideology (minimising suffering), I dont give a fuck that a bunch of third world shitholes are making it impossible for themselves to live of off grassfed beef by over-breeding, thats their problem, not mine, and its sure as fuck isnt yours, so stop trying to come up with excuses for yourself

>> No.13455484

yello mello lmao

>> No.13455488

>planting and sowing is harvesting
I think you may be a little mixed up, anon.

>> No.13455501

isn't yeast an animal tho?..

>> No.13455539
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Is milk vegan?

>> No.13455583

Nobody take this retard's bait.

>> No.13455587

Real retard hours on 4channel.

>> No.13455732
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Beginner vegan here ... I thought this would be the right place to ask.

>> No.13455797
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>went to KFC to try vegan burger
>leave with mighty bucket
It's a trap veganbros

>> No.13455809

Sorry to get technical but you're not vegan anymore.

>> No.13455882

the nerve.. you fucking retarded piece of shit. pull your head outta your butt, asshole.

check your biology book or the web before throwing that, you stupid looking-10-years older, plant raped piece of green shit. holy fuck

>> No.13455888

I am surprised you passed the captcha. Yeast is an animal, moron

>> No.13455963

Five kingdoms in biology: Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Protista and Monera. Six if you want to divide Monera into Archaea and Bacteria. Yeast is Fungi. It's no more an animal than a fucking mushroom.

I really really hope both of you are trolling otherwise you are legit dumb as shit.

>> No.13455988

>Kingdom of Man
One kingdom to rule them all

>> No.13456011

hmm, interesting.. can find similar theories on google. wonder if that's some new shill propaganda rising, for accommodating dem plant people. different sources still say yeast is an animal though (same as my zoology book). sounds as if it's subjective now, just like "mike is a boy": fact or opinion?

>> No.13456032

Are you American? Does you bio textbook also say God made Adam and Eve? Yeast has always been Fungi and Fungi has always been it's own Kingdom. Stop being retarded on purpose.

>> No.13456175

no, I'm yuropean and I'm from 91. so zoology textbook im reffing should've been active in curriculum by 2003. of course, not written in the same year and again, web search results return both fungi and animal kingdom for yeast - try it yourself.

>> No.13456304
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I just tried and first ten results say fungi, including Encyclopædia Britannica and sciencedirect.com. Zero results for them being animalia, only site that even mentions that is fungalinfectiontrust.org which mentions briefly that fungi where not always in their own Kingdom but placed first with plants and then animals but that this was in the past and it's currently well understood that they are their own kingdom.

Page 13 of my biology undergrad textbook (Biology by Peter Raven et al, 11th edition) refers to yeast as fungi specifically and uses a more advanced and clearer division that also includes domains and not just kingdoms. Pic related.

>> No.13456349

Idiotic. Feedlots are expensive, this is why most cattle are only there in the last stage of their life cycle for fattening. Pasture requires little to no upkeep (unless you live in Australia with high cobalt soil deficiencies). Go interview local ranchers in your area and find out yourself. They almost always sell their adult cattle to CAFO operations who can bank on their investments. And if you eat anything with corn or soybean products in it, do know that the byproducts from this will always go to feedlots so you're also contributing to animal suffering.

>> No.13456437

See >>13456304

Tell me, explain to me, how does getting btfo'd this hard feel? What does being proven a mouth-breathing retard feel like? Do you feel shame? Or do you just move on to the next shitpost? Tell me how it feels.

>> No.13456631

that doesn't disprove that i didn't see it in my zoology book. the post to see also mentions that fungi was split into plants' & animals' kingdom, hence I'm not a mouth-breathing idiot which still makes my point a possible contender (fungi being its own kingdom now, in order to accommodate & justify vegans).

>> No.13456634

>not a mouth-breathing idiot
>fungi being its own kingdom now, in order to accommodate & justify vegans
Anon I...

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