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motherFUCK white (people)

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Cool. You gonna make this thread on every board?

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these hot-sauce strips are the only art I've seen from this artist
god he sucks
must be easy to be a webcomic artist

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haha white ppl don't like spice!

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I'm literally cringing right now, virgin.

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I never see black people in asian/indian restaurants unless it's some chinese buffet

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>the swastika in the third panel
you're alright

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Wait, why didn't the server give the customer what he asked for? He requested spicy and he gave him mild?

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Pffft. Much better.

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Disgusting hecking anti-semite. I'm so wishing that you get banned. Like what the frick is wrong with you, you sick fuck? You're trivializing the only industrialized genocide which is arguably the most tragic massacre of the last century. I'm clenching my fists in a bout of rage and sadness so fucking hard right now.

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American restaurants, they also shit, pee and spit on your food, I had to survive on nothing but canned food when I visited that shithole, you have to be retarded to eat on their restaurants knowing all the shit they do to the food just for shit and giggles, also never EVER tip, they don't deserve anything.

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Lame and racist.
Superior and a art.

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