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Anyone here try cooking with this? The Corlina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world and I'm tempted to make a sauce or salsa with it.

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I have cooked with them.
So the answer to your question is yes.
Any more low energy shitposting, anon?

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Why would you want to make food so hot that its impossible to eat?

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>Getting upset at strangers on the internet

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>implying that not most of the shit on here is low quality shitposts

Are you retarded?

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>The Corlina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world and I'm tempted to make a sauce or salsa with it.

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not even memeing, but do these "super hot" peppers even offer anything in terms of taste? I'm dehydrating some ghost peppers and wondering if I'm even gonna use them for anything

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I grow them. I have about 20 sitting on a plant 5 feet from me.
They make pretty good salsa - it has a kick, but it's not impossible to eat or anything. Ate one raw once....won't be doing that again.

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I make a wide variety of hot sauces and I can say that reapers do have a certain sweetness that other peppers don't have, but you have to tone down the amount you use to not put people off with the heat. My habanero sauces have better reception and I only use ghost or TMS for meme sauces.

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>I make a wide variety of hot sauces

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>he doesn't make money selling his products

Yeah super soy

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>Why yes, I do have a wide range of homemade hot sauces for sale. How could you tell?

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That wasn't implied at all.
Are you retarded?

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They are only to be used as an ingredient, and then only sparingly. However, they do have a very unique flavor that can be quite pleasing in small doses.

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keep falling for the memes, OP; really makes you look smart and cool

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Nah, the hottest I can take is diluted habanero. Chipotle is my go-to for cooking with peppers.

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Best thing you can do is dry them and use the flakes on stuff.

I took some big ghosts and cut them in half, put a big spoonful of cream cheese in the middle and wrapped em in bacon. Went in at 450 until the bacon was crispy. It's like the fat from the cream cheese and bacon absorbed all the capascin, they were inedibly hot and that's from someone with a tolerance. I was getting cap cramps after eating 1.5

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