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Why do people have so much pride in being able to eat very spicy food? What's there to be proud of? Are we supposed to be impressed?

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I am proud of it because it means I can find a pretty Indian wife and eat the same food as her without having arguments about how spicy it is.

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I shudder at the thought of your bathroom once that marriage happens.

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t. white person

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>sashay away
why are all LGBTQ+ "allies" fucking fag hags

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Faggots should be lined against walls and shot

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>w**** """""""""""""""""""""""""people""""""""""""""""""""""""""

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im pretty sure that makes you a cuck

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The only person saying that would be a self hating, closeted fag. Thx for outing yorself, lol!

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Once you build spice tolerance you discover new great tastes

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>t. spicelet

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It’s a catch phrase from RuPaul’s drag race.

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Pride is a whole fucking month now?

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i love spicy food but hipster memefags took it to far with pointless shit like ghost pepper extract. At a certain level you can't really discern between heat levels and there is no more flavor. you are just arbitrarily consuming more capsicum.

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the pain gets you high

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Only faggots brag about it.
I have a friend with stomach problems, and can only eat very plain, bland food.
Ruins every party. No we cant get the good pizza. No we cant get the good chips. No we cant get the good dip.
Its okay because its a legitimate medical problem he has. But the same cant be said for the faggot who insists fucking everything be blazing hot. Basket of wings, level 10. Chip dip with ghost peppers. Thai food that burns like the police are pepper spraying you. That also ruins the party.
I can add spice with some sauce or pepper, on my own plate, but you cant take it away. So, don't be a dick at the party and require super hot shit, that makes you a huge asshole.

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world stupidest dragon to chase for worlds shittest high. Not to mention that you max out that high at a relatively low heat level

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What they should brag about is how they can eat spicy food and not shit fire. Now that is skill.

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The opposite is true.

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Picture of a white person eating butter chicken for the first time.

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>having pride in a sexual fetish that you didn't choose or work for to begin with

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this, it actually kills your taste buds

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I pushed my tolerance up to ghost peppers by accident. I prefer my chilis, tacos, and curries to always be at the brink of painful and naturally came to endure hotter and hotter shit.
Now I have to order my hot sauces online and fresh chili available where I live does absolutely nothing for me. Habaneros in great quantity works, but I can only get them in ridiculously overpriced packages of two.

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That's why alphas are alphas and betas are betas, its all about showing off. If you don't care about impressing people you are a beta servant class fuck.

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Capsaicin does not affect tastebuds.

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>The Sin of Pride is said by some to the the foremost of the Seven Deadly Sins. Hubris is the gateway through all other sin enters the mortal soul.Pride is excessive belief in one's own abilities, that interferes with the individual's recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.
I'm not religious but this makes a lot of sense, especially the " Pride is also known as Vanity." part, nothing wrong with being gay but they way they act about is annoying as fuck. I honestly believe most* people that hate gays don't actually hate homosexuality rather they hate obnoxious faggots pushy bull dikes, if those people were straight they'd still be hated for just having a shitty personality

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they are where people should stop moving up the scale, also just grow them. Pepper plants are very easy to grow and produce tons of peppers out of just one potted plant.

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When winter's coming, your poop usually leaves a visible trail of smokey stank.

Reminds me of the smoke coming from a revolver. My shit is dangerous like a bullet being thrusted out of a barrel.

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because spicy is not a flavor.

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>If you don't care about impressing people you are a beta
>need others approval makes you alpha
That is the most beta thing i have ever read.

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it can burn your tung

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Sounds right, though. Approval is acceptance that the alpha is alpha. If nobody deferred to the alpha wolf in a pack, he wouldn't be the alpha.

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Wow, there are some real keyboard warriors in this thread.

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Back in my day gays were normal. Sure they were flamboyant, but they wanted to be treated equal rather than above everyone else.
God I hope something wipes out all modern sodomites.

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That is Catholic doctrine. Catholics support pedophiles.

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It's because faggots are men who act like demented women, and so to demented women, faggots give them the male approval they so desperately need.

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Eating spicies makes me hornies.

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In what way is that sign implying that gays want to be above everyone else?

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I worked for it by watching 10 years of sissy hypno porno and fucking men even when every part of me besides the hedonistic depraved animal within said it was wrong.

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Depends where you are, in the PNW hot peppers don't grow for shit. I absolutely would be doing it otherwise.

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alphas set the trend, not adhere to it. do you remember back in 07 when plaid shorts and crocs were somehow a trend? it wasn't because someone had good taste, a alpha was just rocking what they had and it took hold

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And you set a trend by showing off. Game set match.

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why do they need a sign in the first place? just be.. like everybody else

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Because there are still people who assume it is acceptable to hate homos and need to be reminded that this is not a mindset considered acceptable by rightminded people. The haters are the fringe, not the faggots.

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Sure, if they were treated like everyone else

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you set a trend by being, by attempting to be for others approval

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So showing off?

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act like everybody else and get treated like everybody else, like i said being homosexual is fine in modern standards but acting like a flamboyant faggot is not regardless of sexuality, nobody likes flamboyant people PERIOD. Its not your sexual preference we hate its your shitty personality and guess what that is the definition of being treated equally to everybody else: being hated for your loud and obnoxious actions.

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showing off is the intent of going out to be noticed, being: is just going out and subsequently people taking notice regardless if you intended for them to or not.
The alpha does not seek attention but garners irregardless
The beta seek attention but rarely obtains it

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>I get triggered by people who don't act exactly like me

It's funny how you talk about shitty personalities yet you so obviously have one yourself.

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Bumping so that the mod can see this thread to delete it. It's devolved into nothing but edgelords gay bashing shitposts, doesn't need to be here. Belongs on /b/

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Nice, wanna put on some women's lingerie and get barebacked in a shitty motel?

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So, just to be clear, you think an upcoming alpha wolf challenges the current alpha wolf to a fight just for fun? It has nothing to do with seeking attention?

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>I get triggered by people who act loud and obnoxious
yes, yes i do regardless if they're gay or just a fat New Yorker running his mouth above necessary volume. Its called having manners you shitfuk, your business is your business don't make it others peoples ffs. Unless of course you think you are special and deserve attention just for existing in which case you do think you re better then everybody else and then you can go fuck yourself because you're nothing but a attention whore and that has nothing to do with your sexuality but rather your shit personality and that is a valid reason to hate you

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It's sad that you let memes dictate your world view.

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humans are not wolves, more then one alpha exists in a pack, in fact they tend to pack together, and to answer your question NO he challenges the alpha wolf to establish dominance so when he tries to make a move on a bitch he is not chased away by the pack leader which has the support of the other wolves . FFS watch some documentaries and learn some sociology

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by the contrary i am voicing a rather unpopular opinion in the face of the polarized meme ideologies.There is nothing wrong with being gay but it doen't excuse you from being a shitty person or give you a free pass when you act rude, its time to grow up.

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It's part of that childish "real men" ideal. It makes them feel like they are better than people around them, tougher and stronger. Just nod and let them be happy.

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I like how you keep just making things up to add in. Like the part about "getting a pass for being rude". Where does the sign say that? Are you okay?

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Oh, so the alpha beta stuff is all irrelevant to humans. Interesting revelation.

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the part where it says "No hatred" which assumes the only reason for hating a gay person is because they are gay, even though they are acting like annoying assholes

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each species has hierarchies structured differently, just compare wolves to apes to see what I'm talking about.

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They aren't. Your autism just won't let you accept other lifestyles from your own. I know you can't help it.

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Because they have nothing else to feel proud for.

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>Obnoxious: annoying or objectionable due to being a showoff or attracting undue attention to oneself:
The dictionary says otherwise. Your loud and intrusive behavior has nothing to do wit your sexuality... deal with it, you are a uninteresting person so you adopt a generic faggot personality to compensate which also functions as a forum of teenage rebellion against your precised acceptances from your parents or society. But unfortunately that is mostly all in your head and you are talking it out on everyday people just trying to live their lives which is why you garner so much hate, not because you're gay but because you are a self entitled shit head who thinks your important

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with cum

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Because children like to compete over everything, and children in American schools are exposed to spicy foods.

These behaviors carry on into adolescence and occasionally adulthood because people are dumb.

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are you retards still mad about the "white people can't handle spices" meme?

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I dont take pride unless the other person gloats about liking spicy food.

My ex-roomate from Alabama (Moved to California for a girl who was also my roomate) always talked about loving spicy food. However every time I'd add even a dash of cayenne to a meal it was enough that he would need a glass of milk to finish the meal.

And it wasnt the flavor. He would eat anything I made as long as I made his food without any spice.

And I'm not even into really spicy food. Anything hotter than a extra spicy jalapeno overpowers the flavor imho.

Of course he always thought us Californians were all wimps until he met a Californian less than half his weight who could best him at everything.

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you're pretty new here, right?

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they can't though. it's a proven fact

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>manlet Cali fag is a cunt
Who would have guessed.

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They also don't need to because we don't live in hot climates with polluted water which require constantly eating spicy food in order to keep us from shitting ourselves to death.

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that's what he meant

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>They don't need to
Make up your mind dude.
>Hot climates = polluted water
The tap water is safe to drink and contains less impurities than in plastic bottled waters. Imagine paying more money for literal H2O that is presented nicely in a bottle "fresh" from the French Alps etc. Falling for marketing bullshit.

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>The tap water is safe to drink and contains less impurities than in plastic bottled waters
Only if you heat or freeze those plastic bottles.

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I am allergic to egg. I wish i could eat egg. I would be proud too if i could eat egg. I will be the egg king if i could. Same for spicy food eater. They are proud because they can, they can eat more types of food than others.

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the funny thing is that capsaicin resistance in humans is a genetically inherited trait

you literally can't train it

thats why in reality, all of these chili eating contests are huge shit shows

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All trannies must die

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