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Why do Italian restaurants serve carbs alongside carbs?

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because its healthier

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Looks like one of those fucking terrible places barely kept alive by the dwindling senior population. This picture is just missing an iceberg side salad with ranch and shredded cheese and the 58 year old waitress that smokes a carton a day.

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That's nice, but it has nothing to do with my question.

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Nonna didn't know what macros were

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Direct hit

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Only American italians do this. They did this because they were poor as fuck when first immigrating.

In Italy they serve bread if you ask, or if it's something to just munch on throughout the entire meal. They don't eat pasta for every meal either.

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It has everything to do with your question. A side of carbs fills up Aunt Judith for pennies leading her believe she's getting a great deal on her $9.95 blue hair special

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Did they dump a frozen dinner on the plate

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They don't eat this type of shit, they sell it to tourists

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>They don't eat pasta for every meal either.
Not only that, but a standard Italian pasta portion is much smaller - it's not intended to be the entire meal on its own.

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Post your local 1950's era red sauce joint.

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That watery red sauce looks less appetizing than than off-brand Prego.

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Thankfully it's gone and no one can summon me there any longer

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It's american, not italian.

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post yours faggot.

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i'm pleb as fuck and even I think that looks aweful


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You need your wet carbs and your dry carbs.

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is it not tradition to have garlic bread with pasta in italy?

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We hardly have any of these places down south, sadly. One of my true joys about visiting up north is being able to get shitty Italian food at any hour on every corner.

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A large pizza here costs $20. That sandwich (?) that appears to be a dry iceberg salad on top of bread is around $10.

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lmao nani the fuck

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I don't know which is worse, the food or the fact you hid the address. C'mon man nobody really gives a shit if you're flyover.

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that's undeniably an american restaurant tho

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Giving any sort of personal information on 4cha(nel) is not a good idea mate.

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It's in SC, I just took 2 seconds to cover it up since it doesn't seem right to post their phone number

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1082 Sunset Blvd Ste A, West Columbia, SC 29169-6865 isn't flyover country. The Carolinas are based.

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hello columbia fag, charleston says "ur a butt"

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I love the places in the middle of no where that serve like 140 things on the menu, but always call it a pizza or italian place.

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why not?

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Oh shit I've been got. Come join me for some nice slop, or perhaps some spaghetti with a leaf on it, my treat.

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If you walk in and see the place decorated like this, you know you are going to eat some good food.

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oh god I got one of those places down here too. Ate there once. my boomer parents hated it. I thought it was "OK". They really tried to sell us on the olive oil on the bread.

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I know. We make fun of it because it's common, but sometimes you get those cravings for it.

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Is there such a median in Italian restaurants between this dog slop and an overpriced Michelin candidate?

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Why do Italian restaurants serve Greek food?

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Because its a culinary tradition that developed before your modern, sedentary office-cuck life.

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They do that in America to satisfy the fatasses.

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Feel sorry for you boyos. Took me years to find a place in Oregon that serves good cannolis and strombolis.

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here ok ill answer ur question mister
italian restaurants serve carbs next to carbs because carbs rhymes with cobs, and cobs and carbs are closely related by rhyme so they put carbs near carbs

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Is this really what non-North-easterners have to live with?

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god damn i want a gyro

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>le sexy rosemary
these people obviously have no experience

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>life without italians
Sign me up!

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Because they are cheap to make, easy to charge money for, and don't actually fill people up so they order more

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fuel for all the farm work you should be out doing
and its cheap as fuck

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Who the fuck eats bread with pasta?

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why's it called carbonara when there's pork in it?

>> No.13127154

Come off it does that look like a burger?

>> No.13127157

pork carbonara

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You have never made a spaghetti sandwich? That is the best part of cooking up a big batch of spaghetti and ragu.

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how else can they charge you $14.99 for $1.50 worth of dough and still have you leave feeling satisfied?

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You are a godless heathen. You will go to hell.

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I use larger kaiser rolls. The long ones. Hinged like those used for hot dogs or sausages. They really hold a lot without dropping so much

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Adding to this, traditionally pasta is a starter dish to main course, not the meal itself.

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This picture makes me nostalgic for simpler times.

>> No.13127778

those noodles look so good. I love thick, chewy noodles

>> No.13127850

>describing foods by their chemical composition rather than their flavor profile
Noose yourself, OP.

Pasta and bread may both contain carbohydrates, but their flavor and texture are completely different. Why wouldn't you serve them in the same meal?

>> No.13127881

Some people like to think about food as more than just flavor and texture? Check it out, it's pretty neat


>> No.13127894

>dog slop

KEK. As an aside, I want it on record that eating pasta with salad is a crime. However, a pasta salad is permissible.

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>lmao I'll just place half a fucking cucumber on the side for no reason
the actual fuck?

>> No.13127910

It's a pickle.

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These kind of places are always phenomenal five-star classic joints still serving food like a Sicilian banquet, or absolute dog shit-tier local haunts that survive on low prices and big portions. No in-between.

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>flavor profile has nothing to do with chemical composition

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I got one for u mate

>> No.13127950

A ritardato
Il pane è pe il secondo e il contorno
Ma poi che è quell'immagine che che hai postato? Solo voi americani ve la potete mangia quella merda

>> No.13128162

based af

>> No.13128304

>newspaper on the right
That tells you everything you need to know about this place.

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Looks like diarrhea with rice

>> No.13128431

What is a good pasta supposed to look like?

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OP's question touches on why I only visited Panera Bread Co. once, ever.

Ordered a sandwich, which came between two bulky pieces of bread. The side item? Another bulky piece of bread. I mean I get that they are a "Bread Company" but it was too one-note for me.

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Because only retards and fat lazy fuckers think carbs are bad.

>> No.13128544

Carbs are cheap as fuck because they grow in abundance. Why do you think peasants eat rice and shit to this day. Meat is expensive even compared to fruits and vegetables.

>> No.13128556

>goes to Bread Co.
>"Yo, wtf? Why is there bread?"

>> No.13128576

>pouring a ladle of sauce on top of a dish of unseasoned pasta
nobody does that in italy, especially restaurants

>> No.13128579

Is what your 2 inch dick said to this guy’s anus.

>> No.13128633

This is the most disgusting shit I’ve ever seen here, the main reason is because you actually paid for that and there are restaurants who work like this.

>> No.13128658

To soak up the shitty sauce. What are you, dumb? You think the fat fucks that eat this want a salad or something?

>> No.13128682

I hear ya. Maybe you had to be there. But there is such a thing as too much bread, even at a "bread company."

>> No.13128684

>a standard Italian pasta portion is much smaller - it's not intended to be the entire meal on its own.
Not necessarily true, there is no real standard portion it varies hugely and there are plenty of pasta dishes eaten as a main. I've heard some Italians say they serve as much as 150g of pasta in restaurants.

>> No.13128687

>goes to m&m world
>"what's with all the fucking m&m's?"

>> No.13128699

Nothing wrong with this as long as the sausage is braised and the pici is homemade.
You might have a bruschetta antipasto, followed by a small pasta and then a meat dish.

>> No.13128708

Okay, Mr. Panera. You can settle down now.

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>Who the fuck eats bread with pasta?
Anyone who's ever been to Olive Garden you zoomer fuck.

>> No.13128746

bro you're a fucking faggot

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>drowning the pasta in sauce
>shakers dented looking like they haven't been cleaned since the walkman was around
>sticking plastic wrap butter chips that have probably been on the floor atleast once since being produced and distributed, in direct contact with some stale mediocre looking bread
>butter is probably cold as fuck, won't possibly get warm and edible before the rest of the meal gets cold
>awful shit bowl/plate hybrid that can't figure out what the fuck it wants to be
>plastic fork in the bread bowl
>newspaper that's definitely been on the floor or in contact with some deliveryboy's snot and dirt covered hands, on the surface you will be eating on
Why the FUCK do old people have such shit taste?

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What is that on the left? Looks like an enchilada.

>> No.13128786

Because it tastes good.

>> No.13128814

I buy the hoagie rolls my supermarket bakery sells then hollow them out and fill with spagoot

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it seems to be.
>"Rolla Vaca (Italian roast beef wrapped in pasta and baked,
> then smothered in homemade marinara s"

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at least us coasties get good italian. The last boomer red sauce restaurant I can think of closed a decade ago without fanfare

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>serving gyros with pickle

>> No.13128858

that actually looks good aside from the watery sauce

>> No.13128863

Top kek.

Io ho bestemmiato alla quantità spropositata di sugo e al pane industriale.

Trad: top kek, I’m pleased by the quantity of sauce and by the soft bread.

>> No.13128875

>good Italian
>posts an American dish
>the sauce is 90% water
>motherfucking parsley

>> No.13128895

what the hell

>> No.13128905

the pic is from the boomer red sauce place that closed down

>> No.13128913

A brown people grocery near me serves potato sandwiches that are also battered and deep fried. Fuck ketofags, they're delicious.

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K we’re good senpai

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We don't have those

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Italian here as well as the place you posted.

The spaghetti allo scoglio are spot on, but where in Northern Europe are you?

>> No.13128939

How did you know?

>> No.13128940

There is literally nothing wrong with red sauce or Italian restaurants run by old people who know how to cook.

Millennials and zoomers are just degenerate fucking hipster little shits.

>> No.13128957

Knowing how to cook and knowing how to cook something decent are clearly two different things as indicated by the examples in this thread.

>> No.13128961

I just went to a place like this but I had some delicious lobster ravioli in vodka sauce. I think thr east coast just has better italian food

>> No.13128981

I zoom zoom’d on the blackboard in the top right picture

>> No.13128987


>> No.13128997

Nice, goodnight friend

>> No.13129001

i bet that pasta is lit famalam

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>> No.13129221

That is some beyond shitty "italian" food. Never thought I'd say this, but even fucking olive garden makes better food than that slop.

>> No.13129859

Boomers' parents were depression-era war veterans who would serve them canned green beans and vienna sausages for dinner and beat them with a belt if they didn't eat it. Shitty italian food that they ate once a year during their parents' anniversary was literally the best food they ever had growing up. Can't really blame them.

>> No.13129904

>it actually looks like a turd

>> No.13129922

I love it when you verbally abuse me

>> No.13129923

That's LITERALLY a frozen pizza. Look at the curve on it, that's how red barons bake up sometimes.

>> No.13130189

To be fair, Midwest and Southern US Italians share your exact same feelings.

>> No.13130197

The fucking tree in the middle made me giggle.

>> No.13130205

>The fucking tree
That's rosemary. It goes great with diarrhea.

>> No.13130218

Best is a slice of buttered bread

And it's called a spaghetti taco

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File: 59 KB, 458x604, waa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw middle-easterners copy this shit

>> No.13130632

>inserting unsanitary wrapped butter chunks directly into the bread

>> No.13130732

I had a friend who washed dishes there for a while. Neat to see people so close by on my very own internet forum.

>> No.13130737

tastes good.

>> No.13130785

Looks like the Amy's Baking Company of "pizza." Nice microwave pizza.

>> No.13130888

>pic unrelated

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File: 1.97 MB, 380x285, cringe.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP, you didn't pay actual MONEY for that plate of slop, did you?

>"raw" bread with cold hard butter wedged in
>ketchup water with no other ingredients drowning cheap boxed noodles.

>> No.13130908


This has very little to do with Italian food

>> No.13131070

Yet these "carb loving" countries like japan are still thinner lmao ketotard

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