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He seems to think that tomato paste needs to be “cooked” to get the “raw” taste out of them, even though it’s the product OF cooking tomatoes until they are pasty.

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Maybe he is talking about industrial tomato paste.

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He's a chef and tv personality, he probably did more drugs by weight than he actually ate food, no wonder he's confused all the time.

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tomato paste has a strong tangy flavour that can be reduced by cooking it off

get out cooklet

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Só are you telling me that when I’m making tomato sauce and add the tomato paste to it and let it simmer the tomato paste will not “cook”?

You’re a shortbus rider on the wrong bus.

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What do you think simmering is?

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You fry the paste to change the flavour not simmer you fag

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You don’t know what you’re talking about.

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You clearly don't know anything about Gordon if you think he's a druggie.

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You boil down tomato sauce at 100c to create tomato paste. You fry tomato paste at higher temperatures.

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True, I don't. But what I know is that even close family members often won't know of a druggie's problems, so why would you?

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>adding tom paste to water
i shiggeridigeridoo

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His brother died from a drug overdose, so he’s extremely against drugs

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lol what a faggot

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but he lets contestants on hells kitchen smoke weed on camera..... hmmmmmmmmm..........

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Post the vidya you're talking about. I know some Brits mispronounce passata as "paste" so maybe that's what he was talking about.
>paste is already cooked
Not quite, unless tomato paste is a different thing from 'tomato concentrate.' In my country, TC is what you get when you sun dry blended tomatoes and the result looks like the stuff Brits, Aussies and USicans call paste.

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Every good chef does this

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Can't believe it took this many anons before someone pointed out that tomato paste is a raw product.

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His brother died from drugs that are taken in the mouth, so Gordon probably only does drugs you put up your butt.

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Like all those preachers that were against faggotry right?

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No, we don't. Tomato Paste is a different thing to passata.

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Tomato Paste isn't passata, it's more concentrated and less liquid.

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Dunno about that, although I've heard some say that you can caramelize the paste a bit (which makes some sense, since there's quite a bit of natural sugars in there).

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Gordon's BURGAH video is proof that he is retarded

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He ritually sacrificed him Heath Ledger style you mean

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>I know some Brits mispronounce passata as "paste"

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I've heard Brits mispronounce passata as paste, too. I've also heard them say things like 'your-eye-null' instead of 'your-in-uhl' and 'deadly weapon' instead of 'butter knife.'

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Tomato paste is not obtained by cooking tomatoes, who told you that?

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>what are chemical reactions
Anon, you do realize that ingredients interact with each other, right?

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>how to make tomato paste- by retarded moorish inbreds that didn’t know what a tomato was until 150 years ago
Yea nice source

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Yet in this short amount of time we’ve done with tomatoes what no one else had.

You’re welcome.

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Where are your millions of dollars in burgers my man

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