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>i have four cast-iron pans

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How do you lift them to the stovetop, soyman? Does the bull do that for you?

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wtf man thats a lot of pans but that's cool you like to cook because its a useful skill. for me, it's stainless steal but i respect your preference of cast iron

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One for each hand

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I sleep in a big bed with my wife

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Not the way it works. Not at all.

OP, good for you. I imagine they are of different sizes/widths/depths?

Gotta get a cast iron camp oven if you don't have one already. Incredibly handy.

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Your wife and I sleep in a snug fullsize bed over here at my place.

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wouldnt cast iron be more boomer tier?
if anything non stick is soy boy tier

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My grandmother had cast iron pans because she was farm raised and so will I

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>why yes, I still use the same non-stick pan for the past decade even though it's no longer "nonstick"

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>why yes, i do like my meat cooked on a cast iron pan. How can you tell?

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My grandfather didn't have indoor plumbing and shat in an outhouse because he was farm raised and so will I

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I have 3, 10" and a 12" are the only ones that I use. My grandma left me one that I dont really care to season.

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boomers don't cook for themselves unless it's bbq

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>letting the (((teflon))) masters rule over you

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>each pan has a single purpose and can only have certain things cooked in it

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I hate this site.

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Galvanized steel
>Straight sided 9" saucepan
>12" fry pan
>6" 1 quart saucepan
>8" 1 gal saucepan
>3 gal pot
>Big fucking stockpot
Cast iron
>9" pan
>10" square grill pan
>Two-burner griddle
>Enameled 6qt Dutch oven
>6" fry pan
>12" fry pan

What am I missing (besides 12" cast iron pan)

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I have a cast iron Dutch oven and it is the single best piece of cooking equipment I have ever owned. I also have a cast iron pan that I love. The lid for the dutchie fits it.

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A wok, obviously.

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God I love outdoor defecation, it is so satisfying.

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I think I have six

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Ss just doesn't build enough fond imo. A common meal for me is to boil some sweet potatoes and cook some meat in the ci. Then I deglaze and cook some mushrooms and onions. God the look of all those little black fond specks on the onions and the smell of the wine just kill it. Then I add flour and make a roux of it then add either 1 cup stock or bouillon fake stock. Then I eat that mostly onion and mushroom gravy with the mashed sweet potatoes and meat and it's fairly healthy while being unbelievably savory. If you cut the mushrooms really small it becomes absurdly savory and if you use bacon for the fat instead of butter when you hear the meat even better. It's a great way to make cheap pork chops taste good.

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When did cast iron become a soiboi meme?

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Literally everything good becomes a soyboy meme because soyboys are trendhoppers.

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Yes the pork chops I make are really good. Adding to that, there's this sauce I make where I put the pork chops into a sauce, and then I put the sauce over top, and it's called a Cajun gravy. And so it's not even a sauce, it's more of a glaze on the pork chops.

This was the kind of thing that was in the kitchen. And I would just get a box of pork chops, put a lid on it, and then throw them in the oven. That way I didn't have to get the sauce in the oven. That's my favorite thing about Cajun cooking.

Q: What was your favorite dish that you cooked in your house?

S: Well, there are a few. My favorite one, and I don't even think I would want to eat that right now because Im on a diet and it's really hard sometimes.

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