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A White Castle valentine is a knightly affair

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two bros sharing some burgers, what can be more wholesome

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Ah, I too enjoy a ladyboy with my sliders.

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Ah, I too enjoy a Tenda Spencer 9 months later with my sliders.

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Gotta love the weekly yellow fever thread

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Believe it or not, their offspring are the future. Asian superior IQ, white average IQ but with a physical structure that's superior to all but blacks. Why wouldn't the right embrace that? It could easily rule the world. Asian-white is the bestest future.

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southeast asians have shit IQ tho

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Wtf is a autism pant? Robots are paranoid af

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I googled it because you're too autistic to open another webpage, so open up your mouth, here comes the train.

Apparently it's jeans without zippers, tags or buttons. I think they might also not have pockets, but they're made of denim and look like jeans. But they're still not really jeans, somehow. I really have no idea why it matters to anyone.

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>Imagine being this thirsty

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Not lower than yours, lol!

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>could easily rule the world
meet Tenda, the typical hapa. every single one ive met has been like this with the exception of the women that are just whores for semen

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If your relationship/marriage is loveless it would make sense that your copulation would be loveless, too, and lifeless breeding leaves to subpar offspring. Naturally most hapa children from WMAF
couplings are subpar because usually Asian women are just using western white men to piggyback off of most of the time.

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Sorry stormer, my laughter at your cope drowned you out. You're big into IQ and the fact asians dwarf whites to a greater degree than whites exceed blacks should make you shudder. But no, you're too stupid for that and just go
>b-blah blah blah fake blah blah blah data blah blah blah.
Good goy!

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Blacks are faster, whites are stronger
Asians are better at math, whites are more creative

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Femanon here, cute couple!

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I used duckduck to google it and only found soccer moms talking about their "special" little boy.

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Do you ever get tired of constantly getting upset at white guys “stealing” asian girls from you? How about you try joining the rest of the class and actually talk about food in /ck/?

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Stop having sex.

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> physical structure that's superior to all but blacks

uhh...blacks are more prone to all forms of cancer, heart disease and diabetes, they are not actually faster or stronger than whites , that is a myth, in Africa they are worthless skin and bones with out any trace of athleticism, and in western culture they are all fatasses with a shitload of medical conditions, they are not superior to whites in any way whatsoever

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Every left meme is a cope

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Asian women are decent cumsluts but should NEVER bear a white man’s child. Reminder to never make an Asian girl your gf

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Whites are the tallest, strongest and have the biggest dicks, the only thing big about black cock is how much of a meme it is.

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Actually whites are not nearly as far behind asians as blacks are behind whites, blacks are fucking retarded anon

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The meme is implying Lisa will talk to me if I wear autism jeans?

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So many angry virgins ITT.

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Western culture worships black actors and athletes in a very weird pseudoinferioritysuperiority complex.
And lmao if you're going to say they're not fast when they dominate sprints but would agree with the same line of ideas if I brought up whites in strongman competitions.
If we're talking bottom rung you're going to have to include all the white Americans pictures the europeans use to shitpost on /ck/.

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t. white woman who already looks like a haggard middle aged mother at age 25

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>thread looks like it could be fun where we mock weird people at fast food restaurants or something
>open thread
>it's a bunch of insecure faggots crying about not getting laid

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LOL whites have a lower bump, sucks to be a honkie bruh.

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/r9k/ destroyed this website.

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Lol white 5/10 takes all the hot Asians while you try to flog your 3" dickbat home hajaha

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I don't think that person understood the "starter pack" meme. At all.

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>says others are coping and then assumes the world fits their view when it doesn’t
Classic left

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my wife is korean, have 3 kids.. It can be a challenge mixing cultures at times. But overall I would say I am better off than if I had married one of the white girls I dated. Got stationed in Korea, never really met an asian before. Only thing I regret is my kids have brown eyes, I have green, other than that all three look more white than asian.. My wife has darker skin and my kids have my pale skin that burns easy. Kids speak and read two languages.. Meh marry who you love and can deal with your bullshit. If you can both tolerate each others bullshit you will be fine. Wife and I almost never fight. I do 90 percent cooking so house does not smell like ranch 99. We go to Korea on summers and do 2 week layovers in Japan.. Life is good. Also, white castle fucking sucks nigger dicks. In-N-Out 3x3 animal style with chopped chilis for the WIN!

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Asian women >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> entitled white feminist CUNT

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>hot Asians
Are we looking at the same image?

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Wow, she's basicly wearing a slip, she's wants the D! Very hungry

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this is the only good starter pack Ive seen in ages

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fucking /pol/ and /r9k/ have to take over every other board

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thanks for troll

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This makes me feel better about myself since I tend to have a preference for asian women but none of the image applies to me besides the 4chan part and being skinny

I now accept my preferences more. thank you anon

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>it is impossible to have a preference for asian without being a degenerate
go back to r9k

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the fact that you have the need for validation already means your coping. also nice deflection incel

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I don't give a fuck what anyone says or thinks. I'm going to cum deep inside SEA pussy, give her 5 children and fondle her butt while she cooks dinner for our big family.

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>telling somebody they are wrong means ur insecure

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I feel like u r the one projecting yourself. I have never seen a happy person treat someone the way u r treating me

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>ITT: seething

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4chan was always /pol/, brainlet newfag

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That why the board had to be deleted three times, huh?

>> No.13312758

you're clearly seething, you need to take a deep breath, step away from the computer, and go for a 10 minute walk, that should clear your head.

>> No.13312761

No, it's why it's still here and living in your head rent free.

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I was here before 2016 when it was a mere Cambodian basket weaving forum. Picked up some sweet baskets before you fags got here.

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>when u hit them at their core

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I don't think so, losers like whined about /pol/ in 2012 like they do now, just the boogeymen were different. While ut's the_donald now, it was stormfront back then.

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>living in your head
You're literally shitting up a food and cooking board right now.

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You sound like you've been here a while. Have a basket.

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It's always the leftist redditors derailing threads within the first five posts and then crying about /pol/ doing it. You can literally still see the post >>13307436

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Here have some /pol/ fun times from before your time.

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you're just proving me right >>13312739

>> No.13312801

it's always /pol/ dogwhistling other /pol/acks and pretending they had no choice but to derail the thread with their bullshit to defend their board's honor.

Just stay in your god damned containment board.

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>Hey YOU! this thread is for leftcuck offtopic posts only! go back to /pol/ if your going to call me out on that!

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/pol/ wasn't ever much fun. It's just retards screaming about politics and racial matters. Nobody wants to hang out with people like that in the real world. I like to just mellow out, talk about food, and pick up some rare baskets where I can.

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Yes /pol/ always made people like you seethe, but its popularity speaks to how much fun it is for the more white, civilized kind of human beings.

>> No.13312812

>and a wojack poster to boot
You're not building your case any.

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>d-did he just post one of those woe jacks??

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I'm seething right now matter of fact. I'm gonna seethe for about 30-45 minutes, then meet up with a couple of my employees. How is /pol/ always right?? Man it just makes me seethe double hard now.

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Another one bites the dust.

>> No.13312842

If you don't show me where you get those sweet frogs and soyjacks I'm gonna seethe even harder. Which isn't easy. I've only got so much seethe to give.

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Collected over time, some of them I made myself.

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this is why /pol/ should have stayed dead

>> No.13312865

And Christmas just came early! I'm going to Reddit and show everybody my new wares. Thanks based redpilled kino Jews are bad poster.

>> No.13312888

by your logic every right meme is as well

>> No.13312904

>picture depicting a white man with an asian woman
>/pol/ gets instantly triggered at the mere sight of someone with a different ethnicity as them and floods the thread with race bait bullshit
/pol/ was right about one thing. moot is a cuck and should have taken care of /pol/ before it got out of hand.

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Tfw 6'5" and white dating a hot Asian. Stay mad natzis

>> No.13313460

>Whites are the tallest, strongest
Winning lots of Olympic medals on the track lately, cracker?
>and have the biggest dicks
Protip: 2" isn't big for an erect dick after all.

>> No.13313484

>Winning lots of Olympic medals on the track lately, cracker?
>You have to be good at track to think you are tall and strong

>> No.13313831

Who are the best MtF adult video stars right now?

>> No.13313839

look at this white boy cope

>> No.13313850

You sure are a pro on cocks aren't ya

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but what if I have a fetish for tan asian girls like on the right?

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>exhibit A

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I guess trannies can't be too picky with where their dates take them.

>> No.13316257

>bottom girl on the right
Would date.
PS: They'd all look ugly without makeup.

>> No.13317881

Homely Asian girls are still leagues above the standard midwest livelaughlove thot they mass-produce where I live.

>> No.13317895

Bruh... it's just baggy, wide, oversized out of fashion jeans that makes you look like an autist

>> No.13317970

Uh oh, stinkyyy

>> No.13317978

For relatively new faces my favorites are probably Chanel Santini and Sasha de Sade, but I still go back to Jane Marie or Sarina Valentina more than either of them, and nowadays I prefer amateurs on sites like leddit and chaturbate more than any professional

>> No.13317987

Ironically, most of /pol/ isn't even white which is why they're filled with so much vitriol.

>> No.13317997

why are they so into cuckold porn and anime pedo porn???
s-a-g-e because off-topic

>> No.13319730

Seriously, is that a guy in drag, in the red? I can't really tell for sure.

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>Adria Richards
Oh, wow, there's a name I haven't seen in a while. Did she EVER manage to find another job? She was still bitching about being unemployed two years after that. Served her right; I hope she's blowing hobos in bus stations.

>> No.13320265

Notice how 'She' 'Casually' has placed 'her' hands around 'her' crotch. Doesn't trust the table cloth to provide enough cover for the bulge.

>> No.13320273

Why do you like dicks so much that you imagine every woman on the planet has one?

>> No.13320275

Sasha is nasty and Sarina got fat and gross. Chanel is based. Don't know about Jane

>> No.13320391

I'm talking about Sarinas very old videos, she looks disgusting nowadays and I wonder why she hasn't retired, probably because she can't do anything else

>> No.13320398

I don't understand why everyone is saying thats a boy
looks like a girl to me

who are these people? confirmation or gtfo

>> No.13320415

Was she always castrated in pron? Don't like her empty sac skin and little shrively wiener

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>> No.13320441

30 Year old virgins who populate this board don't understand how anyone can have a girlfriend.
Something as simple as talking to a member of the opposite sex is a foreign concept to them, so they just lie to themselves and say that every asian female ever is a transexual ie. ladyboy.

>> No.13320481

Do those tiny boxes contain their lost hopes and dreams?

>> No.13320495

They contain the equivalent mass of your penis multiplied by 10,000 times.

>> No.13320497

>t. triggered chinaman
Bro look at that manface and those shoulders. I agree that people here go overboard calling everyone a tranny but that IS a fucking tranny.

>> No.13320510

Go jerk your microdick to some tranny cocks somewhere else. I know you're fucking ultra triggered that other people have the courage and charisma to speak to girls, but trying to prove your alpha male status on a board filled with virgins isn't looking very good.

>> No.13320532

Hahaha. I'm proving my alpha male status by having 20/20 trannyvision? Are chinaman on the internet mad all the time cause they know even effeminate whiteboi tranny jerkers have much larger dicks than they do? You hirarious, Deng. How many sociar cledits do you get per shitpost?

>> No.13320555

LOL, fucking microdicks. Even a korean girl would turn the other cheek when looking at your 280 pound virgin ass, and they love white boys.

>> No.13320569

__ _________ ______?

>> No.13320586

You're really hung up on microdicks. Is that a personal issue or do you just like discussing men's penises?

>> No.13320588

You're really hung with a microdick. Lose some weight, fat fuck.

>> No.13320607

Again with the microdicks. Jeez, I know they repress you homos in China but are you really this desperate that you obsessively think about the penises of men you're talking to online? It's really funny that you're chinking out because everyone pointed out obvious ladyboy is obvious and you take that as some slight against all you sub 5 inch asian bois. Stay mad ricecel.

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Autism pants are pants that don't fit well and look out of place on your outfit

>> No.13322880

Imagine falling for incel propaganda

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