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Pic related is my favorite. Melinda's mango habanero is also a solid choice, the best cheap hot sauces are valentina's and cholula imo.

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That looks hot as hell, where can i find it?

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Also some good stuff some friends of mine from trinidad got me into matouks. The sauce is insanely hot but also has a great flavor.

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I get it on their site it's not crazy spicy but tastes super good

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>looks hot

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>not based Marie Sharp's

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My fave

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Never had marie sharp's before, what do you recommend?

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It's all good. The Belizean Heat is a good balance of heat and taste. Belizean hot sauce is carrot based so it's naturally sweet but it's also fermented.

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>meme sauce

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This shit is amazing on chicken

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I'm not a hot sauce guy but there was a pretty attractive young lady giving out samples at Kroger today so I can see why some guys are. Can't say no to the girls I guess.

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Prissy's of Vidalia's peach "hot" sauce.
It's not at all pungent, but it's fucking delicious so I don't mind. I cook with enough chili anyway that hot sauce wouldn't really add anything so I'd rather go with Prissy's delicious ass.

For actually hot but still tasty, Thumbs Up brand original hot sauce (sambal asli Cap Jempol). It's not super hot, but it is delicious as fuck.

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Bought this for my dad about 2 years ago. Ive never had it but he's a genuine hot sauce aficionado and says it was outstanding. Idk if it's available anymore though

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Not sure how enjoying melindas makes me a soicuck but enlighten me anon

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That sounds delicious brb ordering it

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This stuff is easily found in publix or Albertsons and it's a good sauce. Not really that hot but it does have an amazing flavor

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These are my go tos for anything non specific really. These sauces make me happy.

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>Why yes, I do have a large collection of hot sauces at home. How could you tell?

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>hot sauce thread

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hot sauce fags are the lowest of the low

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>weak taste buds cant handle peppers

Better compensate by soiposting!

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Tobasco? Nope, even my most basic mild sauces put it to shame. I can fit my whole collection on the entire stairwell. *chuckle* Now allow me to take you on a trip to some EPIC flavors with my go-to sauces.

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>yes I save pictures of soycucks on my computer and obsess over hot sauce posters, how could you tell?

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Yucateco makes some awesome shit. I got introduced to them by a hole in the wall Mexican grocery store when i lived in South Carolina

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>he says while ironically posting children’s cartoons

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>hurr durr dbz reaction image totally invalidates your statement

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I see this a lot on here.
Is it a regional spelling?

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>Better compensate

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>enjoying hot sauce is somehow a form of compensation

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>subjecting yourself to mouth and asshole torture for pleasure
Sounds pretty fucking gay.

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You should kill your dad then yourself.

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That would be appropriate if i was talking about hottest or rarest hot sauces but im talking about favorite hot sauces. The Shit that tastes goodand compliments a meal. believe it or not capsaicin does contribute to flavor profiles, you worthless faggot.

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sure it does, capsicumchugger.

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>Projecting this hard

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My brother. Patrician AF

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Cry Baby Craig's. It's a pretty straightforward local pickled habanero with garlic sauce.

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You from South florida? Its the only place ive been able to find matouks outside of ordering it

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Yeah I grew up in Miami and found out about scotch bonnet hot sauce by eating at strip mall Caribbean and trini restaurants. Matouks is the closest thing I can get to this homemade sauce this lady at a roti shop made by the gallon

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South Florida is a shithole but at least it gave us a taste of some delicious food. Glad to know I'm not the only one out here that knows about matouks

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>I don't like hot sauce but im gonna be a shit tier shitposter anyway!!!!!!

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Not him, but I'm in Philadelphia and a lot of stores carry it around here. Not in so large a variety (only one type, though I'm not sure which one), but it's sold here.

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>my asshole can't handle some pepper mash


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>black pepper makes my asshole bleed!

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>Hot sauce? *chuckles* I guess you could say I have a sizable collection, good sir!

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This stuff tastes amazing

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>I have nothing going for me except posting dudes who actually look excited about things as if it's an insult in reply to things I dont like

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Ride the Lightning is trash tho

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False. Ride the lightning is arguably 2nd behind master of puppets. But we'll agree to disagree

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Your opinion is correct, thank you for posting

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I love the black one, it's super smokey

Although the one in my fridge right now isn't in your pic:
The XXXX HOT version is balls-to-the-wall fire

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OH nevermind, its second from the left
its good.

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just fucking report the trolls you dumb retards stop giving them the attention they crave

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>just fucking report the trolls you dumb retards stop giving them the attention they crave

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>I have nothing better to do with myself while in mommy's basement

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>Why yes, I do have a large collection of hot sauces at home. How could you tell?

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>Still trying to compensate for living in mommy's basement and subsisting on tendies and pizza rolls

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I don't know who this guy is, but he strikes me as someone who has at least five different barbecue sauces in his fridge. He looks like more of a barbecue sauce collector than a hot sauce collector.

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what the fuck are you talking about? who the fuck are you even talking to?

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You, you fucking bandwagoning mongoloid who has to try to compensate for his own absolute failure of a life by using meme "insults" that only serve to expose the wielder's own insecurities.

>> No.13227579

you're replying to a different poster now you stupid dickfuck, and this poster gives even less shits about your retarded dweller logic than the other one

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I actually just tried the WinCo store brand green sauce and was pleasantly surprised.

I should have been though. WinCo products tend to be equal to or better than most name brand products at a better price. That's why I mostly get my groceries there.

Except milk. Call me crazy, but The Dollar Tree sells these boxes of ultrapasturized milk that I love. They dont need to be refridgerated until opened.

I laughed when my grandma bought me some as part of a big starter pack when I got my first appartment on my own, then I tried them and they're great. All the flavor and nutrients of whole milk without that slimy viscous texture.

6 months ago I didn't even drink milk.

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>hurr durr it wuzznt reely mee durr!

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I think it's a common typo like with Bearenstein and Bearenstain Bears.

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Gold label? I've only had the standard and extra hot which are my favorites. Is there something special with this gold label edition?

>> No.13228508

>“super smokey”
code for “we just took the papers that carbonized when we fucked up and left the burner on too long”
I bought this garbage on YOUR recommendation, and had to throw it away because it tastes like charcoal, NOT smoke....it’s vile. and I LOVE smoke flavor

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peppers, but you knew that

>> No.13228523

>putting flavorless spicy vinegar on anything
kill yourselves, nascarfags.

>> No.13228543

Are we soi or nascar now? Make up your mind, trollfag.

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>he thinks it’s one person
Idk why I’m surprised you knuckle-draggers have no perception...

>> No.13228661

>Keeps pretending it matters
You fucks say the exact same shit constantly like a hive mind, so we'll treat you like one.

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Best capsaicin to dollar ratio I've ever seen. Murders the face, not the wallet.

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>Best capsaicin to dollar ratio I've ever seen. Murders the face, not the wallet.

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>I have no argument, time to quote him with a pic from my obsession folder!
It's really pretty pathetic how you keep trying this as if it'll make daddy love you.

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I like picrelated because it's cheap (relatively), and contains very few ingredients.There may be better, but this is the best my local shop has to offer.

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It has Garlic

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I went to Portland last weekend and stopped by this restaurant called miss delta and bought the green sauce in this pic. It goes great on scrambled eggs. If you're ever in portland definitely go check out miss delta they make great food there

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That's pretty much the baseline for hot sauces much like many would consider evan Williams to be the baseline for bourbon. Good stuff

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Tons of flavor, just the right amount of heat

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my stepson and i love sharting our matching cargo shorts together after buttchugging a nice bottle of reaper sauce

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I see you are a man of culture.

>> No.13228976

That looks like one of the kids from that really obnoxious photo of the family posing their their Starbucks and Apple products. You know the one I mean.

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Enjoy giving 90% of your money on loans . Wage chuck

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Hot sauce is one of the most soyest things their is fake men trying to act manly by destroying their mouths when real men like me refuse these things and appreciate the natural flavor of all food
I hate how companies try to pussy up real men by making everything spicy though yellow mustard used to not be hot now I cant eat it and they keep putting black pepper in shit and it pisses me off and I have to spend 20 minutes gargling milk

>> No.13229366

>Proving my point and thinking that means he's winning

>> No.13229376

>Eating spicy food is for pussies
Are we having another wave of retards like Sylvester Graham who think exciting flavors and masturbation are evils that must be eradicated?

>Black pepper is spicy
Fucking pussy.

>> No.13229394

This is the ultimate soy i was talking about i mean what the fuck these pussies pretend their tough but all they want is faggy validation and probably cry alone every night unlike me i am a man

>> No.13229415

>Can't handle black pepper
>trying to be an internet tough guy while bragging about how weak he is

>> No.13229431

>implying that's not the tranny jannies trying so hard to stamp out faggot.jpg

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I make my own because Im not some consumer whore like you.

>> No.13229438

How retarded are you to fall for this shit?

>> No.13229477

>I was just pretending to be retarded lul I troll yu!

>> No.13229482

>mommy mommy im taunting real men on the internet gimme my tendies and soy- i mean hot sauce and tell me how tough and manly i am!!!

>> No.13229488

Im a different person than the one thats been babuzuling you. Keep digging that hole easy mark.

>> No.13229498

>Tripling down on being completely retarded

>> No.13229506

Care to educate me then? Ive always wanted to give making hot sauce a shot

>> No.13229522

Ok, I'm the guy that's been baiting you, I'm actually starting to feel bad for you and your family, so I'm going to stop.

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I dont know why this made me laugh so hard.

>> No.13229544 [DELETED] 

learn how to tie a noose

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t. edgelord 12 year old

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Get some peppers, garlic, herbs etc. Put them in a a brine 10%. Make sure everything stays submerged. Then wait a week or more. Then blend. Add or remove liquid before hand to taste. A little apple cider vinegar doesnt hurt.

>> No.13229795

>A little apple cider vinegar doesnt hurt.
Not even rectally?

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Not a hot sauce, but it was among the hotsauces at a Firehouse Subs that I visited and honestly, despite the appearance, it's the best goddamn bbq sauce.

>> No.13229851

Someone recommended that to me, and I was about to pick up a bottle, but then I remembered that he promised me a dick dog pic and never delivered. It was a hard pass for me because if it's not good enough to slather on your penis, then it's not good enough for me.

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i wonder what Lulu tastes like

>> No.13229858

Like 30 year old cottage cheese, I'd imagine.

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>> No.13229885

My wife uses it for yeast infections. I cant imagine up the butt would be much differentn

>> No.13229959

Does her son from a previous marriage use it too?

>> No.13229985

pickled menstrual blood

>> No.13229992

Ah so just like any other hot sauce then.

>> No.13230378

I like the flavor but it's really not good on most things
I bought a mixed 6 pack of el yucateco after trying the red and green in a mexican restaurant and absolutely loving it
The xxxxhot is amazing and I always keep a bottle on hand. Afaik it's like 12k scoville so it is def a cut above bullshit table sauces like tobasco and Texas Pete

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Normie pick I know but this shit can go well on almost anything

>> No.13230519

True! Hate that normies have picked up on it and made it gradually sweeter over time. It's still my favorite hot sauce for omelettes and stuff, though.

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This sauce packs a lot of heat but it's also very fruity and a little tangy.

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I agree

>> No.13230996

nobody cares

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>Why yes, I do have a large collection of hot sauces at home. How could you tell?

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you missed a spot

>> No.13231205

Why did you delete your last post, you fat cunt?

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>Mɥʎ ʎǝs

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File: 8 KB, 139x139, hotsaaaauce?.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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it's hella pricey for a small bottle but for the flavor it brings with such high spice, it goes long enough for me to enjoy with almost anything. I add it to my ketchup, chili and some other foods to mix in. a tea spoon to a table spoon at most and it brights up already great meals or snacks depending on my desired level of heat for the food or sauce.

>> No.13232500

fuck off

>> No.13232503

why do hot sauces get named crude and trashy things like this?

>> No.13232542


>> No.13232555

are your eyes burning?

>> No.13232969


>> No.13232988


That reminds me of the bunny lol

>> No.13233777

Fucking love Frank’s. There’s nothing it doesn’t pair well with.

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This stuff.
It's from a relatively local place to me, small business.
Fucking incredible flavour, proper sting in the heat too.
It's cheap as fuck too, getting another bottle the second I run out of the one I'm working my way through now.


>> No.13234106

Imagine being such a disgusting excuse of a human being that you get yeast infections.

>> No.13234130

Lucky trips. Frank’s confirmed GOAT.

>> No.13234221

All around based post. Will have to try the mango hab

>> No.13235076

Thank you kind sir, also try their habanero wing sauce it's delicious

>> No.13235303

i seriously dont understand why people hate on melindas? they like it on rddit or something? someone redpill me please

>> No.13235424

What is this image trying to convey?

>> No.13235442

because hot sauce is for faggots

>> No.13235443

There's an amazing Mexican restaurant randomly in Glens Falls in upstate New York and they make/sell their own habanero sauce that tops any list of mine

>> No.13235447

nice blog, homo.

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Amen to this, there's nothing I've added frank's too that it's ruined. For being a buffalo wing sauce it's surprisingly versatile.

Still, I've really come around to tobasco in latter years, if I make burgers or barbecue I always put a bit of tobasco on top for a nice kick.

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File: 84 KB, 800x853, ctyp_82078507d3dec_crybaby[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 61 KB, 488x488, GUEST_4cac3490-adb5-45e3-9948-1daf9e27f328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 96 KB, 430x328, AAAUUUAAA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 47 KB, 400x400, ɟɐƃƃoʇ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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