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do they eat special stem cell food?

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baby dick
that's why americans are circumcised.
doctors sell the 'waste' for human consumption.

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Whatever the shadow government tells them to eat.

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They alternately eat jewel-encrusted meme foods or shitty fast food trash. They don't usually eat babies, but they do rub baby foreskins all over their skin.

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i grew up pretty poor but my former in laws were pretty well off. the dad would sneak 18 packs of pogos in the house for when his wife went out of town

it was pretty funny

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You just know Dubya blew that Michelle bussy out. How does Obama cope?

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This. It's either 500 dollar steaks or steak biscuits from mcdonalds. No in between.

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What are you talking about? Obama was watching in the corner.

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The average billionaire makes $200,000,000 a year.
Let's say you're an above average normie and make $100,000 a year.
Basically if you spent $2000 on the best meal of your life. That billionaire relatively felt like he spent $1

A billionaire could pay a chef $100,000 a year to make his meals when he wants, and it would like if you paid $50.

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None of those people are billionaires.

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Neither is that person.

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They do bimonthly child blood transfusions.

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They eat what their life/health/fitness/businesscoaches tell them to eat everyday.

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Youd have to be pretty naive to think they dont own billions in assets

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They don’t. A billion is a lot larger than you think.

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And to put that into perspective.
At $100,000 a year. You could easily afford a $25,000.
For a billionaire. You having that $25,000 is like them having a $50,000,000 private jet.
You driving across town to the fancy Italian place is like a billionaire getting his private jet(which is prepped daily and ready to go at a moment's notice) and flying to Tuscany or w.e. the you go for pasta there.

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And if you want to be a little more mind blown.
Jeff Bezos make that $200,000,000 in one day

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they eat what their gfs cook for them

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People. Mostly babies

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Billionaires don't know what sentimental value is.

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Yep. That or they rub it on their face like Sandra B.

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I thought she used placenta not baby foreskin

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Nah, foreskin.


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this is downright satanic.

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Warren Buffet eats McDonald's breakfast every morning. He akso drinks 5 12oz servings of Coca Cola per day. I think the difference between him and the average 4chan user is that he can afford any medical treatment, anywhere on the planet. This includes stem cell and gene therapies in China.


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I'd give her a penis facial if you know what I mean

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Ask this thing, he's a self professed billionaire but is desperate to keep his income taxes secret because it proves he's cucked by russia and pays less taxes than migrant worker lettuce picker Juan, lol!

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Four more years.

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The blood, sweat and tears of everyone else living on this planet.

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Your obsession belongs on /b/ or /pol/.

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>billionaire doesn't wanna pay taxes
wow big shocker neither does jeff bezos
>he's not rich at all look at him eating mcdonalds
>literally what warren buffet eats every day
now don't get me wrong I hate trump but not much more than I hate every other billionaire.

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Same thing normal people do just fresher

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Your brain cells are fewer than you think

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>i hate trump
Get fucked.

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>TFW you make <10k a year

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Are you black?

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Obviously a NEET in SSDI or SSI.

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how the fuck do you survive on that?????

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I don't want to pay taxes and I am a poorfag. If I was a billionaire you bet your ass I would do everything I could to not pay every tax I could get out of. The only time I care if some billionaire doesn't pay their taxes is if they espouse and promote ideology that embraces higher taxes.

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when you have all the money in the world, sentimental value is all you have left

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At least you don't even have to file for taxes then.
I remember when I got my first job working occasional weekends. I made something like 7k a year and found out I didn't even have to file

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yeah a baby penis facial ahahaha

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That's so cute you sweet summer child.
But no.
Billionaires are pretty much universally sociopaths

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HUD housing pays 60% of your rent. 40% of a $600mo 1br makes NEET life cheap. Pathetic, but cheap.

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If I had that kind of money I would eat in the world's best restaurants every day.
fucking plebs.

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Stem cells and adrenochrome

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Buffet lives in a 3br house as well. He never bought a Rolls Royce or mansion. He's a penny pincher, but also a philanthropist. All you have to do is write a hand written letter to Buffet asking for something plausible and you actually have a chance to get what you want from him. He gives hundreds of millions a year to average Joe's who have a good idea for a business but no way to pay for it. I've never written to him but he does respond to most hand written letters.


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My grandfather was extremely wealthy, and he still ate lots of crappy frozen meals and ALWAYS ate at chains. He could eat at Red Lobster, Applebee's, Chilis, Bennigans, Brio, Tommy Bahama, and Olive Garden on non-stop rotation and be happy. He did this his entire financially successful life, so every day of his live over 40? (until 83+)

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You don't realize how much you have to stop caring about other people to make it that far.

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Seethe and cope harder faggot, the tide has turned.

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He has the most plebian tastes. McDonalds, KFC, fast food trash. Thinks it's best than chef prepared foods.
J.D. Rockefeller wrote an autobiography, he included the most drab and mundane aspects of his life. One meal he described was "swiss steak, mashed potato's, and english peas." Never anything pretentious, unless he was out to impress. Just food of the commoner. Warren Buffet is the same way. Cheese burger, fries, and cherry coke, or a sirloin steak, baked potato, green beans. Nothing fancy, ever.

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Impeachment, yo!

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So if you blow a load on her face it's like molesting a baby

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If you post this in /r/til on reddit, you'd probably get 10k upvotes

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>trump gets impeached
>liberals celebrating in the streets get mowed down by rednecks with shotguns and farming equipment
We win no matter what.

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You wont do shit

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>weapon jams instantly because redneck too stupid and lazy to learn how to break it down and clean it
Yeah, back to your biweekly paintball games there Billy Bob to practise your tactics, lol!

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Organic produce
Whole grains

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most of them eat babies, foreskins and stem cells

except for trump, he's the only one that doesn't eat it he eats KFC and mcdonalds

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they say that to appear human and normal

don't think they aren't eating caviar on little boys chest behind closed doors

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That’s how you know he’s a TRUE American.

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This. Anyone who readily trusts anything that leaves the mouth of these people are ignorant. These people do nasty things to get to that level of position, ESPECIALLY someone like rockefeller.

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Nah. I'm fine here I am.

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thank you for the perspective, but your post really upsets me. the world seems like we advanced past the age of royalty and monarchies, but there are still here in a slightly different form.

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Look at those two idiots

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They earned their fortunes. No one is stopping you from doing the same.

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Only reason they have their money is because everyone is too chicken shit to go French revolution on their asses

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all of them were born into enormous wealth. that kind of wealth isn't (except in rare cases) one lifetime of money making. in the cases where it was made in one lifetime, maybe bill gates esque, it involves enormous luck. for every bill gates that became a billionaire there are a million failures who made average income despite being capable, intelligent, hard working. they just didn't get as lucky

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>he doesn't know what glass ceilings are

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It's so much more than luck. It's all actually predetermined. But there's no need to go further, it'll just start sounding like conspiracy theory stuff.

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>it'll just start sounding like conspiracy theory stuff
If it sounds like conspiracy theory stuff, it probably is. Of course it's more than luck, they are hard working, tremendously capable, and probably have some beneficial sociopathic tendencies. But all of those, without luck, do not make a billionaire, they still won the lottery. My point is there are a lot of hard working Johns out there who have checked all the same boxes. More importantly, how it's hard to believe that it's ok that one person can hold all that wealth when it's broken down like anon did here >>13138294

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A hot dinner is a hot dinner.

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If Trump were born in some poor village in Mongolia, he’d still be a multi-billionaire PRESIDENT of America. It’s all about the bootstraps and intelligence.

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It's not conspiracy theory stuff. It's real. Read up on MK Ultra. People have their minds reprogrammed through a process that involves hard drugs and extreme trauma. After that, they become puppets to higher ups that can insert thoughts into their minds, suggest actions without their consent. The CIA has admitted to it and even have documents on their websites confirming it's real. Let me know I'd you want to know more. All your favorite entertainers/celebrities are victims of this mental reprogramming. It's why there's a gigantic difference between the quality of work famous people put out as opposed to those who are outside of the group.

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Mkultra is real but it didn’t actually work they just tortured dudes

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It's very real.

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C’mon dude, it’s completely unnecessary, brainwashing turned out to be way easier

>> No.13139830

And it works. They've nearly perfected the formula but they can't get full 100% control. It's still possible to break free, but if you do and go against their programming you'll be blacklisted and never be able to live a normal life.

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Theirs brainwashing for the masses, and there's MK Ultra for the personal armies. MK Ultra is basically brain hacks to an extreme degree. It taints your soul though, keeps you on this plane of existence for eternity if you give in to them.

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It would gross me out to eat like that constantly, but I certainly didn't complain when I was with him. It was awesome enough to spend time with him and enjoy each other. Today though, I'd kill for a chance to cook for him. I think he'd like it, but on some level he liked shitty, bland food, so maybe not. That's alright. I just wish he was still around... :(

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if by special stem cell you mean children

then yeah


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use tinfoil to tent your roasts, don't use it as a hat

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I believe there's a 'conspiracy'. But I don't think it's anything as fantastical as MKUltra.
It's more just, billionaires has their super sekrit club and they all work together to socially engineer the narrative normies like you and me live under.
All the shit like liberals vs conservatives. Middle class blaming lower class. Lower class blaming the poor/homeless.
White people blaming blacks. Blacks blaming whites. War on drugs. "We" are causing global warming.

If you think of every hot topic that has anything to do with the economy. It's never directed at billionaires. Because they use their control of the media to socially engineer what normies think of because the thing the fear most is the French Revolution 2.0 coming to their doorstep.

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I don't blame you for drawing such conclusions. Reality is crazy. If everyone was aware of these things there'd be no order. There's a word used to define this actually. Reading or hearing a truth so bizarre that your brain refuses to accept it because it would require you to rethink everything you thought was true and possible. I think it's called cognitive dissonance? Anyone know the word here?

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There are multiple sekrit clubs and they compete for us like dogs fighting over a steak

>> No.13139907

I'm telling you, they have access to these brain hacks and they have a huge advantage to the rest of the world. They are capable of reading minds and implanting thoughts into others minds. How do you think they always manage to have the upper hand in society? How do you think they're able to create art that is waaaay above the level of your average person putting in the work? This stuff has been happening since ancient Egypt. Those secret clubs are obsessed with ancient Egypt and many old religions of the past.

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MKUltra is real, but celebrities are not mind controlled. it's not cognitive dissonance, it's just not taking the word of some anon on a Tunisian sauasage broiling forum. no one has ever heard of your bullshit, you're pretty much alone in the universe in your belief. that's because you're wrong.

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Follow the crowds, don't ask questions.

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I'm asking you questions right now. Where is your proof? If you claimed the sky was green, it would be just as ridiculous. Just because your post is disconcerting doesn't make it true.

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Celebrities are mind controlled. A lot of them have multiple personality disorder which is a result of their shattered consciousness due to their trauma based mind control.

>you're pretty much alone in the universe in your belief.
And that's were you're wrong. Keep lying to yourself though, it makes living in this artificial society a lot easier.

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What proof do you have? I'll skip ahead, since you won't have any:

If you don't have any proof, why do you believe the things you do?

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>Where is your proof?
People with enough power, connections and money know how to cover their tracks. Don't you dare for a second even try to deny this fact.

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I'm a victim of trauma based mind control. I know how it works. I know I'm not alone and I know there's others.

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>If you don't have any proof, why do you believe the things you do?
they could also cover up the existence of space aliens living among us. but that doesn't mean my neighbor is a martian.

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On the other hand if everybody said the sky was green it still wouldn’t be green

>> No.13139941

>I'm a victim of trauma based mind control
And I got anal probed by martians. where is your proof?

No. the sky is visibly blue. there is empirical proof of it being blue. your claim of mind controlled celebrities, however, is not visible, and has no empirical proof.

>> No.13139946

Well I've done all I can to bring awareness to this secret people are so desperately trying to keep under wraps. The truth will be revealed and the ones guilty of these acts will not go unpunished.

>> No.13139949

lmao how easily you retreat back to the shadows.
>where is your proof?
and watch how the tinfoil hat scurries back into his hole!

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there are little green men who are controlling your brain via remotes RIGHT NOW
if you deny this, you are desperately trying to participate in a cover up operation the entire world is in on. accept the truth, or you will regret it

>> No.13139954

I’m not the schizo, I’m just trying to make a point

>> No.13139957

>there are multiple cultures and languages which failed to distinguish blue and green up until the 19th century

>> No.13139959

no one called you a schizo. my aunt had schizophrenia and jumped off a bridge later in her life. you exhibit similar paranoias, I recommend you seek help before it's too late.

>> No.13139966

these cultures probably also lagged behind on creating the wheel and other such technological advancements

>> No.13139970

your point, while true, is irrelevant to the point being discussed. it has no bearing on mind controlled celebrities

>> No.13139983

Whats his name

>> No.13139984

He's right, though, and your language choice reeks of the conditioning that completely closes you off from understanding. The firm evidence is absent because these people are very good at what they're doing. They would never get away with it otherwise. There are clues. A suspicion of what is going on can be inferred from behaviors and actions, the way populations are thinking and moving and the way they play directly into the hands of certain interest groups for no rational reason. It's scary how it all fits together when you sit down and really think about it carefully. But of course the specifics are not evident.

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>what is assets

>> No.13140004

>He's right, though, and your language choice reeks of the conditioning that completely closes you off from understanding
and your language choices reek of samefag
I haven't even been reading your posts, I stopped at mind controlled celebrities and asked for proof, or a reason why you believe what you believe, or perhaps a reason why I should believe what you believe. you cannot provide a convincing point for any of these. It's not the world's fault that people won't believe your bullshit just because it comes out of your mouth

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>when you sit down and really think about it carefully.
this is my favorite line from dumbases
"aliens are living among us, just really think about it for a minute dude"
as if I would come to the same insane conclusion you came to if I just sat and retreated into my thoughts for a time. this is the insanity you actually believe. you think that people just aren't "thinking about it" and that's why no one believes you

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this guy got a bunch of microsoft stock in an 80s buyout, and later became cto there, big patent troll, has hundreds of millions of dollars

he set up his own food lab and has made a 2000 page cookbook and then a baking book, they both cost $500
he was into sous vide before it was a thing, gets really technical about temperatures and timing

I like it when people can go full autism about their passions

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How does my language choice reek of samefag if you haven't read other related posts? On what would you be basing such an analysis if you haven't been assessing the language of other posts? You are making a series of peculiarly contradictory claims.

If you think a minute's thought is enough, you aren't thinking about it. You have effectively just confirmed that I am correct.

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I'm pretty sure Michelle is a pitcher, not a catcher.

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