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Why haven't you joined the millions doing Veganuary this year?

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Because like nofap, it's a cult movement.

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Because I don't fall for these monthly garbage challenges.

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fuck me then, I love cult movements now.

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Because I enjoy he taste of juicy juicy meat faggot!

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It's leaving a cult of torture and rape. Why aren't you in the right side of history yet?

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veganuary more like vaginuary am i right lol

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But that's gay

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hehe cuz hegans (he-vegans or masculine vegans) slay so much vagina, I get it! ha ha ha ha

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meat is delicious and healthy

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i can do without everything but canned tuna

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No, sorry. Im not a self-important smarmy asshole, like all vegans are

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I can eat meat without feeling guilty. I don't give a fuck about stupid livestock. I also don't give a fuck about my impact on the environment. I'm just one dude. The world won't change in any way if I stop eating meat. Finally, it's healthy and delicious. Meat satisfies my hunger like no other food. I eat plenty of other foods containing a lot of protein, but they're not the same.

Why haven't you joined the billions of people who just eat meat like we're supposed to?

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i support everyone who does this if it means the price of steaks go down

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>nofap is a cult movment, goy
>trust (((us)))

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>another vegan thread

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>I love big juicy meat in my mouth!
I bet you do.

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You're either retarded or do not have an inner monologue, which still makes you retarded by normal human standard. Please kill yourself.

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>vegan January
that rolls off the tongue in the worst possible way, disgusting

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Really makes you think.

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>not feeling bad for livestock means not having an inner monologue
You are mentally retarded, and your internal monologue is mentally retarded too.

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I can't digest beans and may be allergic to soy. I tried but I need to eat animal products. Also I'm a bit concerned about Israel pushing veganism so much in the west

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Yes, lacking the capacity for empathy for other lifeforms and literally all of the planet means you lack self-reflection i.e. have no internal monologue.

>b-but that anon is retarded
Even retards are at least sentient. You're basically a plant. A vegan could eat you.

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Are you fucking retarded or something? "b-buh you don't think the way I think, so you must not actually be a real thinking human being with a codifying stream of consciousness!" My monologue speaks with a clarity yours could scarcely imagine. Kill yourself and spare us your pseudo-psychological prattling, veganigger.

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>McDonald's is bring out vegan dippers meal for veganuary in the UK
>not a vegan burger
McDonald's = burgers. Why are they afraid to embrace veganism?

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>dead-eyed, goblin-eared, le 56% face with a complete dearth of moral physiognomy on YT wants me to do something
Great way to guarantee that I will not do that thing and in fact will do the opposite of that thing

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>Great way to guarantee that I will not do that thing and in fact will do the opposite of that thing

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>thing I don't like
Kill yourself in real life, veganigger.

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>memes are my existence
Go outside child

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>M-my monologue speaks with a clarity yours could scarcely imagine!
Wow that's some pretty pathetic cope there, buddy! Good thing you added in some casual racism here on 4chan, really makes you stand out as an individual haha.

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I'm makin pot roast tonight

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I came here to post this.

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>From McDonald'sVeggie Dippers to Waitrose doubling itsvegan range, several brands are getting in on the act as people give up animal products for the month.
It's over bros. Lil zoom has embraced veganism. Lil zoom's children will never experience meat

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This is the post

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>thing you said but fake stutters
That's a fat seethe you got there, brainlet. There's no hard minimum IQ requirement for a coherent language-based train of thought, and you are a beautiful example of this fact, veganigger.

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If the Jews run the world and are against nofap, why do they allow it?

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I have always been on the right side of history.
I always vote Right.

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Cope harder, fag.

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Because I'm not a soy boy.

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Says the kid with dairy moobs and low T.
>vegan men have 13% higher testosterone.jpg

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>somebodies value system doesn't align with my own
>clearly they have no value system
lack of animal protein is deteriorating your brain

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>79 percent of vegans are women
>42 percent of vegans became vegans after watching an educational film
it means women are more easily swayed by emotional propaganda

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vegans are younger on average by about a decade and testosterone decreases with age, this accounts for almost all the testosterone gap observed between vegans and meat-eaters

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not a fag

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I like how there's not a single argument coming from non vegans, it's all just emotional babble or buzzwords.

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>animal protein
Not a thing.

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cause I don't wanna look like this in a few years

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>another vegan thread
when will this stop

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there is nothing to be argumented here. Sane people don't participate in this shit, nobody cares about this and this thread is garbage. Just shitposting here

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That is the equivalent of me joining millions of people fisting each other until their anus prolapses.
It's pointless, it's unhealthy and it's downright unnatural for a human being. No matter how many retards join in for the trend.

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Because I like cheese, eggs, and meat.

>> No.13449254

Seems too stupid.
t. Ex vegan (6months)

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A vegan diet makes males irritable.

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Cope, the study that found the difference controlled for age as well as other factors including smoking-status, bodyfat, time of day the bloodwork was done, etc. Higher test for vegans, and according to other studies bigger loads too.

Nice of you to confirm that anon was right and that you have no argument apart from ludacris claims that it takes insanity to not want to ruin both the environment and your own health and cause the death of billions of animals. Cope.

>in b4 already disproven memes about how veganism causes more death and environmental damage, all made by brainlets suckling meat-industry propaganda who don't know what trophic levels are

And yet nothing triggers the meat-cuck more than someone declaring themselves vegan.

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>Nice of you to confirm that anon was right and that you have no argument apart from ludacris claims that it takes insanity to not want to ruin both the environment and your own health and cause the death of billions of animals. Cope.
what cope? NOBODY is obligated to participate in this shit.
>why aren't you gay?
>I'm hetero
This how you sound

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why should I argument something? I don't care about veganism and this is just a shitpost thread. I'm not obligated to participate in any of this. Why should I argument against any of this? What cope?
Lmao you are obsessed.

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I like eating meat.

>> No.13449501

>And yet nothing triggers the meat-cuck more than someone declaring themselves vegan.
Vegans actually think this.

>> No.13449534

Why do you talk like you're a greasy bastard? ESL or just touched?

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Nie THAT'S an Argument you got there

>> No.13449698

tldr jew

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Not arguments.

lmao hoped nobody would catch that, fucking autocorrect amirite? my fault for phoneposting like a faggot

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No Arguments against what?
I don't wanna participate. Period.
Why should i argue against something, i've never Cares about?
>"Why aren't you gay Like many others"?"
>I'm hetero
>"No Arguments. Cope"
You better comtemplate your whole existance

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>Not arguments
There wasn't anything to argue against. I was simply pointing out an anon's delusion, and complex with my post.

>> No.13449794

>"I don't want to participate!"

Imagine if I made a thread for and by homosexuals asking people if they've considered sucking some cock now and then and finally standing up to Dad and coming out of that closet, and you come in and and start raging "I'M NOT GAY FUCK FAGS KILL ALL FAGS!! WHY WOULD I BE GAY I DON'T WANT TO DO GAY SHIT SHUTUP I DON'T THINK ABOUT SUCKING COCK AND WEARING FRILLY DRESSES AT ALL! NOT GAY!!" Like OK cool, but why are you in the gay thread about gay shit continuously denying you're gay? That sounds gay af my dude.

My point is none of you carniecucks have an actual argument against veganism and deep down you know it.

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Bumping for a genuine answer

>> No.13449801

>My point is none of you carniecucks have an actual argument against veganism and deep down you know it.
Nah, you just ignore all the arguments, because you don't care about being proved wrong with science.
Stay emotional though.

>> No.13449808

What is your argement?

>> No.13449810

>Like OK cool, but why are you in the gay thread about gay shit continuously denying you're gay
Because the OP jsut asked if I am participating. And I said no. That's literally it. The rest is just shitposting, like every shitty vegan thread on here. Absolute moron. The OP himself didn't give a reason to participate. then you could argue, yes. But no.

Now kys

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>Dont use or have social media
>Not looking for the approval of internet strangers
>Just proccessed a hog like a week ago and the hams just happen to finish curing in January
>Mom and I went half and half on a cow so Ill need to use that liver immediately or itll taste awful
Take your pick OP

>> No.13449848

Yeah, you make it sound like we have to argue. I personally enjoy the tastes of meat, fish, dairy, and don't really want to do without. Nor will I stop drinking booze or masturbating or smoking weed, just because it's January. Seems like the worst month to give up things I like.

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Vegans have higher BOUND testosterone.

>> No.13450260

Actually any half-decent argument gets responded to, you then just ignore the response and pretend you "won".

For veganism? That it is as good or even better for health than being an omnivore (certainly better than the SAD), that "taste" isn't sufficient justification for eating meat especially when there are delicious vegan alternatives and even mock-meats, that despite the low-quality memes stating the contrary a vegan diet has a significantly lower environmental impact, and that holding sentient beings captive and killing them to eat their corpses when we don't have to is unethical even if we are smarter and stronger than they are.

>That's literally it
No, because you stayed in the thread and you're still posting. If you just posted the reason and left after a post or who then that would be "literally it", but you're still here. Why?

>I love my booze, weed, porn, and meat!

>> No.13450275

Why do you larp as a far-rightist? Every vegan is a leftist faggot (also you're most likely to be a woman).

>> No.13450393

Because I'm not some vapid virtue signalling mentally ill asshole

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>No, because you stayed in the thread and you're still posting. If you just posted the reason and left after a post or who then that would be "literally it", but you're still here. Why?
I said three times it's a shitposting thread and I'm shitposting at you and telling you, you are an absolute retard for participationg in this the way you do. ANd you are probably a shitty human being.

>> No.13450604

>That it is as good or even better for health than being an omnivore
This is a blatant lie, all statistics say otherwise. The healthiest and longest living people on this earth are omnivores. Why do you lie on the internet anon? It doesn't make your peepee grow or anything.

>> No.13450613

That anon fancies her(him)self as a funny meme maker.
>I'm an ecofascist vegan and I've been telling you all toothless is a kike from the start, and did any of you heed my warnings?
>No. I even made the meatcucks=kikes meme for fucks sake! Pic related.
Believes that she(he) actually forced a meme, and that it's well established.

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>everything I don't understand or dislike is a LARP!

According to a systematic review of all relevant literature and evidence by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, "appropriately planned vegetarian, including vegan, diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. These diets are appropriate for all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence, older adulthood, and for athletes."
Que you calling science false. Because it's only science when you like it!

I literally said it was reposed just like once or twice you lying fucking kike, all you can do is twist words and lie and deceive and invent stories because you have nothing else. Obsessively, instinctively protecting your beloved multi-trillon dollar muder and rape industry that poisons the Earth on your spare time, spamming lies over and over until they catch on as meme. Oh I'm sorry I made a thing and didn't spam it a billion times like you lot do! I wish more people would've spread what I made because you fucking meatcucks are all KIKES in the soul and check every box Hitler had, just like ol' toothless who spams anti-vegan craps was just revealed as a polish kike woman.

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>> No.13451059

>I literally said it was reposed just like once or twice you lying fucking kike
Lel. Link post, and prove it mememaster.

>> No.13451351

>Meh I've seen it reposted once or twice, I personally just posted it one single time

t. Schlomo

>> No.13451359

Now what, kike? You got cought in your kike lies so are you gonna make something else up? Move the goalpost? Kill an innocent animal for your blood-god?

>> No.13451432

Want to see a compilation of vegans slowly dying of malnutrition? There are so many of these videos on Youtube it's almost scary.


>> No.13451443

Ebic Memester

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Oh I see just repeat the same lie, gosh totally forget there for a second your kind do that!

Shut up, Jessica.

>> No.13451849

i might be a homosexual who has sex with random older men I meet off grindr but im not a flaming faggot

>> No.13452326

>Why haven't you joined the millions doing Veganuary this year?
Because veganism is retarded. Humans are omnivores, so a balanced diet is best overall, but in terms of restrictive diets humans perform way better going carnivore than vegan.

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Anymore NPC drivel you got?

>> No.13452344

I've a freezer full of meat.

>> No.13452345

>durrr gay

>> No.13452347

>Oh I see just repeat the same lie
Being this embarrassed over your own post.

>> No.13452353

Because that would be pretty obvious.
Normies are retarded bu they arent /pol/ tier.

>> No.13452361

not him but inuits and certain masaai tribes have survived (very successfully) for tens of thousands of years eating nothing but meat

afaik there are no vegan equivalents, buddhist monks dont really count as they are not entirely self sufficient and depend on donations and alms

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>> No.13452372

a reminder that being a male vegan is only one step higher than being a male feminist

>> No.13452375

I have no idea what these test results are meant to show me.

>> No.13452377

They dont eat nothing but meat, and they have horrible health outcomes

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being proud of LITERALLY being low test


>In general, the normal range in males is about 270-1070 ng/dL with an average level of 679 ng/dL

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A reminder that a being a vegan hater is literally on the same step as a fat schizophrenic woman
That carnivorous humans are not healthy. Was that so hard to deduct?

>> No.13452385

Eskimo women are great in bed, they really get inuit.

>> No.13452389

>they have horrible health outcomes

>> No.13452390

Go on. Tell the board more.

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File: 664 KB, 1242x2208, 1575883672115.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I implore you to look up who Shawn Baker is and what he eats, it absolutely isn't a vegan diet.

>> No.13452396

what else do Inuit eat besides meat....? there are no plants in the arctic except lichen

>horrible health outcomes
they survived in freezing temperatures and built entire communities and culture and languages and had children

would like to see you survive in -40c degrees, veglet

>> No.13452398

How about you source the claim they eat nothing but meat and done "very successfully"?

>> No.13452401

>cherrypick some dude with low test
>"lol meateaters are lowtest"

>> No.13452406

>I implore you to look up who Shawn Baker is
>this one guy i found is unhealthy so all its unhealthy

but i dont care about your eceleb boyfriend, susan

>> No.13452417

Ok what sort of food can you find in the goddamn arctic? And "successful"? They're still alive, aren't they?

>> No.13452425

Some of them push over 100years old even.

>> No.13452426

They eat berries year round when it's not the winter, there are plenty of plants, they're again, just not available year

>they survived in freezing temperatures and built entire communities and culture and languages and had children
Again, health outcomes? These aren't health outcomes

>> No.13452434

the fact that they are even a culture and a distinct subrace is proof that it works.

your brain must be fried

>> No.13452442

>carnivores are super healthy!!!
>n-no you c-cant say hes unhealthy!!

Ok? Is that a source? They eat berries especially and other plants they can forage. Especially outside winter

>> No.13452445

Not to mention: they span a vast region. The farther south they are they get a longer summer, and can possibly introduce stuff like tubers into their diet, but the majority of the northern tribes mainly thrive off seals.

>> No.13452451

He's not "one guy" or "some guy", he is THE carnivore guy who they all look up to and who is considered an expert on nutrition and the carnivore diet AND a healthy, masculine and strong man. Aaaand he's low test and pre-diabetic.

Basically: if you do veganism super wrong and ignore literally all advice from vegan organisation, doctors and nutritionists, you will get sick. If you do carnivore absolutely right and follow the advice of the top experts exactly, you will still get sick.

>> No.13452455

they are healthy enough to procreate and that is only what biology cares about

what berries are in the arctic circle?

>In the 1920s, anthropologist Vilhjalmur Stefansson lived with and studied a group of Inuit.The study focused on the fact that the Inuit's low-carbohydrate diet had no adverse effects on their health, nor indeed, Stefansson's own health. Stefansson also observed that the Inuit were able to get the necessary vitamins they needed from their traditional winter diet, which did not contain any plant matter. In particular, he found that adequate vitamin C could be obtained from items in their traditional diet of raw meat such as ringed seal liver and whale skin (muktuk). While there was considerable skepticism when he reported these findings, they have been borne out in recent studies and analyses.

>> No.13452457

What if im allergic to nuts and seeds?

>> No.13452458

>They eat berries especially and other plants
They'd have to be quite far south to depend on berries. Certainly not far north.

>> No.13452465

>allergic to nuts and seeds
Everyone is, they just don't know it. seeds are indigestible and most, especially nuts, contain phytic acid.

>> No.13452467

>he is THE carnivore guy

>a literal WHO that nobody in this thread has heard of

ok......? take your meds dude

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Lol this fucking backtracking is hilarious


Low IQ brain at full capacity I see

>> No.13452475

Who said they weren't healthy? You are out of your mind.
You know what would be really funny? A vegan trying to survive in the arctic circle. I would pay good money to see that.

>> No.13452482

So much of the vegan diet relies on nuts and cheese. Vegans cheese and their breads and cakes is all nuts... Their protien is mostly from nuts... I'd die senpai

>> No.13452491

..do you even know what is backtracking? who is backtracking?

the inuit are a -successful- people because they have managed to survive and even thrive for thousands of years eating meat while living in one of the most hostile conditions know to man

what other requirements do you want?? the proof is in the pudding you dont need some guy with a PHD to tell you that

>> No.13452492

Nothing says vapid fuckwit like trying to claim a month for yourself.

>> No.13452494

So... for non-vegan the definition of "health" is just "healthy enough to procreate", but for a vegan they need to have 100% perfect health, never get sick, never get injured, have perfect skin and teeth and never age, otherwise their vegan diet is killing them? OK.

I'm sure YOU haven't heard of him because you're not into the carnivore (i.e. meat only) diet, but he is pretty influential.

>> No.13452499

The thing about phytic acid is that it prevents absorption of minerals. So for instance, if you ate some almonds and a sweet potato in the same meal, you would get virtually none of the iron or zinc from it.
Then when you consider that vegans are eating some form of nut or seed every single meal, mineral deficiency is not much of a surprise.

>> No.13452506

>for a vegan they need to have 100% perfect health, never get sick, never get injured, have perfect skin and teeth and never age, otherwise their vegan diet is killing them?
>4chan is one person

I didnt say this

also, a reminder that human babies die on a pure vegan diet. So many cases. Sad!

>> No.13452507
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>t-theyre super healthy!

>t-they can jizz!!

Such a hilarious cope. Not even trying to argue in good faith

Inuits when actually thoroughly examined live 10 years less on average than a standard fatboy diet

>Who said they weren't healthy
Why are you jumping into the middle of an argument you have no context of you braindead fucking chimp?

>> No.13452509

If you survive in the arctic, you're thriving. I think you are incredibly sheltered and can't comprehend how harsh the earth can be.

>> No.13452512

....why are you such a cringey retard? you are backtracking obviously....

You literally went from "SUPERINO SUCCESSFUL" to "SUXSESFUL" to "THEY JIZZ BRO"

Fucking moron

>> No.13452516

>comparing city people to rural people

>However, the Inuit have lifespans 12 to 15 years shorter than the average Canadian's, which is thought to be a result of limited access to medical services.[73]


>> No.13452519

Moving the goalposts. You said they were super successful and vegans weren't you fat retard. Now you're making double standards to cope.

>> No.13452521

...which is no surprise at all, because lifespan is a shitty metric. most people live too long, and spend their last days in a wheelchair and on medication.
I'd rather go a couple years earlier and be healthy and active til the day i die

>> No.13452523

Not an argument. Their dietary health outcomes are being compared and they are terrible. Cope harder.

>> No.13452524

>Was that so hard to deduct?
Yes, because random blood test results of strangers I don't know are meaningless.

>> No.13452527

I didn't say that, i am pointing out the environment is harsher and therefore raises the baseline health of the people within that region.

>> No.13452532

God you are such a fat loser. What a retarded cope.


The Inuits die of stroke at a 20% higher rate and have rampant alcoholism IN ADDITION to dietary health outcomes. You are a coping retard.

>> No.13452535

"Virtually none" is an exaggeration, it impairs absorption if you have it with every meal but doesn't block it completely, certainly not if don't have nuts with your meal (I certainly don't). And you can reduce phytic acid through soaking nuts and seeds. Congrats, you now understand the "activate almonds" meme; to soak nuts activates them i.e. starts off the germination process.

You'd move that goalpost all the way to the artic, m8.

>human babies die on a pure vegan diet
Sure, if you call feeding a baby nothing but juice and not even breast-milk "vegan", which is technically correct but intentionally misleading.

>> No.13452536

>went from
where did I "went from"???

>hunt their own food
>make their own clothes
>have their own children
>build their own houses

what more do you want? they arent "successful" by your standards because they dont drive a prius and do yoga every sunday?

what they are doing is -absolutely- incredibly successful. Throw a vegan into their environment and he will die within the week.

>resorting to personal attacks and name calling

>> No.13452537

>The Inuits die of stroke at a 20% higher rate and have rampant alcoholism
Ah so you are comparing modernized intuits and not ones living within their tribes in the wild.
Now I see where you got your stats.

>> No.13452542

>"just soak ur food to get the acid out of it then it's healthy lol"
No thanks.

>> No.13452548

Then why would you say carnivores are healthier than vegans? Are they not moist strangers or do you know them? No. You're just coping.

The environment being harsher has nothing to do with their dietary health outcomes. If these were vegans you'd never hear the end of it

>> No.13452549

>The environment being harsher has nothing to do with their dietary health outcomes.
That is not what I said.

>> No.13452551

>If these were vegans
if these were vegans they would already be dead, friendo

>> No.13452568

Carnivore diet seems pretty awesome.
>One animal gives you all your vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and calories that you need.
>Rabbits are easy to raise, and breed like rabbits
>Could still eat berries, and veggies if you want
Seems realistic, and reasonable.

>> No.13452579

The entire original argument is that they are very successful >>13452361
I pointed out their terrible health outcomes and subsequently every counter argument is some retarded made up cope bullshit like this >>13452537

This isnt redit you stupid bitch

>> No.13452590

Thats exactly what you said. Keep backtracking
Keep coping

>> No.13452592

>I pointed out their terrible health outcomes
And your source was?

>> No.13452595

>Placing things in water for several minutes or even hours!??! Gee no thanx, who has patience and the capacity to plan?`I'd rather eat the corpses of sentient beings to the point that it harms myself and the entire planet haha!

>> No.13452596

>use the wrong demographic
>not pure carnivore, they probably eat grain and drink alcohol, much like modernized american indians
>surprised when they aren't healthy

>> No.13452600
File: 38 KB, 640x834, 1569814843130.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Low T is awesome

>> No.13452613

But anon, his meat-based T is more efficient! He wasn't off-cycle at all!

>> No.13452617


I didnt use anything wrong, this is you coping and grasping for straws. You're just speculating.

>> No.13452621

Since you don't understand, I will reiterate.
Strong environmental pressure raises the standard of health of any population who lives in such conditions. This is completely separate from any positive or negative dietary effects.

>> No.13452629

>Muh testosterone
How many times do anons gave to post all the studies that proves that vegans can not use the extra testosterone that they have accumulated.
This is why vegan makes act like whiny bitches

>> No.13452638

>I-I have low T and im proud!!!

>> No.13452641

Bersamin A et al. Westernizing diets influence fat intake, red blood cell fatty acid composition, and health in remote Alaskan native communities in the Center for Alaska Native Health Study. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 2008;108:266-273.
They seem pretty healthy when compared to Western males.

>> No.13452645

Cool non sequitur

>> No.13452652

>acting like an annoying gay bitch
Definitely a vegan.
Now go crazy, and post your bitchtits Fatboy.

>> No.13452656

t. failed biology

>> No.13452661

You guys are both wrong an omnivore diet is the best. Its not the best to eat only meat and its not the best not to eat meat at all.

>> No.13452662

t. a biological failure

>> No.13452669

>Keep coping
so you are saying that vegans can survive in the freezing arctic ....?

>terrible health outcomes
veganism wasnt even POSSIBLE before modern medicine and supplements

for example hindus (vegetarians) drink a lot of milk and that covered holes in the vegan diet

>> No.13452672

Nah. Eating only meat is pretty rad.

>> No.13452676

It is the best to eat whatever is present within your region.
Vegans talk about being environmentally friendly yet half the food they rely on is imported.

>> No.13452686

>veganism wasnt even POSSIBLE before modern medicine and supplements
It's still not possible today if you classify some of the microorganisms that vegans get their b12 from as sentient creatures, or tiny animals that can feel (which some are).

>> No.13452693

That would seem to be the case if you had no idea they were just measuring biomarkers that were basically similar

>> No.13452697

>It is the best to eat whatever is present within your region.
Your not wrong but most places have a steady income of meat and vegetable products.

>> No.13452700

Good comeback. Comeback back to me when your test levels aren't within three quarters of your IQ

>> No.13452703

So you're saying the Inuits are immortals?
>veganism wasnt even POSSIBLE before modern medicine and supplements
K, what does that have to do with health outcomes?

>> No.13452705

We all know that you're gay. You slip up in every vegan thread gayboy.

>> No.13452709

Nice try, my IQ is actually 1800

>> No.13452715

Inuits wouldn't exist if they were vegan, but they exist, because they ate meat.

>> No.13452719

>So you're saying the Inuits are immortals?

>what does that have to do with health outcomes?

Veganism is an artificial unnatural diet only made possible by modern tech and you want to talk about health outcomes? lmao

>> No.13452721

Are there any good vegan martial artists?
No, because you're all pussies.

>> No.13452727

>if you classify some of the microorganisms that vegans get their b12 from as sentient creatures
>sentient creatures
So basically if you lie and make shit up? OK.

Why should I give a shit, I'm not an Inuit and I don't live in Greenland?

>> No.13452736

How long have you been vegan?

>> No.13452737

>this animal dont count as an animal because its small
>if a creature is not sentient its okay to eat it

mental gymnastics

a jellyfish isnt sentient so its okay for a vegan to eat, right?

>> No.13452743

>So basically if you lie and make shit up? OK
You're the only one lying now bitchboy.
The truth goes against your worldview, and ethics, so you just pretend that the truth is actually wrong. You dumb delusional fat fuck.
>Why should I give a shit,
Inuits are healthier than you, you fat disgusting fuck. Maybe you should make some lifestyle changes aidsboy.

>> No.13452757

>How long have you been vegan?
Looking at my calendar... I'd guess about 2 days.

>> No.13452761

veganism kills children. i think ill pass as i don't want to die lmao

>> No.13452771

>literally comparing fucking bacteria to cows who have the cognitive ability of a 3 yo child
>claiming bacteria are sentient
You've run out of arguments, I see.

>you fat disgusting fuck
I'm not fat.

10 years. Vegetarian for 5 years before that.

>> No.13452776

Okay, incel

And they're still unhealthy. Any more goalposts you want shifter

...why do you type like such a retarded fag?

...is strawmanning okay when you do it?

>Veganism is an artificial unnatural diet only made possible by modern tech and you want to talk about health outcomes?
Yes. None of that has to do with health outcomes. Do you need a bottle to sip on so you don't cry?

>> No.13452779

Post physique

>> No.13452788

Bacteria isn't an animal you retard

>> No.13452816

How do you guys even do it? I always feel hungry until I eat some meat. Nothing makes me feel full unless its meat for some reason. Meat is just so good I dont know why someone would want to prevent themselves from eating meat. I would understand if you had some kinda health problem but if you dont your just torturing yourself IMO.

>> No.13452830

You are in tune with your body, meanwhile vegans are masochists that spend inordinate amounts of time preparing meat substitutes because they know on some level they still desire meat, and that disgusts them.

>> No.13452831

You want me to post semi-nude pictures of myself on an anime-themed cooking forum? You're not on /fit/ bro.

>> No.13452835

lol ok fattie

>> No.13452857

So if your body craves aconite, I assume you will be in tune and supply it? You sound like a cultist junkie with no control

>> No.13452862

The vegan lashes out, unfulfilled from his dinner of roasted cauliflower with bbq sauce and chickpea "tuna" salad.

>> No.13452870

Sorry I didn't provide jack-off material for you, homo.

>> No.13452877

The low T fat cuckold lashes out, wheezing from his triple cheeseburger dinner with a diet coke.

>> No.13452888

>>The low T fat cuckold lashes out, wheezing from his triple cheeseburger dinner with a diet coke.
>implying that much
And you wonder why people think vegans are crazy...

>> No.13452898
File: 54 KB, 1019x426, 1559680342752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, epic comeback bro. I wish my T was that low so I could be that unfunny

>> No.13452901

Nothing wrong with some beef, the problem is the grain, and the fact it was probably cooked in plant oils. Not to mention american cheese.
I prefer beef from a local farm, maybe a little cheese, local as well.
>diet coke
I don't drink anything with artificial sweeteners.
Sorry your stereotypes didn't fit.

>> No.13452904

Yeah nothing wrong with clogging your arteries. I think I'll also vote for the anti-war candidate dropping bombs on enemy military leaders while I'm at it
>I don't drink anything with artificial sweeteners
Good, need all the calories you can to maintain the 450 pound frame

>> No.13452915

Calm down anon. Why are you so mad? I'm not even that anon and that was not a "comeback" that was just a statement from what I have observed in this thread.

>> No.13452928

Saturated fat boogieman is soccermom tier. Everything in your body needs cholesterol to function, most importantly, your brain. I can tell you are deficient in that area.

>> No.13452937

t. Out of the closet 15 years ago
Did your dad cry when you told him that your fat ass with bitch tits was gay in the holes?

>> No.13452944

Good one you fat gaycel.

>> No.13452945

Ok, incel.

>sat fat gooood
Cool anti vaxxer logic. You require ZERO dietary cholesterol. Your liver creates all it needs from standard lipid consumption. I can tell you're deficient in a brain in general, fatass

>> No.13452949

Okay, incel.

>> No.13452956

>what I learned from this thread
Vegans are as crazy as I thought and they deserve all the negative shit they get.

>> No.13452964

>vegan are homosexuals!
Look I said I was sorry about not posting my naked body for you to drool over, no reason to be a salty dick about it, I'm just not into you like that. Jeez.

>You require ZERO dietary cholesterol.
B-but Bart Kay says...!

>> No.13452969

>vegan are homosexuals!
Implying that you're not legitimately a complete faggot.

>> No.13452972

*I'm a triggered emotional snowflake

Fixed sorry
Im extremely gay btw

>> No.13452974

>fat soluble vitamins aren't a thing
Also coronary heart disease is NOT from fats, it is chronic inflammation. Leading cause of inflammation: grains.

>> No.13452980

Okay aidscel. Don't forget to Livestream your an sodoku when the gay vegan depression hits you, you fat fuck.

>> No.13452982

>I'm a triggered emotional snowflake
But thats vegans. Have you not read this thread?

>> No.13452988

The retarded vegan isn't aware of reality.

>> No.13452995

>n-no you
Okay, incel.

>> No.13452999

>Okay, incel.
How many times are you gonna say this? Come up with something new.

>> No.13453003

Fat soluble vitamins have nothing to do with dietary cholesterol being essential. It is not even a vitamin you stupid fuck
>Also coronary heart disease is NOT from fats, it is chronic inflammation.
Caused by fats
<Leading cause of inflammation: fats.
Ftfy. Refrain from automating your NPC script, you're too low IQ to even grasp cholesterol

>> No.13453006

>Leading cause of inflammation: fats.
Prove it.

>> No.13453010

RIP gayboy. Your fat vegan ass will be missed only by the man that molested you

>> No.13453013

I'll wait until you prove anything you claimed first.

>> No.13453018

Okay, incel.

>> No.13453024

>doubles down on school-yard insults
You REALLY wanted to see me naked, didn't you?

>How many times are you gonna say this?
Until you get laid, probably.

>> No.13453032

>You REALLY wanted to see me naked, didn't you?
I never asked to see your fat body naked you dumb faggot.

>> No.13453035

>Until you get laid, probably
Well thats never gonna happen. So your just wasting your time.

>> No.13453038

Okay you adult survivor of molestation, and current khfaggot.

>> No.13453048

Okay, incel.

>> No.13453062

I can't keep track of which faggot is thirst-posting and which isn't, ya'll sound alike.

LMAO at least you're honest m8.

>> No.13453063

Kek I broke the fat khfaggot.

>> No.13453066

only 250000 for 2019,millions?

>> No.13453069

>I can't keep track of which faggot is thirst-posting and which isn't, ya'll sound alike.
Big Hint: you're one of the faggots.

>> No.13453075

Vegan= previously molested, and now gay vegan.
Prove me wrong.

>> No.13453078

Okay, incel.

>> No.13453080

Big Hint: You're seething and salivating for soychad cock

>> No.13453081

Oy vey I can see the tears.

>> No.13453085

Big Hint: bothering people with vegetables won't ever unmolest you.

>> No.13453091

I'm out faggots. Feel free to make a few more posts about me after I leave since I hurt your fat pudgy faggot feelings.

>> No.13453098

Okay incel

So you got molested by a vegetable? Sad!

>> No.13453593

Try not to die of malnutrition tonight

>> No.13454360


>> No.13454373

i dont have a vagina

>> No.13454497

I know a good doctor who can get you one, Alice.

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