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It's that time again boys.

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i'm sad that this thread will get deleted
jack threads are always a fun time and i miss them

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Jack’a appeal lies in the fact that he doesn’t know what he’s doing and is not particularly smart or clever, but he persists nonetheless. In other words, he’s a true American.

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The cold oil is the best part.

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fucking rigged man

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It's been a fun thread, this is all the Jack I have to offer you today. I hope you learned some cool cooking tricks!

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>The average American snack

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The ganache looks like absolute shit. It’s all lumpy. How can you fuck up a ganache?

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this dude making non-newtonian fluids

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what is this predator claw he's having ?

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ahaha god this looks foul

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>read recipe
>mix up ice cold oil with ice cold batter

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No new webms showing his disabled right arm?

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I love his inability to judge the size of every container on earth. He fills everything to the brim and has to stir slowly and ineffectively to avoid spills and then the shit spills anyways.

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rename that one foiled again

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holy fuck I can't stop laughing at this thread

how did he even made that consistency

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next level multi-state coating technique

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Is that peanut butter?

what the fuck

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whenever i feel like a useless fuck up at life and at cooking, it is reassuring to remember that at least i am not ja/ck/
thanks for this thread op, good to collate his autism in one place

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i love how that little gesture at the end makes it look like hes scolding the egg

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So, if you've ever done fried chicken breast, you know that you keep the dry rub and the wet dip separate. If yo ever wondered why, this is why.

A lot of really normie novice cooks will just "ill just combine the dry and wet"

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I came to the conclusion this is just stage.

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Where's the webm of him mixing in a fly in some dough?

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How many times has this man hurt himself on camera?

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cant even fathom how many times he must have put himself and others in danger off camera

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>He hasnt had non-Newtonian chicken

>> No.13301112

Just wait till you've had my non-euclidean chicken

>> No.13301116

I guess he's officially retired the yellow cap. He hasn't worn it on camera in like a year.

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hope the ingredients have locally euclidean coordinates
the doctor told me I have to stick to a strict riemannian diet

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He's also retired his right arm due to his stroke.

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I'm watching master chef while reading this thanks ck

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He has to be doing this on purpose

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whats with his obsession with mayo?

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He wants to accelerate his chances of another stroke

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If it ain't got heaping tablespoons of mayo then into the trash it goes.

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How would you cook a $1 steak?

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those strokes have really fucked this guy up

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love how he leaves the sticker on the apple

>> No.13301432

I eat the sticker sometimes. People leave me alone.

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That webm was pre-stroke

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this thread gave me depression

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What's the point of buying this. WHy not just buy a whole cheesecacke at once?

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this level of ineptitude is actually quite funny. what a trainwreck

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it's cooking with jack not buying cheesecake with jack

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What's weird is this is exactly how I would expect someone to cook who has no experience.
-Tries to mix cold butter with cocoa
-Doesn't remove or thicken his taco juice
-uses dull ass knives all the time
Like, if he hasn't learned conventional cooking wisdom by now I don't think he ever will.

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ah yes the infamous church chilly

>> No.13301726

I honestly think he's too dumb to think about anything like that. He never seems to do any research, just jumps in blindly and screws up, never bothers to check why something didnt work. It's just willful ignorance

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I like to imagine that with how his laziness shows in his cooking, that piece of pork he flung across the room is festering behind a cabinet somewhere still.

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I've noticed a lot of people do this, while cooking or just snacking, throughout my life and it never ceases to send me into a fit of rage every time.

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I wouldnt.

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Why is it so disgusting?

>> No.13301816

>sample jacks chilli at the church cook off
>ehh not bad
>see the video a few days later

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Jesus Christ.

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Is he like actually disabled? Why does he eat like that

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>you know that you keep the dry rub and the wet dip separate.
I was always taught by my Mom the two hand method. One hand for dry and the other for wet to not mix ingredients. How is Jack such a retard that he cannot manage something that was taught and learned by a random anon when they were ten-years-old?

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Anon... where do you think we are?
Jack is far more interesting then your zeros.

Idk, I'll be perfectly honest when I was a kid I distinctly remember learning this same lesson the hard way by ruining a meal. That said, I was a kid not a fully grown adult who claims to be a chef with my own cooking show.

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Dont think he was disabled in that video, but he had a huge stroke and cant use his one arm anymore. Hes just a moron mouthbreather.

>> No.13301902

Jack has a wife who loves him, big house, multiple children, an active church community, a piss-easy job doing what he loves, and thousands of fans.

What about you?

>> No.13301905

>That said, I was a kid not a fully grown adult who claims to be a chef with my own cooking show.
Any two-bit idiot with disposal income can have their own "show" thanks to YouTube, Twitch, or etc. Simply purchase the necessary equipment and record or stream.

Even my neighbors are trying to become vidya streamers on Twitch. They have the personality of a painted fence but "it's easy money".

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Chicken fry it

>> No.13301923

>cant use his one arm anymore
jesus christ I dont even wanna ask what happened to his other arm for him to have one arm... let me guess he got it stuck in a pringles can and had it have it amputated?

>> No.13301929

Okay Jack, no one cares.

>Wife is as large as himself
>Anyone can purchase a house that their bank account goes to keep each month
>His kids dislike him
>Easy to fit into a church community as long as you keep a low profile
>He cannot cook, which is piss-easy since he is terrible at it
>fans? C'mon, we only laugh at the fatty fat McFat. I'm waiting for him to give someone food poisoning

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Edible food. Working limbs.

Hes been around saying that he is a real celebrity-chef for over a decade anon.

This isn't a meme man who bought walmarts streamer kit, this is a grown adult with a career who can't make taco without fucking up.

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He's fat and unhealthy and can't function half of his body because of a stroke, his wife is also fat and unhealthy, and his children are mostly obese and one is a drug addict that assaulted his own family. The cycle will perpetuate where little jack junior will grow up and pump his seed into some woman and have more little jacks but they're gonna be twice as fat, twice as unhealthy, and it's going to continue on like this until his bloodline burns out.

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jesus christ anon, I said he couldnt use one arm. his other is fine.

>> No.13302005

its a fat joke

>> No.13302007


he had a stroke.

he has gone through a few things since then. he bought a belt thing that straps his arm to his side. he also started having his wife do the mixing of ingredients. he removed the options to comment on videos. he has -gained- weight too

>> No.13302020

I get it now

>> No.13302031

Motherfuck me.

>> No.13302052

does anyone have a video of him crying on tv??

>> No.13302061

Just realised how retarded this really is. He pushes the bottle towards the opener to open it. Never seen anything like that.

>> No.13302065

Have not seen alot of these. Whoo boy, in tears with the cold oil. Kay VS Jack cookoff when?

>> No.13302075


he did that on purpose. one of his grifts is that he never drinks ever. he did that to say he doesn't even know how to open a bottle of beer because he never drinks.

>> No.13302079

I could have cut that one handed 3x faster than that as a teenager...

>> No.13302081

He did absolutely everything wrong besides choking on the fucking thing.

>> No.13302114

First off god bless the person who made all the webm's. I kinda envy Jack, low IQ people like him go though life without worries. They cannot overthink things.. I overthink what type of water I put in my pizza dough.

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i don't think your autism makes you not low iq

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>> No.13302141

Will have to give it ago. Batter that you can literally walk on.

>> No.13302148

I lost

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Cooking is an art. Jack is just on a journey to perfect it.

>> No.13302263

I'm pretty sure his wife is a socially retarded hedonist who told him that to really taste something you need to tongue it outside the mouth, and since he is dim he just thought it was a brilliant technique.

>> No.13302288

Third stroke when? It's amazing (and kind of concerning) just how quickly he has deteriorated since the second one.

I like how he lives around Nashville but ignores most of the food scene in favor of chain restaurants. I guess local businesses are less likely to tolerate his shit?

>> No.13302303

he can't use ol' righty for anything anymore

>> No.13302353

all i want is for him to turn comments back on

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File: 2.87 MB, 1000x1000, 1491048211493.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this will never happen

>> No.13302375

his nonstick pan/kitchen equipment videos are so hard to watch. its one thing to be ignorant to how those pieces of equipment work, its another thing entirely to throw a tantrum and blame the product for your own stupidity.

>> No.13302454

I've eaten dumpster food better than that steak

How fucking cheap do you have to be, to think a dollar for a slice of beef is a good idea. Like stores throw away meat by the millions, go hop in the dumpster and grab a couple of those, its no doubt safer and better than this abomination.

>> No.13302493

jack gives me hope
hope that no matter how bad you are at something, you still have a chance of being sort of successful
and not die of salmonella

>> No.13302571

lazy american pig

>> No.13302577

what is so special about it, just looks like a slice of meat

>> No.13302638

They're usually saturated in saline solution

>> No.13302729

Use it as bait to catch something actually edible

>> No.13302737

Remember, this fat fucking faggot has tons of fans, and is making a living doing this. So you can hate him all you like... Buts he's making it... He's a professional cook in the literal sense of the word.

And the world is a much shittier place because of it.

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