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Hot sauce thread. Post your collections and favourites. Pic related is mine.

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It took a while to collect them all so it’s pretty shocking for those outside the sauce community. Out of my peers though it’s a small amount.

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for me it's the one called Cock

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I don't like hot sauce. It's something old-fashioned. MY grandfather used to make his own, as a matter of fact.

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Fun fact: they're all basically the same.

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Nice, what did he use?
Yeah, no. There are a TON of different sauces with differing ingredients and flavours. Sometimes you just need to find the right one you like.

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I like the green spicy taco sauce from taco trucks. I looked it up and it's basically peppers and oil blended really well.

So that's my favorite sauce. I put it on everything.

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What if you need to use the stairs

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How do you get out of there without breaking the bottles?

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There’s another staircase that’s outside of the lens radius that I used. I just let my neighbours know that I was going to be snapping a picture or two.

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i like tabasco.

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Always a hit

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google says this isnt you

and here I was getting my hopes up to ask an actual high test chad some things

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>this study suggests

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dont ever respond to me again before learning how academia works

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for me it's tabasco+worcestershire sauce with sopme salt and black pepper, the perfect condiment for everything.

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Dubs checked.


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>tfw winter cut
>no mayo
>no ketchup
>no hollandaise
>no pesto
>only mustard, hot sauces, worcester and vinegars
and then theres retards putting sugar in those or making them 10% salt

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Hmm, not the same anon but this experiment seems to have been done on animals.

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OP, your Autismlevel is far over 9000,but i have to say, it´s at least a kind and funy Form of autism.
I prefer the Asian Sauces and toppings.
Self made Sambal Oelek, Cillie-Oil made from crunchy fried Chillies and so on.
For the westener Part, i realy like Sauces with some extra ingredients. Not just "Ass-burning hot", more with some nice taste of honey,smoke,garlic etc.
What is the second one on the far right on the second row from bottom btw? Looks like some Doubangjian or so?

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nobody tell this dude about 99% of medical studies

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No, I mean I understand and know that it's mostly done on animals but also always take those with a grain of salt due to difference in biology between us and other species. Plus this experiment is relatively harmless and could have been done using people or even as a simple self-reported study and semen analysis of people who eat a lot of peppers vs people who don't.

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I buy this shit and put it on everything. It vaguely resembles green salsa from taco trucks but also works well with asian foods

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None of them are opened

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>ass this ass that
Why are hot sauces so obsessed with burning asses? Rly makes me think

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You're a hoarder. You have a problem.

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The only problem is not all the stairs are filled with sauce

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How do you get upstairs without breaking all the sauce?

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OP is yet again a FAGGOT.

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Those are all unopened. That person doesn’t even eat hot sauce...

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See >>13268987

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>4th row center
>bottle says Tabasco
>is clearly not Tabasco brand sauce
that had to be made in a bathtub

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where's the tapatio

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>t. redditor

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who are you quoting?

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Fuck, im jealous.
Maybe i missed it in the photo, but i recommend getting your hands on El Yucateco: Mayan Recipe, it's really hot and flavorful.

What's your favorite hot sauce?

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why the fuck would you collect something edible
you're supposed to eat it, dick

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Most "collectors" are actually just hoarders. A vast emptiness resides where their soul should be, and they desparately try to fill it with some product of choice. The thrill of the purchase is what they're after, they're utterly disinterested in the product itself. Collectors of such "useful" things as hotsauce tend to be rarer, precisely because that utility actually makes it less appealing; it adds a qualifier, a level of interest that distracts from the thrill of the purchase. "Am I buying the best?" requires careful measurement and knowledge. Funk Pops are a good example of this, being completely useless (they aren't even a store of value, ironically because the only people who buy them are "collectors" hoodwinked into buying them because they'll be "worth" something, some day; at least children play with Beanie Babies). /pol/ memes on Funk Pops, and with food reason.

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I grow my own peppers and make my own now. It's really satisfying because most sauces are trash, too hot and no flavor, not hot enough, or a boring blend of nothing but shitty peppers with no flavor. Caribbean style has been my jam lately, really need to strain or puree it more because it comes out like jam right now.

I might do some Asian styles next year when I order new seeds and fuck with fermenting.

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looks like beer once poured lmao tard

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For anyone curious:
>1 mango
>1 chayote
>1 small can of pineapple
>1 white onion
>6 garlic cloves
>2 limes
>paprika because I don't like yellow sauces
>1 tbsp sea salt
>½cup cider vinegar
>some honey
>7 carolina reapers
Roast peppers, onions and garlic. Puree all ingredients. Bring to boil, simmer for an hour. Add water as needed.

Refrain from roasting the peppers for extra heat, add honey as needed to reduce the fire. It comes out surprisingly mild but with enough burn to cut through the fruit and sing. The batch I'm making today is going to be geared more towards the painfully hot end because my old Trinidadian coworker sliced up the raw peppers and put them in a salad.

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>bathroom is upstairs

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>small can of pineapple

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thats impressive, but unfortunately i dont collect.
I get a hot sauce, i like it , i use it and when it is finished i by another or the same.

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sounds like a sickening sweet and fruity mess.
>it's bad if it only tastes like peppers!
terrible, terrible opinion

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It balances out the reapers well, which are very intensely fruity on their own and I have enough of that sauce to last a while. It's still hot as all fuck. Superhots are no joke.

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whats worse?
names of weed strains
names of hot sauces
names of IPAs

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its pretty good and ill keep a bottle on my desk to nip on

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What's the point? There's no way you're going to regularly use even 95% of these, let alone even remember what they all taste like.

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Youre wrong, buckaroo.

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you did this for no reason other than to get that one guy to post faggot.jpg

what a waste of a thread

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Nice to see some Cock next to the Samyang chicken sauce.

Why are none of these open? Promo shot for a hot sauce store? And where is the Portland memesauce? The fact that it's absent already makes this a great collection.

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It's for Reddit GBP. The picture. Just move on and make fun of it and have a good thread in spite of it, it's what we did back in 06 with sites no one would remember the name of.

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i rmemebr endorphin rush.......shit nearl yknosc

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This is the saddest subreddit I've ever seen. They should be ashamed.

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>reddit shartsauce
Hard pass.

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imagine the braps

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You guys know you're not still on Reddit, right?

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no. This is such a pleb phenomenon

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rate my collection brehs

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oh for fucks sake

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That habanero ginger looks kinda good

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Where the fuck did this stupid soy meme come from? When did it get so popular?

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And why is hot sauce "onions" or soy?

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>Where the fuck did this stupid soy meme come from? When did it get so popular?

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Retard wojak poster kek

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lurk more then kys

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>lurk more then kys
Who is so obsessed with shit websites that they even know what goes on there?

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Why would I do that you stupid bitch?

>Muh lurk moar

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>Why would I do that you stupid bitch?

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Green spicy taco sauce? Are you talking about tomatillo salsa? It's not just "peppers and oil blended really well". It's tomatillos, cilantro, garlic, onion, and serrano/jalapeño peppers blended and simmered.

FoodWishes has an amazing chile verde recipe that doubles as a green salsa recipe if you omit the meat and potatoes. Just add a LOT more chilies. Maybe double or triple. The default recipe is not spicy at all.

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You're gay if you let another man make your hot sauce for you.

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I don't consume hot sauce because I'm based. Real men know how to cook.

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Then don't ask questions like that. Go read up on it on knowyourmeme, faggot

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Thats gotta be over $1,000 in hot sauce. Wtf.

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favorite and only one in my collection.

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why is there a sauce called cock

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I would let you taste my cock sauce anytime if you know what I mean.

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> even as a simple self-reported study
You gave away the fact that you don't know what you're talking about

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A faggot at work is always talking about this band, they worth blowing your asshole out to?

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Why the fuck is there a bottle of Liquid Smoke in there? Also, that Bee Sting honey mustard and Texas Pete's have turned black.

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Woah it's the face guy :oooo

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if you're tired of shit sauces that are too hot with no flavor (a sentiment i agree with), why use reapers and dilute them with all that other stuff.

i've recently been using something like this (not at home so i don't have the jar next to me) but honestly the pepper flavor is extremely intense and the heat is great. sometimes i just eat this spread on tiny crackers it's so good.

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that's so cool now show us your IPA collection

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IPA’s are for hipster numales. Saucin’ it is high test

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Find a flaw in my perfect hot sauce collection.

Protip: u cant

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Too vinegary. Also,
>coil stovetop

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Hot sauce fanatics are basically just hoarders.

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Ok tastelet

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high test = meat, chili, smoked, gamey, tough,
low test = milky, sweet, fluffy, vegan, soft,

from this we can deduce that the highest test meal would be elk meat with a chili dry rub, smoked and served with hard tack

the ultimate twink low test food of choice would be a soy latte frappuccino with a sugar glazed donut, vegan

My word is law.

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It's a Jamaican sauce recipe usually used for scotch bonnets that comes out hot, I just cut down on the peppers. It was a weak batch of peppers too so they still cut through while being balanced.

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based and redpilled

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Why is there a little bottle of Maker's Mark down there?

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YTpipo think it’s spicy

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had a decent-sized collection at one point. wasn't really into cooking with them, more just enjoyed the aesthetic and artwork and were a good conversation piece
then I got rid of them one day on a whim. just like I have suddenly gotten rid of other stuff (retro video games, then a bunch of craft beers and my guitars on another) I was keeping/hoarding cause I'm just crazy and impulsive like that, and drunk in some cases too

might get one of the glass skull ones if I see any around though. liked them ones the most

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nice blog, homo.

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Doesnt this shit go bad eventually?

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Yeah usually within 6 months despite being 90% vinegar.

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y'all ever hat this stuff? Hot as hell but bretty good flavor-wise

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Twenty paces backwards and this would make for a fun BB gun shooting gallery

>> No.13277459

I saw cock immediately is this one of those rorscharch tests

>> No.13277469

I'll give you some hard tack

>> No.13277474

Dude. I got this instead of tapatio one day and was surprised at how fucking good this was.
I still think Sriracha and Tapatio are a little more general purpose, but Tabasco is pretty fucking great.

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Sauce community" Oh no no no HAAAARrrrr

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About a year before Trump. Some people think it was from the Trump influx, but it was pretty strong already before then.

>> No.13278474

I fucking hate white people

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