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>I eat healthy because I get my soda sugar-free

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>food in direct contact with the tray where a Coca Cola tin lays

I’d take 2 or maybe 3 of these patties and eat them alone desu.

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Literally the same thing you monolithic simpleton

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no one thinks that, they just don't want to drink 50 grams of sugar

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>"That's unhealthy dude"
>*takes buns off*
>"Now it's good!"

t. Ketofags

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I hate amutticopes

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10/10 would fuck that burger

fat people think like that

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>retarded conspiritard
>calls others simpletons

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we're doing 2012 memes?

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i just don't like non-diet soda
hfcs ruins everything it touches

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No sugar drinks are TRASH. Nothing goes better with a burger than a full sugar ice cold Coke. Drink water if you can't handle sugar, fat fucking dumbfucks.

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Carbonated beverages help reduce stomach muscle spasms and make digestion more comfortable. Having a soda water or sugar-free soft drink with a meal isn't a bad idea.

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>No Sugar Coke
I thought it was Coke Zero

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>dat momscience

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>fat people think like that

No I don't you skinny fuck, if I wasn't so out of breath from typing this I'd fight you.

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do things like that suddenly start to seem delicious when your weight goes above 200lbs?

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There's like three different diet cokes now
Coke Zero is the good one, the rest are hot fucking garbage but people keep buying them anyway.

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hahahah i love how they turned the can so itll show that it says no sugar

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That's wrong, the original diet coke is best

>> No.13304171

Zero is the best tasting Coke. Fight me.

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Just remove the buns and that will be healthy.

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It tastes like aspertame and rusty iron and most people get a headache from it. You're probably desensitized from having it for so long.
Switch to Coke Zero.

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I want to chew the calories I'm eating.

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I eat a normal amount of food with my diet Dr pepper.
I drink beer so I don't need the extra sugar and calories from soda.

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Can I hug you instead?

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>Switch to Coke Zero.
it has the same artificial sweetener in it lmfao

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Wouldn't be half bad if the carbs weren't there. Sugar is always bad. Sugar plus carbs is where fat starts.

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>food in direct contact with the tray where a Coca Cola tin lays
Eurotard attempting to into food safety.

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I friggin' love hot wings

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>carbs BAD, they make you FAT
It''s consuming more calories than you spend that made you obese, ketotard. Japanese diet is carb-heavy and they are thin, they are also one of the countries with the highest life expectancies.

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good luck drinking aspartame and getting pee hole cancer

>> No.13305283

>Pee hole cancer
It's not just
>Leaky butthole
Can't believe that it's still on the shelves.

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Coke Zero has more flavor and a less chemical aftertaste. I don't know why anyone in their right mind would choose Virgin Diet over Chad Zero

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Sugar mixed with carbs. Carbs on their own don't convert to much fat. Sugar triggers insulin receptors which grab onto carbs like crazy. It's why Chinese people are huge.

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Americans really think if you take away the buns, it is low carb and you will lose weight

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It's pop you literal retard.

>> No.13305977

It´s a carbonated soft drink, flyovers, i swear

>> No.13305981

Nah, that's just the ketotard cultists.

>> No.13306009

That's the joke.
>See? It's healthy! ZERO. SUGAR.
>Drinks 50 grams of artificial sweetener with questionable/un-tested side effects, with a self-righteous smile

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It's literally a fucking coke.
Sprite? Coke
Fanta? Coke
Easy, if they ask what kind of coke you want, then you can specify the brand.

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Shoo shoo flyover

>> No.13306096

bruh, pretending to be a wimp isn't funny anymore

>> No.13306102

>tfw you live in Northeast USA but think pop is the superior term

I would never move to flyover though.

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you can overheat fat and protein at each meal, you will shit it out anyway. only sugar is assimilated at 100% by our body. fat only become a problem if you constantly eat it, like with candy bars and creamed coffee all day.

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the bun is literally the main sources of digested calories in that picture. then you have like 2 spoon worth of fat, and the rest is shat away in volcanic manners from your sorry ass.

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Never was.

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Ur not wrong

>> No.13307378

I'm the one ur replying to... I actually enjoy the taste. I put equal in my coffee

>> No.13307393

I think sugar free cola just tastest better then regular one. Also calling cola coke is gay.

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